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    The countryside, country pubs, the coastline,music aenyoying everyday whilst I can. Loved watching the Falcons 1965 to 1968, priceless memories of happy days.
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  1. GeraldBull

    Chris Blewett

    Although it was around 1965 I can see Chris Blewett as if yesteday. I remember him fondly and those days. He was a bit harum scarum, I remember even before the racing one evening he was doing the parade lap prior to the racing and instead of watching where he was going he was waving to the crowd and hit the tractor and rake. Thankfully he was not badly hurt but thanks Chris for all of those lovely days and memories and the broad smile you always gave to us.
  2. GeraldBull

    Exeter Speedway The 1960's

    I know I live in the past but I just want to fly the flag of the 1960's and rekindle the fantastic memories of Speedway at the County Ground at Exeter in the 60's I am sure for many people remember and remininisce about. Sadly the County Ground is no longer but the lovely memories are still there, they cannot be taken away. So many names come to mind as if yesterday Chris Blewett, Jimmy Squibb, Jack Geran, Neil Street, Chris Julian, Ray Wickett, Colin Goody, Tommy Sweetman, Alan Cowland, Martin Ashby,Des Lukehurst just but a few names. I remember so many that used to watch in those days, what wonderful times. I came across this on Youtube and just for old times sake put it on here, it is of Exeter Speedway in the sixties, even the film reflects so much on the technology in those simpler days. Have a look if you fancy, priceless times.
  3. GeraldBull

    Chris Blewett

    It was so sad to see that Chris is no longer with us. I remember his smiling face from the sixties at the County Ground as if yesterday, it's hard to believe that his smiling face is no longer with us and when I read the news it reinforced my thoughts on how life is so short and must be treasured. All I can say is thanks Chris for those lovely speedway moments, I am sure many reflect on your exciting riding, oh how you entertained us all. One particular moment comes to mind when before the evenings racing started you did your parade lap and riding past the Stands you were smiling and waving to the crowd and never saw the tractor and rake and sadly clipped it and came off.Thankfully you were ok. Thanks Chris for priceless moments, wish you were still here.

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