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  1. Tuff meeting for the Pirates I think,
  2. Ghosty

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Nice to be smug with my perdition of the result, 48 to 42 not that far away! Biggest factor in last nights result for me was Richard Lawson getting stuck-in & passing the pirates, I've not seen the son of god ride like that before @ the Oaktree...
  3. Ghosty

    Somerset 2018

    Redcar are in need or a few riders!
  4. Ghosty

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Tightest man in Speedway is Kelvin (how did he do that) Tatum!
  5. Ghosty

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    ALWAYS good racing @ the Oak Tree, I would expect the score to be 50ish to 40ish in Somersets favour with Jason Doyle putting on a Stirling performance in front of Mark Webber!
  6. Ghosty

    Somerset 2018

    Interesting action by Gary May - sack your most popular & exciting rider! this is a move obviously to "attempt to" improve results on track, BUT could have serious implications on attendance figures. Promoters have to learn fans do not like unnecessary chopping of teams from season to season & certainly not during the season. Loyalty & commitment must be rediscovered in Speedway. The only problem I've seen with the Rebels this year is that Jason Doyle is not performing as we all know can...
  7. CONFIRMED CORRECT. What is happening to this once great sport we all once loved?
  8. Ghosty

    Vic harding

    I can say with great pride that I once (only once) rode with Vic, RIP.
  9. Can anyone confirm this: 2nd. & 3rd. highest scores have a run-off for a place in the final. The winning pair of the final (or 2nd & 3rd. placed if it's 3 - 3) are crowned champions. Therefore you could have the 3rd. highest scores in the heats & become World Champions.
  10. Lambert was not left out - Cook was programmed to ride. Thereafter Lambert was given Cook's rides, so it was Cook that was left out! Rosco's job is not easy, Cook WHEN trapping is as good as it gets, team G.B. have got their under 21 reserve in great form which must be the envy of all the other nations. Any knowledgeable speedway follower would not have given G.B. any chance of success before this event so lets not all get carried away just enjoy it.
  11. Phil Morris is a neutral , as we all know Phil is Welsh. The under 21 reserve rule & Robert Lamberts current form has panned out brilliantly for team G.B. Question can the Poles change their team for tonight? as they have plenty to choose from. On a slightly different note why are Poland allowed to stage 3? G.P.s this surely gives the Polish riders a huge advantage.
  12. Ghosty

    Poole 2018

    That's for Matt to dump the Speedway rule books!
  13. I think you will find that in all International/ FIM event each countries national flag must be on the front of each race jacket, so they are abiding by the rules - but taking the Hiss.
  14. Ghosty


    Dave Tatum try's hard to run Stoke, But I think it's on a limited budget! He needs to sell-up or give-up & someone else with fresh ideas & more financial clout to come in & rejuvenate Stoke Speedway PLEASE..............
  15. Nice to glote! Somerset are a team of racers the stars were up against 6 of them tonight, with all 7 & Doyley on full song beware.............
  16. Ghosty

    Poole 2018

    James Shaines has undoubted potential, he has speed, but lacks trapping skills & a few other minor points. If he was coached by the right experienced ex rider - all you James Shaines knockers could be made to eat your words.
  17. For U.K. Speedway to survive & even prosper it has have CREDIBILITY riders missing meetings with very flimsy excuses should no longer be tolerated. Fine the rider & the team "say" £250 each, if it happens again DOUBLE the fine. I also find it unbelievable that the BSPA own website portray the use of guest as a news item! can this please be stopped ASAP. I have said this before, if say 3 riders of the same team are known not to be available meetings should be rearranged.
  18. I expect the Rebels to do well, if Jason Doyle is "on it" then the Rebels should come away with a win! What sort of track is Buster presenting the riders with this year?
  19. Has there been any reports reference track work/ new shale/ new clay! Current speedway bikes & riders only seem to be able to handle/ride a slick track, might be better to lay concrete?
  20. Ghosty

    Mildenhall 2018

    It's not like James Easter to handle a delicate situation with a "brick" is it?
  21. Ghosty

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    1. These were not covered in sponsors. 2. Distinctive Yellow & Black. 3. Riders still wore Race Jackets over the team suits may-be the best of both worlds?
  22. Ghosty

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    Total embarrassment for those of us that care about U.K. Speedway - the in-form rider of the moment Robert Lambert misses this meant to be prestigious event. Is there no one in U.K. speedway capable of fixture planning?
  23. Ghosty

    Poole 2018

    Total embarrassment for those of us that care about U.K. Speedway - the in-form rider of the moment Robert Lambert misses this meant to be prestigious event. Is there no one in U.K. speedway capable of fixture planning?
  24. Ghosty

    Somerset 2018

    I think the crowds (so far) are better than last season, if it's enough to pay the extras of employing the current world champion I don't know? one thing for sure the M5 traffic is so much better on a Wednesday. Unlike most other tracks all revenue goes to one source - the Hancocks, who work very hard to make the Oaktree a success. I would like to see some form of grandstand built, this I think it would generate noise & atmosphere which is missing with the crowd spread out in the large arena with a typically average crowd. Another secondary benefit of a grandstand would be spectator protection from the coastal winds! It may be a planning issue that that a grandstand cannot be built (along with the restriction of the floodlight height) does anyone know?
  25. Missing riders have made UK Speedway a joke in recent years.... Injured riders are one thing - however when 3 of your team are known to be unavailable due to other commitments this fixture should have been rearranged. THe BSPA Chairman should be leading by example! The sport has to regain CREDIBILITY to survive. I would like to see any team with missing riders (other than injury) pay £100 (per rider) to the BEN fund. This might help as a deterrent.

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