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  1. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Happy as a little lad opening his Xmas prezzies this morning ! Wow Ryan & Jake coming home ! we cannot ask for better certainly around the EWR then throw in the "Aussie spirit" with Zaine as well and we can look forward to a cracking 2022 season ahead imo. Simon Lambert should have a beeeze of a job as skipper of this team; Aussies always bring it on track and they will bring Tero; Jordan and Ryan II along too. Always think the team have to relate the fans and this one defintely has that factor about it. Thanks to Rob & the Management for delivering ! Excited ? Absolutely am ! Merry Christmas all !
  2. the outsider

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Has Zane Keleher signed for Oxford ? He does seem to "like" a Cheethas tweet. If so your getting a dedicated Aussie racer who can make further strides in the UK in 2022.
  3. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    I'll just say this ...if we havent made a change by the time the first CMA green sheet averages are out. It will be a blooming miracle !
  4. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    I dont think streaming of Home meetings would be as popular as streaming Away meetings ? Most of us will make it a date Fridays at the EWR come what may. But a trek down to Plymouth or Poole mid week is a bit more of a commitment. Thats where streaming comes in. I streamed the Away meetimg at Edinburgh last season and it was decent quality as a production. Albeit the racing itself was not the greatest. So if we are offering Scorpions TV in 2022 then take up is likely to be more the Away fans than Scunny fans and vice versa when we are on our travels.
  5. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    0.16 of a point .keeps us from including Tommy ? Bloody ridiculous whats 0.16 of a point really ? Surely the sport is about entertainment and excitment and in all fairness I would much prefer to watch Tommy Gun flying round Scunny than (and no disrespect) Tero Aarnio. This is where Speedway starts to look silly. 0.16 of a point I ask you ?arrrgh
  6. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Redcar naming their 1-7 including Kasper Andersen who I had hoped might be on our radar ?. He really has the potential to add to points to his average in my opinion. Wright- Riss-Kerr-Andersen is as good a top four as any. Leaves me wondering where Thomas Jorgensen will head for if hes not back with us ? A return to Berwick possibly ? Wondering if a returning Josh Auty might make a return to one of his former tracks Birmingham ? But back to us. Thursdays 5th rider is going to tell us much about our aspirations in 2022. We need a rider that not only scores well at home but also away. Consistency is key; Tero Aarnio seems to be rumoured for a return ? If so its hard to see how last season won him a recall ?. A stuttering start when he always seemed to be 2-3 poor scores from the axe. Then the fiasco over him not having a visa that ended his 2021. Dont get me wrong I'm not wholly anti Aarnio but just looking at how things went last season for him it would need to go a lot better this time around if he was to be given such a crucial part in the 2022 team ? I would be hoping for a new face who has potential to improve; Aarnio might have his pluses round Scunny but I dont think theres much room for improvement from him overall. Of course we do not know for sure who we have at the top of the team ? It seems its two from three of Jake Allen - Ryan Douglas or British Champion Adam Ellis. I think we are stronger with Ryan & Jake not least at Scunny where both would out score Adam Ellis who didnt always look entirely at home there last season. As it stands I am pleased with how things are shaping up. In Zaine Kennedy and Jordan Palin we have two riders very capable of upping their averages in 2022. Simon Lambert back as skipper was to be expected and Ryan Kinsley if can pick up on where he was going in his last spell at Scunny can be a handy reserve. I am just left hoping the Management have been able to make the right calls with the top three riders ?.
  7. the outsider

