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  1. Still thawing out after watching a poor performance by the Diamonds on a track that resembled a concrete oval that had so little shale on it I don't know why we had so much tractor racing as there was nothing to grade! Heard mutterings on the terraces from some of the die hard fans saying if things don't improve the will consider not coming back. Worrying, if that happens I can see the Diamonds not seeing the end of their 90th season.
  2. erniew

    Newcastle 2019

    I believe the airfence has to be inspected and certified as fit for purpose after 6 years, no doubt if I'm wrong, someone wil let me know!
  3. erniew

    Newcastle 2019

    Weather permitting, is there any track work this Sunday?
  4. erniew

    Newcastle 2019

    What time is the work starting tomorrow?
  5. Once you have declared your side within whatever points limit/rider numbers, no team changes allowed except for long term injury. R/R to be employed to cover any non availability due to other comitments or injury lasting less than 6 weeks.
  6. All the discussions about rider availability for this meeting will be academic if the rain doesn't stop soon.
  7. erniew

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Very sad news, I was fortunate enough to watch him ride for Newcastle in the 60's wonderful memories of a great, possibly the greatest ever speedway rider. Rest in Peace Ivan.
  8. erniew

    British Under 21

    If this rain doesn't stop soon, the riders at Newcastle had better bring their canoes!
  9. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    It's all well and good saying this is a holding team until Polish teams release the riders they don't want is making the assumption that we could afford to sign any of them when they become available. Lets just get behind the riders putting on the Diamonds race bibs and enjoy watching speedway.
  10. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    Just because we don't appear to have a world beating team doesn't mean that the racing won't be entertaining. When we had the all conquering team racking up 5-1 after 5-1 it may have been nice to win but often the actual racing was poor. I'll reserve judgement and be prepared to watch some exciting heats.
  11. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    The question is, can we afford an 8.20 rider, even if one is available. No point in bankrupting the club.
  12. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    Thanks for the response Steve, I apologise, you have never said shut up, however I seem to have triggered a response from a few people and hopefully more positive information will be available in the very near future. It's true as Tsunami said, our first competitive fixture is 5th April, but the longer it goes without signing riders gives them less time to practice on our 'technical' track and work out setups.
  13. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    Steve, do you not think the paying customers have a right to be concerned? We are supporters first and foremost but time is now very short, not only to P & P but the actual start of competitive racing, and your constant 'It'll be alright' attitude is getting a little irritating. If you know what's happening then please pass on the information, we don't need to know chapter and verse, but confirmation that there are riders in the frame would be helpful, If you in fact have no information then stop telling everyone that It's going to be allright and stop telling us to be quiet
  14. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    As Aceslider says, the visa office operate at their own pace. However, this would imply that the rider in question is from outside the EU, presumably either an Australian or American, cue everyone to give lists of possible riders. It's now eight days and counting to P & P. Don't panic Mr. Mainwaring!
  15. erniew

    Newcastle 2018

    With less than 2 weeks to press & pratice, I think It's about time to press the panic button. We are obviously struggling to obtain the services of riders that we can afford and I believe that there is a minimum points limit as well as an upper one so we can't just sign anyone. Worst case scenario, there is an announcement in the next two week saying unfortunately we're not running as we can't afford it.

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