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  1. Did Lakeside request the NLRC be moved forward from the original start time?
  2. Not sure Peterborough get to approve the opposition team. If it’s within the rules then they have no say whatsoever. Whether it’s in the spirit of the sport etc is another matter.
  3. They’ve already apologised.....how many tines / ways do you want them to do it?
  4. Why should they concede when the result wasn’t decided. Not the sort of attitude I’d want from a team I support. Good job they didn’t concede with 3 races to go in 2006 when faced with the impossible eh...
  5. I would assume the simple answer is yes. I doubt the management team would go out of their way to pick riders who they don’t think are the best available replacements.....
  6. Massive loss for the club. He’s been riding well above his average and you’d have to go a long way to find a rider who puts in more effort than BWD.
  7. Just seems a bit odd when interviewed last night he was saying that he wants to win some trophies this year for the supporters?
  8. Apart from well he pulled out of a guest booking for us claiming to be sick and was then seen practicing elsewhere screwing us over.
  9. How is it a fact? Did he let us down when we won the fours this year? Did he let us down when we won the fours last year? He’s ridden well for us this year despite having some nasty accidents. He’s not a number 1 anymore but does a good job generally Home and away as a third heat leader and is 100% commited to the club. I agree he clearly isn’t fit yet but needs the rides to get fit rather than sitting on his backside at home.
  10. Ridiculous comment. Ully has been a fantastic servant to the club. He just needs some Time to recover from the injury he’s had.
  11. BRITISH Speedway bosses have moved to clarify the decisions over two well documented issues. Firstly, at a meeting of the British Speedway Promoters’ Association General Council, a review took place of the decision to prevent Premiership riders with an average of six or above also riding in the Championship. This rule was introduced for those riders who didn’t double-up last season and was seen as the first step towards reducing doubling-up in the sport. Unfortunately, and regrettably, Scott Nicholls and Edward Kennett – two fine servants of British Speedway – were caught up in this. General Council members have now voted to keep the regulation in place in order to gain more control of the doubling-up situation and begin steps to reduce the prospect of Premiership and Championship clubs looking too similar. Secondly, the application by Edinburgh to use American rider Luke Becker has been rejected. This is based on criteria set down by UKVI and not the British Speedway Promoters’ Association and, as such, the management committee had little choice but to follow the correct procedure. This also applies to Australian Ryan Douglas who is keen to race in the UK and clubs have registered their interest in signing him – but, like Becker, he doesn’t qualify for a visa. These procedures were clarified and implemented forcibly in recent years when British Speedway ran a serious risk of losing the use of all visa riders. We hope this statement goes some way to explaining the reasoning behind decisions taken by the Association as we continue to strive for transparency with our public, riders and sponsors.
  12. Peterborough Telegraph website.
  13. Looking like Nicholls and bacon then...

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