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  1. Heathen1984

    Confirmed Signings for 2020

    Cradley aint said they aint running just looks very unlikely!
  2. Heathen1984

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    100+ brummies, must of missed them all then. Was never gona be a great crowd at brum. Never is!
  3. Not sure why clegg isnt mentioned by many to win, he as been the best rider in the league this season. Apart from is 1st ride 2nite, he didnt look right in that heat. Haha
  4. Not sure why clegg isnt mentioned by many to win, he as been the best rider in the league this season.
  5. Heathen1984

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Last night of speedway for us evening. Can see us losing by at least 10 but lets enjoy our last meeting.
  6. Heathen1984

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Reason club wont exist in 2 weeks time is cause there will be no national league.We both know that crowds aint the problem.
  7. Dont believe any Mark Robinson says, bloke is a complete idiot. Clueless idiot aswell.
  8. Heathen1984

    My Top 20 Riders

    Strange how clegg is only 4th!
  9. Heathen1984

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    He rode for cradley many years ago!
  10. Heathen1984

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Jack smith seemed ok after meeting talking to presenter. Yes we av givin up on our team. Last few matches maybe forever
  11. Heathen1984

    Stoke V Cradley 29/06/19

    Worst meeting ive ever seen. Stoke deserved the win, , was all about staying on the bike for both teams except for Perry, Coles and Clegg. This is a reason why this great sport is as good as dead. Prob watched 2 of the worst teams in the league. Well done Stoke, fully deserved the win against a 1 man cradley team.
  12. Heathen1984

    leicester v stoke potters.

    Should be fairly even u say? R u for real. Looks an easy win to leicester from what i can see anyway
  13. Heathen1984


    Yeh nothing against ur club but thats hiw i feel, my team Cradley wont be much higher thou
  14. Heathen1984


    Battle of most likely two bottom teams
  15. Heathen1984

    Isle of wight vs Cradley Heath

    I dunno what to do, lot of driving and money for a rain off. Decisions decisions haha. Forecast looks worse now

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