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  1. waiheke1


    And would add. If plan is to keep publishing while there is no speedway happening with presumably "years gone by" articles to compensate for lack of on track activity, will do my bit by taking out an online sub.
  2. waiheke1


    NZs largest -by some margin- magazine publisher (part of Bauer group) announced they are closing nz operations , as result of Covid19 and expected long term impacts on advertising revenues, beyond the obvious immediate short term drops. Will have massive flow on to broader print industry in nz. Hope you guys better placed to survive Phil.
  3. One of the better races i've seen live
  4. waiheke1

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    I agree. I remember the first time i saw Darcy live, he just seemed to see lines that other riders didn't and be seconds ahead in his vision. Of all the riders lost prematurely to the sport in my era watching, his was the one I was most gutted about being lost to speedway.
  5. waiheke1

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    get on youtube and watch Ward. imo, the most exciting rider to watch of my era watching speedway (80s onwards)
  6. My understanding is the rules at the time did not allow for awarding of a heat, so the inexplicable part was that Plech was awarded any points, not that PC was given the win?
  7. waiheke1

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    An awful final, not the greatest line up, but the first world final i attended and Muller as you say destroyed the field. I think a GP series on the big Polish tracks of today would have suited him immensely. I'd suggest his mid-table placing in the 81 world final gives a pretty fair indication of his ability in comparison to others of that era.
  8. waiheke1

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Agree with this list. Sanders vs Crump is interesting. I'd be inclined to rate Crump the better rider - both for longevity and peak ability- but Billy unquestionably had the better world final record, which is the ultimate measure. If we were to throw in other Aussies from the modern era I'd have Doyle at three, and Holder just behind Adams. Where to put Darcy is a real question mark, probably I'd have him behind Doyle.
  9. waiheke1

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    If he had won even 3 in a row i think he would be considered more or less unanimously englands greatest post war rider. As it stands id rank him below Tai and the other PC, but i know others who would still rank him top
  10. waiheke1

    Rider Id: Mason Wear

    Can you confirm your father's and grandfather's names, and also their sponsor's name?
  11. waiheke1


    Yeah, was thinking more 70s/80s/90s . Cost to digitalize wouldnt be huge, and i reckon there would be a matket... As a southern hemisphere based speedway fan, obviously a digital version would be preferred, but understand the need to be commercially viable. Have bought Tonys books in both forms. For a minor sport, it is fortunate to have two magazines of such quality, as well as an array of good books.
  12. waiheke1


    Tony: any chance of Retro speedway producing a digital version Phillip: any chsnce of digitalizing the speedway star back catalogue?
  13. waiheke1

    Speedway books and magazine

    Highly recommend most of those mentioned by Martin Mauger. Til the can ran out - Chris Morton A hell of a life (kelly moran) - Brian Burford.

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