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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Why should you be dragged in, unless you want to be ?
  2. Newcastle 2018

    and a sense of humour, that should bode well.
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Best be prepared to have your eyes opened then. Abuse is second nature on here, and is usually water off a ducks back.
  4. Newcastle 2018

    In that case, they probly don't receive anything then
  5. Newcastle 2018

    A suppose its down the individual rider, somewhere between what he wants and what he is prepared to accept.
  6. Newcastle 2018

    Its 'nit' season tho Dave atm,,,, had the letter from school.
  7. Newcastle 2018

    Maybe the guy who does it is on holiday
  8. Newcastle 2018

    Yes, it is definitely something that is lacking these days.
  9. Newcastle 2018

    is that the same as average manipulation Dave ?
  10. Newcastle 2018

    Thats great news, but on the downside,,, it means one less place that Berge could end up at
  11. Newcastle 2018

    Dunno whats happening re. Josh Bates, but maybe Sheffield could squeeze him in if worst came to worst.
  12. Newcastle 2018

    I remember Stewart Dickson having a few choice words to say about him during a TV match, think it was at P'boro.
  13. Newcastle 2018

    and speaking from experience and you being a Berwick fan, I understand why you said that
  14. Newcastle 2018

    Thank goodness for that
  15. Newcastle 2018

    is that because of 'natural selection' ?