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  1. dukes

    Bradford To Return ?

    Yorkshire Community Sports C.I.C. Ltd aims to provide facilities in Yorkshire for Sporting, Educational, Recreational and Social Activities in a safe and secure environment. The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the Community and in particular (Without Limitation) to provide unprecedented sports and learning facilities encouraging ALL to actively participate. Particular focus will be providing an outlet for disengaged young people and to reduce anti-social behaviour. Equally important is to bring families together of all generations and backgrounds to encourage a unified community. The company will provide a number of new full-time and part-time jobs. It will enhance the opportunities for local diverse sporting and learning activities and help to strengthen community spirit by preventing anti-social behaviour amongst young people and bringing generations and families from a range of backgrounds together to help create a cohesive/diverse community. Engaging and assisting many communities to actively learn and participate in a safe, secure and friendly environment without limitation. A Stadium will be for used to house the Yorkshire Dukes Speedway Team who intend to compete in the National Speedway League. In house training for riders to learn the sport and a machinery workshop for a full time motor vehicle technician and apprentices to repair and build different types of machinery will also be facilitated. Funds generated from the speedway will be used to facilitate various activities to benefit the community. There is a dire shortage of places for young persons to use in a safe environment trials, mini moto’s, quad bikes and other unconventional bikes. They have all become a source of disdain on streets, car parks and open spaces. It is planned to utilise the facility and workshop to deal with this anti-social behaviour by directing young people to use the track and facilities under safe directional supervision where they will be able to use learn and use machinery in a controlled environment. Working in conjunction with West Yorkshire Police this would help the community in dealing with the current distress. The facility will provide a channel for all to actively participate and be physically or mentally stimulated. The availability of the facility will encourage more participation of diverse sports and learning opportunities. It will also provide the opportunity for people from outside the community to visit and bring extra revenue to Yorkshire through a tourism aspect. Additionally, the Stadium will incorporate a Go-Kart track suitable for paraplegic and disabled drivers, using suitably modified go-karts that will enable participants to develop their skills within a specialised facility where safety, ease of use and access are paramount. Yorkshire Community Sports C.I.C. Ltd is a registered company No.10542934 it is a not for profit company remaining on dissolution will be transferred to Yorkshire Cancer Research.
  2. dukes

    In My View By Phil Rising

    100% correct Vince, as you rightly mention all those years ago when a solid footing for the youth should have been made. One problem today is the bigger picture with The Speedway Star, the new generation of Youth have minimalist coverage. The Development League coverage is a few paragraphs and normally not accurate. Surely to entice the new young generation, a large coverage of the juniors exploits would entice them, family and friends to buy the Star? .
  3. dukes

    In My View By Phil Rising

    In of my sentences it says:- Moving forward we must start at the beginning. So looking at the big picture, 11 home league meetings if you do not qualify for the play offs, yes. But with the second race night on the week that you are away, the knock out cup, challenge and individual meetings could be staged. The main emphasis, that if careful planning and consideration to the paying public is taken anything can be achieved.
  4. dukes


    To avoid further embarrassment to any party, I wont go into last nights fiasco. But to avoid it ever happening again thorough detailed planning for the future is a must. Moving forward we must start at the beginning. So a fixed race night with an alternative day to be used for rain offs/abandonment's. Mondays could be classed as the alternative race day and also reserved for televised matches with Thursday the fixed race night. (alternatively vice versa) With say 12 teams in The Top League, it would mean a total of 22 weeks to fulfill home and away fixtures.. Commencing with Round 1 of fixtures on 29 March 2018 and Round 22 on 23 August 2018. All fixtures to be completed by this date as alternative day used to achieve it. This would still leave 5 full fixture dates before the end of September to stage Play Off rounds. Planning is easy, but it takes all concerned to actually listen, what the paying public want. Stability.
  5. dukes

