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  1. IVAN never really got involved with much outside of the speedway bubble but when the sport was popular he was rightly so too. Barry was much more adventurous, rode for Yamaha at Madison Square Gardens in New York (cannot have a much higher profile than that) and made a name for himself by continually knocking off his opponents. He rode various other forms off motorcycles, played golf in many pro-ams, taught Steve McQueen how to slide a speedway bike, etc, etc. And the literation of his name (BB) helped too. Used to tell him it was like Micky Mouse. My wife was watching a TV quiz programme recently (think it was Tenancy) and I was tasked with naming the top ten batsmen who had scored the most runs for England. Only managed six and for my sins forgot Boycott. How the memory fades ...

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    PROBABLY should ask Eric Boocock and Neil Middleditch whether they agree
  3. IN my opinion even Ivan couldn't match Briggo as a household name or a recognisable figure, certainly outside of NZ. BB was twice runner-up in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, was the subject of This Is Your Life with Eamonn Andrews, was on Desert Island Discs with Roy Plumley. Travelled a lot with Barry outside of speedway and at soccer matches, airports, restaurants, was frequently recognised and asked for an autograph. En route back to Southampton from King's KLynn one night he was stopped for speeding (not unusual). When he got out of the car the traffic cops recognised him, asked for his autograph and sent us on our way. Wouldn't happen now.
  4. IT was in the context of riders having a high profile in their own country not the world at large. As I wrote earlier, very few Americans had heard of Penhall when he rode speedway, it was CHiPS that made him famous. How many in California let alone the US know who Greg Hancock is?
  5. THAT wasn't his point. He said that no NZ rider since Mauger was well known in NZ. Larry was and, in the South Island at least, still is.
  6. IN New Zealand they had, which was the point. Another Christchurch boy who at least kept the flag flying for a while. But there are less than five million people in NZ ... 350 million in the USA.

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    SUPERMARKETS are our main outlet these days with Tesco leading the way closely followed by Sainsbury's.
  8. CANNOT compare the USA, where speedway is confined to a very small area of a massive State let alone the whole country, to NZ or Finland. The only American rider, World Champion or not, who enjoyed any real recognition in his home country was Penhall and that was all to do with CHiPS. No one would deny that no one, not even Monster, is prepared to stump up the money to stage a round there. Why should they?

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    HOPE you do so ... can promise that Burford's stuff will be cut back and some new stuff coming too.
  10. BUT NZ and Finland were at least speedway nations. The USA certainly isn't. It does have much to do with home riders who can at least guarantee some supporters. So, no, I do not know it has nothing to do with riders, otherwise motorcycle racing mad Spain would be a prime contender.

    Celebrity fans

    THINK he was more dogs than speedway. Lived locally.
  12. IN Poland fans are supporting not just their club but their town/city. It is a whole different demographic to the UK. It's a young audience.

    Celebrity fans

    DIDDY David still subscribes to Speedway Star. Ex-Man U and England star Paul Scholes (what a player!) often seen at Belle Vue.
  14. WOULD be very surprised if there isn't ...

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