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  1. I would love to see a GP in Wroclaw
  2. Where do people think the SON could be held?
  3. We now know the Cardiff date for next year is 21-09-2019. Wonder when others will get released and if there will be any new venues.
  4. james1234

    Cardiff GP Tickets.

    I went to see Ed Sheeran last month in Cardiff and the security was nothing like the GP last year, took about 5/10 minutes
  5. james1234

    Cardiff GP Tickets.

    I've ordered the £19 seats is it easy enough to move around to another block in the stadium
  6. Making my 1st trip to Horsens this year with Travel Plus, anyone got any suggestions for places to eat and drink?
  7. Has anyone heard if the Prague GP contract will be renewed
  8. Does anyone know how much the VIP tickets are in Torun and what is included. Thanks
  9. james1234

    Bt Sport Coverage

    I pay £18 month for BT Tv. That includes all BT sport channels in HD and both Eurosport channels in HD
  10. james1234

    Swc 2018

    Can't believe how long this is taking to get organized
  11. james1234

    2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Reading a tweet this morning it looks like no Australian GP
  12. james1234

    Somerset 2018

    Need Doyle now or its bottom of the table
  13. james1234

    Somerset 2018

    Charles Wright it is then, awful looking team he is no way a second heat leader
  14. james1234

    Somerset 2018

    Holder and Lindgren fit

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