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  1. Assessed Averages

    excellent work arnieg In fairness to the bspa it seems making gp riders a 9 actualy makes sense whereas allowing woryna on a 4.5 is as ludicrous as many of us have been saying

    the racing in most gps is better, in some cases significantly. however it's unfair to say Wembley 81 was rubbish. it had - two brilliant races which determined the destiny of the world final - a line up that was arguably as strong as it could be given the inclusion of 5 continental riders. no riders missing who would have been genuine contenders - a large crowd in a world class stadium, generating a fantastic atmosphere. - drama of ef for three of the leading contenders. didn't change the likely winner, but certainly the other rostrum spots I think it deserves its status as a legendary meeting, which goes also to show how the GPS (and SWC if BSI don't consign thst to the scrap hesp) have raised the standard of racing and ensured lineups which represent the worlds elite. but the gps will never generate the atmosphere that a one off final at Wembley did
  3. Speedway Music

    Killing in the name - Rage against the machine Closer- nine inch nails Liven the crowd up a bit
  4. Best Ever Finnish Rider

    Kai Nieme without a doubt for me, though Miko Baste is a great shout.
  5. Swc 2018

    Why on earth would BSI pay more to run a new comp, in addition to paying for a competition thermy are not running? I dont see how that makes any business sense. The reason for the supposition is because the SWC is arguably the most anticipated week in the speedway season and has now been cast aside in favour of who knows what. As an organisation waiting to make a formal announcement when all other parties have already released information...Im not sure that necessarily comes across as professional?
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Drabik Holder kK would all becriders Id rather see than prez. Any of those would surely make aces among the title favourites.
  7. Swc 2018

    So BSI are paying less for this tournament than the SWC? Can imagine that is the only reasons they would need to negotiate financials with FIM? Ditching the best speedway international event to make more cash? Id doubt it was them negotiating rider pay rates which is I guess the alternative financial negotiation?
  8. But the latter 4 faced no one of any real quality. The top 3 faire enough would have come through probably 4 meetings. But its hard to imagine any of them finishing top 3 from the qualifiers to make the series I wonder whether one of the wildcards would have gone to a token continental rider? Muller could have qualified on merit but I wonder if the likes of plech/stancl/kasper may have picked up wc?(Plech up to 80 would have been well capable of qualifying, but from then til gollob I agree its hard to see any Eastern European qualifying unless they had an amazing gp challenge on a home track)
  9. Reassessed Averages

    Seriously? Please tell me you are taking the piss or have a very droll sense of humour...
  10. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    We didnt get 4 or 5 slots because beyond BWD our depth is poor.GB however is a different story 😉 Happy 100 birthday FSP!
  11. Gundersen would have won at least one I reckon. Michanek maybe maybe not. Craven/knuttsdon maybe or maybe not. Ermolenko might have done. Hans wouldnt have clean swept the 90s imo. Back to the original question - a plethora of mediocre continental riders wouldnt have. Ondrasik starostin hack verner sova kuznetsov Kroeze etc
  12. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    And do you know why they were knocked back to three, when weaker nations were given more?
  13. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Agree with SCB. Apart from the Poles and arguably the Danes and aussies, GB deserves as many or more than any other country. Lambert cook Harris all have the potential to qualify, but the likes of worrall surely deserve a crack more than a 5th Czech rider