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Hi I've just found my copy of Speedway Promoter on floppy disk. Only problem now no floppy disk drive. Has anyone managed to transfer the floppy disk files to a laptop running Win XP. If so I presume you used a Floppy Disk Reader can anyone recommend a FDR that would do the job. Would be great if I could play Speedway Promoter after all these years. Remember it being about the best Speedway management game then or since. Thanks.
  8. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Cant be either it distinctley says "a new signing" like it did last week for Zaine. Its a new rider ?...Kasper Andersen ? or maybe Jason Crump ?
  9. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Kasper Andersen was superb round Scunny last season and theres room for him to up his 5.87 average for sure. He can be the third heat leader we need. Whereas Tero has flat lined for me and I dont think he can better his 6.61 average. As I have said he always seems 2-3 poor meeting from the axe. But I do accept hes very capable of putting in a big score. Inconsistent is the word I think. For me Douglas 7.74, Allen 7.72, Lambert 5.98, Andersen 5.87, Palin 5.69, Kennedy 5.00, Kinsley 3.00 = 41 Leaves us one point under but not just Andersen can improve his average. Jordan & Zaine can up their numbers and I reckon both Ryan & Jake can push on with some big returns around the EWR. Certainly this line up would set us up nicely for the 2022 season.
  10. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Tell who we could get for that ? JASON CRUMP 6.93 !! Bloody hell Douglas, Allen, Crump, Kennedy, Lambert, Palin, Kinsley ..little Australia. Ok Jasons had a few knocks last season but if we could keep him fit what a "marquee signing" he can still be. If he did one league with us. Wow ! Would Jason Crump score as well as if not better than Tero Aarnio..me thinks he would on balance.
  11. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Cant be a rider with a higher average than Jordan Palin 5.69 ? he is going to partner Ryan at reserve and from "abroad" ? So Kasper Andersen on 5.87 much as I rate him would not seem to fit ? I dont think many if any visiting reserves did better than Zaine Kennedy did for Leicester. Hes a proper force around Scunny so my money is on him. Can up his 5.00 average for sure and would be a great signing.
  12. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Just seen the tweet by Josh Auty who seems a tad put out hes not in Scunnys plans for 2022. Dont think he need fret British Speedway needs riders of his calibre. A new challenge could just be the boost he needs to reboot his racing career. But back to us ? Ryan Douglas I read wants a mid week track to fit in with his weekend Polish commitments. He already has Prem Wolves - Mon and wants a Champ club ? He might be pushed to get mid week as that would limit him to Poole Oxford Plymouth and I dont see him going that way. Edinburgh might fit the bill for him as he can team up with fellow Aussies Josh Pickering & Sam Masters who are also doing Poland weekends. Got to say if Monarchs land Ryan and have Pickers & Masters thats some top three ! But we'll see. Kinda hope Robs managed to talk Ryan back to Scunny because ihe would be a great top two with Jake Allen. At the moment having pfaffed around with these averages and looking whats already been rumoured on here and gut feeling I am left with Douglas 7.74 or( Ellis 7.66) Allen 7.72 Aarnio 6.61 ? Lambert 5.98, Palin 5.69, Kennedy 5.00, Kinsley 3.00 Total 41.74(41.66) Plenty of room for optimism there as you expect Jordan to push on in 2022 and Kennedy can be a match winner home or away. We would have a strong reserve come what may. Prefer Douglas over Ellis because hes better round Scunny of the two. Aarnio fits points wise in this team; he needs to convince though. Took a few meetings to get going last season ; then it was inconsistent; then the visa issue. Always concerns me he ends up two-three meetings from the axe ! Seems like we have to wait for Santa to know what hes leaving "under the xmas airbag" for us in 2022. But Ive put me list in and hoping for the best.
  13. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    If thats the team then 4/7 that were in my stab at the line-up are there. Douglas, Allen, Palin & Kennedy. Has anyone any idea what average Jordan Palin is on ? On the Green Sheets just says "fifth rider in the team" ? Does he have an official average for team purposes or does he keep Rising Star Ave from 2021 - but has to ride as the 5th rider (lets say his ave is 5.00+) I can see where Robs going with that team as Palin; Lambert & Kennedy could all interchange partner Kinsley at reserve. But to be fair I think it lacks a real third heat leader if Aarnio is back ? Lets assume Poole have King , Lawson & Steve Worrall . .I would not be confident we would win the big heats ? Even Oxford with Nicholls, Batch and Ellis (rumoured) would have the whip hand. Leicester set the bar for team construct in recent season and hate to say it but with this team Robs probably letting heart rule head again. Tommy Jorgensen would be far better bet than Tero Aarnio home or away. I always think Aarnio is 2-3 bad shows from us making a change ?. Then there was the visa issue last season ?. Great that we would have our own version of "the Turbo Twins" at the top end. Also great if the others can "step up" to back them but I'm thinking that theres too much inconsistency in these riders to make me think we will be pushing for the Championship medals in 2022.
  14. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Looks like Josh McDonald has'nt got a callback to Scunny in 2022. Just tweeted hes hoping for something to come up. Shame if so; despite the knocks he stuck at it last season and will be all the better for it next time around. On a 4.00pt ave would have been a useful inclusion. If were serious about making a real fist of it in 2022 we have to make sure we have three top riders plus a fourth capable of stepping up. On the lines of Leicester. For me Adam Ellis, Ryan Douglas & Jake Allen would give us a fantastic top three. Then if we went for Broc Nicol a proven EWR specialist on a 5.50pt ave. Hes capable of backing the top three home & away. It might mean no callback for Lambo this season as his 5.98pt ave seems a tad high. ? In Jordan Palin we have a rider who can really push on in 2022 and certainley capable of heat leader returns round the EWR. I would have no hesitation in bringing in Zaine Kennedy another EWR specialist having been released by Leicester/Sheffield. Fairly sure this all fits within the 42pt limit. Then we might be looking for a upcoming rider at reserve. So Ellis, Douglas, Allen, Nicol Palin, Kennedy & ANO ?. Not bad that if I say so myself.
  15. the outsider

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    For gods sake I hope your wrong ? Not this idea again ? Set up for the EWR and absolute no hope away when are we ever going to learn ? We need riders who are consistent home and away !

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