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    Ian St John RIP

    HAPPY memories of Saint and Greavesie ... ahead of its time

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    NO different to other sports including golf and tennis. There is always something to learn.

    European Union - In Or Out?

    DON'T think the British government has actually claimed credit for the development and success of the AstraZeneca vaccine, although their financial support was vital, but more for their foresight in purchasing millions of doses even before it had been authorised for use which is what put the UK ahead of the game.

    European Union - In Or Out?

    DISINGENUOUS... of course the Government didn't invent it. But their financial backing of the scientists who so brilliantly came up with a vaccine was vital.

    May 17th

    NOT a half full guy then

    European Union - In Or Out?

    MORE embarrassment for Macron and Merkel ... from the Mail on Sunday Just one vaccine shot reduces the risk of being hospitalised by Covid-19 by more than 90 per cent, according to stunning new findings.Public health officials have told Ministers that the remarkable results apply for both the Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, with the British jab proving slightly more effective. It represents another huge boost to Britain’s world-beating vaccine rollout, which has now achieved nearly 20 million first injections. The hugely successful inoculation programme is threatened only by the small minority who are still refusing to have the jab.

    May 17th

    THREE months is a long time for that to improve ...

    May 17th

    CERTAINLY both fishy

    European Union - In Or Out?

    MAYBE because there is no actual proof that is the case. It may be your opinion and that of many others but there is no irrefutable evidence that the death toll would have been less had the British government acted differently. It is all conjecture and opinion.

    May 17th

    IF Salmon triumphs in the courts she will be gone ...

    European Union - In Or Out?

    CARE to elaborate without including any Covid related issues...

    European Union - In Or Out?

    BETTER late than never ... Emmanuel Macron said last night he would take the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine despite previously rubbishing the jab - although he would be waiting until next year at the current pace of a roll-out which has left France vulnerable to a third wave. Macron, 43, said that 'in view of the latest scientific studies, the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine has been proven', having caused uproar last month by wrongly describing the jab as 'quasi-ineffective' in older people.

    European Union - In Or Out?

    PLENTY of personal attacks on here and in the media across the world. Just look at the USA over the past four years. It is not just a British trait. No fan of Boris (although he is very good at winning elections) but you cannot lay the blame for 120,000 deaths at his door alone and I very much doubt that he has forgotten them. That in itself is insulting. The Covid debate elsewhere on here is one I avoid (don't feel qualified to comment) but know for a fact that many people who have Covid listed on their death certificates certainly did not die of it. Johnson or anyone in his position, and that includes Merkel and Macron, are damned in they do or damned if they don't. But I am certainly happy that I have had the first dose of the vaccine and not at least perturbed that it is the AstraZeneca version.

    European Union - In Or Out?

    WHY would you expect better? A fan of Macron? He is very anti-British.

    European Union - In Or Out?

    EUROPE'S scepticism about the AstraZeneca vaccine seems to have been borne out of jealousy with Midget (in mind as well as statue) Macron...

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