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  1. In over a month of zero action at the EWR it beggars belief that we have not sorted out the replacement for Josh Bailey ? I get it that its all about finding someone to fit into the overall averages. But does it not show up completely the ridiculous nature of team averages in a sport that has precious few available competitors who can do a job and yet some of them are left on the sidelines for 0.20 of a point of something daft ?. I know whoever it was we signed would not have ridden for us as it turns out but with a blank fixture schedule in the interim to be calling up guests is bonkers ?. Also with Garrity ? surely there comes a point where we make a decision in the short to medium term interests of the club ?. This all said if its Steve Worrall and Ryan in on Friday that's something good out of the mess at least.
  2. the outsider

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    Yeah I did.. but I'm out of practice with Speedway its been a long time .....
  3. the outsider

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    I fear this is not going to go well ? Auty out Jake out Garrity out Bailey bailed out. A month without any racing at Home then have to cobble a team together for Newcastle away ? Is it just me or has your interest wained for this season ?.
  4. the outsider

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    No ones fault obviously but kinda knew this would happen. With nothing next Friday either and next meeting scheduled 21 June ! That will be nigh on 5 weeks without a wheel turned in anger at Scunny. And this supposed to be the height of the speedway season. Its hardly got going at all ? and thats not purely down to rain offs ?. If I look back to my Halifax days promoter Eric Boothroyd would very probably have staged 10-+12 home fixtures by this time of the year. Scunny have managed six this far. It feels like the season has never really got underway. This and the difficulties being experienced with the team; injuries; retirements and no shows.
  5. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I know it's turned out a poor weekend so it's kinda worked out ?. But with Rob talking about bringing Jedd List back end of June and there being "few meetings" inbetween. Plus the start stop of the past month ?. How's this supposed to keep up momentum and interest in the Speedway season ? Remembering back to my time at Halifax and The Shay fixture card was jam packed with meetings ! We used to stage 30+ meetings per season with crowds regular up around 3-4 thousand on a Saturday. People fill the gap when there's no Speedway and it becomes habit to kick the habit ?
  6. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Don't think so ? We've already signed Jordan Palin for 2020 cannot see Rob doing that and not seeing him out on track at Scunny..he's going to be a rider is JP !
  7. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    And I agree totally ! As I said "I get why we signed Danny Ayres" and hes been a great signing. If Robs plan works out then fine by me. My point was that Jedd was hung out to dry really. No chance of finding his feet. If we can get hIm in at Reserve with Ryan K them no pressure as Ryan has shown he can rise to this level. I bet we will see Jedd develop once he gets a fair chance. Hes got to be given the time to learn the tracks. But for sure I am 100% in agreement on Danny.
  8. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Í wouldnt read too much into how things ran for Jedd at Dredcar ? It was never top of Ryan's List ! of Tracks to go to in his time as a Scorpion either was it ? I'm backing Jedd to emerge as a rider if and when he gets the chance to prove it ?
  9. the outsider

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Report in the Star that Rob has approached Jedd List about a return to the team at the end of June. Ironic that we have to eat humble pie and ask Jedd (so ruthlessly cast aside) to consider a return. No idea about team Averages going up to 40 min in July did you ? I got the idea of Danny Ayres for Jedd. But he should never have been brought 12000 miles across the globe on the pretext of a team place and hung out to dry on a 4pt assessed average in the difficult No4 jacket ! ?. Aussies over the years have taken time to emerge. If promoters down the years had never showed patience with new Aussies you would never have heard of the like of Crump, Sanders or Adams etc...?.What you get from a Aussie who has crossed the world to ride Speedway in the UK. Is a focus and commitment because that's what they're here to do ! So I'm pleased there's a possibility that we might see the promise of Jedd List emerge albeit it later than expected. He has shown glimpses of the rider he can be if given the chance. Even so I hear it may not be as simple as Jedd "jumping to our tune" and he may already be on the radar of a rival track for an immediate place ?.
  10. Question ? If your a Speedway rider and you break down on the way to a meeting. Aren't the 6 other riders with vans making their way there as well. Plus a handful of Scunthorpe management personnel ? It's not as if Garrity broke down and Auty pulls up in a beat up old Austin A40 ! ? And that used to happen when riders broke down on route. Other riders threw their gear in the back and they made the Meeting. There were no mobiles or sat nav either to pin point where Garrity actually broke down ? So it's all a bit implausible or unprofessional or both ?
  11. I think Tero Aarnio is a great option. Would that give us the option to recall Jedd List at reserve with Ryan K and press the reset button again?
  12. Careful not to jump to any conclusions ?But if so then that's a concern surely you cannot have a scenario where a rider turns up if he fancies it and not if he doesn't ?. As I say let's wait to hear the full tale ?. But not with standing Danny aside the riders have let themselves and the paying public down here. It's damaging also to the business of Scunthorpe Speedway when the club tries to do the right things to bring people in. It cannot be a case of turning up when you fancy it ? You have to be professional do your job and the fans will back you come what may. Things do happen in Speedway to skew a result injury etc.. we all know that. But to be unprofessional (and as I say this is only what I'm reading on here) then whoever it is would be letting everyone down. You need 14 riders who will make that meeting a great watch for everyone who paid. Then regardless of the result everyone comes away a winner !. We await the inquest with interest ?
  13. As if it could get worse ? It has! realised we didn't lose by 40pts we lost by 44 !!! Forty Four ! In old 13 heat currency that a 61-17 panning ! ...something needs to give ? That's the worst effort of any team I've ever been associated with. Can't dress it up it's a disgrace to the Club and anyone who travelled needs some form of recompense ? It's not even a meeting is it ? Only Danny Ayres comes out of it with any credit ?.
  14. Reading this result and without getting hysterical I have to think that this is very damaging to our season ? No Auty? No Garrity ? a long tail ? and a right old 40pt thumping! . Rob acted without sentiment in axing Jedd List I so to be consistent he has to show no sentiment and consider his options? . I would like to see a scenario where we could reinstate Jedd List at reserve-is that even possible ? How about Aarnio in for Garrity ? Or how about a call to Zane Keleher an Aussie who is chasing a UK ride ? As I say if only to be seen to be consistent with his ruthless decision on Jedd he has to act after such a damaging outcome at Edinburgh ?

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