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  1. 'Cases' Somerset Rebels: 1.Jason Doyle (capt), 2.Aaron Summers, 3.Nico Covatti, 4.Richard Lawson, 5.Jack Holder, 6.Jake Allen, 7.Bradley Wilson-Dean.‘Watling JCB’ Leicester Lions: 1.Hans Andersen, 2.Ricky Wells, 3.Charles Wright, 4.Stuart Robson, 5.Scott Nicholls, 6.Connor Mountain, 7.Josh Auty.
  2. Can't see anything other than a Somerset win.
  3. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I actually emailed Leicester Speedway and asked for clarification (yes I'm that sad) . I was told that they now intend to stick with the original team, so now there is no changes. An article will appear in the Leicester Mercury newspaper. Why they didn't say this themselves...............who knows.
  4. Do a screenshot of it
  5. I would like to think that Leicester will win this. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Bell Vue victory. Best I can do
  6. I would imagine they had a good reason. Why else would they? Perhaps they feel that they don't need to explain or that they have already done so. I don't know why it was called off. I assume they have stated that the track was no longer safe to carry on, just because you don't agree doesn't mean they are wrong. The rules to call off are, or should be, stated in the club programme. Perhaps they will implement reduced admission to the next home meeting. The fact of the matter is it was called off. If you're not happy with that write to them see what they say. You can go around in circles forever and a day, if you've been going to speedway for any length of time you will know, I'm afraid, that is just the way it is run.
  7. Who gives a toss who's to blame, I very much dought if just one person has the ability to call a meeting off anyway. If you're that fed up with the situation write to Poole speedway and see what they have to say. Why not just accept the situation and if your really unhappy don't go again.
  8. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. Speedway is a funny old game, might be well to remember that.
  9. In fairness I would'nt count on it. Think they would probably struggle in the Championship at the moment
  10. nightshift

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Very good signing
  11. nightshift

    Best/Worst Team of the Season so far

    What a stupid topic.
  12. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Although some people make money from Speedway meetings, the vast majority are volunteers. Keen enthusiasts who love the sport, without them there would be no speedway in the UK. All though it is fine to use volunteers as track staff, turnstiles operators etc. When it comes to the presentation side of a meeting to give a smooth, professionally presented event. You get what you pay for. .................... and in the case of Speedway , that is fairly evident.
  13. Of Course, Leicester will lose. They can't beat Poole at home never mind away.
  14. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I think that is perhaps a question a lot of people are asking themselves. The obvious answer, is they aren't good enough.
  15. LEICESTER Speedway bosses have issued an apology to supporters after their 53-37 thumping by Poole at home.In what the club have described as ‘embarrassing’ they have vowed to work with the team to put things right ahead of their trip to Wolverhampton on Monday.Club co-promoter Neil Machin said: “That was simply not good enough and our guys know that.“We would like to apologise to our fans and our sponsors and we will be doing all we can to improve things.“We are not going to offer any excuses, we are on a poor run of results and we know it’s not good enough.“On behalf of Damien Bates, Dave Darcy and myself we would urge our supporters to stand by us and keep giving us the sport we need here at Leicester.”The Watling JCB Lions hit the road next week at Wolves on Monday and Swindon on Wednesday before returning to the Paul Chapman and Sons Arena on Monday August 13 against Belle Vue.

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