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  1. Blackadder

    Sheffield 2019

    Simon Stead stands down as Team Manager at Leicester to concentrate on Sheffield and his family's business.
  2. Blackadder

    Jim Lawrence appointed chairman of the SCB

    Good to see Jim getting involved again. One of the best referees of recent times. I hope he makes a difference.
  3. He was 4.77 for September and is 5.04 for October.
  4. Blackadder

    Wolves 2019

    I believe Paul Bates is the actual owner of both Sheffield and Leicester, but he isn't listed as a Promoter.
  5. Blackadder

    Sheffield 2019

    Todd Kurtz is also saying that he would like to be back at Sheffield next season.
  6. Blackadder

    Celebrity fans

    Your comments on the other names please, and why some are shunned and some are not.
  7. Blackadder

    Celebrity fans

    Google will explain.
  8. Blackadder

    Celebrity fans

    I remember that. It's long puzzled me that the likes of Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson and Michael Barrymore gave their time generously, but have been shunned by the entertainment industry, but others with chequered pasts such as Russell Brand, Katie Price, Jonathan Ross, Rev. Richard Coles and Michael Jackson have not.
  9. Blackadder

    Celebrity fans

    Freddie Starr used to pop in to Owlerton when he had a week's booking at the Sheffield Fiesta night club. He always did 10 minutes or so larking about on the centre green to entertain the crowd. He was on the front page of the SS once, along with Reg Wilson and Terry Betts. Three look-a-likes. Happy days.
  10. Good luck for the future Stuart. A good, reliable, entertaining rider, a nice chap and a role model for any youngster.
  11. Blackadder

    Sheffield 2019

    In this week's SS, Connor Mountain is saying that he hopes Sheffield will sign him for next season.
  12. Regarding the Danny Phillips fiasco, we have a member of the BSPA MC not knowing or ignoring the rule book. Shocking.
  13. Perhaps it was arranged at a time when Sheffield thought they would be having a meeting tonight.
  14. Redcar: Thomas Jorgensen, Nike Lunna, Dimitri Berge, Jonas B Andersen, Ben Barker, Coty Garcia (G), Jordan Stewart. Sheffield: Charles Wright, James Shanes, Kasper Andersen, Todd Kurtz, Kyle Howarth R/R, Connor Mountain, Broc Nicol.

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