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  1. Heathen1984

    2019 NL Season

    National league agm on 28th november!
  2. Wolves n cradley didnt wear body colours, no1 from cradley management was there, says it all really about it.
  3. Sorry i meant they didnt have club race jackets on, was a shambles to be honest!
  4. Argos, cradley or wolves had official race jackets with the club on.
  5. What a load of rubbish Laurence rogers, fellows brum fans near me was not impressed aswell . It was awful from start to finish and ref didn't help things either.
  6. 1 good race with Shanes apart from that was an awful meeting with a rubbish ref.
  7. Nah mate, was poor showing from all. Right decision aswell, prob worst meeting ive ever seen
  8. Exactly, brum select to better there team. Ref is awful here aswell, riders touches tapes and left in the race.
  9. Nothing to do with cradley aswell bud. Just a meeting for brum to win and end the season with!
  10. Very unlikely JJ. Thats y been nice for our management to av picked our team for our last meeting.
  11. Id like cradley management to at least pick the team, its funny how cradley and wolves av a novice as our 4th rider. Wonder y that is. Good to see Davey fit anyway.
  12. Cant believe cradley had no say in there own team to ride, bit of a farce wen 1 club r choosing the teams to suit.
  13. Well u know the riders so y aint all riders annouced to us.
  14. Heathen1984

    Kent Laurels

    Who is Ledworth?
  15. Heathen1984

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Yeh it is a joke but club would be finished if wasnt for NT, still hope for next season but cant see it to be honest.

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