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  1. erniew

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hats off to Rob. I can think of many promoters who would have thrown the towel in! I will certainly be there to support whatever team comes to tapes, he deserves all the support he can get. How about a fans team sponsorship? anyone can contribute wahatever they can comfortably afford, whether It's £5 or £50 a head, anonymously if you like. I'm sure someone in the promotion or supporters club could oversee it. I for one would be happy to contribute. Regarding the strength of the team, who cares! we are talking about the survival of our team, not the number of trophies in the cabinet at the end of this crazy season.
  2. erniew

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    I think you're meaning a Jubbly THJ, 4d at the Saturday morning matinee.
  3. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    I would assume that any development for a new track would have more than just speedway to generate income, kart track, bowling alley etc. which would provide permanent employment on the site and satisfy the authorities need for a financial and employment gain and assist in the running costs of the speedway.
  4. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    That's where they stored the rubbish during the dustman's strike, It's not suitable for housing and is about 20 acres.
  5. erniew

    League to run over two seasons

    Rider availability is only part of the problrm, if spectators are not allowed then no team could afford to run. If crowds are not allowed until August/September at the earliest and I think even that's being optimistic then this season is a dead duck.
  6. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes, very old.
  7. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    Would be interesting to find out if he jumped or was pushed. That's providing that he has actually left.
  8. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    Followed the link to the website, ok. but still no word on manager and sponsor which I would have thought would have been of a higher priority.
  9. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    Now nearly ywo weeks since Rob said he would announce the main team sponsors in ten days, our team manager has resigned and no replacement announced and the new website is still not up and running. Slighttly worrying with the season opener 5 weeks away!
  10. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    The statement said catering and hospitality so I assume they have the bar as well.
  11. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    I could murder a currwurst mit pommes, thanks THJ! Have a good christmas.
  12. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    Sorry, not involved in the organisation, you will have to contact the supporters club through facebook and ee if there are any tickets left.
  13. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    You can pay on the night, but must book your ticket in advance, this is so they do not exceed the numbers allowed in the function room and also to know how many they are catering for.
  14. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    End of season night out will not now take on the feeling of a wake.
  15. erniew

    Newcastle 2020

    Thanks THJ for the numbers, I was trying to ascertain what the shortfall was taking into account income and sponsors.

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