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  1. I would be happy to transfer my tickets to next year
  2. Any ideas what is happening with the remainder of the GP series? BSI need to make an announcement soon as some of us have tickets and hotels booked !
  3. james1234

    Cardiff 2020

    Why can’t an event take place on the same day as the football? Last year it did !!
  4. https://www.praguemorning.cz/minister-of-foreign-affairs-borders-with-austria-and-slovakia-open-in-july/ no chance of Prague GP next month
  5. Hopefully Prague will be later on in the year
  6. I wouldn’t want BSI job of organising the GP series now !!
  7. Cardiff tickets are still on sale
  8. No chance of it going ahead then
  9. Top work by Gerry , please give his company a follow, Blu monkey Media
  10. Any info what’s happening with the remaining rounds yet?
  11. james1234

    One Day World Final?

    Any info on what’s happening yet with the other rounds Phil?
  12. james1234

    World Final Revival

    According to the polish media today, they think if any rounds do happen they will all be in Poland
  13. james1234

    World Final Revival

    If this happens it will be in Toruń
  14. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/877431/zuzel-trzy-scenariusze-dla-grand-prix-cala-nadzieja-w-polsce
  15. Reports in the polish media say that ticket sales for the Russian GP have been suspended

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