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  1. Scorpions 2018

    Reading between the lines I can see Danny Phillips getting the No7 spot. He was unlucky last year with injury; Newcastles track review in the Star reports how they expected good things of him but for this. Last week he was back on the bike for the first time at the Isle of Wight and Steve Worrall overlooked him whilst there. I know Robs indicated a sort of "X Factor" "roll up and show us what you can do" competition for the No7. But finding someone who can be pitched straight in at Championship level from a training school is asking a lot. Thats why a rider of Danny Phillips 'experience' and on just over 2.00CMA to me has to be a bit of a "give me". So long as we dont go in expecting loads from him at the start. The way we are set up (Gino Manzeres starts at reserve) should give the 2.00 pointer a bit of breathing space to get on the pace for his programmed heats ?. Agree Danny Phillips is probably the stand out choice.
  2. Scorpions 2018

    Just like to say how enjoyable the "Evening with Nigel Pearson & Kelvin Tatum" was last night. Saw them last year in Halifax; but did not disappoint second time around either. Some amusing anecdotes and stories from both of our genial speedway broadcasters. Also Steve Worrall gave us an real insight into his racing and motivation to be the best he can be at his sport. On the evidence we have a real No1 and leader in the Scorpions ranks this season that's a fact !. Lots of enthusiasm from Nigel & Kelvin towards Scunthorpe Speedway; the track and the exciting team that has been assembled for 2018. Well attended and great to be back at the EWR for this sneak "behind the curtain" before its raised properly for the season in 8 weeks time. On this evidence we can't blooming wait !
  3. Scorpions 2018

    Not too soon is it to wish all fellow Scorpions; the Management; and Riders across the world a Merry Christmas & A Happy & Prosperous 2018 ! Santa already delivered the presents early ! . Boy have we got a lot to look forward to in 2018; literally as excited about it as I was as kid on Christmas Eve ! Have a good one all ! Wont be long now; less than 100 sleeps ?
  4. Scorpions 2018

    DE DE DE DE DE DE DER DE DE.DE DE DE DER ..OH GINO ! Wow we only gone and blown the bloody doors off the thing ! This is off the Richter Scale exciting !
  5. Scorpions 2018

    Bradley-Wilson Dean + ANO ?
  6. Scorpions 2018

    I think we've just decided to adopt a "Shock & Awe" policy on this League in 2018 !.. leaving nothing but "Scorped Earth" behind wherever we ride. Dead right NBT Manzares would have us in a situation where anyone in the 1-6 could end up being No1 or No6 !
  7. Scorpions 2018

    Reading the Star Rob says that the remaining two places won't be filled by any one from last seasons line up. So no Bailey or Aarnio. Think we have to be ruthless it's a great top 5 and we should maximise our option for the 6th rider with 5.65 to play with if we went for a 2ptr at 7.? US World Cup rider Gino Manzeres on 5.43 would really top things off. He's a rider who could step up and challenge the top five. Difficult to see any other team coming up with a stronger 1-6 than that?. I don't think it matters then who takes the 2ptr rides Jordan Jenkins Mildenhall might be worth a punt? Happy Days.
  8. Scorpions 2018

    Auty and Allen are a decent start; but we definitely need to bring in a bone-fide No1 rider. Steve Worrall is a contender at both levels of British racing; and the fact has a Polish track Sundays fits in with Scunny on a Friday. But how about a return for Nick Morris ? he wont be back at Berwick and will still want a Championship track (think he's got a Polish team spot Sundays too) Tommy Jorgensen would a fantastic No2; and with him at Kings Lynn in the Prem; and also out in Poland on Sundays; again a Scunny return might be on the cards. If we lined up Worrall 9.02; Jorgensen 7.10; Auty 6.90; Allen 6.08; Nielsen 5.53; Bailey 2.70 and 5.17 to play with; that's a serious speedway team in my book. Arnio might be as good as anyone on 4.97 to fill the reserve slot again; Wilko's on 4.97 too but maybe that ships sailed after his departure last season ?.
  9. Speedways A Plan

    Reading this through 4 years on and the piece in Speedway Star Xtra by the Glasgow announcer Mr Coyle ahead of this weekend's AGM has striking similarity about it. Have to say there is much to commend in Mr Coyles article and worth a read.
  10. Glasgow 2018

    Scunny !
  11. Scorpions 2018

    Yer barred !
  12. Scorpions 2018

    I would swap Auty for Tommy Jorgensen and then thats a decent 1-5. I agree we need a broom through last season and to start anew. Broc Nichol would be a gamble but certainly one worth taking if he was on a 5.00 ? Then a NL rider at the base of it. We know Rob is very loyal to his riders but that in many respects has been our undoing. We do need an out and out No1 Worrall would give us that. Both TJ and Jake Allen can both step up and have great seasons in 2018. Nielsen is a good rider at this level proven round the EWR. Lyager is one of the up coming Danish talents and has shown snippets when he was over here two years ago that he can be a talent in this league for us. If we do manage to take our place in the Championship next season we have got to be competitive home and away and I am pretty sure with that line up we can be.
  13. Scorpions 2018

    That sounds like a night out in the House of Commons bar !
  14. Scorpions 2018

    If we do run we'll go for riders who can ride the EWR. Jorgensen; Allen; Neilsen would be a good base. You have to think Auty will be back not least because it's his testimonial season. Although personally that should not detract us from wholesale change. Lyager would be a good call as he has shown on numerous occasions he is on pace in the European U21 meetings and maybe one of the next breakthrough Danes ?. Aarnio no because he didn't seem happy with the Scunny track from what I heard last season. Bickley no chance hes off to Workington.Berge ? not sure he's on a near 7pt average and he bombed at Berwick last season very early on. I would go for Davide Bellego from Swindon in preference. All depends on points limit ? Will there even be one of sorts ?. Jack Parkinson Blackburn might be worth a punt at the bottom end on a 2+ average if we are scratching around. Should know more by the end of the month but one things for sure Speedway has got to start and get its act in orde If not its hard to see how Scunthorpe can sustain against the falling interest and attendances and the shutters could very likely come down for next season at least. Hope not.
  15. Scorpions 2017

    Well done to Rob & the management for securing the services of Jake Allen. He's a racer no doubt and is one of the current wave of Aussies doing well in British Speedway. If we are talking to the Rebels about our riders - Lewis and MPT then I would have definitely had a reciprocal conversation about Jake Allen. Will be a added spur for Ryan racing with his compatriot too. We need to move forward from here; get behind the team and enjoy the remainder of what has been up to this juncture a testing season. Welcome Jake and all the best for your time with the Scorpions.