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  1. Connor Bailey should get a reduction as he is riding on a british passport and has done NL
  2. Admin, can we get this pinned please
  3. Connor Bailey announced for Glasgow
  4. dorothy58

    Poole 2020

    I think Poole will be surprised at how competitive championship league is, I am sure the Poole fans will enjoy visiting new tracks. Will any of you venture North as we don't get many southern visiting fans.
  5. dorothy58

    Newcastle 2020

    Doesnt look good for the diamonds, hopefully something will come up and they will be able to run, although having a delay in confirming will result in difficulty getting a competitive team. Fingers crossed that they will run as I enjoy my trips to Brough park
  6. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    Well said, racing has been superb last season, and how anyone can say the rest of the team is boring have not seen Cookie, Sam and Connor in action at Glasgow, ( providing they are back) Cookie when he misses the start is phenomenal to watch cutting his way to the front.
  7. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    I looked at that team too but it comes to 41.02
  8. dorothy58

    Poole 2020

    £15 entry for CL ? Are you having a laugh, most are £16 or £17
  9. dorothy58

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Hoping for at least 41
  10. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    I have been looking at green sheets and closest I could get to 41 was Craig Cook 10.18 Kyle Howarth 7.15 Ricky Wells 7.05 Broc Nicol 5.16 Sam Jensen 4.34 Zaine Kennedy 4.00 Connor Bailey 3.11 Gives a total of 40.99
  11. dorothy58

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Everywhere is South to us in Glasgow, looking forward to my first ever visit to Poole
  12. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    I would hope he would get a reduction , every little bit helps in team building
  13. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    I think in reality we will have Cook and a more solid side with Sam and Connor at reserve
  14. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    Thats a bit high considering we will probably have Cookie but I like the idea of 2 big hitters for heats 13 and 15 but we would need a few improvers in the team as well. I think Sam Jensen and Connor Bailey will put some points on and if we could get the one everyone wants Broc Nicol then that would be fab
  15. dorothy58

    Glasgow 2020

    What would his conversion be?

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