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  1. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    LEICESTER’s Kyle Newman has received some positive news regarding his collarbone injury.The Lions’ No.2 crashed out of his Championship fixture for Lakeside on Friday and was withdrawn due to a suspected broken collarbone.But x-rays show no broken bones and that the AC joint between the shoulder and collarbone is displaced.Newman requires physiotherapy and his situation will be assessed nearer the next fixture which takes place at Wolverhampton’s Monmore Green Stadium on Monday, June 25 (7.30).
  2. nightshift

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    It's a real shame. I don't know what is wrong with the track but for some reason, it just doesn't produce consistently decent racing. It always looks very slick to me. Perhaps shortening the straights and making it more circular might work.
  3. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Perhaps unlike many others on here, they are waiting until they are in full possession of the facts/extent of the injury.
  4. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I personally believe Leicester will come good. They won't win the league, not with the current team, but I'm fairly confident they will make the top 4.
  5. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Where is he this time ?
  6. No big surprise with the result really. Considering Leicester didn't have their 3 heat leaders, I thought it might be a little closer than it turned out, but just a ridiculous situation all in all. Does the UK actually have any priority over any other league in the world, apart from Uganda that is? The way that Speedway has been run, and continues to be, has ruined what was one a fantastic sport.
  7. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

  8. Like Somerset at Leicester then.
  9. We've only had a hand full of meetings, bloody hell. Plus, he jointly top-scored for Rye House at Wolverhampton on Monday.
  10. To you maybe.
  11. Leicester will win this, might be close, but I think the lions will pip it,
  12. nightshift

    Nichols/kennett Rule

    BRITISH Speedway bosses have moved to clarify the decisions over two well documented issues.Firstly, at a meeting of the British Speedway Promoters’ Association General Council, a review took place of the decision to prevent Premiership riders with an average of six or above also riding in the Championship.This rule was introduced for those riders who didn’t double-up last season and was seen as the first step towards reducing doubling-up in the sport.Unfortunately, and regrettably, Scott Nicholls and Edward Kennett – two fine servants of British Speedway – were caught up in this.General Council members have now voted to keep the regulation in place in order to gain more control of the doubling-up situation and begin steps to reduce the prospect of Premiership and Championship clubs looking too similar.
  13. nightshift

    Sheffield 2018

    They actually had Speedway on Eastenders yonks ago. Rickieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee had a bash at Lakeside.

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