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  1. Is there a fixture list available please?
  2. Can a number 8 replace a reserve? Also what’s the minimum number of rides someone in the 1-7 must take?
  3. I understand that in general, but whoever your number 8 isn’t a significant member of the team. Anyway time to put Premier on!
  4. What’s the advantage in naming number 8s so late?
  5. What are the rules on number 8s please? Can they replace a teammate at any time?
  6. Plug your laptop into the TV by HDMI cable. You have to cancel 1 month in advance if I remember from subscribing to them previously.
  7. Which shops are selling it at the minute?
  8. The meetings should be on Premier Player online too so I’ll choose to watch them when I want to and then fast forward through the gaps.
  9. Excellent crowd. The car park was full with lots of people stood all around the track, I’d guess at 800-1000.
  10. I think more people will go for this reason than us fans being guilt tripped to go because we’ll soon ‘forget’ about Ayres, Ashworth & Stead.
  11. Islander15

    IOW 2020

    A shock and very unfair timing on the club and it’s supporters. Not many available options at all unfortunately.
  12. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Lewis Millar has some NL experience even if it’s very limited and Rothery has probably shown up best so maybe those two will start at reserve. Good to see the Devils giving youth a chance whilst still putting out a respectable team with 3 good heat leaders who are all young too.
  13. Probably the two biggest names as well
  14. I was hoping that a few Premiership riders would be competing to give a bit of variety but unfortunately there’s only Thorssell that doesn’t ride Championship as well.
  15. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    The rules don’t let riders do the NL and NT for separate teams though. That’s why Flint has left Newcastle.

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