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  1. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2020

    Rasmus Jensen will be our No 1.
  2. Phillips is just not upto it full stop he averaged less than a point last season and hasn’t improved in a weaker league. Pretty sure George knows it but daddy’s money buys him a place.
  3. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2019

    Danny Phillips averaging 4?? The lads true average was around 0.25 in his last 15 matches for scunthorpe and wasn’t much better in his previous ones. He scores around 1 point every 10 rides and shouldn’t be given another chance at this level. Oh hang on, it’s a far less level now isn’t it. Dressing up 5 point men as heat leaders (Mat Wethers will be our number 3) let that sink in when you all said last years team was rubbishe when he was a reserve. Daft thing is this team will be mid table which proves they are serving up a weaker and weaker product every year
  4. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2019

    This team is worse than last years (yes I appreciate the averages are lower) but no matter who the last two are it’s not a team I would pay to watch. Year after year they dumb the sport down and expect us to keep paying for it, then start crying about low crowds. Come the end of the season “big changes” are going to be made at the AGM and guess what, they reduce the averages again to cut costs and ultimately cut the entertainment. The fact that people are wanting Danny Philips in the team when the lad couldn’t score a point all season reaffirms my point “oh the league is weaker so he will be ok”. Who wants to pay to see him ride round for laps when he’s had enough chances. The Sport is dead!
  5. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2013

    Matty wethers, no thanks !
  6. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2013

    his performances away from home arent good enough to warrant a heat leader spot anymore, great servant to british speedway but its a sensible decision, you cant win anything with sentiment, younger blood needed
  7. Dinosaur

    Ss Special ... Your Views

    They need to stop reducing the averages each year, it hasnt been an "elite" league for 6 or 7 years now so that is against the trades discreptions act. They trot out the cut costs and reduce averages theory every year but its a false economy as the previous 6 pointers become 7 pointers the next year and demand the same pay. As for the Tac sub saving costs argument, surely a heat leader could be persuaded to go out for an extra ride at a slightly cheaper pay rate? build it into his contract, if he goes out for a ride on second string wages surely thats got to be better than nothing? we need to attract the top stars back to the elite league so that premier league heat leaders arent making up the numbers in the elite, then it filters down and we have a stronger premier league which in turn improves the product. They had the sport spot on in this respect around 2001/2 when the likes of stoney and wilson were top dogs in the premier and the racing was superb, since then it has been dumbed down so many times and you have basically duffers on 6/7 point averages who are incapable of passing as they havent got the skill.
  8. Dinosaur

    Ss Special ... Your Views

    quite simply they have ruined the sport for the Terrace fan, gone are the 4tt qualifiers which were the highlight of the season, gone are the tactics involved in the sport (fans used to love playing tactics with the programme and working out tac subs etc in the old rules). Silver helmet has gone, the league championships are a farce with playoffs, call me a traditionalist but i am one of those that hasnt been for 3 years now, wouldnt they like to see the likes of us traditionalists back?
  9. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2013

    can you not work out that its a spelling mistake, muppet
  10. Dinosaur

    Newcastle 2013

    Would be disappointed if the brought Mark Lemon back. Im afraid at his age now he is never going to get back to full heat leader status, his away form was very poor last season. Hopefully they wont get sucked into thinking his average is a bargain, his isnt a false average it is a true reflection of his ability now, sad but true.
  11. Dinosaur

    Tsumani On Tv !

    can the lad slide the bike yet?
  12. Couldnt agree more with the Dumbing down bit, they have done this for years and it reduces the quality of the racing, this years 6 point men would just become next years 8 point men and demand the higher money next year
  13. Dinosaur

    Saving Speedway

    1) The Promotors 2) The Promotors 3) The Promotors
  14. Dinosaur

    Bradford To Return ?

    what has any of this got to do with Bradford returning?
  15. The old rules brought tactics into play and gave the nerds on the terraces something to think about and act as team manager (who is now virtually redundant). It also meant there was a better entertainment value as the top riders were out on track more (who wants to see a 3 point tootler riding around at the back 4 times.)? It also gave the sport a hell of a lot more credibility.

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