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  1. Islander15

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    Totally agree that everybody should start on a 3.00 but move up the team quicker. The problem with making a small number of meetings get a new average is somebody good can have a bad couple of meeting and drop to reserve when that is this ability. So I suggest using 4 meetings in all competetitions to get a new average for assessed riders and 8 new meetings in all competitions for everyone else! That will also stop clubs using unattached 3.00 superstars in the POs, NLKOC & NT.
  2. Islander15

    Mildenhall v Birmingham

    I thought Birmingham had a decent shot with the original team, but now I can’t see it. Unfortunate that they’ve had such numerous injuries when it’s always looked a decent team.
  3. Islander15

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    I didn’t realise the Thompson twins were due next year.
  4. Islander15


    Going on opinions like that is what makes many dodgy decisions in this sport. Kinsley has scored impressively to essentially earn his place.
  5. Islander15

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    Whoever has Gilkes at reserve have an excellent prospect. Plus I can’t see there being several newbies on his ability to spread around, unlike this year in Kemp, Flint & Edwards.
  6. Islander15


    Brennan is 3rd in the Eastbourne averages. A better question is why is Perry in over Smith?
  7. Islander15

    Buxton vs Kent

    It’s usually another Southern team that does that
  8. Islander15


    When they changed the date at only a couple of weeks notice it ruled me out and I assume many others too. The date has been there on the calendar allowing us to plan our lives but then all of a sudden it changes!
  9. Islander15

    Birmingham 2018

    Morally out of order? Yes Within speedways rules? Also yes
  10. Islander15

    Play Off Run In

    ‘Any other reason’ in the NL. If someone wants Gilkes, and he agrees, they’ll get away with it.
  11. Islander15

    Play Off Run In

    With the rain at Buxton today, barring any freak results, that's Eastbourne & Kent in the POs with all Coventry needing to do is hope their home doule header tomorrow night beats the weather and then they'll beat Buxton.
  12. Probably true, but Coventry have had a decent sniff for a couple of weeks now.
  13. Islander15

    Play Off Run In

    Only by running a double header which their shouldn’t be a need to do.
  14. This date hasn’t just been plucked out of thin air though, so why such a late arrangement?!
  15. Islander15

    Birmingham v Peterborough ICL

    A few more former Brummies in the Birmingham team would’ve enticed fans wouldn’t it?

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