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  1. depends whether piles ensue
  2. seanmuffe

    Scorpions v Ipswich 24.08.18 SGBC

    Even allowing for the wink that should get a Cumbrian response
  3. seanmuffe

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    if you don't watch you miss
  4. seanmuffe

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    https://my.morrisons.com/storefinder/stores/Ipswich,Suffolk Rollex
  5. seanmuffe

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Fantastic sport Shouldn't this be on Worky thread. Friday fixtures that were removed surely worth a separate thread? Why have all been reinstated except Workington? Of course if?.. all with conspiracy theories are right they can now be reinstated as someone's worralls are now over
  6. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    you fell for that as well..........haven't you noticed when you miss a meeting how often they say you missed a good one!! That's because they lost a lot of punters...............frostbite.....terrible end
  7. seanmuffe

    League Cup Format

    No place for you in Speedway far too sensible ...............agree done job so that wont happen will it
  8. seanmuffe

    Swindon Stadium

    Must be going to happen then if they are selling season tickets! Couldn't really expect the Grand opening meeting to be included in the season ticket.
  9. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    it wont be for money
  10. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    No Foxholes missing Ginger
  11. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    Clever that's the Witches 7 I spotted your clever disguise of Hilton and Louis.
  12. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    With an absent Number 1 or aren't we signing Danny that should boost the crowd............glad you mentioned Len we could nick his advert Make it a date No one at eight.
  13. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    ...be cheap though
  14. seanmuffe

    Ipswich 2016

    Look a natural what?.......................just asking
  15. seanmuffe

    Premier League Fours?

    Must have missed it when BSPA gave thought to the fans. I wouldn't bet on that.

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