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  1. Totally agree with 4thbender, I find it very difficult to understand how most promoters, as successful business men, seem to know so little about running speedway as a business. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if Mr Lomas is to be believed, some of the Sheffield promotion team cannot accept criticism. Without doubt there have been some serious mistakes made this year, the most serious being the belief that Josh Bates would only be out for a few weeks. Family loyalty has little place in business and most of the Sheffield crowd could see at the start of the season that Josh was carrying a very serious injury that would take months, not weeks, to clear. I also fail to see how any Team Manager could seemingly not understand that the 3 and 4 pairing was extremely weak and would leak points, giving the opposition big advantages in at least 3 heats. Although I rate Broc I think it is extremely unfair to give him the pressure of Heat 14. In my opinion he has had a rough deal - why not swap Todd and Broc round in the team? I have not seen any offensive abuse on this forum, in most cases it is simply constructive criticism. After such a successful season last year we are all extremely disappointed.
  2. Don't understand why we seem so intent on keeping Broc at No 4. Surely it would make more sense to switch him and Todd round. Gives him an inside gate in Heat 1 and makes us stronger in Heat 14. Also the last meetings there has been an obvious weakness with the 3 & 4 pairing. We need to change something or we'll not win another meeting.
  3. I understand that Scott Nicholls rode the new Godden engine at Workington. As he seemingly put up a competitive performance it would seem to auger well for the future. Has anyone any comments to make?
  4. thommo34

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I started watching speedway at Sheffield in 1961. In those days Frank Varey started at 7:45 and very rarely finished later than 9:30. A meeting then consisted of 21 races and race times were almost 10 seconds slower. In this case I long for the "good old days".
  5. Have I missed it or are we still waiting for the official rules for starting?
  6. thommo34

    Sheffield 2018

    Time we concentrated on trying to find more talent, I always enjoy the Top Gun meetings. BTW anyone know what's happened to the new training track.
  7. thommo34

    Sheffield 2018

    Sedgeman - NO! NO! NO!
  8. Yep - the worry now is how will Ipswich fair on Thursday with a full team, they won tonight with 3 riders! I really thought we would do better, that's the first time I've seen them beaten this season. I'm certain things will be different in 3 days time.
  9. Yes he'll make a good referee.
  10. No doubt if they do go to the end of season do they'll be able to have guests anyway!
  11. I don't understand how a team cannot be crowned league champions when they finish top of the league. I fully understand that the play off system is a good one (how many times can you say that about speedway) but virtually every year the play off winners are determined by injuries and/or weather and/or guests, and its down to luck not being the best team over the year. Surely it makes more sense to have another title (League Shield?) to maintain the end of season interest.
  12. Not many teams seem to arrive anywhere with their own 1-7, its far too serious a problem to be funny. Whats going to happen next - tripling up/down? Come on promoters do some serious thinking between now and the conference and save the sport.
  13. thommo34

    Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe - 14/9/16

    So has he been sacked by Coventry as well?
  14. thommo34

    Sheffield 2016

    Perhaps,after the BEN fund meeting Steady doesn't want to ride with Josh!
  15. Well 3 days to go and I suspect that me a quite a few others would like to know if there is a meeting this Thursday. I suspect that no news is bad news, but it would be nice to know especially as the weather forecast seems to be good.

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