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  1. Definitely looks an exciting meeting and a good weather forecast currently. I can’t decide if Jorgensen is a good choice of guest, as he’s clearly a popular choice and goes well at the EWR but can he outscore Howarth & Bjerre and nearly match Worrall?!
  2. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    I've changed the updates site now. That makes a bit more sense, but I would've still given Edwards heat 11 seeing as he's shown up much better than Brooks so far an that was only one race.
  3. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    Why didn’t Edwards take Brooks or Dugard’s final ride?
  4. Stoke v Coventry 14-04-18

    Yeah I was suggesting that there’s been plenty of time to work on the track.
  5. Stoke v Coventry 14-04-18

    But it rained 2 weeks ago...
  6. Isle Of Wight 2018

    There’s always lots of interest on the Isle of Wight fb group.
  7. Stoke v Coventry 14-04-18

    It’s embarrassing when your last sentence is actually accurate!
  8. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    Eagles will be looking for 2 out of 2 away wins then. A lot depends on whether Edwards takes to the track.
  9. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    Looks a tight and attractive meeting.
  10. Redcar Vs Scunthorpe 12/4/18

    Not a particularly strong guest for Stevie.
  11. Cradley 2018?

    That’s probably the biggest meeting of the season too! Any chance of a double header??
  12. British Under 21

    Peterborough? The semi-final there last year was on a Tuesday I think.
  13. NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    Sam Woods isn't in the NL anymore. I'll let you pick an alternative.
  14. British Under 21

    Yeah and by picking a ‘weaker’ rider it makes the draw uneven.
  15. British Under 21

    Strangely not Kelsey though.