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  1. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    No I was referring to Nicki Pedersen. Used to live in Sheffield and his English mechanics are from Sheffield.
  2. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    or a former World Champion other than Tai that has some Sheffield connections.
  3. spin king

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Maybe he is making a comeback.
  4. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    Totally agreed
  5. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    A new track curator for the club. http://www.sheffield-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2808&fbclid=IwAR27vZMHhh-BKtCAoFVbzUZFt7ux8z2T1s457R2Q6LOVHX38OmAtHlfJvJA
  6. spin king

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    But with a 6.30 pm start how will that work with the TV, the coverage has always started at 7.30pm.
  7. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    No the present Promotion are still in full charge of the club.
  8. Congratulations Leicester. Young Perks definitely brought his A game to the table tonight. Also think that Joe Lawler deserves a special mention tonight scored above what most would have expected and considering the history between him and Glasgow promotion. Back to the drawing board for Glasgow, but I am sure that they will be back next season challenging for honours.
  9. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    War of the Roses is back on.
  10. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    I think if Poole do follow their threat to go down a league then I can see some of their boys coming up North. josh G has rode for the Promotion and loves the tracks Brady Kurtz has done a large amount of Guest bookings for Sheffield and again loves the track I can see him link up with his older brother Todd. Again Jack Holder might fancy a move up North. I can Kyle Howarth stay at the club. Thats 4 names. Other who might fancy a ride for Sheffield. David Bellego Dimitri Berge Broc Nicol Ryan Douglas Charles Wright James Shanes Erik Riss Sam Masters Josh Bates
  11. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    http://www.sheffield-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2805 So that's it then going up and a return to Thursday night racing.
  12. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    Tai has gone on record that he will only race regularly on Weekends. Meaning GP and Poland. Monday to Friday for family time.
  13. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    Only one of those will be possible.
  14. spin king

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    I can understand Sheffield, there has been many supporters who have wanted Thursday racing back, and this can only be achieved by moving up. Berwick have always run Saturday nights so that does not make any sense. Kent runs Mondays but have a very early curfew how is that going to work for TV. I will believe this when the announcement come form the clubs themselves, until then for me it is pure speculation from another Promoter.
  15. spin king

    Sheffield 2020

    Interesting if we are, maybe we will be getting majority of the Poole 2019 team for us. Grajczonek Brady Kurtz Jack Holder Klindt I would imagine the possibly Howarth, and Todd Kurtz alongside one other rider.

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