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  1. spin king

    Sheffield v Eastbourne

    Total and utter tosh. Compared to Kyle Bickley who had a full season last season in the league, Drew had 7 meetings, In those 7 meeting Drew scored more points than Kyle points did from a full season. H e started the season on a assessed average of 2 due to not done enough meetings to gain an average. As soon as he gain an average he found himself in the main body of the team, yes he has found it tough, but the lad has stuck at it not given up. I cannot think of another rider who has moved from a reserve berth to the main body of the team before they were 17 , I don't remember Bewley doing it and Bickley still has the luxury of riding at reserve at Glasgow after over a season in the Championship. Oh and in the World Under 21 Team Cup he outscore Kyle Bickley, at track that Kyle calls home. If Drew should not be in Championship then there is a whole host of riders should not be either.
  2. With a 38 points limit?
  3. Mathematically impossible. Points limit set 38 points Sheffield team combined average 37.62 Kyle Howarth 6.78 Charles Wright 7.68 We would have been over the points limit changing Wright for Howarth.
  4. Taken from the article. After some remedial work the racing resumed but Rory Schlein got no further than the tapes as he touched them and earned a disqualification. But conditions actually had improved somewhat as Todd Kurtz showed by blasting round in 50.38 seconds to win heat five although again there was little to excite the true racing enthusiast. Chris Harris couldn't get anywhere close to Danny King in heat six, although Anders Rowe did try and put pressure on Drew Kemp in a forlorn bid to try and prevent another Sheffield heat advantage. What machine was Todd Kurtz on, because that is over 9 seconds quicker than the track record.
  5. Cracking ride from two ex Tigers and one ex Rebel. Oh and Rory was there as well.
  6. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Disagree with the presentation of the meeting, I think that actually has prove a big improvement, meetings have run far more smoother, and quicker than in the past. Comparing to Belle Vue, it a tad unfair for instance what sort of access does the track staff have to track, my guess it is 24/ 7, as I don't think that the stadium is used for anything else other than speedway, so they can work on the track far more. For me the racing and track have improved for the later start, still could be better admittedly, but there is an improvement, the 4.00pm start for just does not work, personally I think that things would have been even better with a 6.30pm start, but that would have not suited the family orientated crowd that the promotion was trying to attract.
  7. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Maybe an element of truth in that statement.
  8. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    To be honest I don't think that we would get the crowds to support Premiership speedway. On a personally note I would agree with Matt Ford merge the top two leagues to make one big league.
  9. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Not at all surprised by the news today I have been expecting it to be fair. Feel a degree of sympathy for the Promotion because they have put a lot of time, money and energy in really promoting the club and sport this season, with little reward. The change in race days from Thursday nights to Sunday afternoons has not helped for me although it is easier for me to get to meetings the standard of racing is effected and as much as I want the team to succeed I also want to be entertained and this season frankly I have been bored, and cannot help thinking that is down to afternoon racing. I have missed two meetings this season one through ill health the other due to been on holiday, and for the first time ever I can honestly say I did not missed not going. Spent hours trying figure out why, and come with why I feel that way. (1) The racing as I convinced it is afternoon racing. (2) Fragmented fixture list, too many gaps inbetween home meeting Sunday 9th June was our last home meeting the next one Sunday 30th June 3 weeks without a meeting is not good, you get out of the habit going and I think I am feeling that as well. (3) Promoters and other fans I am fed up with reading that if you complain or voice an opinion your a keyboard warrior or if you show support your classed as a happy clapper at times I have been labelled both the sport is giving me an identity crisis. (4) Restricted viewing in stadium, did think that the loss of the first bend viewing would have such an effect on me, but standing on the third and fourth bend is depressing its soulless, and no atmosphere. In saying that I will more than likely keep going for the rest of the season as I live in hope or is it more in habit. Hopefully someone will take the club on I cannot see it myself and to be honest I am not so sure at this particular moment I really care.
  10. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    At the start of the season it was a prize money was a straight £500. The lat couple of meetings it revert back to 50/50 and it was around £250.
  11. spin king

    Sheffield Speedway help wanted

    Leicester are at Sheffield on Sunday 9th July start time 5.30 pm. There is parking at the stadium in the stadium car park which I think costs £2. Admission prices Adults (aged 17 and over): £16.00 Concessions (over 65s): £13.00 with ID Students (aged 17-22, with student card): £13.00 Children (16 and under): FREE Programme £3.
  12. spin king

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    And now Jye Etheridge to for Berwick. Jye Etheridge did not withdraw from the meeting my error.
  13. spin king

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Unfortunately I won't be there tomorrow due to been on holiday, could go either way but I think we might just sneak it but it wont be a walk over. Hopefully the racing will be good.
  14. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    The point is that when he moved up into the main body of the team he was riding at number 2, and now rides at 4. A massive ask for a young 16 year old rider to be riding at 4 rather than 2.
  15. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Forget Bewley he has regular spot in the Polish Leagues and would not be available on Sundays. I wonder if we could fit in Bradley Wison Dean, but that would require 2 changes to the present team.

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