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  1. must be Buster throwing his weight around. Not happy that Peterborough have put such a good team together so decides Harris has to go....if buster tries to sign him for lynn I hope Harris tells him where to stick it the offer.
  2. Toft, BWD and Bacon / lambert?
  3. That’s the beauty of sport. We can all have opinions but nothing is ever guaranteed.
  4. Maybe but no one is going to be getting that trio so a bit pointless arguing it really? My point is which other team has a better top 3 with plenty of scope for a solid bottom end. You could also argue Harris and Hans May enjoy things a little more at a decent race track like Peterborough so may well add to their averages.
  5. The majority of those have averages lower than Peterborough’s top 3 so not sure you’ve made your point there? Have a look at Bjerre in the playoffs for Peterborough. One good performance for BV in a playoff doesn’t prove your point. Ask panthers fans how many of them were left disappointed with his efforts in the play offs.
  6. Name all the other heat leaders that are better than Peterborough’s? They may not be a Number 1 when compared to Doyle but there aren’t many of those heat leaders left in this country. Weve seen enough of Bjerre to know he goes missing at the business end of the season.
  7. Twitter page says Thursdays.
  8. Nothing is won on paper but an encouraging start and a team full of entertainment so far
  9. Which two riders do you mean?
  10. Youve got a rider who will always turn up and give 100%, is entertaining to watch and takes time to speak with the fans. Good signing for you. Ignore all the crap that’s posted on here about him.
  11. Sully

    Ipswich 2019

    And lose a fortune in the process....
  12. As far as the team goes though, a line up including Hans, J Holder, BWD and buzz would do me nicely.

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