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  1. ch958

    Celebrity fans

    well, duh!!
  2. ch958

    Celebrity fans

    i csn only see something about his brother - no big deal
  3. ch958

    Celebrity fans

    Rev Richard Coles??? please explain
  4. ch958

    Celebrity fans

    you'd think talk show hosts would love speedway, what with all the guests
  5. ch958

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    i for one would not object to a newspaper type publication rather than magazine to make it cheaper. Imagine I'm in the minority
  6. ch958

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    it may be 435th on the list for the media but its top of mine - once a guest is involved i lose interest in the fixture. As a compromise i wouldn't mind D2 riders guesting for D1 and D3 for D2 with strict limitations. As a matter of interest what do you believe IS keeping people away. I think myself its a long list and guests/DU are just one. As an aside, when i started watching speedway if riders couldn't earn a living from racing they worked as well.
  7. ch958

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    i accept your view mate, its just not for me. I suppose one positive would be credibility. Feel the same about guests and i accept the alternative views on that but again not for me. I would quite literally prefer teams getting mullered than using guests, which they often do anyway as guests regularly fail to perform. Just my view.
  8. ch958

    St Austell

    nothing to do with the eden project
  9. ch958

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    6 an 7 in Div 2 should be du Div 3 riders - giving them a chance to progress DU/DD from Div1 to Div 2 should stop the latter is just too much for those outside the speedway bubble of delusion
  10. ch958

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    Early next year we will no longer be part of the EU. Does this mean that Polish, Swedish, Danish, German, etc riders will need to finish in their national championships top 4 to qualify for permission to work here. Will the authorities refuse all other permits until all British riders are employed? What effect would that have on the leagues and team strengths? Apologies if this is answered elsewhere.
  11. ch958

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    agree with everything you say and would add the stranglehold Poland has on our talent. Terrible example of the lengths they'll go to last night.Missing UK meetings for practice sessions, etc. Riding in both countries is becoming impossible
  12. not to mention the dozens of team changes during the season. No loyalty either way so its no surprise fans don't 'feel' the team or have loyalty to the track. Just because a rider slightly under performs doesn't mean he wasn't someone's favourite
  13. ch958

    Sheffield 2019

    yes but everyone else will be similarly weakened. They could win the league with that team.
  14. ch958

    Newcastle 2018

    think people need to calm down, wasn't there but sounds like he lost control, even Bears fans agree it was his fault. Can't influence the ref though, if it was a poor decision, and it sounds like it was, its not Ben's fault he wasn't excluded it was the refs. Lets not stoke bad feeling and fuel the few idiots we both have.
  15. ch958

    Somerset Speedway.....

    the plan to launch a Yorkshire Dukes. Gone a bit quiet though after a big announcement.
  16. ch958

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    think it was claimed that the trophy (a silver helmet) was the oldest. Since stolen unfortunately.
  17. ch958

    Meaningful Second Halves anyone?

    actually i don't know why i posted this - i hated 2nd halves haha and the crowd started to drift out. Prefer 14/15 heats plus 3 junior races
  18. ch958

    Meaningful Second Halves anyone?

    could be used as qualifying points for a big meeting in September
  19. ch958

    Plan to save the Sport

    with blindfolded riders getting radio instructions from the pits
  20. ch958


    in my view there will have to be a top division, just because some people won't give it up - well, good luck to them. As a lifelong Div 2 supporter I'd be looking for a massive weakening of that division with the resultant addition of several NL teams and hopefully thats enough to survive, which is the no1 priority atm. Its all well and good discussing how to get the fans back and having expectations but for the time being survival is the aim. The diamonds and Redcar get approximately the same crowds as Gateshead FC, roughly speaking, and they aren't even professional any more, they certainly don't fly players in from the continent.
  21. ch958


    i think the decisions made in the near future may be catastrophic to some clubs so it may be that keeping things quiet is understandable atm.
  22. yeah but he'll be so baked that he'll think there is
  23. ch958

    Kent vs Plymouth

    what a daft comment
  24. ch958

    Redcar 2018

    Lunna in for Busch. You can't complain that they haven't tried to improve things - esp when they're not making money.
  25. tracks not usually available outside of race night but if it is well good

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