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  1. It has gone a bit pear shaped for the Eagles.Never thought they would lose two Home meetings on the trot! Hope young Tom gets better as soon as possible.Not surprised crowd was down on recent meetings with the Grand Prix and FAC Final in competition.Really hope things pick up for Eastbourne and I hope to be down for the Sheffield meeting.
  2. blueherb777

    Mildenhall v Kent

    Agree....not looking good today
  3. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Things not going well for Kent. Gilkes out injured....Spooner out injured....Kemp missing meetings and guests not great!
  4. blueherb777

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    The reason for calling it off is laughable.
  5. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Well what a shock !!!!! A one man band....who has to control everything. Sad this is the case...probably why the Club has stood still since day one and still has track problems. IMHO
  6. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Do you tell Mr Silver the concerns about the track? As this sounds like an urgent matter.
  7. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Interesting post.I have always thought the track was a problem.....and asking youngsters to race on it is asking for problems.....AND DELAYS!!!!
  8. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Central Park has far too many meetings that are curtailed.This is one of the reasons I do not like NL....young riders making mistakes,maybe track not too good etc etc.It all adds up to delay after delay.And the fact that Kent increased admission prices for people just to stand around with nothing happening is just wrong.There was a lot of delays last season and this hardly encourages people to go.
  9. blueherb777

    Eastbourne v Leicester

    Thinking of popping down from Kent to see this. Looks an interesting fixture and hopefully some decent Speedway. Takes me back to the 1970`s and seeing some Sunday afternoon fixtures in the Heat and dust! Though no heat wave this Sunday!
  10. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    You obviously do not read previous posts ?
  11. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    I will not go into what happened the early days.The first Team Manager was John Sampford.But only one person picks the team as far as I am concerned.Funny you should mention not winning anything as this is the seventh season in the third tier of Speedway.....and so far the team has WON nothing!
  12. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    I will mention one Neil`Nikko`Day was early commercial manager.He wanted to take the Club forward with modern ideas but left when this was not possible.Lovely Guy who I spoke to many times as I sponsored a rider in that first season.
  13. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Again respect for what he has achieved in the sport,I just think you can go on too long running things and as far as I am concerned holding the Club back.I have said before there was good people at the Club early days but soon went.
  14. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Summed up nicely.
  15. blueherb777

    KENT 2019

    Agree and makes visits to Eastbourne more agreeable.

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