    In My View By Phil Rising

    To avoid further embarrassment to any party, I wont go into last nights fiasco. But to avoid it ever happening again thorough detailed planning for the future is a must. Moving forward we must start at the beginning. So a fixed race night with an alternative day to be used for rain offs/abandonment's. Mondays could be classed as the alternative race day and also reserved for televised matches with Thursday the fixed race night. (alternatively vice versa) With say 12 teams in The Top League, it would mean a total of 22 weeks to fulfill home and away fixtures.. Commencing with Round 1 of fixtures on 29 March 2018 and Round 22 on 23 August 2018. All fixtures to be completed by this date as alternative day used to achieve it. This would still leave 5 full fixture dates before the end of September to stage Play Off rounds. Planning is easy, but it takes all concerned to actually listen, what the paying public want. Stability.
  6. A huge thank you to everyone at Belle Vue Speedway from Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes, for allowing us to stage our NJL fixture against Newcastle Gems on Wednesday 9 August. Forget the score line of Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes 29 Newcastle Gems 6, all the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have learned from this valuable experience. Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes 29 Dan Gilkes 3, 3, 3, 9 Kean Dicken 2+1, 2+1, 2+1, 6+3 Harry McGurk 3, 3, 3, 9 Jordan Palin 1, 2+1, 2+1 5+2 Newcastle Gems 7 Josh Embleton 1, 1, 1, 3 Dean Douglas 0, 0, 0, 0 Archie Freeman 2, Fx, 1, 3 Danny Smith 0, 1, 0, 1 1. Gilkes, Dicken, Embleton, Douglas. 5-1 65.44s 2. McGurk, Freeman, Palin, Smith. 4-2 9-3 53.84s 3. Gilkes, Dicken, Embleton, Douglas. 5-1 14-4 65.78s 4. McGurk, Palin, Smith, Freeman fx. 5-1 19-5 54.07s 5. Gilkes, Dicken, Embleton, Douglas. 5-1 24-6 66.25s 6. McGurk, Palin, Freeman, Smith. 5-1 29-6 On to Sunday 13 August at Scunthorpe`s Eddie Wright Raceway. Eight Northern Junior League Riders thoroughly entertained the crowd that remained behind to see Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes narrowly defeat Northside Stars. With 5 heat winners and solid back up the Dukes ensured that the 21-15 keeps them on track to mount a challenge to Berwick and Ashfields title aspirations. Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes 21 Kean Dicken 0, 1, 0, 1 Joe Lawlor 2, 3, 3, 8 Harry McGurk 1, 1, 1, 3 Jordan Palin 3, 3, 3 9 Northside Stars 15 James Hitchen 3, 2, 2, 7 Lewis Millar 1, 0, 1, 2 Corban Pavitt 2, 2, 2, 6 Gregor Millar 0, 0, 0, 0 1. Hitchen, Lawlor, Millar, Dicken 2-4 2. Palin, Pavitt, McGurk, Millar 4-2 6-6 3. Lawlor, Hitchen, Dicken, Millar. 4-2 10-8 4. Palin, Pavitt, McGurk, Millar. 4-2 14-10 5. Lawlor, Hitchen, Millar, Dicken. 3-3 17-13 6. Palin, Pavitt, McGurk, Millar. 4-2 21-15
  7. dukes

