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  1. speedwaylover18

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Like everyone else still in utter shock :'( a true british speedway star . Never met him but he seemed like 1 of the nicest guys in speedway. Just puts into prespective the risks speedway riders take to keep us entertained and how short life actually is you just never know what is around the corner Hope Lees family find some comfort in these messages of condolance. Gone but never forgotten, I'm sure he will be looking down R.I.P Lee xxx <3 xxx
  2. speedwaylover18

    Jordan Frampton

    Best wishes to Frampton. Such a shame, speedway is cruel at times
  3. Just looked its the same day as Magnus karlsonn testimonial!! And prince of Wales is now going to be dedicated to the late Newport legend Neil Street
  4. Getting to interact with riders before and after the meeting (Getting autographs and photos) wouldnt get that in any other sport The atmosphere in the pits and the stand/bends, everyone talking to eachother and the banter between 2 teams The thrill of not knowing whats around the next bend Smell/sound of the bikes Hate: Crashes (But adds to the excitment somehow)
  5. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    Well done to David Howe for winning the first 'Tim Stone memorial trophy' all riders deserve full credit for riding in tricky conditions.
  6. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    Stopped raining where I am about half hour from the track looks like just showers because is fine now hope it stops for all at Newport
  7. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    Sun is out in Newport now a few occasional showers but clear skies! Safe travelling to all away fans. Remember £6 to come into wales and if you plan on going shopping for a bite to eat remember your carrier bags!!
  8. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    A very good idea to cover the start line at least you don't have to shovel snow this year praying for not much rain and an enjoyable meeting! Happy new year to all at Newport Speedway
  9. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    Great to see David Howe & Kevin Doolan will be riding. Don't think the NYC would be the same without those 2, hoping to see Mr Lanham on maybe the swedes lining up too
  10. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    Ok I'm sorry was just a random idea I had
  11. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    I think that would be a great fitting tribute to an abosolute speedway legend. I'm not very good when it comes to ideas but thought NYC would b a perfect oppiturnity to remember him and keep his memory living! And what rider wouldn't want to ride in memory of a great legend what a great meeting that would be x
  12. speedwaylover18

    New Year Classic 2012

    If Newport run the NYC i think it should be the Neil Street Memorial
  13. speedwaylover18

    Farewell Newport Hornets

    Sad day for newport hornets, they have provided some great riding over the seasons, I hope all riders find a new club for the 2012 season and they all have a successful future. Well done to the newport promotion for giving young british riders a chance to ride at a competitive level
  14. speedwaylover18

    Alun Rossiter

    Good luck to Alun for whatever he decides to do with his future, it has been great seeing him on Sky Sports and hes done a lot for Coventry over the seasons! Nice one Rossi
  15. speedwaylover18

    Cardiff Gp

    Have you tried one of the hostels in the centre of cardiff? There is one opposite mcdonalds on the street by the stadium

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