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  1. Was ill for the meeting against Ipswich.....
  2. Really? What’s been so awful about the season so far??
  3. MET office has it dry all day so hopefully they’ve got it right.
  4. Forecast says dry all day tmrw?
  5. Sully

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Engines rev so hard nowadays that they need time to cool down. Same with the clutches.
  6. Was looking for riders names.........
  7. Sorry what changes can we see but management can’t. Which riders are available to bring in?
  8. The track hasn’t been wrecked. The racing has still been of a decent quality and given time with the extra shale / work they are doing I’m sure it will be better than ever. I appreciate the team isnt the one we thought we had but we have a team to support at one of the best tracks in the country. All meetings so far have been entertaining with last heat deciders with crowds that appear better than last year on a race night that a lot of people thought would be terrible for the attendances. Overall Presentation has improved from running the meetings through quickly to the race suits / bike covers, Social media is far more active and we may be under strength but it is a team full of races who will entertain throughout the year. It’s not all doom and gloom ffs.
  9. Look at the scorers. Cooks replacement isn’t the biggest issue. Built with strength in depth yet Barker is underperforming. Lasse has a poor one last night as well for various reasons which didn’t help.
  10. From Rohan Tungate “Expensive night with @peterboroughpanthers. Engine blown to bits. does not help when a race is restarted 4 times and someone puts the 2mins on immediately every time. fortunately the night ended well
  11. How would making the track at Peterborough wider improve the racing? It’s plenty wide enough with multiple racing lines. Track prep is the key at the showground, not adding an extra metre or so....
  12. Nonsense. Really doesn’t need to be any wider and you’ll see some of the best racing there week in week out.
  13. Not sure I agree that it’s gate and go. It does seem more difficult to get an outside pass done but heat 8 against wolves was one of the finest I’ve seen at the showground with passing inside and out , and there has been plenty of overtaking in the 3 meetings so far. It may be riding slightly differently so the big blast round the fence isnt as effective at the minute but the riders may just be having to think out their overtakes a bit more. Certainly Tungate hasn’t had a problem overtaking which is a good thing considering how poor his gating has been.
  14. Thing is, all three meetings have been very entertaining so depends what you want for you money. Also, don’t get the logic as people not bothering to go is the quickest way to get the club to fold so who wins then?

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