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  1. Redcar 2018

    Don't think it will matter too much, as Redcar fans seem to blow a lot of hot air anyways
  2. Don't think many seen that coming,,, great stuff.
  3. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Well, in this scenario its probably be 'likely' that a guest option will be available, until he is fit to ride,,, wether it be Scunny or Belle Vue, yeah ?
  4. Redcar v Newcastle (Shield) - Thursday

    and we got one more than at Sheffield, so maybe were on a roll.
  5. Redcar v Newcastle (Shield) - Thursday

    Whats .8 years in old money (months etc) Keith ?
  6. Redcar v Newcastle (Shield) - Thursday

    Redcar could've used a NL guest, or a no.8 against such a poor Newcastle side,,, it would have saved them a few quid and, gave the Diamonds a sporting chance
  7. and,,, shouldn't take any notice of Redcar fans
  8. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    am thinking you can use a guest until the end of this current season.
  9. A don't need to,,, av seen anuf
  10. Put your teeth back in the glass Dave
  11. I think the referee made the correct decision.
  12. Dave, whats red and has lots of letters ???
  13. Best wishes to Steve and, hopefully he is back on it soon,,, also hope Richie doesn't take a hit, what with the 'brotherly hoodoo' thing