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  1. SHEFFIELD: Jason Garrity (G), Todd Kurtz, Kasper Andersen, Broc Nicol, Kyle Howarth, Connor Mountain, James Shanes.NEWCASTLE: Stuart Robson, Tero Aarnio, Matej Kus, Ashley Morris, Ludvig Lindgren R/R, Carl Wilkinson, Matthew Wethers.
  2. Blackadder

    Sheffield 2018

    From the rule book, re Charles Wright:- A facility is available for a rider who is sick or carrying a non-speedway injury for which a Medical Certificate must be supplied to the SCB within 48 hours of the sickness / injury occurring in which case the Rider will receive a mandatory 7 days suspension of his SCB Registration from the day of the meeting.
  3. Blackadder

    Sheffield 2018

    I would think that Charles now has a 7 day suspension.
  4. Very unfair criticism of Julie Reading. She doesn't control the purse strings or sign or release riders. Joe Lawlor was signed some time ago, but that doesn't mean he is ready for the CL now.
  5. A point is better than expected. Well done for putting the effort in during the second half of the meeting.
  6. On the SGB web site, Sheffield are shown as unchanged for Redcar tonight, with Mark Riss, Ty Proctor and Coty Garcia guesting for the 3 Danes for Redcar.
  7. SHEFFIELD: Charles Wright, Todd Kurtz, Lasse Bjerre, Broc Nicol, Kyle Howarth, James Shanes, Joe Lawlor.REDCAR: Ben Barker, Nike Lunna, Dimitri Berge, Jonas B Andersen, Thomas Jorgensen, Mikkel B Andersen, Jordan Stewart.
  8. Blackadder

    Bob Dugard RIP

    RIP Bob Dugard and Barry Chuckle.
  9. SHEFFIELD: Charles Wright, Todd Kurtz, Lasse Bjerre, Broc Nicol, Kyle Howarth, James Shanes, Joe Lawlor. SCUNTHORPE: Steve Worrall, Stefan Nielsen R/R, Jason Garrity, Jake Allen, Josh Auty, Danny Phillips, Gino Manzares. Former riders set to be present for the 2,000th meeting include Sean Wilson, Sam Ermolenko, Les and Neil Collins, Doug Wyer, Scott Smith, Robbie Kessler and many more.
  10. Blackadder

    Sheffield 2018

    It's on Twitter:- TEAM NEWS | Georgie Wood has left the club and we thank him for his efforts last season and this. We are handing an opportunity to club asset Joe Lawlor at reserve. More details to follow.
  11. SHEFFIELD: Kyle Howarth, Todd Kurtz, Lasse Bjerre, Broc Nicol, Charles Wright, Georgie Wood, James Shanes.LAKESIDE: Nick Morris, Zach Wajtknecht, Adam Ellis, Kyle Newman, Richard Lawson, Ben Morley, Alfie Bowtell.
  12. Blackadder

    TOPGUN at Sheffield 19/7/18

    The topic for this is in Testimonials/Individual/Shared Events.
  13. LINE-UP: Simon Lambert, Jamie Halder, Danny Phillips, Georgie Wood, James Shanes, Danny Ayres, Tom Woolley, Cooper Riordan, Josh Coyne, Max Ruml, Gino Manzares, Josh McDonald, Kye Thomsen, Kyle Bickley, Joe Lawlor, Zaine Kennedy.

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