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  1. I did not go yesterday due to feeling unwell. In the past I would have made to the effort to go, but the track as been the best this season and at £20 a throw I want to see some decent racing and too be honest I was not confident. Looks like I made the right decision judging from what people are saying. The stadium does have some wonderful facilities but not for the speedway fans and with limited viewing 3rd and 4th bend and the home straight only, if you lucky enough to get a bumper crowd spectating would be very uncomfortable. The taking in food issue is solely down to stadium owners not the Promotion, its stadium owners security guards who are instructed to check bags and not allow food for the meeting, they are far more relaxed for league meetings. For me if the sport builds stadium that bill as the National Stadium then any big meetings like this should take place there. The Belle Vue has the stadia and the track to produce great racing and has the capacity to accommodate large crowds and is as central and as easy for fans to get as any other track. So for me the event has to move to Manchester.
  2. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    I think eventually we will need to do something along the same lines as Poland if we are to build a network of future top class riders. Drew Kemp this season has paid the price of his very early success, at the very start of his career he has been thrust into position where he was not quite ready for the level of his career. The way he has stuck at it says a lot about the lads character, and I am sure that he will be successful in the future for whoever he rides for in the future.
  3. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    While there is still a chance to make the Play Offs, and the opportunity arises that you can strengthen your teams chances then you should take that opportunity. And as things stand with the remaining fixtures that we have left I think that Nicol for Kemp gives us that extra bite away from home. This season taking away the heatleaders in the team Nicol has been our best rider away from home this season, and with 3 of the 4 remaining fixtures away from home it has been a very tough decision but one that we had to really make bringing in a rider who has rode well away from home at reserve. Also not forgetting the club is up for sale and the higher up the table the team finishes could be the difference on whether or not potential buyers will buy the club. Onto Drew Kemp personally I think the lad is credit to himself, his family and the team around him, in a season where we have seen younger riders retire or take a break from the sport Drew has kept plugging away and his determination to carry on this season deserves loads of credit. But this is sport and winning plays a big part and business is business.
  4. spin king

    Tiger Royal Rumble 18/08

    Probably collectively the best Sheffield performance at home this season. We provided 10 of the 15 heat winners and every Sheffield rider bar Drew Kemp won at least one race. Cookie looked very subdued, and if he is going to retain the League Riders Championship he is going have to ride a whole lot better as Masters looks a far better bet. Rasmus Jensen only winning one race I don't think that has happened many times this season and doubt it will happen many times for the rest of the season. The other Jensen did better than his points suggest and Connor Bailey did well. Never seen Kyle Bickley do anything at Sheffield (I missed the KOC fixture), and after spending the best part of two season riding at reserve he should be at least getting some near to moving into the main body of the team to progress. Play Offs is a long shot for us the majority of remaining fixtures are away, and I don't think that we will pick up the necessary points to get in. Glasgow have probably done enough to get into the Play Offs already. But. Looking at the results and how teams have performed recently I would be rubbing my hands if I was a Redcar fans because I think they are the team that I believe come the Play Offs could take the title.
  5. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    I assume nothing. I am merely pointing out what both statements say. The original statement stated that there had been several interested parties, that tells me that there is nothing to say that any of these interested parties will take up the offer and we could still see the club fold if the said parties don't follow up on their interest, and in coming weeks the club would be contacting all the interested parties to see whether they would be making an offer to buy the club. The second statement states that contrary to rumours circulating the stadium on Sunday that the club had already been sold were not true, and as yet nobody had come in with an actual offer. I would imagine that it is the best interests of everyone connected with Sheffield Speedway that the club stays fans have a team to support and the present Promotion to re-coup some of the money they have put into the club. But as far as I am concern nobody has made any promises and as far as I am concerned this season could well be the end of my speedway team, and to be truthful as I have said before I am amazed that anyone has shown an passing interest in running a speedway team.
  6. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    I think that people need to actually read through both statements. The initial statement said that there was several interest parties had registered an interest, not that the club was ready to be sold plain and simply interested parties had shown an interested. The only other thing that said was those who were showing an interested would be asked to take the next step and hopefully buyer would be in place in a couple of weeks, nothing was promised definitely. The second statement is telling people that the club has not been sold yet. People especially those supporting need to but out and read the statements before making comments.
  7. I am guessing that it would be Aaron Summers Adam Ellis Eddie Kennett Sam Masters Craig Cook Scott Nicholls Steve Worrall Erik Riss Jake Allen Chris Harris Charles Wright Danny King Nick Morris Richard Lawson Rasmus Jensen Ricky Wells Expect some of those riders pulling out.
  8. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    Very much sums up his time at Sheffield. Good exciting rider but his attitude lets him down.
  9. spin king

    Newcastle 2019

    A average over 8 points in his first season at Redcar would suggest that the track has to be one of his favourites. The problem with Lasse is the sulking it can be very long and deep.
  10. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    I am amazed in this day and age that there are several interested parties. Could we be returning back to Thursday nights speedway and joining the Buster Chapman League. I suppose we will find out in coming weeks.
  11. Total and utter tosh.. Viewed it over and over again. The marshall walks over to Craig Cook's path as he is coming into the pit gate. I will say again anyone who walks into the path of someone riding a speedway bike is asking to get hit. As for the alleged headbutt, contact is made with the shoulder not helmet.
  12. Well looking at the footage it clear to me that the marshall walks into Craig Cook's path. It is not brightest thing to do walk in front of rider on a bike whilst in motion. That was definitely not a headbutt in was a shoulder barge. For me its the actions of an over zealous marshall.
  13. Rory was exactly the same at Sheffield a few weeks ago. Did not like the amount of dirt down on the track and spat the dummy out. What he does not realise is he sending out a clear message to opposing clubs, put the dirt down and water the track well and Rory will not race. Maybe over the years those nasty injuries have taken their toll on him.
  14. spin king

    Plymouth v Kent 5th

    In them shorts!!!

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