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  1. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2020

    thank god for that i thought eastbourne were changing to sidecar racing.
  2. gee jay

    Commentator of the Year

    obviously this award has been won over a wider range of work than just the swedish league coverage on free sport but that is all i know him from and for me he completely ruins it with the inane and repetitive tweets from the same inane and repetitive tweeters , if that puts me in with the saps and wrinklies then i have to take that but what has " hello dave can you say hello to my boyfriend " . no problem with that , where is he ? in the navy fighting off somali pirates or with the army fighting insurgents in helmand province ? no he's sat on the settee beside her . vicky butler henderson sax coburg or whatever your f####ing name is you have a lot to answer for . right , i'm going for my afternoon nap.
  3. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2020

    hows this for a season opener , get the premier league new boys down for the Bob Dugard memorial cup .
  4. gee jay

    Poole Pirates 2020

    not so sure JPB is the answer to your problem , all the talent in the world but how many times has he just up and quit teams already in his short career ?
  5. are there any rumours coming out of monmore of a farewell for rory ? he has done more for british youngsters than 90% of british riders so i think it would be a fitting goodbye .
  6. ostergaard & sedgeman in the same team is a bit of a gamble , both well known confidence riders , very hit and miss , but if they both click glasgow looks very strong again.
  7. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2020

    thanks for the reply , can see us making the trip down for this one.
  8. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2020

    sorry if i've missed what is common knowledge but have you anymore details on the meeting like is it a team or individual etc , thanks
  9. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2020

    in my opinion poole v eastbourne is already bigger than poole v somerset without a wheel turning so i wouldn't rule out a south coast bank holiday derby just yet .
  10. gee jay

    Club Merchandise

    so did phil morris .
  11. because someone came up with the idea and reading it from the eastbourne side it came from somerset , thats why. the fact that everyone could have been doing it for decades and haven't is precisely the point.
  12. gee jay

    British average reduction

    it's very clever yet very simple and should have been done years ago . i remember when i watched newport there was a reduction for british riders but someone somewhere came out with "it's unfare to foreign riders ' in something like the 'bosman ruling ' in football years earlier ,and frightened because of possible legal action the law makers dropped it . it's only taken 12 or more years but now we've got , you can't ride in the national league unless you're british and you only get a reduction if you started your racing in the national league , swwweeet.
  13. i see ms hancock is showing her stuff already , £5 off any home meeting at somerset , swindon , poole & eastbourne if you are a season ticket holder at any one of the clubs , go debbie !!!!!!
  14. only at 2.am in the morning or by helicopter
  15. gee jay

    Kent Kings 2020?

    it's not just about the ban though is it ? do you know if he paid any fine imposed ? if there was a fine and he hasn't paid it the ban won't start until it is paid like danny bird .

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