    Eagles V Brummies 05/08/2017

    Very quick to criticise! This is where everyone does not know what the rules are, but they actually exist and are clear. The biggest problem is that people do not bother to read them before venting criticism. If anyone takes the time to look in: 2017 Speedway Regulations: 21. Development League Regulations. Pages 54-55 Maybe people would understand why Tom Brennan and Henry Atkins were eligible.
  8. Scintillating speedway was served up at Scunthorpe Speedway today when Halifax `Golden Fleece`Dukes entertained Berwick Border Raiders. The cream of British Youth speedway served up entertainment superior to most professional matches and a narrow margin of scores showed the evenness of the teams. With Dan Gilkes making his debut for the Dukes,all looked well in heat 1 with Kean Dicken following round the first bend and the Dukes on a 5-1, by lap 2 Kev Whelan had made his mark with a inside swoop for second place. All looked well on the last bend when disaster struck for Dan with a sudden engine failure, Kev Whelan sped through with Kean Dicken second and Kieran Douglas third for a early Berwick lead 4-2. Heat 2 saw the first ever Northern Junior League 250cc race and what a race. With all 4 riders entering the first bend no quarter was given by any of the riders, side by side until the straight where Dan Thompson took the lead. With Jordan Palin, Leon Flint and Joe Thompson in hot pursuit the race was not over, lap after lap the boys rode hard with Berwick securing another 4-2 advantage. Heat 3 and Dan Gilkes had to resort to his second bike, but who would have thought it. A magnificent start and holding his nerve under pressure from Kieran Douglas and Kev Whelan, Dan emerged from bend 2 in front and kept the lead throughout. 3-3. Heat 4 and the Dukes duo of Jordan Palin and Joe Thompson raced away for a superb 5-1 and to level the aggregate scores to 12-12. Heat 5 and all 4 riders into the bend together and again with Dan Gilkes holding his nerve he gained advantage down the back straight with Kev Whelan, Kean Dicken and Kieran Douglas following. Douglas reeled in and passed Dicken and doing that split the heat score 3-3. Heat 6 and all to race for saw Jordan Palin and Joe Thompson away from the gate with Leon Flint and Dan Thompson not far behind. Slowly Leon Flint reeled in Joe Thompson and a pass, but Jordan Palin was gone and tad too far for Leon Flint to reach. 4-2 to the Dukes and a narrow margin win 19-17. Credit must go to all riders who displayed fantastic skill and ability for their years, but most of all to their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, families and friends for without these nothing would be possible. Thank you all. Halifax`Golden Fleece`Dukes 19 Keen Dicken 2, 0, 0, 2 Dan Gilkes ef, 3, 3, 6 Jordan Palin 2, 3, 3, 8 Joe Thompson 0, 2+1, 1, 3+1 Berwick Border Raiders 17 Kev Whelan 3, 2, 2, 7 Kieran Douglas 1, 1+1, 1+1, 3+2 Leon Flint 1, 1, 2 4 Dan Thompson 3, 0, 0 3
  9. NEWCASTLE GEMS 10 Josh Embleton 3, e/f, 3 = 6 Dale Pate n/s, n/s, 0 = 0 Archie Freeman 2, 1, 1 = 4 Ryan Morris f, f, 0 = 0 HALIFAX `GOLDEN FLEECE` DUKES 25 Kean Dicken 2, 3, 2 = 7 Sheldon Davies 1+1, 2+1, 1+1 = 4+3 Jordan Palin 1, 2+1, 2+1 = 5+2 Harry McGurk 3, 3, 3 = 9 Heat details Race 1 Embleton, Dicken, Davies, Pate n/s. 3-3 Race 2 McGurk, Freeman, Palin, Morris f. 2-4 5-7 Race 3 Dicken, Davies, Embleton e/f, Pate n/s 0-5 5-12 Race 4 McGurk, Palin, Freeman, Morris f. 1-5 6-17 Race 5 Embleton, Dicken, Davies, Pate. 3-3 9-20 Race 6 McGurk, Palin, Freeman, Morris. 1-5 10- 25 Newcastle riders after suffering mechanical problems, but some good racing.
