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  1. I have not posted on this forum for such a long time, but finding this thread has just brought me back. Surely the point of Doubling Up is to help develop riders so...... There need to be a 'qualifying' criteria for a rider to be able to double up - it really should not be a free for all. Double up yes, double down no. Why is it right for a rider at the upper tier of the sport, step down for a few easy paydays, what does this do for the future of the sport, and the riders who are looking to progress? If that upper tier rider thinks they should be in the championship, then move down completely. A double up space in a team should be shared by two (or more) lower league riders, The team should consider unavailability when selecting these riders so that the majority of meetings are covered by these riders and not be necessary to bring in additional cover every week. I would find it a joke, to be honest, to find a rider declared in a team and pretty much never see them in my team's race jacket. The Jack Holder situation at Peterborough could have been avoided had something like my third point been in place. Doubling up is a gamble because there will always be clashes, this is why sharing the team spot would be far more engaging for the fans as it would be their riders on track rather than whoever was available on the day. Thoughts?
  2. t1tmt

    Its Heartbreaking

    The feature is now on the South Wales Argus website if anyone is interested. http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/9874012.__250m_motorsport_venue_set_to_bring_9_000_jobs_to_Ebbw_Vale/?ref=mmpg
  3. t1tmt

    Its Heartbreaking

    Perhaps a sound plan could be proposed as part of the 250 million pound motorsports facility that is featured in todays South Wales Argus for Ebbw Vale (about 20 miles from Newport) The proposed development is believed to be 3.5mile circuit for MotoGP, Superbikes and Touring Cars, An International spec kart track, motorcross track and a technology park for r&d in automotive and motorsports.
  4. t1tmt

    2011 Rulebook

    Here it is..... 2011 Rulebook
  5. The traffic part of the refusal makes me wonder when you consider the accesibility of some other tracks including the former Trelawny track. the 5-10 minutes to get out to a trunk road was not the best of roads, but how many times did you get major congestion in and out, because I never got caught in it if there was. As mentioned NCDC's local plans seem to make North Cornwall look very difficult unless they can suggest somewhere that may be suitable?
  6. Surprised that no one has posted anything about this, so here are the winners..... Regards Tom
  7. t1tmt

    Cl Fours

    And if I remember correctly the original date planned for the fours was infact Saturday 16th August......
  8. Presumably that was the one trying to impersonate the tasmanian devil, when he started leaning over the counter having a go at a customer?
  9. Having noticed the numerous threads for various rider websites being launched I have started to set up a speedway resource directory. This can be found at http://www.speedwayrider.co.uk and allows registered users to submit links for their favourite sites and also with sections for Suppliers, Club Sites, Track Photographers there is a mine of useful information, I have gone through and put up about 150 links so far, but all contributions are greatfully received. Hopefully this might help Phil a bit with the bandwidth on here too.... Regards Tom.
  10. t1tmt

    5-1 Speedway Promoter

    Sounds good, would definately be interested in this one, Is the Conference League gonna be in there? Regards Tom....
  11. Live Updates here at plymouthdevils.co.uk and Chat Room Here....
  12. Spoke to darren about half an hour ago and he said everythings still good. My signature will have any changes to the status.....
  13. and for those that cant make it there will be live updates at plymouthdevils.co.uk
  14. t1tmt

    Trelawny Track Record

    The holder was Emiliano Sanchez, cant remember the time but will have a look for it.... EDIT 53.10 (20th August 02)
  15. Well, was basically 'cant see what it is aah its all right' and off rattling away it went......

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