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  1. ruffdiamond

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Maybe they know exactly what their doing ?
  2. ruffdiamond

    Edinburgh 2018

    Love the bit about, 'due to a misinterpretation of the average rules',,, when will the average fan ever know how they work, unless there not meant too, of course
  3. ruffdiamond

    Ipswich 2019

    Thinking about the future is the best way forward. Hope all have their pensions sorted
  4. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2018

    They probly need to be 'home grown',,, like turnips
  5. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2018

    Yeah, ya probly right.
  6. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2018

    I would sacrafice ANY of our riders, (apart from Ash) to fit Richie in
  7. With it looking possible that Newcastle won't have a home or away fixture for nearly 4 weeks, will fans forget about speedway, or forget about last nights result ?
  8. A think at the start of the season if someone had said that we would only suffer 1 home defeat by August, most would've been happy. I find it hard to draw any positives from last night, but not much went Newcastles way, Well done Worky, who generally out gated and out battled us.
  9. Poor planning really,,, the Glasgow fans being a bit niave, not expecting England to get this far, as I don't suppose Scotland ever would
  10. Well in this case, lets hope so.
  11. A think the 'guest' replacement would be interesting.
  12. I think this thread shows a true measure of characters that speedway promoters have to appease.
  13. Thats good advice if your easily offended by what others say, also you get the ones that put stuff on just to wind folk up A hope a don't come across anyone having a pop at Ash Some things are best ignored.
  14. It would appear to be a little niave to put an apology on social media then, IMO.
  15. Totally agree, a cult hero and hopefully 'common' prevails.

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