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  1. spin king

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    And now Jye Etheridge to for Berwick. Jye Etheridge did not withdraw from the meeting my error.
  2. spin king

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    Unfortunately I won't be there tomorrow due to been on holiday, could go either way but I think we might just sneak it but it wont be a walk over. Hopefully the racing will be good.
  3. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    The point is that when he moved up into the main body of the team he was riding at number 2, and now rides at 4. A massive ask for a young 16 year old rider to be riding at 4 rather than 2.
  4. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Forget Bewley he has regular spot in the Polish Leagues and would not be available on Sundays. I wonder if we could fit in Bradley Wison Dean, but that would require 2 changes to the present team.
  5. I think that the pub that you maybe thinking of is the New Barrack Tavern which is about 300 yards down the road from the stadium. I don't think that you will need to book and Kev the landlord has some fine real ales for you to try.
  6. I attended and have to agree with what you are saying, in fact when I entered the stadium around 20 past 3 and the track looked as though it had not been touch from the previous week which was very disappointing. The whole meeting felt very very flat. Personally I am not keen with afternoon speedway, maybe a 5pm start time might improve things.
  7. 11 Harry McGurk (Berwick/Cradley Heath) Berwick ?
  8. Short lived memory you have. You slagged off , by the way try to bend the rules to bring in a replacement for Phillips, problem was Phillips did not play ball.
  9. Drew Kemp and Kasper Andersen now have proper averages. Drew moves into the main body of the team and Zaine Kennedy moves to reserve.
  10. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    one of the present team to be announced as an asset.
  11. Predicting a Leicester win by 6.
  12. Could go either way. Redcar and some of their side have started very well in recent meetings. Sheffield look pretty strong and riders that have done well at Redcar. Should be a good match up.
  13. spin king


    Not really a fan of individual meetings so went along with not much expectations. The actual presentation of the meeting was far far better than in previous seasons, and the little touches for the kids was nice to see could well encourage more families to come through the gate. The track and the racing was poor, there is no getting away from that, there was a definite blue line that appear on the 3rd and 4th bend, that did not help matters and it looked like a a very slick track. This seems a bit strange as those who had attended the Press and Practice said that the track was completely different, so it will be interesting to see how Glynn Taylor the new track curator prepares the track for future meetings as he does have a good reputation for preparing a decent race track. Really pleased with the 7 Sheffield riders, I thought they all did well, and I was especially impressed with Zaine Kennedy he looked like he could well be a good find. We look to have 7 racer's in the team, and I think the Promotion will have successful and productive season if they give them a track to race on rather than a track for them to ride on.
  14. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Personally I prefer team race suits. But I think we have to see what clubs can afford, and for some the race suits could be an unnecessary expense. The thing that I find fascinating is Jason Garrity's bike and kevlars the name Sheffield Window Centre features heavily, Sheffield's long term team sponsors.
  15. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    No pure guess work to be honest.

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