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  1. That's a real shame for the bees fans.
  2. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    So why haven't you been banned for being abusive and personal about other posters you don't agree with and you just love calling people a troll ? How many threads have you disrupted with your argumentative manner .
  3. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    Warning issued by Phil for Attacks on Other Contributor Content moderated for 30 days Ability to create content removed for 14 days. Suspended for 14 days Troll I called someone a troll and You were saying stevebrum ? Like I said its one rule for those in the admin circle like you and a different rule for others which is clear on here. Your argumentative way and name calling is a strong reason why posters have left, you always want the last word.
  4. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    Many posters have been banned for calling someone a troll, certain posters get away with it was my point not the definition of the word.
  5. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    Calling someone a troll is a banning offence for most forum members unless your in the untouchable group which is another reason why many fans have left the forum as its not always a fair debate with one rule for one and another for others.
  6. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    The poster who just keeps giving stevebrum wolves leg end
  7. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    Your the one embarrassing yourself, I have seen you and it's clear your very amateur.
  8. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    pretend is what you do at stoke every week, face facts you talk the talk but didn't have the bottle to race.
  9. You make a comment about a match you wouldn't go too ? Strange your interest in it? Yes I was there, Doubtful I will go again, in my years of racing speedway and grass track I Never encountered a sun break, riders had dark lenses and got on with it. Big crowd yesterday with a big amount who won't return.
  10. robert72

    Wolves 2017

    You could get stevebrum in on a 0.00 average, he looks the part even though the fastest his bike had ever gone was on the stand lol 😂 sign him up he will be a wolves leg end
  11. NM has probally been offered a good pay day whatever he scores tonight so it seems it might be money over loyalty.
  12. Not a name I remember and wondered if the rider was one of the girls at rye house and arena essex but clearly not. I remember racing against him while he was at reading but not sure who else he rode for but he was a good rider. That's Not good for belle vue as he has been good at Leicester and great to watch.
  13. . Your right in saying that I Never heard of Kerry Gray, is that a female rider ? As for Mark and David then I have raced against both and the latter I remember a cracking race against him when he was riding for reading,he was a good rider and Mark was world class on and off track. Why didn't your uncle sponsor just English riders as there were many at that time in need of financial help. Any team news from Leicester or Belle Vue ?
  14. How many British second tier riders have been given a testimonial ? I do agree with starman, riders who get badly injured in the UK should get a regular benefit meeting.

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