  10. On 2 October at Glasgow`s Ashfield Stadium the initial staging of the 2016 Northern Junior League 500cc Championship took place. After a first heat win by Chris Hay, followed by James Hitchen and Mark McIlKenny. Heat 2 saw a terrible fall, in which Dale Lamb suffered injuries resulting in requiring hospital treatment. Subsequently the meeting was abandoned to be restaged a week later. Fast forward a week to 9th October and the restaging took place. An entertaining meeting started off with wins for Mark McIlkenny and Lloyd Ditchburn. Ditchburn looked very impressive in his opener sweeping past early leader Kev Whelan and holding on to victory. Heat 3 was another win for McIlkenny and Kev Whelan had a good battle with James Hitchen before taking Heat 4. Whelan took his second win of the day in Heat 5. However the real shock came in Heat 6 when the unbeaten McIlkenny was relegated to last place as Gavin Parr who had failed to score in his opening 2 rides and took the win. Qualifying scores James Hitchen Northside 2 2 2 6 Mark McIlkenny Berwick 3 3 0 6 Josh Embleton Newcastle F 1 2 3 Blair Smith Wildcard f/x n/s n/s 0 Gavin Parr Redcar 0 0 3 3 Lloyd Ditchburn Workington 3 1 1 5 Kev Whelan Berwick 2 3 3 8 Lewis Millar Northside 1 2 1 4 A fantastic gate by Whelan saw him quickly move clear of the pack. However he made a hash of the 4th bend at the end of lap 3 allowing Hitchen to charge up the inside of him on the home straight. Whelan tried to return the compliment by getting inside Hitchen on bends 1 & 2 of the last lap but the youngster shut the door on him and went on to win the heat and the championship. Final 1st James Hitchen. 2nd Kev Whelan. 3rd Mark McIlkenny. 3rd Lloyd Ditchburn.
  11. Workington kindly allowed the staging of The Northern Junior League 125cc Championship on Saturday 1 October. From each of the teams in the Northern Junior League the top averaged rider was selected leaving 2 vacant places for the next 2 averaged riders. With this rule it was an achievement within itself that Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes had 3 riders in the 2016 NJL 125cc Riders Championship. Heat1 with Harry McGurk flying from the tapes and Jordan Palin following it looked like a dream start for the Dukes Duo, unfortunately it was not to be with Jordan Palin coming unstuck and taking a tumble, leaving the way for Harry to be a clear winner with Kieran Taylor to finish second and Corban Pavitt third. Heat 2 was Sam MuGurk`s turn to wipe the board, but not without a push from Alex Goldsborough and Luke Harrison who kept him honest all the way. Unfortunately Archie Freemans bike gave way early on. Heat 3 saw the McGurk brothers pit their skills against each other and Harry was not for a repeat of their last race at Sheffield. Racing home to a new track record of 79 seconds that had stood for years, Harry triumphed with Sam following closely with Corban Pavitt and Alex Goldsborough not far behind. Heat 4 and out of sorts Jordan Palin would have to push for points for a final spot, but home track specialist and one of the favorites, Kieran Taylor would not be beaten. Kieran raced home ahead of Jordan with Luke Harrison and Archie Freeman pushing all the way. Heat 5 Sam McGurk was gone, Kieran Taylor and Archie Freeman could not find any answer to extinguish on fire Sam. Heat 6 was to decide the finalists and with Harry McGurk making a clean sweep in his 3rd qualifying race, Jordan Palin held on for second to deny Luke Harrison a final spot. Qualifying Scorers Kieran Taylor Workington 2 3 2 8 Harry McGurk Halifax 3 3 3 9 Jordan Palin Halifax f 2 2 4 Corban Pavitt Northside 1 1 ef 2 Luke Harrison Berwick 1 1 1 3 Sam McGurk Halifax 3 2 3 8 Archie Freeman Newcastle ef 0 1 1 Alex Goldsborough Redcar 2 0 0 2 Finalists:- Jordan Palin, Harry McGurk, Sam McGurk and Kieran Taylor lined up at the tapes, dreams and expectations would they come fruit.........YES THEY DID and with a dream top three finish the night was well deserved for the Dukes trio. Final:- 1st Harry McGurk. 2nd Sam McGurk. 3rd Jordan Palin. 4th Kieran Taylor.
  12. It is so easy and simple it is beyond belief that publishing new material both in The Speedway Star and Associated Speedway websites would actually bring with it the desire to look at them, by a new audience. If a new rider/novice/youth is doing well then the extended families take a interest, problem is the old stick in the mud attitude of we know which audience we cater for attitude. Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes have just won The Northern Junior League in 2016, World No.6 at 125cc level, British 125cc 3,4 and 5 finishers, British Youth Grass Track Champion, 1,2 and 3 in Northern Junior League Riders 125cc Championship and which one of the above has cared to mention it, cover it or even published a photograph? It is great that The Evening Courier in Halifax does give great coverage still even after a 30 year absence of the sport in the Town and people want to watch it and know where they can go to watch the Dukes. Take a look at the web page of the Dukes to see over 3500 hits over consecutive weeks to see who can do it right.
