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  1. Split

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    WOW - Fundin and Nygren against Plechanov and Kurilenko. Four world class riders who seldom rode against each other. It must have been a privilege to watch the action.
  2. Split

    Compact Team Performances

    I was at that meeting as well. I happened to be in the car park when Knutson was off loading his bike and Colin Pratt walked by. Björn greeted him with, "hello Mr. Maximum" so I think he knew what to expect.
  3. Split

    Compact Team Performances

    With two riders averaging close to 20 points between them and generally finishing up well ahead of their teammates on the score sheet, it might seem strange to mention the Southampton team of 1962 on this thread. The fact is that the team became league champions without a recognised third heat leader. It was therefore necessary for other team members to put in a “compact team performance” and equal or better the points scored by Briggs and Knutson in order to win the match. Fortunately they had the type of solid performers who could do exactly that to break the domination of Wimbledon and win the National League title that year.
  4. Split

    R.i.p. Tom Farndon

    So my mother - who was there that night - must have been 19 years old at the time. I can imagine how seeing the crash and hearing the tragic news later must have affected her. She never attended another speedway meeting.
  5. Split


    Along with Reg Luckhurst and Leo McAuliffe, Jimmy (James Everard) Gooch was one of the three second strings at New Cross when I started watching speedway back in 1960. They all went on to become world finalists and represent their country.
  6. Split

    Mauger and Grand Prix system

    It should be added that certain riders benefited massively from a one-off World Championship Final meeting. I think we would all agree that it's highly unlikely that either Jerzy Szczakiel or Egon Müller (and maybe others?) would ever have become world champions under a GP system.
  7. Split

    'The Voice' Autumn 2020

    Revival of speedway at Southampton and Oxford? It's the first I've heard of it but that would be good news!
  8. Split

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    I recall seeing Pete ride for Wimbledon for whom he appeared a couple of times at the start of the 1964 season That season started in controversy which led to the Provincial League running 'black'. Provincial League riders were warned by the Speedway Control Board that they were in breach of ACU regulations and could be suspended from all competitive racing. I think Pete (and maybe others?) decided that they would try their luck with a National League team rather than face a ban. It seems things didn't work out and he moved on to Wolverhampton. Ironically it was Wolves' refusal to move up to the National League after winning the Provincial League title in 1963 that caused the problem.
  9. Split

    Hans Nielsen

    It should be mentioned that Ove was probably not one of the favourites in 1967 when he won his fifth world title but he was of course the best man on the night. Igor Plechanov is often mentioned as a contender for "best rider who never won the world title". A third place in his last ride that night cost Plechanov the chance of a run-off against Fundin who he had beaten earlier.
  10. Split

    The Jolly Rogers.

    With his last appearance at a World Final in 1959, Cyril probably had his best years behind him when he rode for Southampton in the early 60’s. He was however, very much part of the team that won the National League in 1962. It was a strange line-up in that it didn’t really have a third heat leader. With Briggs and Knutson averaging 20 points between them though it was only necessary for the rest of the team to equal that in order to win the match and they usually had somebody who stepped up on the night.
  11. Split

    geoff penniket

    I think I attended all of the New Cross home matches that year so I saw quite a lot of Geoff Penniket. I seem to remember him being one of the few riders who rode in a helmet with no peak. Cyril Roger was another. It's funny the things that I can remember from those bygone days when I can't remember what I had for breakfast - LOL.
  12. Split

    Wimbledon Memories

    If I'm not mistaken they did sell alcohol at the stadium. I seem to remember having a beer there but my memory might be playing tricks on me.
  13. Split

    Eric Linden

    Wasn't the Angus Kix column in the Speedway Star, Eric Linden writing under a nom de plume?
  14. Split

    One Club Servants

    Ronnie Moore and Cyril Brine. A formidable 1-2.
  15. Split

    New Cross Memories

    if you look at the quote above my post you'll see that Ronnie Greene is mentioned and his name comes up again if you click on the link. I believe his OBE (MBE?) was awarded for the services mentioned in the quote. I was simply responding.

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