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  1. tyretrax

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Are you ignoring his facial paralysis?
  2. tyretrax

    Eastbourne 2020

    Why would you say Glasgow? You got them on speed type?
  3. tyretrax

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Brian Collins said much the same to me, you should give yourself a fright sometimes.
  4. tyretrax

    Edinburgh & Glasgow race night

    When they raced at Old Meadowbank they raced on Saturdays.
  5. tyretrax


    I suggested a plastic bag a few years ago, being fed up with a soggy copy, the answer was it wasn't feasible.
  6. tyretrax


    Happy New Year.
  7. Is she even a registered charity?
  8. Ray Stadia, on your point of "rent a protest" At Shawfield ther is usually about a dozen protesters with dogs, one night there was twenty odds. low and behold aTV news crew turned up to interview them. We have had to supply water for the dogs on a very hot summer night, so much for caring for the dogs. I was in a shop and a woman with a retired hound, she was a member of Greyhound Awareness, was telling a gob smacked assistant how a dog with one eye had run into the track wall and was hit on the head with a hammer. I assured the assistant that it was completely untrue. In fact we did have dogs who were blind in one eye and raced well.
  9. Former Glasgow, Edinburgh and Berwick stalwart Dougie Templeton has sadly passed away. R.I.P. Dougie
  10. I know people who work very hard rehoming greyhounds when their racing days are over and some who for various reasons don't become racers. Some people swallow what the antis spout like dogs being euthanized using captive bolt guns and kennels having freezers for dead dogs, why would they want to keep them? I can assure you at licenced tracks, where the antis are targeting, dogs are humanley put to sleep by injection by a qualified vet. As far as freezers go, tracks do have a small freezer to hold deceased dog before being taken to university vet schools for student education or taken by the owner for cremation to have the ashes to keep or to be buried.
  11. They think it was because of their protests Belle Vue is closing. These people won't be happy untill there is noihing left, speedway could be in their sights because rider get injured.
  12. Do you have any inside knowledge of greyhoundracing and how dogs are treated? I've seen grown men crying over the loss of a dog and not because of the financial loss but the loss of a pet.
  13. tyretrax

    BSI lose GPs

    Not an opinion shared in Glasgow.
  14. tyretrax

    BSI lose GPs

    Demoted to raker would still be too good for him.

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