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  1. ALL down to Jeff Davies ... something very different next week.
  2. IN SS this week...
  3. THANKS ... will pass on to Andrew Skeels (Editor)

    Results Removed from Speedway Star?

    AS reported elsewhere, apparently the info hasn't been forthcoming.
  5. I AM told that info from the MSDL hasn't been forthcoming this season but there will be something in next week's issue.

    Belle Vue 2019

    MIGHT be fatigue ... he seemed to be riding every night!
  7. I HAVE read all of the above and respect everyone's opinion even if, as in this case, I don't agree with them.
  8. BSI have spoken to BT and they should now be aware of the start start both in Togliatti and here ...

    Hallstavik 06/07

    BETTER than the first eight....

    Hallstavik 06/07

    DELIGHTED for Emil ... you couldn't meet a nicer person.

    Hallstavik 06/07

    IT'S got a lot better...

    Hallstavik 06/07

    WAS there last year and it didn't look like it would hold 10,000... far from it. If there are that many, most won't home until Monday. Just one narrow lane in and out of the stadium. Chaos.
  13. BSI contacting BT but they are in Sweden this weekend so expect answer early next week.

    One League - Matt Ford

    DURING the BT broadcast from Belle Vue on Monday, Steve Brandon pointed out that there are currently not enough riders to staff 18 seven-man teams... I think he said 27 riders are currently doubling up. So replacements would have to be found for those 27 at one of there current clubs.
  15. SGP date was established months ago. Would have thought that someone from Cardiff, either the city or the football club, would have informed the soccer authorities not to give Cardiff City a home game on September 21st. Utter stupidity.

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