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  1. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2018

    strange tweet on martin dugard's twitter page . seems like he's a bit miffed that no one has noticed his new white fence , never mind complimenting him on it . it appears to make the track bigger but isn't that dangerous with some of the reserves in the N.L. oh well , it shouldn't be brilliant white for too long then.
  2. gee jay

    Eastbourne v Plymouth (NL)

    i would have said that they missed henry atkins more than perks as morley around arlington is always worth paying to watch. with the way baseby , wood & ayres have been riding no real suprise that he didn't manage a maximum though . didn't have a programme but i think they had alex spooner at no 3 so as been mentioned always going to be hard for them .nice to see richard andrews in what must be close to the best form of his life .
  3. gee jay

    Bob Dugard RIP

    those angels better watch out now cos' hell be whizzing round on a brand new massey fergusson forever now . bye bob.
  4. gee jay

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    at least they haven't deliberately flooded the track to get a meeting postponed and stupidly done it when a member of the opposing team lives 20 mins down the road , now who was that with the short memory again ?
  5. gee jay

    bronze helmet

    2 seasons ago was the last time it was competed for , no idea where it is hiding now . all i remember is the rider who had held on to it for most of the season lost it the meeting before they met eastbourne so adam ellis missed his chance.
  6. gee jay

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    thanks cheese , don't know where you got the news , i've been searching websites and twitter since 8.00 this morning for news.
  7. gee jay

    Birmingham Statement

    think that would be very harsh on birmingham, the masons, riders and fans. a personal fine for rogers would be better but like you say why try and cheat against buxton for goodness sake.
  8. gee jay

    Belle Vue v Brummies Fri 22nd June

    that's what the difference is now . we've all seen these wonder kids before , some fulfill their promise , most don't . but i don't remember for decades what amounts to a little conveyor belt of 3 or more riders which have the whole league's attention . and we only have the likes of the thompson bros , the mcgurk bros , ablett, palin , freeman and quite a few others in not so distant future.
  9. gee jay


    yep , as stoke potter says. have been muted noises for a few years but seems to be a lot louder this week with a story inside front page of s/star , on facebook and recent posts on forum saying possible return on what sounds a new track as early as next year . definitely yorkshire dukes so not to alienate halifax or bradford fans with gary havelock saying he'd love to be involved .
  10. gee jay

    Bradford To Return ?

    especially at a place where the main stay sport of rugby league has gone into administration about 6 times in the last few years.
  11. gee jay


    i know it's still pie in the sky with a long way to go but 'yorkshire dukes' as another stand alone set-up , is this another potential nail for buxton ?
  12. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2018

    bloody hell richard if you're this depressed after last saturday wait till this saturday night
  13. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2018

    if you liked him last year you'll love him this year. if he's got either a spanner man or a driver it will be a real help as i believe he was doing it all himself last year. hope he does well tomorrow.
  14. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2018

    maybe not having many meetings in the next 2 months tipped the scales but other than that one race on tv i didn't think it did him any favours last year , i thought he had found the travelling a bit much , perhaps he's got more help this time . good luck to him though .
  15. gee jay

    Plymouth 2018

    is anyone filming the devils this year only it doesn't look like alex raby is ?

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