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  1. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    If Danny Ayres scores 2 points over the next three meetings (not inconcievable ?) and not being disrespectful. But if he did ? where are we going with this ?.
  2. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Quote: "We know what we're getting from our top four, so the excitement for me comes with Jedd List. I'm not saying he's going to be an overnight sensation because he's not, but he will be another quality rider from the other side of the world. He is the punt in the team but he will win races. There's no pressure on him at all but if he can score five or six a meeting that's all what we want him to do".
  3. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    If this is a team change already ? It's really unfair ! unless circumstances have come into play ?
  4. Disappointing result for the Scorpions. But we shouldn't panic we need to give our young riders the space to settle in to Championship Speedway. I'm sure we will do. You cannot lose a rider like Jake Allen without impact ? His rides yielded two points under IRR he would surely have been good for 4 times that and a nominated Ht15. So likely a more respectable 54-36 If everyone's standing. Lions have a good top 4; as indeed do Scunny so this competition is going to be won in the "minor team positions". How well will the young riders coming up from NL cope with CL Speedway ?. It's going to be interesting finding out and as I have stated I do firmly believe that promoters have to resist making changes if early results don't work out.
  5. the outsider

    Scunthorpe v Leicester 5.4.19 CShield

    Really enjoyed our first meeting yesterday at Sheffield. Lots to enthuse about because we might have faced a Tigers barrage !. But we were unlucky not to take a point for our efforts ! Given that Tigers had more "track time" on Owlerton 41-49 was pleasing. Jake Allen after a first race fall got right on it leading the score card with 13. With Scorpions providing 8 of the 15 heat winners. Stefan Nielsen came up with two of them and Josh Auty & Jason Garrity both weighed in with 8 & 7 respectively. Got to say our "New boys" impressed me Jedd List looks "a candidate" at this level. Competative in each of his three rides on a new track to him. Once he's settled in he'll be a find ! While reserves Josh Bailey with a great second heat win over Tigers red hot prospect (and top scorer) Drew Kemp and Ryan Kinsley both looked on the pace and able to make the step up from the NL this season. We need to be patient give these young guys the chance to find their feet and not be hasty to change the team at the first ? Youth is the way forward with British Speedway and that's in the DNA at Scunny. I'm really excited about watching the likes of Jedd; JB and Ryan breaking through we need to give them time! Should be a good meeting v Lions Nicholls; Richie Worrall ' "Basher" Bates and the quick return of are very own "Son of the Scun" Flying Ryan Douglas is sure to make this a close run thing. Sure the 2019 Scorpions will be determined to "tame em" !
  6. the outsider

    Your club's all-time top team

    I don't need much thinking to come up with mine. For all the racing talent the 80's-90's brought to Bradford. There's always only one 1-7 for me. BRADFORD NORTHERN 1970 Alan Knapkin Sid Sheldrick Gary Peterson Dave Schofield Alf Wells Alan Bridgett Peter Thompson ok and Robin Adlington as No 8 What a line up that was "a proper speedway team".
  7. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Crikey this theads gone a "bit off piste" since I set the Kevlar ball rolling !.. so 3 days to Christmas are we fancing our chances at Sheffield ?. Got to be honest if they're "reserves" (loose terminology that ?) Kemp and Kennedy are on it we could be in "a spot a bother" !???
  8. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Well that went well ! ?? Got as far as Rothwell on M62 and stuck in traffic jam till after 5pm ..gave up and turned round for home ..! No practice for us straight into week Sunday at Sheffield !
  9. the outsider

    Speedway Star in the winter

    It really is to the absolute credit of the guys at Speedway Star that we have such a quality weekly magazine for our sport. I always enjoy the Winter Speedway Star better than the Summer one !. But I would admit that this winters Star has not quite caught my enthusiasm as much as in previous seasons. I don't know whether its the layout ?; or the gradual shift toward the longer feature writing ?.The articles I love are those on the history of the sport; its teams and riders. I still make every effort to get my copy and usually pick up two from the local Slainsburys one for my brother. Looking forward to seeing how the Star develops in the new season Preview Edition is always quality.
  10. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    It's like "Tumble Weed" blowing through here these days ? if anyone's interested there's a "Presser and Practice" down the EWR from 5pm tonight ! Speedways back ! meet your fav's at 7pm clubhouse
  11. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I've heard the Scorpions will be in team race suits in 2019. Is that correct ?
  12. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Sounds like Keleher is literally inviting calls from British tracks and ruling out nothing ? Perhaps Ryan & Jake see something in Jedd List that marks him out as ready to "hit the ground running". Suppose we'll find out soon enough ? But a 17 old rooky kid just off 250s into a vital second string position in a Championship Speedway team looks a bit of "a Leap of faith" to me ? I know we have no idea how Zane Keleher would turn out if he was in ? But he's 8 years older a proven Motorcycle background and cutting it in the Aussie Championship. While Jedd is "mates" with Ryan and Jake just out of Junior racing and nowhere near the Aussie Championship ? It's not a critique it's just plain fact. Cannot help but think our "tail end" is way too long ?. If the starting 1-7 is still intact come 1st June I'll be happy to concede I was totally wrong ?
  13. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Anyone else read this week's Star inside back page ? Zane Keleher "Britain I am here.. ! Read his story no disrespect to young Jed List but I reckon Keleher is the next "real deal" off the prolific Aussie production line. I know Jedd could well be "the next Leigh Adams" for all we know ? But he looks a bit behind Keleher in terms of experience and being ready to throw into the Scorpions 1-5 in the cut and thrust of Championship Speedway. Was Keleher every on the radar ? If not I reckon he should be ? We all know how highly we rate Edinburghs Aussie Josh Pickering and Keleher finished 14th ahead of Pickering in the very competitive Aussie Championship. I'd have Keleher on speed dial !??
  14. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I've found one ! Alfie Bowtell probably the pick of the 2pt plus riders. 2.38 with Lakeside last season and actually had a 9.24 NL average with Isle of Wight which matched wonder kid Drew Kemp at Mildenhall. Would back him at Reserve as one that might step up in a "watered down" 2019 Championship. We would have two of the best 2018 NL scorers in Bowtell/Bailey (sounds like a Cop TV Series that ?) and plausibly one or both vying for a top 5 place while Jedd List finds his feet ?

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