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  1. Icescot

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Pawlicki £100 more Lebedevs £100 more Hampel £100 more Thanks again
  2. Janowski 100 more Hancock. 50 more Lindgren. 50 more thanks again
  3. Janowski. 70 more tai. 100 more zagar 30 more Thanks
  4. Icescot

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Emil 100 less madsen 100 more hampel 200 more lambert 100 more thanks again
  5. Lindgren. 50 more laguta 50 more janowski 50 more hancock 50 more thanks again r&r
  6. Sorted with apologies.
  7. MJJ. 100 more Holder 50 more Magic 50 more Thanks
  8. Icescot

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Hampel 60 more Lebedevs 40 more Thanks for doing this .
  9. 30 more hancock 20 less Pedersen 50 more dudek 100 more N k Iversen thanks
  10. Thanks for running again lindgren 50 more janowski. 50 more sayfutdinov 50 less pedersen 50 less
  11. Icescot

    Bash The Bookie Sec Finals Competition 2017

    Lebedevs. 60 more Bjerre. 100 more Thanks for reminder
  12. Icescot

    Swc Game 2017

    Many thanks Robbie B for running this and am pleased to finish on the podium in a very close contest. If only I had picked Stevie Worrall !!! Good to know your going with same format next year. Cheers
  13. Icescot

    Swc Game 2017

    Final Poland. Dudek. + Janowski GB. Cook. + Harris Sweden. Lindgren. + Lindback Russia. Sayfutdinov. + Chugunov Thanks again
  14. Icescot

    Swc Game 2017

    If Laguta out its Tarasenko for me too please.
  15. Icescot

    Swc Game 2017

    Personally I like the present option of 2 riders per team but not keen on any form of doubling up jokers. I would propose adding a ninth rider from any team or ninth and tenth but not from same team.

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