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  1. justathought

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Ellis Perks is a Lion in 2020.
  2. The 2019 speedway season is all but over. Has your team performed to your expectations, did you enjoy the season, and does the sport still hold the attraction for you it once did? Personally, being a Leicester Lions Supporter, I guess we could say that it has perhaps been the best season the club has had in terms of success. But, I'm not so sure I enjoy the sport as I used to it seems that lots of crazy rules and long delays between heats and general messing about has taken the edge of things a little. Bikes are undoubtedly faster these days and races quicker. The atmosphere seems to not be like it used to be and we don't really get the shock results we used to. Only my opinion. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your speedway ..........
  3. justathought

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Will be an interesting night of Speedway. Leicester manager Stewart Dickson said: “Play-off speedway is new territory for some of our riders but this is really where our captain Scott Nicholls will come to the fore, as he’s been there and done it.“We’ve topped the table with a lot of hard work, and we don’t intend giving up on the title now. Redcar are a good side, set up similar to ourselves, but we feel we can beat anyone over two legs.” I've not made any predictions all season ......................So I think I'll keep it that way for tonight
  4. justathought

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Does it really matter who Leicester picked first. They have to beat two teams to win the play offs. The key to this fixture, in my opinion , is the Redcar away leg. If we can win or keep it close then I suspect we are in the final. Redcar won't beat Leicester at Leicester.
  5. justathought

    Scorpions v Leicester 30.08.2019

    Ideally Leicester need all four points from this one. Not sure who the lions will bring in to replace Worrall, if indeed they do ? Promises to be a good meeting.
  6. justathought

    Leicester 2019

    The most points Leicester can now get is 50. - Glasgow have 6 meetings to go and currently have 36 points, so even if they only get 3 points from each of their remaining away meeting and win all home, they will end up with 54 points.
  7. justathought

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    I understand what you have pointed out. But, this is supposed to be a professional sport that is run for profit. Not a bunch of keen enthusiasts who make do. There must be away to prevent this sort of thing happening because it is basically making a lot of regular spectators think twice about attending . Regarding getting the national league teams in for the 2nd match. What about when we staged the fours meeting. Far more riders and bikes and that worked.
  8. justathought

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    They were never going to get 2 meeting in. Not the way they mess about at Leicester. ..that's why I ,and many others, left after the Glasgow match.
  9. justathought

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    SCB Statement August 11, 2019 Over the last 2 weeks, the SCB Co Ordinator has requested witness statements from a number of licenced officials who were in attendance at the Eastbourne v Glasgow fixture on Saturday 3rd August, and also has reviewed video evidence from the scenes that happened prior to that fixture. It has proven that 3 riders, Craig Cook, Claus Vissing and Edward Kennett all Breached Speedway Regulation 3.2.8 which reads – Any act which is violent, threatening or abusive nature to any official, rider or any other person. Based on the evidence received and with the support of 2 SCB Officers, the following penalties have been applied – Craig Cook – SCB Registration suspended for a period of 12 days 12th August – 23rd August 2019 Claus Vissing – SCB Registration suspended for a period of 10 days 12th August – 21st August 2019 Edward Kennett – SCB Registration suspended for a period of 10 days 12th August – 21st August 2019
  10. justathought

    Leicester 2019

    It doesn't sound like a threat, veiled or any other kind to me. If you run a business you want more customers. That's fair enough, what's the problem? What you seem to be saying is you don't like the way they construct/word their press releases. Personally, I think if someone gave you a £1,000, you'd moan about having to open the envelope.
  11. justathought

