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  1. waiheke1

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    it is viewable live here , but 5am is a bit early for me on an a Sunday morning...thanks for the good intentions anyway, sure it will be up again soon
  2. waiheke1

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    if anyone finds a link to this morning's gp that would be much appreciated. cheers
  3. waiheke1

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    anyone have links to the SoN, day 1? cheers
  4. waiheke1

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    anyone have a link to the latest GP?
  5. nki 50 more Lambert 50 more dudek 50 more Janowski 50 less
  6. seems I'm missing the programme, but did have the relevant speedway star ht1: Lee L Carr Stenlund Ross ef 70.2 2-4 ht2: McKinna Verner Campbell ef A Smith ef 71.8 5-6 ht3: Collins K SMith Middleditch P Carr ef 70.2 8-9 ht4: Morton Davis Mckinna Campbell ef 70.4 12-11 ht5: Collins Lee P Carr Stenlund 69.8 16-13 ht6: Ross Davis L Carr Verner 71.0 20-15 ht7: Morton K Smith Mckinna Middleditch fell exc 69.4 24-17 ht8: Davis L Carr Verner Smith 72.2 26-21 ht9: Collins P Carr Davis Verner fell exc 71.4 31-22 ht10: L Carr Lee Ross K Smith 71.4 35-24 ht11: Smith Morton Lee K Smith 72.4 40-25 ht12: Ross Davis P Carr K Smith 71.0 44-27 ht13: Collins Morton Lee Middleditch 71.2 49-28 Belle Vue: 49 Ross 7, L Carr 8, Morton 10+2, P Carr4+1, Collins 12, McKinna 5, Smith 3 Poole 28: Lee 9, Stenlund 1, Davis 10, Middleditch 1+1, K SMith 4, V Verner 3, A Campbell 0.
  7. should be able to pull out the Aces one later today Sid. pretty sure Andy Smith beat Lee (from the back!) in heat 11 if my memory is correct.
  8. yeah in fairness Muller was the only of the continental riders in that era who was genuinely in the top 20 riders in the world. Look at the riders he finished ahead of in 81 at Wembley. Would never have got close to being world champ under a gp system though.
  9. waiheke1

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    krsko GP 2019
  10. genuine question: would u rather have Tai as world champ and the struggling donestic product the uk has; or see Tai miss out but team GB dominate internationals and the UK undergo a resurgence with the domestic competitions emulating the polish leagues?
  11. kolodziej 100 more zagar 25 more emil 25 more dudek 25 more nki 25 more
  12. waiheke1

    Warsaw 2019

    link to first 12 heats. same poster has hts 13-20 then the semis and final, should pop up when u get to end of this one
  13. waiheke1

    Warsaw 2019

    full meeting is available now on youtube new yorker.
  14. waiheke1

    Warsaw 2019

    reality yes. but theoretically you could qualify for every final with 4 points. so 9 points a round. i think it's theoretically possible you could win every round and finish 15th overall!!!
  15. waiheke1

    Warsaw 2019

    but the whole point is that winning an individual GP isnt the main thing - its an added incentive only. I'd much rather that than the alternative that someone winning all rides and failing in the final gets less points than someone who scrapes through to the semis but wins the final. id also disagree that riders are happy to follow the leader in the final - id say that onlt happens if they have a close rival also in the final, coming behind them. Seem to recall Woffy pulling out a stunning from the back win in a final last year and finals typically are hard fought affairs.

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