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  1. Islander15

    2020 NL Season

    Hope so. Gives meaningful fixtures and allows Len his weekly meetings.
  2. Islander15

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    I’m not surprised that Kent are applying to move up. Their an ambitious set up with a very good stadium and relatively big crowds. Their only problem might be finding international riders willing to ride that early on a Monday with the M25 to contend with too. Then cue the complaints about a blue groove track.
  3. Islander15

    2020 NL Season

    Substantiated rumours tonight that Kent will join the top flight. There’s going to be no team s left at this rate
  4. Anyone got an update on Jack Smith?
  5. So Tom Perry can manage to guest for Peterborough today, so why isn’t he in this meeting? I still think Perls is favourite but it’s not that clear cut but Kinsley & Kemp are going to be there or thereabouts. Best of luck to Morley and Verge and of course Ben is a double winner so you cannot write him off!
  6. Islander15

    Play-off final

    Congrats to Leicester on the title win.
  7. Wallinger has put on fb that he was asked to do the NLRC and said yes but last night (!) was told that he was no longer needed.
  8. Questions do need to be asked about why was he asked? I do not believe that every single employed NL rider was asked before him. But also questions need to be asked of Wallinger as to why he thinks he can morally take the spot when he’s unemployed and been sacked more than once this season yet there other riders with teams who are not involved.
  9. He doesn’t have a club so he shouldn’t be in regardless of his average. But his 2019 average is 4.32 and that’s lower than Ledwith, Marson, Brooks, Priest, Spooner, Harris, Bailey, Andrews, Campos, Terry-Daley, Embleton, you get the picture...
  10. Why are Hume, Stoneman & Wilson out? Wallinger hahahah he doesn’t even have a club!
  11. So the BSPA rules that Clegg must ride for Newcastle and not at the NLRC despite their own rule book saying he should be at the NLRC
  12. Islander15

    KOC FINAL Wednesday 23rd and Friday 25

    Ridiculous! This is a cup final that’s been known about for a few days now. That’s a challenge meeting that only got announced yesterday and GB could pick anyone they wanted!
  13. Islander15

    Play-off final

    The problem with your suggestions S4K, is if the league title is decided in say August then doesn’t it make all the other meetings anti-climatic? There’s be terribleness attendances for NT fixtures in September when your club has had an awful league campaign and there’s no optimism left. An alternative would be to actually start the whole campaign at a reasonable time at the start of April and have regular meeting at throughout the summer without long gaps between home fixtures. Then all the competitions can conclude at a reasonable time to allow the play-offs and cup finals in early September. Then use late September in case of rain-offs and October can be season finale one-off meetings like Cradley’s Hammer meeting, IOW ran a 3 team tournament and Kent would run one this year if they hand time!
  14. Totally agree. But what would the punishment be? A 28 day ban throughout November?!
  15. Islander15

    Play-off final

    Get them as a double act to lead the whole of British Speedway!

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