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  1. Gazza66

    Rye House 2018

    Would Ricky wells fit as a replacement for ed ?
  2. Gazza66

    Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    Schroeck probably didn’t work out that we could use tac. He is a muppet.
  3. Gazza66

    Rye House 2018

    Peter schroeck has not got a clue. Tactically inept. Kennett and to a lesser extent Clegg need to be replaced. Ricky wells would be top of my wish list, and if possible Ben Morley.
  4. Gazza66

    Rye House 2018

    Last rider will be announced early in the new year
  5. Gazza66

    Rye House 2018

    Could be bomber and kk!
  6. Gazza66

    Rye House 2018

    I would like to see most of this years team back. Ben Morley is the only one I would like replaced.
  7. Gazza66

    Rye House 2017

    I think the season has been a vast improvement on the dross we have endured over the last few years.
  8. Gazza66

    Rye House 2017

    I don't understand why the Ben fund collection was on the last home meeting of the season, with the smallest crowd of the year also !! Would of been better done at the tv meeting surly.
  9. Poole v rye dvds are selling well !!
  10. I think it should be a comfortable home win.
  11. Gazza66

    Leicester V Rye House 12.08.17

    Thanks for that gee jay. We are making our way up later.
  12. Gazza66

    Leicester V Rye House 12.08.17

    Can anyone give a weather update please.
  13. Gazza66

    Rye House V Kings Lynn 9.7.17

    Does the 8 day rule apply to ek ?
  14. Gazza66

    Rye V Swindon 5/08/17

    I can't remember the last time rye were so bad at home. I think we could be in the relegation play off if we keep performing like that !!! Going to think hard about Wednesday night and spending another £20 to see that rubbish, and listening to the bull s--t about making the playoffs !!!

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