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  1. spin king

    Sheffield 2018

    only one rider for me and the is the guy sponsored by the company as the Sheffield team.
  2. Oh Dear, I cannot believe anyone out there still takes anything that Jenga serious.
  3. Congratulations to the Bears last night rode as a team and totally took us apart from start to the finish. For the Tigers well we just rolled over and let the Bears have it. Another totally pathetic performance from some of the Tigers (I will exclude the two reserves, Broc Nicol and to a lesser extent Kyle Howarth) The whole place has a feeling that we have just given up and accept the wooden spoon. To some of the riders with what appear no desire to a Promotion that leaves the fans on the 1st and 2nd bend in darkness (never thought I would see the day where I needed to use a torch from a mobile phone to fill in the programme). Really beginning to wonder whether its really worth my while going for what little is left of the season.
  4. I don't think that the top three can ride so poor as they did last week. I am going for a home win.
  5. First and foremost Congratulations to Scunny on the win last night and victory richly deserved. Onto the Tigers, I refrained from commenting on last weeks shambles as I wanted to see the teams reaction to a meeting with a Scunny side that would give us a massive test. My view is that last night the responsibility lies firmly at the hands of the Heat Leader trio, all three need to take a hard look at themselves as they let the club and the fans down last night that was suppose to be celebration time for the club. Its hard to understand how two out of the three only a few weeks ago brought home a Championship title to the club, and then we get two performances within weeks not good enough I am afraid. The rest of the team for me did okay, Kurtz and Shanes did their jobs, and I refuse to criticise Broc Nichol or Joe Lawler, Broc has been put into a very tough position and Joe actually did a lot better than I anticipated. The rest of the season we now need to make sure that there is no more slip ups at home, we have not got a cat in hell's chance of make the Play Offs and the rest of the season is about pride. For Scunny they may have a chance of making the Play Offs, but injuries could play a major say in whether or not they do.
  6. Something that you have to accept with Jason Garrity is that he is always going to run the risk on picking up injuries on pretty regular basis, entertaining and great to watch but misses too many meeting. And I sure that I am correct in thinking that for the last three seasons his season has finished early due to injury.
  7. spin king

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Based upon, they have a former winner and the other is a Somerset rider, yes.
  8. spin king

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Group 1 looks the toughest group, I would go for Lakeside and Scunthorpe to come through that group. Group 2 Sheffield with Ipswich to come through that group. Sticking my neck out I will go for a Lakeside win.
  9. spin king

    Glasgow 2018

    Ritchie Worrall to Redcar now that would be interesting.
  10. spin king


    I think that by the end of this season the sport in this country will have reach a crossroads, and depending on which way the BSPA turns depends on whether the sport will flourish or quietly die. For me I think that we now need for the BSPA to relinquish control and hand running and the rules over to either one or two persons. For me two names jump out that have or have had connections with the sport. The first Jonathon Chapman Brash, Cocky, massive ego and not everybody's cup of tea, but has a bit of the entrepreneur about him and for me has the vision to take the sport forward into modern day. Alongside him Neil Machin Steady hand, vastly experienced Speedway Promoter, paid all of his bills, rent and riders on time and never owed any money, would be the perfect foil for Jonathon Chapman. For me that would be the Dream Team, not too sure whether or not the brash Essex Boy and the blunt Yorkshireman would work together but for they are the two that could rescue the sport.
  11. Not sure why there was need for any apology really. Does anybody take Jenga seriously.
  12. spin king

    Glasgow 2018

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for Richie Worrall. The man is very fond of using social media to have a go other riders, fans, tracks and other teams. Nothing wrong with been outspoken, but if you live by the sword you die by the sword.
  13. Did he make the effort to leave the track?
  14. spin king

    Sheffield 2018

    Totally agree, but that away form has abysmal and if we are going to do anything this season we need to pick up some away points. The Promotion have stated that there will be changes not change so I would think that Gravensen and Lasse are looking likely to go.
  15. spin king

    Sheffield 2018

    In local press that the changes are not likely to take place before the Berwick fixture. Interestingly Broc Nicol is now in the Uk. So how about Broc Nicol for Gravensen. And Kai Huckenbeck for Lasse Bjerre. Huckenbeck did state at the start of the season that he was not interested in riding UK this season but people can change their mind.

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