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  1. Time For Top 5 Russians

    Didnt starostin only represent USSR? And surely ranks behind Kuznetsov from that era?
  2. Time For Top 5 Russians

    Laguta ahead of Emil? Starostin ahead of Artem Laguta!?!
  3. Betting in 2018

    Was that Ipswich team really 20-1 with that top 5? And really favourites at any point?
  4. New Editor at the Star

    Isnt he taking over from Richard Clarke? And Richard Clarke bevoming "associate editor"? Didnt think Phil had been editor for a while?
  5. Tai and Emil best value for me too. Zmarzlik decent value also. And add Zagar to the list of those whose odds are far too short.
  6. Agree, it would not be as good as tge SWC. Has there been a speedway event in history which delivered such consistently good racing and exciting meetings as the SWC..its bewildering that its been ditched.
  7. Like many totally underwhelmed. Pleased to see world pairs back but see zero reason why it had to be at the expense of the SWC. Id have run a one day final, old 21 heat format with conventionsl scoring. Top 4 pairs to semibfinals in which points are added to scores from heats. And then top two pairs to a final in which there are double points (6-4-2) to reduce the chsnce of the outcome being known before thevfinal, but still givibg advantage to team which has performed best over the meeting. If you wanted to make it a weekend of speedway, seed host to the final and have three 5 team qualifiers (30 heats) on tge saturday at one venue with top 2 from each to final
  8. I think people are under rating KL. Poole leicester and belle vue imo look nailed on for the playoffs. But i yhink there is very littke between the other 5. KL have a top two as good as any, and arguably the strongest reserves. The only area they are lacking is 3rd HL, but Jorgensen could do ok, and arguably if your top two and reserves do the job you csn ger awsy with being weak in this area. Although i think swinfon will finish 4th, i do think KL are more likely to scrspe into the play offs than finish bottom, wheras many seem to hsve them lined up as wooden spooners.
  9. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    I agree you cant look at averages in isolation to determine the strength of the league, as in anyvleague, regardless of strength, averages will tend towards a team average of 42. But when you have averages obtained in the same league, you certsinly can. So the PL setting a limit of 42.5 makes it stronger thsn if they set a lower limit. In fsct, based on averages the league this season is slightlycweaker than that which ended last season, but stronger than that which started it. Id disagree that top riders scoring more points indicates a stronger league. Id ecpect Puk, Holder etc to average more in the PL than in Poland, but clearly the polish top flight is a lot stronger.
  10. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    But the averages are based on last season, using the sane format? If you set a limit of 42 or higher, and all teams build to that limit, the league should be stronger. Top end we've lost lindgren and bjerre and gsined puk and Vaculik. Not sure you can say thatvis weaker?
  11. Poole 2018

    Cook is a better number 1 than Thorssel.
  12. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    Averages will actually tend to a little under 42 due to the impact of heat 15. But agree, a points limit of 42.5 should make this years league a little stronger. Esoecially when poole have a couple of poles on bargain averages.
  13. Belle Vue 2018

    I'd say its pretty even. Cook fricke and tungate is equal to holder Kurtz Josh G. Sundstrom will likely outperform worrall but i dont see there being more than a point in it.
  14. Bradford Coalite Classic Programme

    Classicspeedwayvideos.com have the meeting on dvd
  15. Is the league stronger in 2018?

    Marginally stronger. Slightly weaker at the top end but stronger in depth.