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  1. To be honest I would rather go and watch Grass Track now.
  2. Oafski

    TV new deal?

    Eurosport did a good job with the British Superbike championship and a couple of rounds were shown live on Quest, sometimes in tandem with Eurosport.
  3. Oafski


    Green- Just been serviced, Black- Needs an Oil Change, Red- About to blow up.
  4. Oafski

    Lakeside and the BSPA

    But if the former Rye House Promotion own the track then it's unlikely that the BSPA would want to see them getting any return on their investment by renting the track to someone else.
  5. Not sure if anyone has asked this already but if Adam Ellis rides in both legs of the final for opposing teams will he get both a Winner's and a Runners Up medal?
  6. Oafski


    Well as far as I'm concerned anyone who can watch it is lucky. since the Retune back in March I have lost Channel 95 and cannot get it back as the Communal Ariel on our flats is not up to the job.
  7. Oafski

    SpeedwayGB Website?

    But no "Weekly Round Up" this week.
  8. 60-30 on Wednesday, win on aggregate, Sorted.
  9. Oafski

    Rye House 2018

    Will Definitely give the MX a go, the last time I went to a live event it was called Scrambling, rediscovered live Grass Track last year after a 50 year gap and will be going again this year. Biggest problem I have in following all the disciplines of Motorsport that I enjoy apart from cost is my ability to drive/ride long distances, spectate at an event and drive/ride home again afterwards, on the same day.
  10. Oafski

    Rye House 2018

    Now I have the answer to the the question "Why a KTM Dealereship" , because not only can we sell you an off road bike but provide somewhere you can ride it as well. Truly inspired thinking especially as the weather would need to be really dire to cause cancellation of a meeting and I would imagine Stadium Moto X is likely to stimulate more spectator interest than Speedway. Back in the mid to late 60s we used to go to Rye House and watch Go Kart Racing which used to finish before the Speedway started at 4pm on Sundays so got to watch both 2 and 4 wheel sport in one day and I would imagine that the management are not blind to the potential crossover today either. Regarding the Speedway, if I find my viewing experience is not to my liking I will go to Peterborough instead, despite the distance as having visited a few times as an away supporter of Rye House I found I preferred it as a venue.
  11. Oafski

    Rye House 2018

    It takes as long as it takes to type "Work on the Track and Stadium Improvements has been severely hampered by the adverse weather conditions experienced this year but we are confident everything will be sorted for our Season Opening Meeting".
  12. This is being shown live on Quest Freeview Channel 37 on Saturday 14th Oct from 1530 to 1800 and on Sunday 15th Oct from 1230 to 1800.
  13. Oafski

    Rossi Breaks A Leg

    I would really like to see Dovi do the business and lift the title this year.
  14. Oafski

    Kings Lynn V Poole 31/8/17

    Has history ever recorded a Speedway Meeting starting in August and finishing in September. Could be a 1st .

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