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  1. ruffdiamond

    Leicester 2019

    Not sure if the cat would be too happy about that, maybe test it with a crayon first.
  2. ruffdiamond

    Workington 2019

    If the bikes were 'standard', maybe the riders could adapt to conditions and, with the price of the gear you'd think there would be numbers, all over the buggers.
  3. ruffdiamond

    Workington 2019

    It would seem that Footy can get away with anything, especially if rumours are true about a football team stealing a speedway teams track.
  4. ruffdiamond

    Leicester 2019

    Maybe they will save the ink and, use up some of the lead in their pencils they need to get rid of
  5. ruffdiamond

    2019 Championship Improvers

    A'd love to know who comes up with these ideas Dave
  6. ruffdiamond

    2019 Championship Improvers

    Well, its good to read that someone has some sense of it. If a rider sits out this season on, say a 6 pt ave. The points limit goes back to 42, will his 6 be of more value than a rider that achieved a 6 this season ?
  7. ruffdiamond

    2019 Championship Improvers

    So, given a 'level playing field',,, riders averges increase, without there being any improvement. Will riders without a team place this season, see an increase in their average before the start of next season ?
  8. ruffdiamond

    2019 Championship Improvers

    I wouldn't say their averages will improve naturally, I think their averages will be forced up,,, and may lead to them being less employable in the future
  9. ruffdiamond

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Well,,, lets hope so for their fans. The present team looks poor, Cook aside,,, the rest of the 1 to 5 have all hit their level, so its a big ask of the 2 reserves to improve that much.
  10. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2019

    ok Dave, but am not aware of the training site mate.
  11. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2019

    Has anyone any idea as to when, track work/other stuff is to start this year ?
  12. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2019

    A thought that was meant to be a secret !!!
  13. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2019

    Merry Christmas to all and, a big all the best to Ludde,,, may not be riding for Newcastle, but will always be a Diamond
  14. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2019

    There is 2 sides to a coin, wether it be a penny or a pound.
  15. ruffdiamond

    Newcastle 2019

    Nicki Pedersen and Greg Hancock.

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