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  1. LEICESTER Speedway boss Stewart Dickson is urging fans to turn out in force and back their bid for glory!For the first time since the relaunch of the city club they are proving to be a major force on the Championship.And Dickson, ahead of this Saturday’s battle against Birmingham at their Paul Chapman and Sons Arena, which is at Beaumont Sports Complex, wants to see the team get the support they deserve.“We’ve made a great start to the season and we are making progress in every competition,” he said.“We’re in the Semis of the Championship Shield, through to the next phase of the Knockout Cup and we are top of the league.“It’s a case of so far, so good, but we need the fans to come along and get behind us and show the club owners, myself and the team what it means to them.“The club have worked hard at promoting the sport over the last few months and we are extremely hopeful a winning team will spread a feel-good factor throughout the club.“In addition, with other sports in the city now out of season, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to welcome new supporters to come along and watch this winning Leicester team.“In simple terms we have had the best ever start to the season and it would be great to welcome new fans – or even those who have been before but not for some time – to the club.”Children go free at all Leicester home meetings and Birmingham are expected to bring plenty of support on Saturday. The meeting starts at 7.30.Leicester are without key reserve Jack Thomas who has won Under 21 international recognition with Great Britain and he is replaced by Luke Ruddick.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Connor Mountain, Josh Bates, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Luke Ruddick, Ellis Perks.BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, James Shanes, Zach Wajtknecht R/R, Ashley Morris, Ulrich Ostergaard, Paco Csatagna, Nathan Stoneman.
  2. NEWCASTLE: Steve Worrall, Simon Lambert, Lasse Bjerre, Matthew Wethers, Thomas Jorgensen, Max Clegg, Danny Phillips.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Connor Mountain, Josh Bates, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Luke Ruddick, Ellis Perks.
  3. EDINBURGH boss Alex Harkess expects a tough test when Championship leaders Leicester visit Armadale tonight (Friday). The Monarchs start their own league campaign against a Lions side who won at Eastbourne in their last outing.Leicester welcome back Ryan Douglas and Josh Bates from recent injury absences, whilst Danny Phillips guests at reserve for Jack Thomas who is out with a dislocated shoulder.Harkess said: “Leicester certainly appears to be one of the top teams in our league from early fixtures. “We just have to prove to them what we are capable of, it's up to us.”Lions skipper Scott Nicholls said: “Everyone is riding with a lot of determination and motivation, and it’s a case of keeping that going for the whole season.“Ellis (Perks) has gone down to reserve, and what’s really good is that whatever happens we’ll have a decent rider down there as long as they maintain their form, and that’s going to be key.”EDINBURGH: Ricky Wells, Justin Sedgmen, Josh Pickering, Joel Andersson, Cameron Heeps, William Lawson, Luke Ruddick.LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Connor Mountain, Josh Bates, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Danny Phillips, Ellis Perks.
  4. nightshift

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    LEICESTER open their Championship campaign against Newcastle today (Sunday, 5.30pm) in a meeting put back by just under 24 hours. The Lions reacted to Saturday’s poor weather conditions by swiftly re-arranging the meeting which features two full-strength sides.British Under-21 Final third-place finisher Jack Thomas is available for the hosts, whilst the Diamonds include three ex-Leicester men in Lasse Bjerre, Simon Lambert and Max Clegg.Lions boss Stewart Dickson said: “They will cause us problems and I’m expecting a tough match.“It should be entertaining for the fans who are quite rightly enjoying their racing right now because we have given them a winning team.“It’s great to have gone on a winning run and the win at Sheffield was a bit special, but we have to put that to the back of our minds now and focus on Newcastle.”LEICESTER: Scott Nicholls, Ellis Perks, Josh Bates, Ryan Douglas, Richie Worrall, Jack Thomas, Connor Mountain.NEWCASTLE: Steve Worrall, Simon Lambert, Lasse Bjerre, Matthew Wethers, Thomas Jorgensen, Max Clegg, Danny Phillips
  5. Should be an interesting one this. I think Sheffield will probably win it, should be a good meeting though..............Enjoy the Sunshine.
  6. Going to the Craig Cook Testimonial, Glasgow then are you.
  7. PA systems can be a problem. The main reason for most is that they are old and outdated, and probably 2nd hand when originally installed. Radio Mics can also be problematic with the battery needing to be fully charged for best results. Also, you need to have an understand of how to actually use a microphone properly to active best results. Setting up the system also needs understanding of acoustics and outside elements such as wind etc. It's all well and good setting up the system when the stadium is empty, but it completely changes when people are taken into the equation. Also, quite often there simply isn't enough speakers placed in the right places.
  8. https://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.36187 Think the Lions will win this.
  9. https://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.36061
  10. nightshift

