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  1. Maybe we need a sort of 'track and race' app. ?
  2. Well said,,, a suppose its ok to show a bit of sympathy for the folk that unfortunately travelled to the gig. Maybe they might just consider checking first in future and can just put it down to experience? I believe Boris was correct when he said, 'it's about taking personal responsibility',,, can't say I believe too much else about what that lot from down there say tho.
  3. You can just see it can't you?,,, Guy rocks up to open the yard, goes into the cabin to make a nice cuppa before getting on with stuff. The kettle doesn't work, goes to the fridge to find the milk all lumpy,,, tries to phone for help but the landlines deed. No wifi and doesn't want to use tha own mobile data () to check the weather, so looks out the window instead,,, it doesn't just rain, it pours.
  4. https://favpng.com/png_view/clipped-shoulder-shrug-shoulder-shrug-understanding-clip-art-png/JfW3hLPY
  5. or 'happy shopper' orange?
  6. Aye, but that hole looks like it's been there a while,,, the builder has even had his packed lunch by the looks of it!,,, is that a bottle of tango or fanta?
  7. 'Around Midday',,, is that before or after the postponement?
  8. Not sure, a wasn't around when they made the video,,,
  9. It's a little gem, if you want a proper chippy experience. Not like the cheap tarnished glitter from the big name places!
  10. Be careful Chris, that may suggest that you are using your initiative?,,, I don't/can't venture too far, but do try and get to Berwick if the Diamonds are there. I always visit the 'Prior Chippy' for haggis,,, if the match was called off at short notice, a would probably go back for seconds. Then I would be more than likely be ready to get home and bed, every cloud n that.
  11. Yeah, but it's just commonplace now to blame anyone else for your failings.
  12. That's very thoughtful and considerate of you,,, thas probably one or two on here that wouldn't tell them, just for a laugh!!!
  13. Dunno, av never been there for about a fortnight ,,, but if you can hold your p!ss in till you get there, you'll find out. If it's not there and the toilets aren't open, just go behind the tree in the carpark!
  14. Not necessarily,,, it would be dependent on which mode of transport you were using, it would take a while to pedal there!!!,,, but a do agree with your point.

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