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  1. just think how much support you would get if people knew it was there, across the road is a massive shopping centre with thousands of people, who have,nt got a clue, I saw a large notice board there ,WHATS ON IN THIS AREA, guess what was missing ! since the track was built never seen one advert for the sport , why nobody as put a bike on display outside Tesco,s is a no brainer it,s the best kept secret round here, but people who run speedway have never had a clue. anyway went in the local pub sunday no mention of it there ,the good thing is nobody will moan about noise ,whey will think the roads are busy with traffic.
  2. mickyp

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    am I missing something here , why not invite top world class rider as wild card like emil sayfutdinov instead of some body who just happens to win british final, BUMS ON SEATS. would MOTO GP invite a rider who won a national race at Mallory park. and why is gp not repeated on itv4 like moto, superbikes, cars etc! mail on sunday 10 pages of bloody tennis , SAD.
  3. what a joke speedway is at Leicester. watched NORWICH win playoffs at Wembley had everything then payed my first visit to see the lions in 2 years. after I handed over 17 pound to find it was Leicester select v poole cos riders keep do,in a runer. then the sun break for an hour ,tractor racing and a karaoke singer, WHAT A JOKE, as for the result the poole riders did,nt want to kill themselves on a trick track, just done enough to win. I remember crowd levels better than this in the premier league , racing was the same as when it opened follow the leader, never again.
  4. mickyp

    Darcy Ward

    why not put ward in as wildcard for Cardiff, forget the winner of the british final, you will get the biggest crowd todate, BUMS ON SEATS. mickyp
  5. mickyp

    Bspa Meeting...

    3 points home win and black and yellow helmet colours ,CROWDS WILL FLOCK BACK in there thousands head in sand.
  6. this meeting was the pits, the winner was the tractor which spent more time on the track than the bikes ,it was like standing in a grave yard as people got bored waiting ages between follow the leader races,after nearly 2 hours I left at heat 12 along with others .. nobody won tonight the refs are killing the sport dragging the heats out and not running a slick show. NEVER AGAIN.
  7. got there at 7.15 first heat finished 8.10 then a delay for wrong helmet colours then out comes tractor , seemed ages between heats, we see this on sky riders go,in back to the pits . I blame the refs ,look at bees on sky last week JOKE. kids today won,t stand around for 3 hours.
  8. mickyp

    Leicester 2014 . Elite

    they all had a go at you when track opened but your fans av gone very quite now, nobody listened years ago about bees missing Fridays cos of gps ,oversea riders missing ,slick tracks, sky on Monday nites to low crowds ,Poland,Sweden, Denmark, euro cup,bestpairs, . could go on four ever, welcome to the elite Leicester.
  9. saw advert today on Leicester bus -LEICESTERSPEEDWAY NO BRAKES NO FEAR NO PASSING. mickyp
  10. mickyp

    Coventry Bees 2014

    u should be used to it av in been to Leicester. mickyp
  11. this was my first meeting for 18 months as I got bored with follow the leader speedway in the premier league at Leicester , well last nite was awful nobody tried or could pass the track was like the m1 and got bored of seeing tractor racing all the time ,THERE WAS NO SHALE TO MOVE! the crowd was the same as they got in the premier league and most of them were asleep! to make matters worse I took 2 friends and they cleared off to the pub at heat 13, the rain was the final straw,its a shame with it being a nice setup there, but I,ll come back in 18 months and try again. mickyp.
  12. mickyp

    The Start Of The Decline

    i think when sky showed speedway on monday nites to poor crowds and no atmospere it showed the sport in a bad light and to show 15 miniutes racing over 2 hours bored people, then the tape exclusions and back to the pits for tea,plus the tractor race, then none speedway fans being confused why bees chris harris was riding for poole the next week, then theres the joker, rule changes, riders burnt out from wandering the world , plus most tracks today are sheds, we had better stadiums 50 years ago , when leicester opened i was thrilled, i only live down the road but i was bored stiff and last year was the first time in 40 years i did,nt go. so av we seen it all and got the t.shirt.i think the elite is a dead duck and dare i say im thinking of going to coventry for the national league cos i think we need to get back to basics and we might see some close racing and 14 lads that turn up. micky p.

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