    Lions v Tigers 04/08

    It's Sunday 4th August at 4 pm.
  12. justathought

    Leicester 2019

    LEICESTER are set to bring in Swedish racer Victor Palovaara to ease their injury problems. Palovaara, who was recently released by Edinburgh as part of a double team change, will be joining the Lions in place of the injured Josh Bates.Manager Stewart Dickson said: “I believe Victor will be a welcome addition to our team and I feel he will be suited to riding the Leicester track.“I have worked with him before and his equipment is immaculate and he is a very capable rider.“It’s also appropriate to mention Josh Bates, who proved so many doubters and experts wrong when he came back to race for us this year and increased his average by over a point.“We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him again in Lions colours
  13. LEICESTER face a newly re-strengthened Edinburgh side as they look to keep the ball rolling at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena on Wednesday (7.30pm).It’s a rare midweek home fixture for the Watling JCB Lions as the previously scheduled visit of the Monarchs was rained-off earlier in the season.And with the weather set fair and no home meeting this weekend, club bosses are urging supporters to come out and back their table-topping side – as they look to go eight points clear.Lions boast a 100 per cent home record in the Championship but their hopes of extending that are complicated by the Monarchs’ team changes and another injury setback concerning Josh Bates. Lions operate the rider-replacement facility for Bates, whilst Eastbourne’s Richard Lawson stands in as the heat-leader guest for broken ankle victim Richie Worrall. LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ellis Perks, Josh Bates R/R, Ryan Douglas, Richard Lawson, Joe Lawlor, Connor Mountain.EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, Ricky Wells, Josh Pickering, William Lawson, Cameron Heeps, Matt Marson, Connor Coles
  14. I suppose it was circumstance, wrong place right time. I suspect, and I've never ridden a speedway bike, that if you suddenly get an unexpected grip that trows the bike from under you it's very difficult to do a lot about it. A bit like banana skin, lose balance and Booooommmmm
  15. In fairness to Bates. On this occasion, it wasn't his fault. He was way out at the back and picked up some dirt. Similar to the Charles Wright incident a little later.
  16. justathought

    Leicester vs Berwick 14/07/19

    Leicester today (Sunday, 4pm) with Joe Lawlor making his debut for the Lions, whilst Chris Harris guests for the injured Richie Worrall.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ellis Perks, Josh Bates, Ryan Douglas, Chris Harris, Joe Lawlor, Connor Mountain.BERWICK: Aaron Summers, Jye Etheridge, Kevin Doolan, Dany Gappmaier, Nikolaj B Jakobsen, Coty Garcia, Leon Flint.
  17. justathought