    Two teams coming up from the NL

    Following our announcement issued on Thursday 15th November after the promoters’ AGM from 12th - 14th November 2018, we would like to issue this latest update: "There have been some significant developments in the past week regarding the day-to-day management and operations of Arlington Stadium which have now reached an exciting and positive conclusion. “The future direction of Eastbourne Eagles Speedway Club has been intrinsically linked with these prolonged discussions; and we are delighted to report an equally exciting and positive conclusion. “Eastbourne Eagles will be pressing ahead with plans to accept an invite to join the British Speedway Championship League in the coming week, and to also announce a new promotional and management structure in the same timescale. “We have been especially active in on track matters and rider recruitment; with the aim of building a strong side with the potential to have League and Cup success; and will be in a position to name new team members; together with a new title sponsor; and other exciting sponsorship; media, marketing and supporter news and packages in the next week. “We anticipate making a further more detailed announcement to you all over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of December when we hope to give you all a complete insight into the prospect of a truly exciting and positive new era and 2019 season, on and off the track; and a vision of a 3-5 year plan for Arlington Stadium and the Eastbourne Eagles."
  11. nightshift

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    COVENTRY know a fast start is essential if they are to pull off an incredible comeback in the National League play-offs on Saturday. TheEuropress Bees host Eastbourne at Leicester (6.30pm start) in the second leg of their semi-final, trailing by 30 points after a tough night at Arlington on Wednesday. They now need to exceed their biggest score of the season so far, but they have previously hit the 59-point mark three times at home in league matches. Both sides are at full strength with Jon Armstrong, Danny Phillips and Ryan MacDonald all returning for the Bees, whilst Ethan Spiller is available for the Eagles. Coventry manager Martyn Macdonald said: “I’m sure when the first bloke got to the foot of Everest he thought there was a massive mountain to climb, and that they’d never be able to do it! “But it’s a funny old game, and although the tie is 50 per cent over there’s still 50 per cent to go, and it’s been proved in the last few weeks elsewhere that teams can come back from a massive deficit and win. “Obviously the first five heats or so on Saturday are crucial, and we’ve got to get going with some 5-1s immediately to put them under some pressure. “We didn’t ride well on Wednesday, and they were just too good on the night. Everywhere they put a bike on the track they seemed to go forward compared to us,and obviously, the 19 points from Charlie Brooks at reserve made a huge difference. “Fair play to the kid, he wasn’t scared to go anywhere on the track, he was up under the air-fence at times and it’s no wonder he scored the points he did. I’m sure he’ll remember that meeting forever. “But I thought about it afterwards and really we did no worse there than Mildenhall a few days earlier, and they’ve been head and shoulders above everyone all season, although I do suspect Mildenhall probably rode better than us. “Every one of our riders were trying, though, and I couldn’t fault Nathan Stonenman as a guest getting stuck in. You get nights like that sometimes, and now we need to see if we can turn it around and even if not, still finish on a high.” Supporters are reminded that Saturday’s meeting starts at 6.30pm and a free racecard is available on admission. COVENTRY: Connor Mountain, Luke Harris, Danny Phillips, Luke Ruddick, Jon Armstrong, Jamie Halder, Ryan MacDonald. EASTBOURNE: Georgie Wood, Jason Edwards, Mark Baseby, Ethan Spiller, Tom Brennan, Charley Powell, Charlie Brooks.
  12. 'Cases' Somerset Rebels: 1.Jason Doyle (capt), 2.Aaron Summers, 3.Nico Covatti, 4.Richard Lawson, 5.Jack Holder, 6.Jake Allen, 7.Bradley Wilson-Dean.‘Watling JCB’ Leicester Lions: 1.Hans Andersen, 2.Ricky Wells, 3.Charles Wright, 4.Stuart Robson, 5.Scott Nicholls, 6.Connor Mountain, 7.Josh Auty.
  13. Can't see anything other than a Somerset win.
  14. nightshift

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I actually emailed Leicester Speedway and asked for clarification (yes I'm that sad) . I was told that they now intend to stick with the original team, so now there is no changes. An article will appear in the Leicester Mercury newspaper. Why they didn't say this themselves...............who knows.
  15. Do a screenshot of it

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