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  1. Glasgow End of Season dance next Saturday.
  2. tyretrax

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Better change your name then.
  3. tyretrax

    Swindon 2020

    Council meeting called to discuss new, or lack of, new stadium.
  4. tyretrax

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Honestly, the biggest load of crap you've posted and that's saying something.
  5. The problem with the back straight on a night meeting is the floodlights, the lights are on your eye level and it is difficult to see riders at the opposite end of the track. I understand that they can't be higher due to the proximity of the motorway.
  6. I arrived just after half five and it was off, people were leaving to colleci their refund.
  7. I came through monsoon rain at The Forge, when I came to the Royal Infirmary it was dry from there to Ashfield. It was two hours before start time and the track staff were working on the track, I was very surprised to find it was off with a clear sky. O.K. I was at the track and it may have been different if I had arrived an hour later to find it off but I don't think enough time was given to allow work to be done on the track. I've heard that there was no consultation between the referee, riders or staff, if true that is shocking.
  8. R.I.P. Svein Harald Kaasa who lost his life at Hampden Park on this day in 1972
  9. tyretrax

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Just a good lawyer.
  10. Well I hope Cookie pees all over your parade.
  11. tyretrax

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Because he's got a big spoon.
  12. tyretrax

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Vissing's appeal was rejected, Kennett didn't appeal.
  13. Couldn't wind up a watch.
  14. So that track was packed tight with littled loose dirt but riders need it super slick, does that not mean the track should've been to their liking?

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