    Leicester 2019

    LEICESTER have moved to avoid a fixture backlog by adding new dates to their schedule – and it means a bumper month ahead!Fans are urged to make a careful note of the dates as they have moved away from some Saturday dates in order to keep on track.The high-flying Watling JCB Lions will now face Edinburgh at the Paul Chapman and Sons Arena on Wednesday July 17.They are in Friday night action this weekend when Eastbourne visit in the second leg of their Knockout Cup tie with British legend Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris lined up as a guest for Richie Worrall – and they face Berwick on Sunday, July 14 (4 pm).The National League side, Leicester Lion Cubs, have two Tuesday dates on July 23 against Plymouth and July 30 against Isle of Wight – both at 7.30.Boss Stewart Dickson said: “A combination of circumstances mean we have been forced to arrange meetings away from our regular Saturday night raceday.“It means a busy July and a great opportunity for fans to see plenty of racing throughout the month.“When we get into August we’ll start to see more Saturday meetings again.”The club would urge fans to keep checking the club website if they have any doubt about fixture dates and their social media channels are updated regularly every day with information.LEICESTER SPEEDWAY JULY HOME FIXTURES:Fri 5 v Eastbourne (KOC) 7.30Sun 14 v Berwick (Champ) 4pmWed 17 v Edinburgh (Champ) 7.30Tues 23 v Plymouth (NL) 7.30Sat 27 v Glasgow (Champ) 7.30Tue 30 v Isle of Wight (NL) 7.30
  18. Oh well............10 out of 10 for optimism.
  19. In the Leauge match. Nicholls got - 14 , Ellis Perks - 7 - Connor Mountain - 1 . Ryan Douglas and Josh Bates didn't ride, Jack Thomas got 0. Addmitadley Richie Worrall did get 12 and Josh Pickering scored 11. I don't know how Ryan Douglas does at Eastbourne, but it might be slightly closer than some predict.
  20. EASTBOURNE: Richard Lawson, Ben Morley, Kyle Newman, Lewis Kerr, Edward Kennett, Alfie Bowtell, Georgie Wood.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ellis Perks, Ryan Terry-Daley, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall R/R, Adam Extance, Connor Mountain.
  21. I don't wish to be disrespectful. However, I think Berwick will have all on to win this on the night, never mind pull back 18 points. Not just because I am a Lions fan, but our top 5 have got to be the strongest in the league, I think all off our heat leaders would be a No 1 in most championships sides. I could well be wrong speedway is a funny old game. Scott Nicholls seems to like your track if 2018 is anything to go by.
  22. Today A generally dry day with plenty of long sunny spells and a moderate westerly breeze. Sunshine turning hazy under any higher cloud. The odd shower may drift in from the west later.
  23. SHEFFIELD host Leicester in a clash of the Championship’s current top two sides today (Sunday, 5.30pm). The Lions lead the standings by five points and have already won once at Owlerton this season in the Shield.Meanwhile, the hosts have been taken to last-heat deciders in several recent home matches, but do have three wins out of three on their own circuit in the league.Josh MacDonald makes his home debut for the Tigers, whilst the Lions bring in Cameron Heeps to guest for the injured Josh Bates.Sheffield No.1 Danny King said: “Things have been a bit too close for comfort in our last few meetings and ideally we’d start making life a bit easier for ourselves in the earlier stages.“But Leicester have already shown how strong they are this year and we’re going to need all of the boys firing to beat them.”SHEFFIELD: Danny King, Drew Kemp, Ty Proctor, Broc Nicol, Kyle Howarth, Zaine Kennedy, Josh MacDonald.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ellis Perks, Cameron Heeps, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Jack Thomas, Connor Mountain.
  24. WATLING JCB LIONS: Scott Nicholls, Ellis Perks, Kyle Howarth, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Jack Thomas, Connor Mountain. Team manager: Stewart DicksonEDINBURGH: Ricky Wells, Victor Palovaara, Paul Starke, Joel Andersson, Cameron Heeps, William Lawson, Luke Ruddick. Team manager: John Campbell.
  25. LEICESTER Speedway boss Stewart Dickson is urging fans to turn out in force and back their bid for glory!For the first time since the relaunch of the city club they are proving to be a major force on the Championship.And Dickson, ahead of this Saturday’s battle against Birmingham at their Paul Chapman and Sons Arena, which is at Beaumont Sports Complex, wants to see the team get the support they deserve.“We’ve made a great start to the season and we are making progress in every competition,” he said.“We’re in the Semis of the Championship Shield, through to the next phase of the Knockout Cup and we are top of the league.“It’s a case of so far, so good, but we need the fans to come along and get behind us and show the club owners, myself and the team what it means to them.“The club have worked hard at promoting the sport over the last few months and we are extremely hopeful a winning team will spread a feel-good factor throughout the club.“In addition, with other sports in the city now out of season, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to welcome new supporters to come along and watch this winning Leicester team.“In simple terms we have had the best ever start to the season and it would be great to welcome new fans – or even those who have been before but not for some time – to the club.”Children go free at all Leicester home meetings and Birmingham are expected to bring plenty of support on Saturday. The meeting starts at 7.30.Leicester are without key reserve Jack Thomas who has won Under 21 international recognition with Great Britain and he is replaced by Luke Ruddick.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Connor Mountain, Josh Bates, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Luke Ruddick, Ellis Perks.BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, James Shanes, Zach Wajtknecht R/R, Ashley Morris, Ulrich Ostergaard, Paco Csatagna, Nathan Stoneman.

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