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  1. Islander15

    Mildenhall 2022

    James Shanes signed as injury cover for Kinsley. What a high profile signing for this league!
  2. Islander15

    Leicester Lion Cubs vs B.V. Colts 14 May 2022

    Best wishes to young Max Perry who broke his collarbone.
  3. What’s happened to Atkins?
  4. Islander15

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    Fair play to Scunny on getting a hard earned point. Douglas is proving to be a proper number 1, as expected, but Aarnio really seems to have turned a corner! Kennedy is looking useful too. There’s obviously still some weak links but maybe when Lambert drops to reserve he’ll start firing.
  5. Islander15

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    2 easy home wins between these sides this week.
  6. Islander15

    Scunthorpe v Birmingham 22.4.22

    A mssive shame for Auty. For the fans it spoils a decent looking meeting too with several former Scorpions.
  7. Islander15

    Mildenhall 2022

    Quite a coup really. It looked difficult for Mildenhall to replace someone on Kelly’s average without going for a 3.00 novice but they’ve found a decent quality rider who’ll keep Muff & Warren at reserve, where they should be.
  8. Lots of pressure on Aarnio then as he’s been signed on home form alone and is straight in at number 5.
  9. Is the programme back to being £1 now then?
  10. Islander15

    Belle Vue Colts 2022

    Championship have priority. But is the meeting purposely so early (1pm) so that Ablitt can do both meetings?
  11. Hopefully the weather holds up for this one but it looks like another Leicester win at the EWR.
  12. Islander15

    BERWICK v OXFORD (NDL) Saturday, April 9th (7pm)

    Exactly both teams should make the play-offs tbf.
  13. Islander15

    Oxford Cheetah Cubs 2022

    He’s missed a few years. I think the bigger surprise is how much of a reduction he got!

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