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  1. Excellent crowd. The car park was full with lots of people stood all around the track, I’d guess at 800-1000.
  2. I think more people will go for this reason than us fans being guilt tripped to go because we’ll soon ‘forget’ about Ayres, Ashworth & Stead.
  3. Islander15

    IOW 2020

    A shock and very unfair timing on the club and it’s supporters. Not many available options at all unfortunately.
  4. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Lewis Millar has some NL experience even if it’s very limited and Rothery has probably shown up best so maybe those two will start at reserve. Good to see the Devils giving youth a chance whilst still putting out a respectable team with 3 good heat leaders who are all young too.
  5. Probably the two biggest names as well
  6. I was hoping that a few Premiership riders would be competing to give a bit of variety but unfortunately there’s only Thorssell that doesn’t ride Championship as well.
  7. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    The rules don’t let riders do the NL and NT for separate teams though. That’s why Flint has left Newcastle.
  8. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Not true. I do like Phillips but it’s fact that his career has stagnated so I was being positive by hoping that a change of track will help him.
  9. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    He’s not really kicked on at all so hopefully a change of track will finally get him back on track in his career.
  10. Islander15

    Jason Pipe resigns

    So we’ll need a new man in charge and inevitably new ideas! If he can cope with the workload I think there’s only one man for the job. That is Barry Bishop! If that’s a conflict of interest then I think there’s another obvious appointment, if he has enough time on his hands: Connor Dugard!
  11. Islander15

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    An ageing team but nevertheless a lot better than I think most expected. It should be happier home fans this term with a genuine number 1 and always a strong reserve whether that be Nicholls or MPT or someone else!
  12. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    We will see if he’s ‘easily a big scorer’ but he has been signed to replace the second heat leader yet he has never achieved an average over 7! Even if by some miracle he does excellent this season, is he really going to be promoted to the Diamonds set up and be a prominent figure for years like Clegg is looking like he could be and other Gems like Freeman and Halder could be?!
  13. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    He halved his average last year and is nearer state pension age than Flint’s age!
  14. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Who wants to watch Wallinger rather than Flint? This decision is a shame for Newcastle fans and those of clubs that the Gems will travel to.
  15. Islander15

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Have Poole forgotten that there’s promising young Brits around, or did they look straight Down Under?!
  16. Islander15

    Plymouth speedway

    Yes Phillips said he wanted to run some practices first.
  17. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Flint is one of the best riders in the league, in fact he has the 4th highest average of NT riders (and that includes Clegg). Brough Park will be a new track for most NL riders and I’m sure Leon will get some practice in too.
  18. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Quite a nice blends of youth and experience. I do think that team will struggle on the away tracks with a couple of riders in there who haven’t ridden an awful lot but Clegg & Flint will nearly go through the card every home meeting. Tbf Clegg could go through the whole NT campaign home and away unbeaten! But the main point is to get experience for them all which they will get at Brough Park and good to see Rob Grant putting effort into the venture.
  19. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    With Flint & MacDonald joining Newcastle, that makes it even less clear who is going to ride for the Devils.
  20. Islander15

    Armadale Devils 2020

    I feel like it’s another rider who’s getting on because of his motocross background rather than instant ability on a speedway bike.
  21. Islander15

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Chattin’s local ish though. Possibly the worst reserves in the league but tbf we’re all making assumptions about Woodward. It’s a decent top 5 though so should ease the pressure on the reserves.
  22. Armadale Devils 1. Nathan Greaves 9.22 2. Greg Millar 3.00 3. Danny Phillips 6.36 4. George Rothery 3.00 5. Leon Flint 8.80 6. Lewis Millar 3.00 7. Mason Watson 3.00 Total: 36.38 Remaining: 2.62 Belle Vue Colts 1. Jordan Palin 8.82 2. Ben Woodhull 3.67 3. Connor Bailey 7.64 4. Ben Rathbone 3.56 5. Kyle Bickley 8.70 6. Harry McGurk 3.00 7. Paul Bowen 3.36 Total: 38.75 Remaining: 0.25 Isle of Wight Warriors 1. Ben Morley 9.18 2. Chad Wirtzfeld 3.81 3. Scott Campos 5.12 4. Tom Woolley 6.69 5. Connor Coles 7.43 6. Macauley Leek 3.00 7. Connor King 3.67 Total: 38.90 Remaining: 0.10 Kent Kings 1. Dan Gilkes 8.00 2. Jacob Clouting 3.16 3. Jordan Jenkins 6.55 4. Alex Spooner 5.65 5. Rob Ledwith 5.93 6. Jake Mulford 3.00 7. Sam Hagon 3.00 Total: 35.26 Remaining: 2.74 Leicester Lion Cubs 1. Danyon Hume 9.09 2. Tom Spencer 3.80 3. Joe Thompson 6.48 4. Dan Thompson 5.50 5. Joe Lawlor 7.91 6. Danny Woodward 3.00 Kean Dicken 3.00 7. James Chattin 3.00 Total: 38.78 Remaining: 0.22 Mildenhall Fen Tigers 1. Ryan Kinsley 8.00 2. Sam Bebee 4.25 3. Luke Ruddick 6.67 4. Matt Marson 5.48 5. Jason Edwards 7.53 6. Nathan Ablitt 3.00 7. Elliot Kelly 3.46 Total: 38.39 Remaining: 0.61 Newcastle Gems (NT only) 1. Max Clegg 10.14 2. Joe Alcock 4.36 3. Jamie Halder 4.63 4. Josh Embleton 4.83 5. Leon Flint 8.80 David Wallinger 3.87 6. Ryan MacDonald 3.00 7. Archie Freeman 3.00 Total: 33.83 Remaining: 5.17 Plymouth Gladiators 1. Alfie Bowtell 9.24 2. 3. Richard Andrews 6.55 4. Henry Atkins 5.86 5. Nathan Stoneman 8.22 6. Sheldon Davies 3.00 7. Arran Butcher 3.00 Total: 35.87 Remaining: 3.13
  23. Islander15

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    More second teams but less stand alone teams which Rye House would be.
  24. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    It says 6 or 7 home meetings. So are they running 3 or 4 challenge meetings to supplement the NT?
  25. Islander15

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Swindon & Leicester were also allowed to pick riders of other teams upto the normal points limit. They got little criticism as they didn’t build ‘super teams’ whereas Cradley cherry picked all the best riders.

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