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  1. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Its just how we used to live, different world now.
  2. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Surely they'll be able to play the wag, just say they've been on an educational trip.
  3. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    A think your just being childish now.
  4. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Its seems like this appointment has been welcomed with mixed feelings, I can't comment as I know very little about the guy. Could be interesting.
  5. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    You seem to time your questions well What's next?
  6. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    We've put up with the latest result being from 2018, until now
  7. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Its definitely new, and looks similar to the way some websites are heading. Sometimes it's about accepting change, am no techno geek, but found it ok to navigate by clicking on the box with the lines in.
  8. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    No, probly not. How many games did you go undefeated?
  9. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    A no that man Dave,,, that's why a said. Think he'd be a better option than Steve 'good game, good game' Bruce.
  10. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    I would nominate THJ, with his 'no nonsense attacking style approach, backed up with plenty of defensive options'
  11. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Time to get those applications in guys
  12. ruffdiamond

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I hope you thanked them for the quick reply.
  13. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Your post was better before you edited it.
  14. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Might seem a bit strange without George around and, personally I think it's a good time for him to cut his ties. He and his family should be commended for what they have put in for as long as I can remember. Hope the 90th will see a good farewell for George and his family.
  15. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Ok, al just put me feet up then

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