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  1. Would you like to list the tracks which closed due to having no air fence?
  2. You really are a thickwit, the only weeds are the one in your bong. Better to say nothing and have people think your thick than say something and prove it.
  3. Heavy rain and thunder in Blantyre.
  4. According to "Tigers Roar" track curators are Chris Adamson and Neil Carmichael.
  5. tyretrax

    Fabulous Cinder To Shale Open Day 27.5.18

    Thanks Heather, as I wouldn't be taking my car to the speedway the time factor rules our visit out. Regards Tich.
  6. tyretrax

    Fabulous Cinder To Shale Open Day 27.5.18

    Pity it's the same day as the Glasgow V Edinburgh meeting. We were going to go but will have give it a miss now, hope it can opened on another date.
  7. It was announced when he reached the starting gate that he had the wrong colour on.
  8. Too many distractions and people in the pits.
  9. Do they not have a walkie talkie? every one else seems to.
  10. Congratulations to Paulco and Elaine on their wedding today.
  11. tyretrax

    Charlie Webster - Malaria

    This thread has drifted from malaria to rape. Better get on to the other thread before Isis comes on.
  12. tyretrax

    Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Unlike you who uses a JCB.
  13. tyretrax

    Charlie Webster - Malaria

    How many people do? I have seen several threads on the same subject.

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