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  1. Leicester Lions 2018

    On the face of things it would seem Leicester have put together a decent team. Only Bell Vue and Kings Lynn to name all their 1 to 7. Should be an interesting season . Difficult to predict anything, But I feel a top 4 finish might be on the cards.
  2. Leicester Lions 2018

    I think in this league with the standard of the opposition . He will do very well.
  3. Leicester Lions 2018

    I think that there are many many fans very happy with the move away from Saturday nights. Having fixed nights for this league is one of the best things that has happened.
  4. Leicester Lions 2018

    I didn't say that did I . In fact, I haven't mentioned any rider. Because, like you, I DON'T KNOW.
  5. Leicester Lions 2018

    According to you every rider that has been mentioned won't ride here. How the hell do you know, the fact of the matter is YOU DON'T KNOW. Your just assuming. Unless you know each rider personally and have spoken with them about it. You don't know what deals are on the table or what any rider wants.
  6. Leicester Lions 2018

    You've obviously not been for a while.
  7. I think its perhaps dependent on the severity of the individuals complaint. However, I think one would be ok at most Speedway meetings.
  8. Different strokes for different folks. And an ideal opportunity for sufferers of enochlophobia to get out and watch some speedway . I don't think crowds are a problem at Speedway these days.
  9. People were moaning about last nights (Wednesday) return leg being moved to next Monday. The weather was dreadful, and had been forecast to be so, it was the correct decision. You really cant win with some people.
  10. Thing is, the people who find it difficult to distinguish which is their right foot and which is their left. Come on social media and think they can say the first thought that enters their head. Doesn't matter if it is true/made up or offends other people.
  11. Well Said WE are approaching the end of a hectic season, one which has placed great demand on both the business and private lives of the club management. Every effort has been made to promote both Leicester and Sheffield in a positive, professional manner. It must be pointed out that Leicester were on the brink of closure before we were able to negotiate a satisfactory arrangement with British Speedway Chairman Keith Chapman to take over the club. Similarly at Sheffield four years ago, had we not taken over as part of a consortium at the time the sport would have been lost to the city. We are proud and honoured to have played our part in keeping the sport alive at both clubs. Every hour of every day has been spent channeling our efforts into positive promotion and increasing crowd levels at both clubs despite a torrent of negativity around the sport. This has been at great expense both financially and privately, with valuable family time in our private lives sacrificed for the benefit of Leicester and Sheffield Speedway clubs. However, over the last 24 hours we have had to deal with shocking abuse via email and direct messages on social media and we are not prepared to put up with this. We understand the delicate situation we have been in with the promotion / relegation issue and we have put together both teams in an attempt to provide the best sporting spectacle possible. The foul language, abuse and shocking allegations made against us are not acceptable and we will now take stock of the season in a much different light. We would remind the trolls and keyboard warriors to be extremely careful what you wish for. Without us, two clubs would have been defunct.
  12. Actually I thought the meeting was about par for the course. No better or worse than 100’s of others I have seen both on TV and live. Ask yourself, seriously, looking at the two teams on the night what did you expect. I’m afraid that is the way modern day speedway in the uk is. There is very little or nothing you can do to change it. No one is forcing anyone to go or watch it on TV . It’s your choice, if it upsets you that much go and find another sport to support. If there isn’t sufficient interest and financial return to run teams on a professional basis in the uk, then so be it. It is what it says on the tin...........it’s up to you if you buy the tin or not.
  13. Leicester will beat Sheffield over two legs.