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  1. spin king


    Not really a fan of individual meetings so went along with not much expectations. The actual presentation of the meeting was far far better than in previous seasons, and the little touches for the kids was nice to see could well encourage more families to come through the gate. The track and the racing was poor, there is no getting away from that, there was a definite blue line that appear on the 3rd and 4th bend, that did not help matters and it looked like a a very slick track. This seems a bit strange as those who had attended the Press and Practice said that the track was completely different, so it will be interesting to see how Glynn Taylor the new track curator prepares the track for future meetings as he does have a good reputation for preparing a decent race track. Really pleased with the 7 Sheffield riders, I thought they all did well, and I was especially impressed with Zaine Kennedy he looked like he could well be a good find. We look to have 7 racer's in the team, and I think the Promotion will have successful and productive season if they give them a track to race on rather than a track for them to ride on.
  2. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Personally I prefer team race suits. But I think we have to see what clubs can afford, and for some the race suits could be an unnecessary expense. The thing that I find fascinating is Jason Garrity's bike and kevlars the name Sheffield Window Centre features heavily, Sheffield's long term team sponsors.
  3. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    No pure guess work to be honest.
  4. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    My guess is that both will be at Newcastle. And I reckon that Josh Bates will replace Worrall and Josh McDonald will replace Lambert.
  5. spin king

    Sell me your team to Support

    For a number of clubs the profits that are produced for the catering does not go into the clubs pockets it goes into the pockets of the landlords of the stadium, and they have very little or no say in what is served up. Having viewed on FB some of the stuff that Barry Bishop eats, I would be very wary of anything that is homemade by him.
  6. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    Saw Macdonald at Sheffield last season at the Big Gun meeting. Very entertaining and exciting rider but also very hairy. not too sure as to whether or not the tight technical track at Newcastle would suit him. If it was me I would go with Carl Wilkinson, know the track and rides the track well.
  7. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    You might have a point.
  8. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    Depends how it was done if it is done via a text message yes it is wrong, if you have promised or given a contract to ride for a team, or if you have signed a contract to ride for a team, then plans are changed you should afford better communications between both parties. And doing via a text message is not the right way of going about it, whether it is a rider breaking a promise/contract or club. And for the record I did add and highlighted the word If as the only version thing I have read is the riders version.
  9. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    If the rider was told that his services were no longer wanted then it is a poor show from the Newcastle Promotion. Whatever the reason for releasing a rider do it via text message is wrong.
  10. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    Listening to this interview made me think, listen to the start of the interview, and how many times he says the word I.
  11. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    A relative new Co Promoter at Newcastle, maybe he has a stronger influence over team matters.
  12. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    Hard to see how but who knows.
  13. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    Palovaara and Wethers out Worrall and Mikkel B Andersen in I reckon.
  14. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Wednesday 20th March 5.00pm.
  15. spin king

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Have to agree with you, and those that are running the sport should take notice that the likes of Paulco becomes cynical. Over recent years there has been so much happened in the sport that has been unexplained or simple skulduggery, and no proper answer given as to how or why decisions have been made, that even a die in the wool fans of not just their team but speedway in general start ask questions or are sceptical.

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