  13. With the Best of British Youth Speedway on show, this event is nothing more than spectacular. Big thank you to all who helped, organised and financially supported it. The whole event would not have been possible without Kevin Keay and his tireless efforts to make it happen. Well done Kevin and thank you from everyone at Halifax.
  14. Halifax `Golden Fleece`Dukes faced Redcar `Crofton Court Motorcycles` Cubs who certainly gave the Dukes a run for our money at Scunthorpe this evening. Heat 1. Saw Kean Dicken quick from the start tapes. Carl Basford in white hit the deck, to be swiftly followed by Gavin Parr in yellow/black just as Sheldon Davies was about to overtake him for 2nd place. The race was stopped and re-run without the excluded Carl, which allowed Gavin to get the 2nd place behind Kean. 4-2. Heat 2. Dukes dynamic duo of Harry McGurk and Jordan Palin flew round the track followed by Alex Goldsbrough and Elliot Kelly for a 5-1. Heat 3. The Redcar Cubs got the better of the Dukes and took the spoils, despite the best efforts of Kean Dicken to split Carl Basford and Gavin Parr. 1-5. Heat 4. With the dynamic duo of Jordan and Harry once again on course to get a 5-1, Harry suffered an engine failure allowing Alex and Elliot to equal the spoils. 3-3 Heat 5. Was a awesome race with Carl first away from the tapes followed closely by Kean, Gavin and Sheldon. Exiting bend 2 on the first lap Kean flew up the inside of Carl for a great pass, Carl stayed on Kean`s tail to the end but to no avail. Not to be outdone Sheldon kept Gavin honest pushing him all the way. 3-3 Heat 6. Jordan and Harry proved too strong for Alex and Elliot with another 5-1 to clinch the deal for Halifax. Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes 21 Kean Dicken 3, 1, 3 7 Sheldon Davies 1, 0, 0 1 Jordan Palin 2+1, 3, 3 8+1 Harry McGurk 3, ef, 2+1 5+1 Redcar `Crofton Court Motorcycles` Cubs 15 Carl Basford f-ex, 3, 2 5 Gavin Parr 2, 2+1, 1+1 5+2 Ellliot Kelly 0, 1+1, 0 1+1 Alex Goldsbrough 1, 2, 1 4
  15. A entertaining NJL match at Scunthorpe saw Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes edge Northside Stars and retain their unbeaten status. Heat 1. James Hitchen and Luke McKenna made perfect starts, leaving Joe Lawlor and Sheldon Davies at the start. By end of bend 2 Lawlor had shown the experience he has gained in the NJL, by going round all to take the lead and finish in a fast time. Heat 2. A flying start by both Dukes was a pleasure to watch, but Corban Pavitt was having none of it and by lap 3 had reeled in Luke Harrison by pressuring him and secured a second place to The Flying Palin. Heat 3. Saw Lawlor make the gate and gone, McKenna and Hitchen traded places several times with Davies sneaking up all the time. Heat 4. Palin was like a rocket from the start, Pavitt followed with Harrison looking smooth in third until horror struck and he cartwheeled in a nasty looking tumble. When he jumped up from his fall everyone sighed with relief. Heat 5. With Lawlor gone, Hitchen and McKenna looked comfortable for equal points, but Davies had other ideas. Lap by lap he reeled McKenna in to pip him for a excellent point. Heat 6. Turbo propelled Palin shot from the start with Pavitt in hot pursuit. Harrison back on the gas after his previous rides tumble ensured a 4-2 to the Dukes and the match spoils. Well done to all the riders who entertained a sizable crowd who stayed behind to watch. Halifax `Golden Fleece` Dukes 21 Joe Lawlor 3, 3, 3. 9 Sheldon Davies 0, 0, 1. 1 Jordan Palin 3, 3, 3. 9 Luke Harrison 1, f, 1. 2 Northside Stars 15 James Hitchen 2, 1, 2. 5 Luke McKenna 1, 2, 0. 3 Corban Pavitt 2, 2, 2. 6 Liam Little 0, 1, 0. 1

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