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  1. We now know why Harris keeped quiet when sacked by panthers, keep it zipped & you can go to Foxhall OR NO premier slot for 2019! Looks like Tungate flatly refused to return to Ippo, rider control 1960s style has returned to Speedway GB via Buster "C". That's "C" for control?
  2. Ghosty


    Hope Speedway G.B. have a new person & new system to compile the fixtures, in the last few seasons that have been shambolic!
  3. Anyone looking for a brand new Panthers Race Suit in Chris Harris' size............. This could only happen in G.B. Speedway, still looking for that LOYALTY & CREDIBILITY!
  4. I wish every "Promoter" out there would read this because what you say is so true! I keep saying it this but this this sport must regain it's LOYALTY & CREDIBILITY . Promoters have thrown everything @ making the play-offs & therefore taken their eye off the main event. The play-offs (play-off for what?) should be scrapped now. "GO AMATEUR" I think a lot of our promoters are doing a good job already!
  5. Ghosty

    Weymouth 2005-2008 DVDs

    The gentleman involved with D.L. I saw standing on the first bend of the "st. boniface arena" last season, good man & one-time cameraman for ReRun @ Exeter..........
  6. Ghosty

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Would BWD an option?
  7. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    Bradley Wilson Dean With the sad demise of Workington where will BWD now ride in the Championship? Most Rebels supporters would welcome him back @ the Oaktree.......... over to you Gary May.
  8. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    Very funny post! but seriously is it sad (even alarming) when posters on this forum look to have far more idea how to run U.K. speedway than the B.S.P.A.? May-be they (BSPA) could get Mike Atkins to give them a few pointers he's a man that knows everything....(joke) Any news on the Rebels front.
  9. Ghosty

    Rye House 2018

    Probably be on Evilbay next week!
  10. Ghosty

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    Rather than a track closing surely an open licence is the next best option? the BSPA should 100% encourage any track to operate from training tracks upwards!
  11. Ghosty

    Poole 2019

    If you are on a limited budget or just choose to do one meeting a week then why would you not go to watch your favourite rider/s? There are a lot of fans that are neutral a any team & just want to be entertained by seeing good racing.
  12. Ghosty

    Poole 2019

    Why? you ask.... If I lived "equal distance" between the Oaktree Arena & Wimbourne Road & Jake Allen signed for Poole I might choose Poole is my weekly Speedway fix instead of the OTA. Today's promoters have yet to realise when tracks abandon the majority of the previous years team the home fans have lost their "favourite" rider & sponsor's their "favourite" rider.......... could why the fans gone missing!
  13. Ghosty

    Poole 2019

    It would have not been good business for Somerset for Jake to ride for the Pirates! Jake is very popular with the Rebels supporters and is far better rider than some on here give him credit for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ghosty

    Eastbourne 2019

    Question: If there are any debts remaining from Lakeside 2018 will Jon Cook be able to take up the role of co-promoter of the Eastbourne Eagles in 2019?
  15. Ghosty

    Newport Speedway (Wales)

    I can confirm 100% that Neil along with Tim did design the track. But please beware the new book "Streets Ahead" contains several errors, should have been copy read by one of his family or possibly Tony Lethbridge.
  16. Ghosty

    Newport Speedway (Wales)

    There are only a few of us that knew the real Tim & you have summed him up very well. Everyone of us is different, I would say the only person Tim never had a flair-up with was Neil Street. But Tim did fell the pressure on race-days & he would let rip, it was soon forgotten by most of us. Man management was not one of Tim's forte'. R.I.P. Tim.
  17. Ghosty

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    As a point of interest! If the Buxton promotion were gifted £10,000 would they consider running in 2010? If so are there 100 like minded supporters out there who would each donate £100 to help Buxton run because like me you see what true ground roots people the club are.
  18. Ghosty

    Newport Speedway (Wales)

    If Tim Stone had not tragically died, Then I think Newport Speedway would still be operating. At the time if his death Tim had in place several projects to generate extra income for the stadium other than through speedway alone. What then happened with the Mallets, well that would be a good Speedway Star winter tale!
  19. Ghosty

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Tai possibly is to good to do this sort of thing - but Tai was brought up by to very level headed parents & no doubt he's given something back to the people that helped him get to where he is today! I think you may only see the on-track "focus to win" side of Tia?
  20. Ghosty

    Belle Vue 2019

    " loyalty is worth more than squeezing the best average advantage" This is a huge problem within U.K. Speedway that the promoters just don't see! ALL their resources are channeled into making the play offs, they have to look @ the bigger picture...............
  21. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    "The thing with the Oak Tree Arena is with the right riders you get brilliant speedway, does the current 2019 lineup contain those "wright" riders?" Take out Covatti & may-be one ride a meeting from Bomber I think 2019 may be like most other tracks @ the OTA (uninspiring).
  22. Ghosty

    Somerset 2019

    I am surprised that I haven't had much response to my previous post, please what do others think? It does seem the vast majority of Somerset faithful where looking forward to seeing the "promised" Charles Wright teamed with Jake Allen & Bradley Wilson Dean wearing the Rebels colours in 2019 even with the announcement that we were in the Championship, none are on the way... It now look's like the only OAPs concessions on offer for 2019 are the signing of 2 OAPs (in speedway terms) of Bomber & Roo Boy! The thing with the Oak Tree Arena is with the right riders you get brilliant speedway, does the current 2019 lineup contain those "wright" riders?
  23. Ghosty

    Stoke 2019

    I am encouraged with what you say, I also know Dave Tattum puts in 100% effort - but it does appear Stoke speedway could do with some money invested in the stadium by the stadium owners & the track & track equipment by ?????????? all lacking for years. I would love to see Conner Coles banging in the points on a great track & in front of good crowds in 2019!
  24. Ghosty

    Stoke 2019

    Look's like the potters have a competitive team being assembled for the new season, that's good news. Any positive news on producing a decent track for the 2019 team & their opposition to race on!

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