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  1. Sheffield 2018

    I would definitely keep the Bates/Bjerre combo together at home at least as I think they were the most successful pairing towards the end of last season. Wright showed how well he can ride Sheffield at the Pairs until he crashed out.
  2. Sheffield 2018

    Can Kyle fulfil the number role, I think he can. He seems to thrive on the pressure and responsibility, he did every heat 13 when fit and did his fair share of heat 15's especially away where he probably did them all, and his away form last season was a revelation. If you look at Kyle's home and away averages they very similar for me he is one of the best all round riders in the league. Lasse, is as good as any rider around Sheffield, maybe needs to make some improvements on some of the away tracks, but he is capable. Todd surprise me last season fully expected him to show his best form away from Sheffield, as he in past had not done too well around Sheffield. But it turned out to be the complete opposite and his away form was very patchy whereas his home form was really good, in saying that he did on few occasions and important win away from home that turned a match around. People bang on about what is the way to build a title winning team, strong heatleader trio, strength in depth, strong reserves. None of this matters to win the title you need Stay clear of injuries (luck) Have rider or two that put a point or two no their starting average. More importantly win all of your home matches. Last season their was only one team that won all of their home meetings. That team topped the league and went on to win the Play Off Final.
  3. Sheffield 2018

    Like the Canadian Mounties we finally got our man, and the team is now complete. Maybe not as strong as some of the other teams on paper, but it is not very often you see teams win back to back titles so its always going to be a massive ask for any team that we put together, and a lot depend upon everyone maintaining their fitness. Kyle Howarth can further kick start career, it was an amazing step up from Kyle last season. Lasse Bjerre and Sheffield are tailor made for each other (Thank God Richard Lawson went back on agreement with the club) Charles Wright will continue his steady progress my only worry is injuries with Charles. Todd Kurtz is a steady influence in the middle order just needs to pick up on his away form. Josh Bates is a far better rider than he is given credit for and I would not be surprised to see him pushing for a heatleader role. James Shanes is a signing that really excites me, I think he can put serious numbers on his average can really push to get out of the reserve berth. Jack Smith has seen most of the tracks and will have a bit more experience under his belt. Not going to make any wild predictions but cautiously optimistic for the season coming.
  4. Sheffield 2018

    Rightly so as well. Kyle never refused to ride for to ride for the Comets, simply stated his preference was Sheffield. Also cannot blame Worky as it is no secret that they have been strapped for cash and a transfer fee hefty or not would have been a big help to them. We sat tight and played the waiting game and looks like we could be announcing any time soon that Kyle will be back at the club for next season. End of the day, Kyle gets to ride for the club that is his personal preference. Worky pocket two loan fees. And Sheffield get their man for next season. Everyones a winner.
  5. Birmingham 2018

    Okay, thank you for clearing that up, the two statements for did not quite tally up.
  6. Birmingham 2018

    This is what JPB Facebook page said, Just so everyone knows I’m open to offers in the national league not wanting to cause any upset with Birmingham & their fans I’d love to be at Birmingham but I would like to see what others I get, also my sponsorship brochures will be available very soon and would love as much sponsors (new & existing) as possible as I’m wanting new equipment little or large will help and be hugely appreciated! This would suggest that he was looking for a better deal than what Birmingham were prepared to offer him, nothing wrong in that the lad feels that he needs more money to move his career further on. And thinking about it Bacon and Hulme gives more points to play around with, rather than JPB and one other, and probably by the looks of it balance the books better.
  7. Sheffield 2018

    Not sure what has gone off, but there has been some postings on his FB page that has hinted that maybe that there maybe problems. So I don't think that he has been hacked. And don't think that he is playing a prank. Could be that there has been a disagreement within the family, and Josh has had a bit of a wobble. Would be a massive shame if he does call it a day as he is a massive talent, but Josh now has a young family of his own and maybe he has decided that been a speedway rider is not for him. Hopefully whatever it is it can be sorted and the club and Josh can move forward, but if it is a case that he does not feel he wants to ride then Josh has made the best decision for him and his own young family.
  8. Sheffield 2018

    Excellent signing. Should push the 2nd strings,. By my reckoning the last two places will go to Kyle Howarth and Todd Kurtz.
  9. Sheffield 2018

    Already stated that he is not riding in the UK next season.
  10. Sheffield 2018

    I would not go with Newman, I just don't rate him and think that he has found his level.
  11. Sheffield 2018

    Could be both who knows, seems to be lots of red herrings thrown out at Sheffield. Josh G was pretty adamant that he would not be riding Championship next season so it looks likely that he is sticking to his guns. Cannot see Kyle Howarth riding anywhere else in the Championship. Same goes for Josh B,big season next season for him. 3rd heatleader could be a case of perm 1 from 3 of Proctor/ Wright or Jorgensen, not Lawson who I think will be Lakeside bound. Last two places who knows but looks like they will have to be a bit clever with who a small amount of points left over.
  12. Sheffield 2018

    With Wilson Dean and that would be a good team for me.
  13. Sheffield 2018

    David Howe is on record that he would only ride for Berwick. And I would not go for Newman.
  14. Scorpions 2018

    Looks like Mr Godfrey is really going for it. Will be interesting to see how the Scunthorpe speedway general public respond to big changes and what looks like a massive cash investment on a very exciting team so far. There are a lot of big characters and managing this team could be tough, and I think if they have one weakness it is the fact that some of key riders have been very injury prone and that could be their downfall. But they must be in with a better chance of been in the mix more than recent seasons.