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  1. Shortcrust

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Gutted, shocked beyond words right now, Rest in Peace Rico
  2. Shortcrust

    Marco Simoncelli

    RIP big fella, thanks for the memories
  3. Shortcrust

    Vojens Grand Prix

    http://arrowsoleight.com/f24hl/Speedway++FIM+Dansk+Metal+Nordic+Speedway+GP-939.htm another site streaming the GP now
  4. Shortcrust

    Leigh Adams

    Truly awful news....wishing Leigh all the best for a complete recovery. Thoughts with his family too.
  5. Shortcrust

    Elite League Pairs

    I'm only going on what I saw last night, it was a TEAM meeting, Niels was the only one representing our TEAM afaik, a very poor showing from Bjerre last night in front of his home supporters, and his other supporters from Boro I have no idea what the man did last season as I took no interest. I would've rather watched Jake Knight riding for us last night, knowing that every lap he rode an effort was made!
  6. Shortcrust

    Elite League Pairs

    Lol, i hope his pi$$ing bikes naff right up for him on Saturday! Just my personal opinion mind. Felt sorry for Niels having to carry the can on his tod! Harris, Lindgren, Pedersen and Holder could've ALL taken it easy last night, but guess they're a different breed than 'our' Mr Bjerre! Holder and Ward sublime, very well done to them both.
  7. Shortcrust

    King's Lynn 2011

    Some team news to be announced at end of the week, news via Stars facebook page.
  8. Shortcrust

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    Special bloke...nuff said RIP Ashley
  9. Cal just posted on his facebook page that the doctors still aren't sure whether he has fractured his femur or not! He is due another scan to see exactly what the damage is. Fingers crossed nothing is broken!
  10. Oh my life, I'd love to see the reigning World Champion riding around King's Lynn next year...fingers crossed!!
  11. Great news....hope it's as good if not better than this year's round!
  12. What that proposed line up?? I'll say!! Glad it has been cancelled if that's all they can muster for a once showpiece KL meeting! Dear oh dear!!
  13. No reason given on updates but then again maybe another early call off because the forecast is rubbish for Saturday. Either way I'm not fussed, seeings tho a line up hadn't even been announced yet with only three days until the meeting was taking place!!!
  14. Shortcrust

    Speedway Photo Site Updates

    Steve Dixon's are here great shots too
  15. Don't you have to be subscribed to Sky Sports to do that? Cos I registered but it wouldn't let me view it because I haven't got Sports package no longer. You could try Justin tv, or My P2P on the day, you should probably be able to view the meeting on one or either of those.

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