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  1. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    A toilet can never be clean enough, but al assume from that comment that you think there sh!t.
  2. Well,,, at least the thought was there.
  3. Did no-one have an umberella for the interview?
  4. Its seems she was right not to be too confident.
  5. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2020

    Dunno what the points limit will be next season and, I know its been pretty disappointing this year but,,, say if we can build to 40, would anyone be interested in keeping the 7 we have atm?
  6. Was it shortly followed by the weather forecast?
  7. Oh!!! has it blistered or are you still trying to pop it ?
  8. ruffdiamond

    Poole Pirates 2020

    As its Poole, they'll probly get him on a 5
  9. If it was Monday I don't think I could make it, but don't all cheer at once.
  10. ruffdiamond

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Don't let that stop you trying tho.
  11. Dunno what would happen in that case. Would the Bears win it by DEFAULT?
  12. Maybe the team doesn't look very Lindgreny or was it the lack of returning riders that made it not Newcastly. Not sure how our original line up would have faired compared to what we got, but I don't think it would have done much better IMO. too many inconsistencies within the team I think.

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