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  1. Anyone else having trouble with the final payment page (for credit card). I enter my address details and the next page says could not establish secure connection to server.
  2. May 13th confirmed on speedwaygp.com
  3. Wadey

    Tampere Gp

    We were on 3rd/4th bend last year and the sun was in our eyes (and it doesn't really set in Finland at that time of year). Better to have the sun than rain though!!
  4. Wadey

    Warsaw Gp Saturday 18th April

    8 booked in G3, the start/finish straight looks 80-90% booked already.
  5. Went to Bydgoszcz GP by train from UK in 2009, took about 24 hours door to door!! However this Friday flying STN-WMI, Train to Torun Sat AM, Train to Poznan Sun PM, And fly POZ-STN on Monday afternoon.
  6. I've been to a few foreign GPs in the last 7 years or so. Some are easy to do, some need a bit more planning. Prague I have done a couple of times, easy access as it has it's own airport, food and drink are very cheap, hotels are plentiful, trams run from the city centre to within 5 minutes walk of the stadium. They also serve beer in the stadium that you can take to your seat unlike the Polish venues, I think a round of beers for 9 of us in the stadium was about £12!! Bydgoszcz has an airport, but flights tend to sell out or become expensive when the GP is in town, also hotels are limited so need to be booked well in advance. The city is not very touristy, but has a few interesting things to see. Food and drink are again very cheap. An option here would be to take a flight to Poznan (very nice city) and then the train up to Bydgoszcz (2 hours). The track is a bit basic but normally produces good racing. Torun I have been to the last 2 years, and going again this year, October can get chilly in Poland which may put some off. There is also no airport here so you would have to fly to another city and take the train or similar. Poznan, Bydgoszcz or Warsaw are reasonable options for this. The old town is very nice but largely undiscovered by foreign tourists so food and drink prices are low. Accommodation sells out on GP weekend so best to book well in advance. The stadium is purpose built for speedway and only a few years old, the track is always well prepared and produces good racing. A taxi from the city centre costs around £4-£5. Gorzow is a bit harder to get to as train connections are a bit more limited, for example from Poznan it usually involves a change of train. Flying to eastern Germany and connecting from there may be an option but I have not ever looked in to this. In my opinion the city is not as nice as Torun and there don't seem to be many hotels in the city itself. However the stadium is only a few years old and the track produces good racing. Tampere has its own airport, you could also fly to Helsinki and take the train (2 hours). Plenty of hotels here but everything is more expensive as it is Scandinavia. The pub right outside the railway station does beer for under €4 but most places seemed to be around the €6-€7 range. As has been well documented on this forum, the racing this year was poor, but the stadium is within walking distance of city centre hotels. The city itself is situated between 2 lakes and is a pleasant place to spend a day or 2. I've just scrolled up and realised how much I have typed, hope this is of help to people thinking of travelling to a foreign GP. If anybody has any questions just ask, and I will do my best to help.
  7. Flights sorted, hotel booked. Does anyone know when tickets for this one go on sale?? I've tried emailing the club, but no reply.
  8. Wadey

    Finnish Gp

    Anybody on the Gatwick - Helsinki flight tomorrow morning??
  9. Wadey

    Finnish Gp

    Try www.vr.fi/en for the trains, seems a reasonable price if booked in advance.
  10. Wadey

    Torun Gp 2013

    Group of us flying out Stansted - Poznan on the Fri and back from Warsaw on Monday pm. Flights for these dates were as low as £60 last week. Will use the train to travel between these 3 great cities, total train ticket cost under £20.
  11. Tickets on general sale today. http://www.unibax.kupbilety.pl/ Got tickets for 8 of us, always a brilliant weekend.
  12. Tickets all bought and printed out. It's a bit of an ordeal, but not as bad as some sites (Bydgoszcz 2010). How is anyone else getting on??
  13. Wadey

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    RIP Lee, From all the NR GP on tour lads. You'll be greatly missed.
  14. Wadey

    Leszno Gp 28th April 2012

    Cracking weekend, 7 of us went over, stayed in Poznan. Best GP I've attended for racing. Also we were pleased to help out the 3 guys from Eastbourne whose taxi broke down on the way from Poznan, otherwise they would have missed most of the meeting.
  15. Wadey

    Leszno Gp 28th April 2012

    7 of us flying out tomorrow and basing ourselves in Poznan. Anyone know the best way to get to back to Poznan after the GP?? Will a taxi be easy to come by?? I checked the trains there is not one until 02:50.

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