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  1. that makes a lot more sense , i was told he was objecting to neil vatcher not having an unbiased opinion on what happened because of the close relationship with jon cook with the youth set-up and lakeside. i thought cookie must have lost the plot if he wasn't deliberately trying to get his ban doubled . rumours eh
  2. gee jay


    i think most of the players are semi-pro and have other jobs like our non-league.
  3. gee jay


    still buzzing this morning , loved every minute of the trip yesterday . despite being bank holiday and kings cross shut down traffic was amazingly good . full marks to the track staff for producing a track like that in that heat but also top marks to both sets of riders for putting on such a show , and i was wondering if it was going to be a bit of a damp sqibb after the glasgow meeting as , despite the rights or wrongs of what went on ,the atmosphere was electric . this time the riders did their talking on their bikes .special mentions for the 3 most entertaining riders on the night goes to newman , toft and i thought andersen . nice little touch that if you keep your stubbs from redcar and sheffield you'll get discount for the cup and shield meetings , then the cherry on the icing , we got back at 1.15 instead of the usual 2.30 , happy days.
  4. gee jay


    i really need my eyes tested , i thought you were having trouble spelling definitely
  5. sunshine all the way ( according to the bbc forecast ) till we welcome the british champion and his minions . redcar look to be a real contender for the play-offs so can they pull off a suprise at 'almost' fortress arlington , and if they can would it be a surprise even. i'll go for a 52 -38
  6. gee jay

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    very much like a young chris holder , throttle to the stop and hang on with everything including his teeth no matter what shape the bike is pulling . last year thought he was great whether he was riding against or guesting for the eagles .
  7. the more i hear and read on peter facenna the more i'm impressed . what a gentleman . i honestly hope glasgow go on to win the league just for him.
  8. gee jay

    Leicester 2019

    with barely 3 hrs of dry weather from 4 /5 o'clock is this meeting in any danger of being called off ?
  9. just to add my bit , and i was there . the track marshal moved infront of twit for brains with a red flag because him and two other tigers had already ignored 3 or 4 read lights which the ref had put on when the 3 riders moved off.
  10. just announced where the eagles end of season presentation dinner is , herstmonceux castle no less. if jon cook ends up in the moat at the end of the evening i hope ben and georgie have got their alibi planned .
  11. well seen as your 50p went on such an insignificant thing that you can't remember it last time , perhaps you'll pop the quid you save this time in one of the collection boxes.
  12. thanks ballinger , that would explain why there's no sign of it. don't understand the reason as every other one has been filmed .
  13. gee jay

    Eastbourne v Newcastle 8/6/19

    work and school monday morning ?
  14. you may be thinking of the 'entry of the gladiators' ? but that is the circus music.
  15. just watched tom brennan and mum sarah interview on eagles tv . all i can say is , who'd be a speedway rider and who'd be a mum .

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