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  1. There should be no need to ask for personal detaills, an excemption certicate from a doctor should suffice Glasses steaming up isn't a medical condition. Noses aren't excempt either.
  2. tyretrax


    Glasgow machine examiner refused to let him race with the small cardboard hat on his helmet.
  3. tyretrax

    Gerry Marsden RIP

    RIP Gerry.
  4. tyretrax

    Good riddance 2020

    Happy New Year to one and all. Lang may yer lum reek.
  5. tyretrax

    Connor Bailey - Suspension

    What ever it is I don't think anyone is going to come out of this with any credit.
  6. tyretrax


    SPOTY............Lewis Hamilton. What a surprise.
  7. tyretrax


    In the ladies toilet at Berwick's Berrington track, Oral sex, a taste of things to cum.
  8. tyretrax

    Rye House

    Shawfield has a sports covenant on it too.
  9. tyretrax

    2021 Season

    Never noticed any drop in support when "weaker" teams turned up at Glasgow.
  10. tyretrax

    Kent Kings 2020?

    What many missing riders, how many have said that they won't be back?
  11. tyretrax

    Tom McCrone.

    Sad news from Glasgow, former clerk of the course at Shawfield and Ashfield Tom McCrone passed away yesterday. R.I.P. Tom.
  12. tyretrax

    2021 Season

    Honestly, must be great to know all the answers and be able to say how other clubs should run their business.
  13. tyretrax

    Best/Worst Christmas Songs

    Worst----Last Christmas, Wham. Best----Must Be Santa, Bob Dylan.
  14. tyretrax

    What a difference in stadiums

    I think speedway suffers in big cities if they have succesful football teams.
  15. We'll be fine in Scotland. The Shipman sisters, Sturgeon & Freeman, are vaccine experts.

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