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  1. so you would've failed on both counts there Dave, eh ?
  2. av been to Workington,,,,,,,,,,,,, once Oh,,, and Keith was there
  3. You mention bend 4, 2 fallers (3 if you include Camptons 'nearly') both Diamonds and both bend 3,,, strange that Best wishes to Robbo, as most agree, a good, fair rider and has been a great advert for speedway in general
  4. Ya just complicating things now
  5. am surprised Pickering has never guested for Newcastle at Brough, he always seems to do ok.
  6. It may involve thinking ?
  7. Maybe Lakeside should honour any £17 ticket for the double header, given that they have changed the venue and fans might still be prepared to turn up, as a 'good will' gesture.
  8. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    Its just shame that those higher averages don't reflect on r/r or a guest if we need one.
  9. ruffdiamond

    Workington 2018 .

    You could look at it like,,, if Simon was to miss his wedding, it could be r/r or guests for an awfully long time
  10. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    It would be such a shame that, after winning the away leg
  11. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    We still have to complete the KOCup match against Worky, so 'we could' still have fixtures to run
  12. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    That loos like a healthy team and, was never a big fan of Matty Wethers, but is definitely one to get back.

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