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  1. Islander15

    KENT 2019

    That would close clubs down.
  2. Islander15

    KENT 2019

    Why sign for a Championship team if you’re contemplating quitting? I wonder if that’s what tipped him over the edge which has inadvertently affected Kent way more than Birmingham.
  3. Islander15

    IOW Warriors v Belle Vue Colts 20/8/19

    Great performance by the Warriors and Hume more than filled in for Wood. Hopefully Georgie is able to ride on Sunday!
  4. Islander15

    NL Pairs August 25th

    So surely Plymouth would have to choose Andrews with Extance being injured? As for Cradley, not picking Halsey it Harris seems strange and confusing. Will one of those appear now Spencer is injured or will they be stuck with McGurk?
  5. Islander15

    Kent v Belle Vue 19th

    Well he failed to score on the handicap meeting at Smallbrook last week and he obviously started at the tapes in every race.
  6. Islander15

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Who are you referring to? If you mean Mulford he’d struggle to find a team on 5.18. Edit: You must mean Ablitt, thinking about it, but even then it’s not a great average for him because with a low points limit that could make him a 3rd heat leader in teams. For example, IOW started with RTD as 3rd heat leader on 5.22. But it’s a bit high to be a second string.
  7. Islander15

    NL Pairs August 25th

    Line-ups released: GROUP AISLE OF WIGHT: Ben Morley & Georgie WoodLEICESTER: Danyon Hume & Ellis PerksKENT: Drew Kemp & Anders RoweSTOKE: Joe Lawlor & Tom PerryGROUP B:BELLE VUE: Kyle Bickley & Leon FlintMILDENHALL: Ryan Kinsley & Jason EdwardsPLYMOUTH: Nathan Stoneman & Ben WilsonCRADLEY: Jack Smith & Tom Spencer That looks a very tough group A!
  8. Islander15

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Clouting has to be at reserve alongside an unattached rider. Mulford is still injured as far as I’m aware.
  9. Islander15

    Mildenhall v IOW Sun 11th aug

    Yes I do too but I can see why Mildenhall chose to sign their former rider.
  10. Islander15

    Mildenhall v IOW Sun 11th aug

    Kinsley is one of those riders with a huge home average compared to his away average. He knows West Row and will do perfectly well there.
  11. Islander15

    REDCAR 2019

    So a precedent has been set today that you cannot sign a NL rider, as a Championship team, when he has the same race night as you. Tbf this is also following the Cook Peterborough/Belle Vue scenario from the other season.
  12. Islander15

    Belle Vue v Leicester 8/8/19

    Unlike in this scenario, a precedent has been set today with the BSPA refusing Wallinger’s move to Redcar
  13. Islander15

    Scunthorpe 2019

    When does the transfer window close?
  14. Islander15

    REDCAR 2019

    How does Wallinger keep getting so many clubs signing him?! When will they learn he’s unreliable and doesn’t even score points. Barely any in the Championship and on a 4pt NL average!
  15. Islander15

    Belle Vue v Leicester 8/8/19

    Yep I remember the Wilson incident. He then had a PL average of over 4.00 which was too high to allow him to DU but he was allowed to ride NL only at the start of the season! The rules changed because of it. All riders who are missing because of higher leagues clashes can be covered by a ‘guest’. This was brought in about 2 winters ago. Yes and that was early in the season too, in about April time, when all the decent riders had been signed up and how the Warriors set the team up it looked like Greaves would be a big improved. Which he was that season! I’m all for riders stepping up but it should be compulsory that they cannot sign for a team with the same race night.

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