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  1. waiheke1

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Hampel 100 more Kk 50 more Pawlicki 50 more
  2. waiheke1

    Poole 2018

    Surely a sportsperson VISA for a one off event (uk sports event visa) has a totally different set of criteria to a work permit/working VISA. Not sure why people assume not being eligible for the latter would preclude eligibility for the former.
  3. waiheke1

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    By that definition speedway is in better health than it was in the 60s/70s when the host nation was guaranteed at least 4 places.... Fwiw im against wildcards for the qualifying rounds, though do understand that if no local qualifies the "top placed non qualifier" getting that spot (personally id have 4 regional based quarter finals -something like the old overseas, nordic and continental semi finals, followed by inter-conitinental/continental type round, with 8 from each progressing to the challenge (or 7+top ranked gp challenge non qualifier).
  4. waiheke1

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Are there two better candidates? Maybe it is unlikely, of the two i assume pawlicki would get it. Opening up a spot for Milik? In which case Hampel has to be considered unlucky, given his gp record, losing place due to injuries and form since.
  5. waiheke1

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    So you say with any luck wildcards wouldnt go to two poles but then reccomend giving to the riders who finished fourth, which would mean two poles and two brits?
  6. waiheke1

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Lambert, Hampel, pawlicki likely candidates for the wildcard places? Kurtz milik Drabik maybe with a chance. Surely not Smoli given Huckenbeck has the local wc spot. Field for challenge about as strong as it could be, barring whichever 3 of the above miss out, and maybe Madsen/lebedevs. Congrats to cook. Esrly days for sure, but the challenge would seem his best shot of qualifying for 2019.
  7. Fair point sid. Woffy cook Lambert would be my picks, Bewley next in line in case of injuries. And fwiw id agree with your proposed wc squad, apart from harris's display in gp qualifiers would probably see him get a spot ahead of Ellis. If there is a wc next year id imagine s worrall would get in ahead of both.
  8. Woffy 10 more Cook 10 more Nki 10 more Zagar 10 more Holder 10 more Emil 10 more Doyle 50 less Pawlicki 10 more Hancock 10 more Lindgren 10 more
  9. waiheke1

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Lambert, Hampel, Milik likely candidates for the wildcard places?
  10. Lindgren 50 more Woffy 40 more Zmarzlik 40 more Nki 20 less Dudek 10 less Holder 10 more Nicki 10 more Zagar 10 more Kk 10 more Thanks R&R
  11. Thought he was rubbish for the Aces, probably on a par with Larry Kosta. If only Bammy had managed to sign Ermolenko instead of Ingels...
  12. waiheke1

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    The greatest. RIP.
  13. waiheke1

    GB speedway team

    Disagree. Yes Dudek/zmarzlik/drabik are likely favourites. But im not sure janowski/pawlicki/smaktala would be. And imo nothing between nki/nicki, doyle/holder, emil/laguta and tai/cook. Britains 2nd choice pair would be at least as good as Russia's ( i would saycstronger) though someway short of denmark/australia/poland.
  14. And promoters choose to hire them knowing they will need to compensate them in some way for the travel costs? If someone wanted me to work for them a nighr a week in a different country id expect my travel costs to be covered, either directly or via the wages i received.

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