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  1. piston197

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Yes Anders was a joy to watch at Newport and should have gone on to better things, but for pure entertainment Frank Smart paired with Craig Watson
  2. piston197

    Brandon Update

    Was anybody from the Newport area seen in the vicinity ?
  3. piston197

    Rev Limiters

    Obviousy the rider would not be watching the LED display when ready to go ? set the revs required to the limit required for maximum traction i.e. 10,000 RPM, hold throttle in that position move forward to starting position and then look at the tape release mechanism, obviously i am not advocating sitting over the back wheel as you suggest and watching the display as you do a back flip
  4. piston197

    Rev Limiters

    I have often thought ,how difficult would it be to rig up a handlebar mounted LED revcounter strip, with say 12 LED's lighting up at 1000 RPM intervals, then as different tracks have different grip levels at the start gate, a sweet spot could be found to give maximum acceleration /traction ? If say 9000RPM had you rocketing away from the opposition, the same rev setting could be utilised next time, and if it had you left behind try more or less revs the next time ? You don't need to be looking at the revcounter once your desired rev range has been reached then maximum attention could be on the start gate
  5. piston197

    Sheffield 2019

    When you have 2 teams built to 38 points ( 76 for the meeting) and 90 points available total, there will be a lot of riders put a point on their average, whether it is of any significance is of doubt this year, if every meeting was drawn 45 /45 and both teams are built to 38 points there are 7 extra points per team to be doled out somewhere ?
  6. piston197


    There is not a lot new in the world, this was being done many years ago particularly in scooters, but rather than having offset cranks, they were doing it simpler by having the gugeon pin off centre ( de-saxe) to minimise the side thrust of the piston, just had to be careful that you fitted the piston in the correct way round
  7. piston197

    Speedway Music

    Last sounds to be coming out of Newport speedway was Billy Joel's " I didn't start the fire" but it wasn't Billy singing it !
  8. piston197

    Fastest Track Speeds

    I seem to remember one of the motorcycle papers ( motorcycle or MCN) testing a speedway bike, possibly Simon Wigg on board? on a beach somewhere to actually see how fast it would go , remember that they ran out of gearing before they explored the limits of the top speed, but it was something in excess of 100MPH and 120MPH comes to mind. Not relevant to a speedway track, but quite obvious why speedway engines are ideal for sprinting
  9. piston197

    Coventry 2017

    Maybe the Newport wasps would be welcomed too, another travesty of selling off a Speedway site for commercial purposes
  10. piston197

    British Speedway - Dead Or Alive?

    Well at the moment it is dead !, but come March it will be given the "kiss of life" and dragged kicking and screaming back to existence, maybe not "life as we know it Jim", maybe not as healthy as previous years, but definitely alive
  11. I expect there to still be no Newport speedway sadly !, well you did ask what I was expecting from MY team
  12. Wake up and smell the kaffir ?
  13. piston197

    Edinburgh 2017

    Just google the Wiki entry for "Plastic Brit" and you will see just how rife this procedure is especially in Athletics, it does not seem to matter where you are from, or where your parents ,grand parents are from as long as you have a GB passport you are British in the eyes of the governing bodies , and if you have not got one, then the process for obtaining one can be circumvented in the interests of "sport"
  14. piston197

    Speedway Calendars - What's The Point?

    Had a look at the pictures above, and definately cannot see the point ( or points)

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