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  1. Islander15

    Stoke 2019

    What are the new parking restrictions?
  2. Islander15

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    1. Max Clegg 8.63 2. Rob Ledwith 3.50 3. Jason Edwards 6.73 4. Luke Priest 4.99 5. Danyon Hume 8.10 6. Dan Gilkes 2.00 7. Dan Thompson 2.00 Total: 35.95
  3. It’s back! Same rules apply as previous years and as apply to the promoters. So build a team upto 36 points and the highest end of the season average wins. Only x2 2.00 men allowed remember and only 2 riders from each club are allowed in your team. Previous results were: 2018: 1st Hunters, 2nd SKJ & 3rd CUFC_Brummie 2017: 1st Eagles69, 2nd Islander15 & 3rd SKJ 2016: 1st Halifax Tiger, 2nd John Leslie, 3rd Turn Two
  4. Islander15

    Newcastle 2019

    It still seems a very unfortunate situation to have been heaped on Palovaara’s door! Worrall is a genuine number 1 and the Diamonds now have a decent top 3 to match and better most sides. However it’s an awfully long tail. I can see changes at the bottom end ahead with 4 reserves in that team now.
  5. Islander15

    Somerset 2019

    Berge looked critical to Somerset’s season as someone who could genuinely significantly increase his average. He’d be bound to ride like a heat leader at the OTA. Compare that to Grobauer who the management hope will ride to his average and knows zero away tracks, it looks like a big step down for Rebels fans. Imo it goes from looking like a solid top 4 side to now having major question marks over the bottom end of the team.
  6. Islander15

    Shared Events

    We’ve been here before repeatedly in the last couple of seasons. Just because they’re on the calendar now, will they actually be run?!
  7. Islander15

    Scunthorpe 2019

    What time does the Sunday meetings start? 6:30pm?
  8. Islander15

    Isle of Wight 2019

    16th April meeting announced as the British U21 Semi-Final. Not bad
  9. Islander15

    KENT 2019

    So is it a challenge or league against BV? Seems a long trek for a challenge but prematurely announced for a league fixture.
  10. Islander15

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    There was actually a press release saying they will get a shared meeting.
  11. Islander15

    NL Cup draw 2019

    I think people have to bear in mind thst the principle was spot on and that even though sat in Jason’s kitchen looked unprofessional, the idea was there. Other years we’ve seen a NLKOC ‘draw’ where all teams local to each other have raced each other whereas now we know it’s totally transparent. Just the presentation needs sprucing up. But even the big sports get it wrong! Look at the football Carabao/League Cup draw where teams were drawn the wrong way round and teams drawn twice!
  12. Islander15

    NL Cup draw 2019

    The strong negative reaction probably has something to do with that.
  13. Islander15

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Cradley will be there about come play-off time. But the Heathens faithful are used to putting together a power packed side that always start as one of the favourites for the title itself and this side isn’t one of them.
  14. Islander15

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Halsey and Harris as a pairing seems to scream as getting a 5-1 over decent opposition but in their next race Halsey falls and Harris retires!
  15. Islander15

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Whitmore and Spencer are an uninspiring reserve duo once McGurk moves up. Looks like another Birmingham side with a strong top end but soon has nothing at reserve!

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