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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Maybe they would been using this one.
  2. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I think it is very apt, after reading some comments on the live updates site Kings Lynn fans are used to standing around.
  3. Championship Predictions 2018

    Describe me a proper number 1.
  4. Birmingham 2018

    Not sure but I think she is Luke Chessell's girlfriend, she used to do second halves at Sheffield.
  5. Chris Holder and Sam Masters added to list of riders. Still no Josh Grajczonek.
  6. Sheffield 2018

    First off I don't feel that one rider makes a team, and I am confident that the rest of the team can provided the cover for that rider. Secondly I am confident that the Promotion if they thought that we did need to bring in a temporary replacement then they would. Thirdly the most important thing for me is that we qualify for the Play Offs, where we would be in with a chance of been crown Champions again, and you don't qualify for them at the end of April
  7. Sheffield 2018

    Jesus Christ, is not about time people gave it a rest. The lad rides a speedway bike with no brakes for a living, I would imagine that at the time going for a bit of sledging with a few friends he thought was a little harmless fun, that went wrong. Last season he missed some meeting due to falling down the stairs carrying nappies for his son, are we going to ban him from doing that as well as sledging. They were both freak accidents, freak meaning they are unexpected and unusual, these sorts of things have happened before and will happen again to any rider. Or do we at the end of every season give riders a list of do's and don't while they are waiting for the season to start.
  8. Newcastle 2018

    And he too is riding Poland next season which effectively rules him out.
  9. Leicester Lions 2018

    I think if Bjerre fits then he is the best to take up the role.
  10. Newcastle 2018

    The problem there is that Jorgensen has already stated he is riding Poland which rules out a Sunday track. Huckenbeck has already stated that he has no plans to ride in this country this season and I would think he is probably nailed on to be riding in Poland. The problem and the challenges that the Newcastle promotion is trying to find decent riders who are not riding in Poland, and been a Sunday track this going to be an ongoing problem for them. Why they have not signed Rose yet is beyond me unless the wage demands are not feasible.
  11. Edinburgh 2018

    Not good news at all, Speedway teams need all the help that they can get Good Luck to Edinburgh promotion in their quest to gain sponsorship.
  12. As far as I remember its an individual meeting on the GP format. Last season their was talk of a match race with Josh G, but as yet Josh's name has yet to appear, but would be surprised if was not riding in the meeting.
  13. Redcar handed fours

    Well I am happy that the fours has gone to Redcar. With a top four that consists of two former Bears riders, one being a former number 1, and the other two who have always gone well around Redcar, no I am more than happy with the choice of venue for the fours.
  14. Championship Predictions 2018

    Some fair comments there,and maybe I was been a tad bit harsh with my comments, but realistic I think. Last season Scunthorpe brought back lost of the riders that had failed the season before and it proved to be their downfall last season. Berwick have brought back Doolan, Howe, Gappmaier and Etheridge, all similar standard riders with one of those expected fill in a heatleader role. Really think that they would have been better going with just two of those four, three at the absolute most. The academy that they are setting up should be applauded, and it will be fascinating to see how young Leon Flint fares at Birmingham because if he fulfils his potential Berwick would do very well to get him on a contract and maybe sell him to one of the big Elite League teams for big money.
  15. Newcastle 2018

    And officially retired.