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  1. blueherb777

    Kent 2022

    I went yesterday.Good to see cars queuing to get when I arrived (crowd looked decent).Went far side thought I would be fine from getting filled in with shale....ok for a couple of heats...then the shale gates flew open!!!!!! Nice to see Leicester and Birmingham fans there (long journey?). Bowtell class as usual...good support from Ben and Alcock.Obvious weaknesses in team (but haven`t they all). Wonder why Kent never got Warren back? As Finn said you do really feel close to the action.
  2. blueherb777

    Plymouth v Kent 29.03.22

    Not really knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.....but I was not expecting that result though. What was encouraging for Kent was that all the riders chipped in with points. Look forward to a visit to Iwade.
  3. blueherb777

    Kent 2022

    Funny named two riders....and all quiet since? Maybe having trouble getting a team together!
  4. blueherb777

    Kent 2022

    Great to see Ben back in team. Out and out Nr 1 in the NDL.....and a lovely Guy.
  5. blueherb777

    Kent kings are no more ??

    Confirmed on Website no Championship speedway at CP. So no Speedway left in South East....and very little left elsewhere!!!!
  6. blueherb777

    Kent kings are no more ??

    Totally agree. After years of going to Arena Essex/Lakeside and then Kings.....this latest news has finished me with the sport. When I think of all the teams that have gone over a number of years....I see NO future in British League Speedway!!!!!
  7. blueherb777

    No change next year?

    Yes....looks like same old...same old...I despair!!!
  8. blueherb777

    Eastbourne 2020

    The bigger question is.....are we nearing the end of League Speedway in this Country. The amount of teams that have fallen by the wayside is frightening. And it sounds like there could be more.
  9. blueherb777

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Massive respect to Paul Hurry for doing the sensible thing ....which is right for him and the team. So two places to fill. Will young Mulford come in?....I would prefer him to carry on with the Royals and his grass track commitments...he can still stay at No 8. Wonder how many points the kings have to play with?
  10. blueherb777

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    Close with score! Sounds like some decent Speedway,but looks like Heeps coming back too soon. Wonder if new signing will make much difference to results?
  11. blueherb777

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    Weather and still weak Kent team keeping me away. Wonder when new signing is going to be announced ?? Hope Heeps has not come back too quick!....we know what Speedway riders are like.
  12. blueherb777

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    According to OS....Heeps may or may not be ready....and new signing may or may not be ready!!!! Late decision by sound of it?
  13. blueherb777

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    Poole will be firing on all cylinders after the Leicester win. Can only see a Poole win...something like 40-50? Pity Kent don`t have a new heat leader in place and will Heeps be back (too soon?).
  14. blueherb777

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Sounds like you know more about that side of it than me....but I would be surprised if its him!
  15. blueherb777

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Doubt it as its says they are sorting out a work permit etc....Troy already rides here!

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