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  1. When Jack Holder sign for Sheffield for this season, I was a little disappointed as I would have preferred Brady Kurtz. But following and looking at the Aussie Championships he did really well, and too be honest I please that we signed him, and had a feeling that he could have took the number 1 slot off Nicki Pedersen. Something seems to have clicked with him and at present I would put him in the top 2 or 3 Aussie riders. Robert Lambert is an excellent prospect who I think could well take the top GB spot off Tai Woffinden who I think over the last couple of years lost a bit of the edge in his racing. One of the things that gave Robert a big advantage was that he was riding abroad at a very young age, and I think that this had a massive aid to his development as a rider, and I think a young rider wants a blueprint of the best way to develop I would look at the way Robert has done things and try and follow wherever possible. I would put Robert Lambert in front of Jack Holder at the present, but I don't think that Jack is that far behind him.
  2. spin king

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Who really knows where or how far our young riders can go. The two stand out riders are Lambert and Bewley. Lambert has some decent experience of riding abroad something that young riders need to experience as much as they can possible get and I can see him getting in or getting close to GP place. Bewley has a riding style that suits the foreign tracks and I can see him kicking on and challenging for a GP place. But a lot will come down to finance, how much the rider really wants it and how dedicated they are, the latter two are only the riders themselves know.
  3. spin king

    Redcar 2020

    With Stuart Robson having his farewell meeting could the new Promoter be him.
  4. spin king

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    On a personal level I would welcome Jason coming back into British speedway, even after a long retirement I think he could do a reasonable job, and even at the age he is I think that he would put bums seats as I think that people would be curious to see what he can and what he cannot do. Realistically I don't think that he would or want to make a comeback to ride in British speedway, I think that he will come over to the UK and his focus will be helping his son onwards with his with his career. Those who believe that they will let Jason if he want to make a comeback on 5 point average a living in cloud cuckoo land, I reckon anything between 7 or 8 points assessed average would be more likely. Its a nice thought that he might be contemplating a racing comeback, but honestly I doubt that it will happen, but as they say never say never.
  5. spin king

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    could the new rider never to ride in the Uk be the 46 year old Norwegian turned Pole.
  6. spin king

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Very sad news yesterday to hear of the passing of Danny Ayres. One of the very few Characters and Entertainers in modern day British speedway. He was never going to be a World Champion or a World class rider, but he understood the giving good value to supporters and fans. I wonder if the BSPA would consider re-naming the British Final Trophy the Danny Ayres Memorial Trophy in his honour. Rest in Peace Danny.
  7. spin king

    Prediction thread

    How do you get Peterborough 4th, they only have 4 riders signed.
  8. spin king

    Prediction thread

    Right here we go (1) Belle Vue (2) Wolves (3) Ipswich (4) Sheffield (5) Swindon (6) Kings Lynn (7) Peterborough
  9. spin king

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It is around the price for Championship Looking through teams websites I have the information for you on there admission prices and programme prices, some are last season prices some are for this coming season. Berwick 2019 £17 admission £3 programme Birmingham 2020 £16.50 admission £3 programme Eastbourne 2019 £16 admission £3 programme Edinburgh 2019 £17.50 admission programme no information Glasgow 2019 £17 admission £3 programme Kent 2019 £15 admission £2 programme (National League) Leicester 2020 £17 admission programme no information Newcastle 2019 £17 admission £2.50 programme Redcar 2019 £17 admission £2.50 programme Scunthorpe 2019 £16 admission programme no information Somerset 2019 £16 admission programme no information Sheffield 2019 £16 admission £3 programme
  10. spin king

    Newcastle 2020

    As a team one trophy last season. Hardly a flood.
  11. spin king

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Surprised not to see Todd Kurtz (5.43) getting a mention for the Poole line up a proven middle order rider in the Championship. Mind you would leave you with only around 3.54 for the last rider. Riders left over are on or round that figure Alfie Bowtell Connor Coles Ryan Kingsley Jack Smith Danny Phillips Or if not Kurtz, Lasse Bjerre (5.87) is still without a club.
  12. spin king

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I don't think you will find any Championship club charging £14, most are around £16.
  13. spin king

    Newcastle 2020

    On paper you have to say the the Diamonds are looking like they are in for a hammering this season. But you have to remember they were late with team building and gave every other team a head start in team building. At Sheffield we went through a similar problem with the new promotion and we pieced together a team from what riders were left. Hopefully fans will be understand and stick with the team this year and judge the Promotion on their team building next season where they will start on an even playing field.
  14. spin king

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    The Nicki P comment made me smile, that was 2011, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. For the record Nicki averaged 8.61, in far stronger league than this season. And also for the record last season in weaker league than 2011 only 3 riders averaged more than 8.61. Doyle 8.96 Batchelor 8.82 Fricke 8.81 And Fricke isn't riding in the league next season. I have to say I admire your optimism.
  15. spin king

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    For me Belle Vue are the title favourites with that team.

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