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  1. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    that's him , i made him sound way too jewish
  2. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    here's one right out of left field , i've been really enjoying oliver bernstein's efforts in sweden for the last 2 yrs , what would his average be ?
  3. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    yes , he was sat with danny halsey infront of me at cardiff he's a big lad.
  4. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    if he can come back after that first big crash and ride like he was before last seasons crash i don't see him having any problem , i really don't.
  5. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    you never know , one more comeback and he levels it with frank sinatra .
  6. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    this is going to cost me a small fortune every week , my misses loves lewi more than me.
  7. gee jay

    Leicester NL 2019

    would go with the hunters personally.
  8. gee jay

    Birmingham 2018

    kent waiting to sort out possible change of race night i think , kent will go up next year i believe.
  9. gee jay

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    very pleasing news , even though we won't be racing against you .
  10. gee jay


    please god no , my misses would make me drive to arlington every week as she absolutely loves lewy.
  11. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2019

    thing is skidder , because of the squads contracted doesn't mean a lot . riders have gone all season and had one or two rides even none in some cases so it might not be too much of a risk . however i don't know if he would be expected to be there if he was riding or not as that would nail it. i'd like to see adam ellis and ellis perks back.
  12. gee jay


    i wasn't there , but was told bwd was at a meeting some time the following season picking the 50/50 ticket so doubt there's any bad feeling now.
  13. gee jay

    Eastbourne 2018

    does your family and friends see much of you ?
  14. gee jay

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    always loved the arm tassles myself , gary havelock was another , in his bradford days likewise shaun the prawn wilson.
  15. gee jay

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    congratulations .

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