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  1. ch958

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I've had it - time is the surest cure, everything else helps a bit but it'll go when its finished and not before edit - you describe heel pain - mine was the tendons between the heel and the ball.
  2. ch958

    Visa's and Immigration Rules

    swiftly followed by EU riders
  3. ch958

    Song Title Game

    Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf
  4. ch958

    A Orlov

    I would invite people to agree with you about the third part of the sentence - to me its utterly wrong and anyone who has watched 2nd level racing would agree, 3rd level you might get the odd wobbler. Besides, as i said - the world stars ain't coming back any time soon.
  5. ch958

    A Orlov

    not really, nothing against the top boys/ teams, it's just that it's gone and the alternative, so called lesser riders provide equal entertainment just a second or two slower. The worst kind of posters are the ones who catastrophise this situation.
  6. ch958


    i know it might sound daft but are these fences dismountable to loan to other tracks? Eg what happens to the Cardiff fence?
  7. ch958

    Song Title Game

    oh its just the song, not the artist, ok i'll try again
  8. ch958

    Song Title Game

    Tears are Not Enough - ABC
  9. ch958

    Redcar 2020

    in the spirit of the forum i must preface my comment with 'no disrespect' but this is the daftest comment.
  10. ch958

    Redcar 2020

  11. ch958

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I was at Somerset's second ever meeting. It was basic but the track was fab and I believe its now a bit better kitted out.
  12. ch958

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Start looking for somewhere else. Maybe somewhere a moto x already exists for planning purposes
  13. ch958

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I'm still waiting for someone to tell me the benefits of leaving, I have detected none so far. 'The founder of a Scottish dog food business has told how Brexit forced him to move to France after his exports to the EU were halted because of the new trade barriers in place since 1 January.' Guardian today for example
  14. ch958

    Football 2020/21

    Southgate can't change things mid game - he doesn't have the experience or, apparently, the know-how. For all the individual talent at his disposal last night was often disjointed and slowed to a snails pace 2nd half, where changes were needed. By the by Sam Matterface is the least knowledgeable commentator ever - Dixon despairs at times
  15. ch958

    Driving After Dark

    Don't feel bad gentlemen, I've seen 20 and 30 somethings with 20/20 vision driving like ars@holes
  16. ch958

    A Orlov

    close racing on a decent track is the product, doesn't make any difference if its 2/3 seconds slower
  17. ch958

    A Orlov

    as a lifetime watcher of 2nd tier speedway I've never lacked for entertainment
  18. ch958

    A Orlov

    I tend to avoid politics on here as a remainer and mild left winger but there are some good posters - Deano being one as he has the authority and knowledge of being there and doing it. The language and quality of argument can be very poor; we wouldn't do it if we were sat round having a pint. Generally speaking the worst thing about some posters is the unwillingness to accept thats its not 1973 and that the big names won't be back for the foreseeable
  19. there certainly seems to be a shortage of optimists. Me, I think we're in for a good season and I'm pleased so many young Brits are getting a go.
  20. ch958

    Redcar 2020

    i'd have kus in this league, if he wants it
  21. ch958

    Redcar 2020

    although pleased that our promotion have morals can anyone list for me GB or EU, or anywhere who would fit what we have left?
  22. ch958

    Swindon Stadium

    what can they, or anyone, do?
  23. ch958


    just use the stand - loads of tracks have only one side for spectators these days
  24. ch958

    workington ..

    its fantastic news but i worry about the neighbours and their itchy fingers - prob best build a moat and some gun turrets

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