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  1. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    It says 6 or 7 home meetings. So are they running 3 or 4 challenge meetings to supplement the NT?
  2. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    Swindon & Leicester were also allowed to pick riders of other teams upto the normal points limit. They got little criticism as they didn’t build ‘super teams’ whereas Cradley cherry picked all the best riders.
  3. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    Sounds a good idea to me. I’ll try to make it up when the Warriors are there.
  4. Islander15

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Made it clear how?
  5. Islander15

    Wolverhampton 2020

    So Masters it is then. That leaves you quite a bit under the points limit so if you wanted 6 of the 7 back, why not sign a stronger rider than Nicol?
  6. Islander15

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    They’ve shut this idea down because the BSPA want to shut down the wholeness league! Their idea is clearly a 2 tier concept with a genuine training league like the MDL so why would they effectively let Reading step up from the MDL to the NL when they want to shut down the NL anyway?! The name thing is all a cover ploy to stop a new team entering a league that they don’t want to exist.
  7. Islander15

    Leicester NDL 2020

    It’s 8% but I’m not sure whether they get that only once or per season. But you have to be injured and not just choosing to take a season out.
  8. Islander15

    Leicester NDL 2020

    The only way he could get an average discount is if he missed the whole previous campaign through injury, which obviously he didn’t.
  9. Islander15

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Yes so if Hume signed, it’d be 7.02 for 2 more riders.
  10. Islander15

    IOW 2020

    Warriors complete with Tom Woolley. A stronger team this year! Morley is a stand out rider in the league and can hold his own anywhere. Campos & Woolley are a dependable middle order and there’s average improvement definitely in Campos. Woolley, I think, will improve slightly with a stable home base and he’s tasted second tier racing now. Hopefully Coles fares a bit better than his last Smallbrook spell but he’s improved as a rider since and also has second tier experience now. Those 3 aren’t big names as 2nd & 3rd heat leaders, unlike BV, but there’s strength in depth and none on a downward trend. But I believe the real strength is at the bottom. Wirtzfeld & King have both had a season now and impressed at times last year and should again add 1-2pts to their averages. Leek is a new recruit but was having a great season last year until injury and should be one of the best 3.00 riders and could add 2pts himself. Any bad spell by any of the 3 will drop them to reserve to reignite their season with no worries over who steps up to number 2. More than happy. I can see a play-off campaign coming, a close call between the Warriors & Mildenhall for the NT, a decent KOC effort, a strong NL Fours run and not forgetting hosting the NL Pairs!
  11. Islander15


    That was announced via the official channels last week, so no secret.
  12. Islander15

    Leicester NDL 2020

    We’ve seen risks taken on ex-motocross and they pay off and I think that’s what we’re seeing here. Rather than looking at who’s the best in the MDL and signing them up.
  13. Islander15

    IOW 2020

    Very good around Smallbrook and on a lowish average due to his poor stint at Plymouth. He’s a nice team man and will help out the younger guys whilst being a useful third heat leader.
  14. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Are you calling Ryan a 3 pointer or not expecting him in?
  15. Islander15

    IOW 2020

    Wirtzfeld returns. Very happy with that.

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