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  1. dorothy58

    Championship fours

    Leicester, Somerset, Glasgow and Redcar for final 4
  2. Was a bit concerned at one point that the Tigers were going to throw the match away. Cookie was sublime as usual, such a buzz when he misses the gate, heats 13 and 15 were 2 of the best I have seen. ( I didn't attend during the Shane Parker era). Nice to see Sarge back in the points, shame about the tapes break, (it's been a while) Claus had a mare of a meeting and Rasmus didnt look as sharp as previously, hope that doubling up is not having an effect on his performance with the tigers. Kyle is really starting to be a force around Shawfield and young Connor looks a good prospect. For the rebels , their top 3 were superb, heard bomber getting some boos from the main stand, I can see where they are coming from as we never saw that from him as a Tiger. Hopefully our boys are better for Sunday at the 4's otherwise it will be the same let down as previous years.
  3. Tigers should win this , hope young Connor has as good a debut as he did last night at Belle Vue, he looks the real deal
  4. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Yeah they were doing that and Craig's testimonial but not league meetings
  5. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Dont think there are , tapes up did them last year but not this season. I am disapponted to be honest as I was going to buy some as the racing has been much better this year
  6. dorothy58

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Was looking forward to coming down for this, bloody weather
  7. dorothy58

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    On tapes up radio show last night , it was said that Rasmus Jensen was missing on Friday, wonder who will be guesting for Glasgow
  8. dorothy58

    King’s Lynn v Wolves 3/6/19

    Cookie on fire
  9. Hope the 3 Tigers have a good meeting
  10. dorothy58

    King’s Lynn v Wolves 3/6/19

    Good luck to Cookie , hope he has a stormer, will be watching the updates
  11. dorothy58

    Swindon 2019

    Rasser is flying at the moment
  12. dorothy58

    Shield semi-final

    Someone at Glasgow said it was getting drawn live on social media next Tuesday
  13. dorothy58

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Lol , yeah the risk of injury is higher but it makes them sharper. James is expecting a delivery of a new engine from Jason Doyle this week, so hopefully that will work for him as he has been down on power after blowing his best engine at Berwick.
  14. Disapponted that Cookie has dropped a point at home, had to happen sometime, I suppose. Really pleased that Rasmus got his first maximum and Kyle is really getting to grips with the Ashfield track. Starke back to form is very welcome. Sheffield are not a bad side, just a bit inconsistent.Drew Kemp got 9 points last time he was at Ashfield , it will take time for him to get some consistency. When all the Glasgow boys fire at the sametime, some team is going to get a beating. Despite the scoreline , there was some cracking racing, heat 14 in particular, you could have thrown a blanket over all 4 riders for full 4 laps.
  15. I am sure you cant have a tac sub in ko cup

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