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  1. Sad sad day for the sport. Feel for Lakeside as the problems seem to lie with the stadium owners, any I would imagine that the Lakeside promotion will more that likely look at this and realise that they cannot continue to use the Rye House stadium for now and the foreseeable future. For me Lakeside should do the honourable thing and forfeit the tie, a sad day for them not fault but needs must. But serious questions need to be raised as to why after a reduced fixture list and and the best weather for some years we are still trying resolve completing fixtures.
  2. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Grand total of 2. And if they buy a season ticket god Scunny will be quids in.
  3. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    totally agree and what I was saying in a round about way.
  4. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    If you get caught with your pants down then chances are that you will get your arses slapped. By the sounds of it the rider could or should have been dropped anytime this season. But the Scunthorpe decided that to drop him/ rest him after the transfer deadline. To drop him would have meant the rules were broken. To rest him and the rider is deemed to withholding his services and receive a ban. The rider does not agree to been rested as he has riding commitments elsewhere and still wants to honour those commitments. Rob Godfrey was caught with his trousers firmly around his ankles and his arse must have been slapped so hard its a wonder he could sit down.
  5. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Are you sure David. It does say a reliable source.
  6. Congratulations to The Comets. Just goes to show never ever write off your team. It is very nearly 8 years to the day the last time Edinburgh folded in the 2nd leg of a Semi Final.
  7. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    So we used 12 different riders in 2018 and add Josh Bates to the mix we had 13. So of those 13 who would I retain. Charles Wright; finished the season at number 1 and overall had a brilliant season, but I don't see him improving on the average that he has and we need riders that will up their averages, so it is with a heavy heart I say release. Kyle Howarth; Started the season like a steam train, and then pick up some injuries that he never seem to get over. On an average of 7.49 he can improve but with the possible merger of the two leagues Wolves I would imagine would want him and with him been Workington asset they may well want to either cash in on him or use him themselves. But would put him on the retain list. Lasse Bjerre; Shame how it ended with Lasse as watching him around Owlerton was a joy to watch. Maybe releasing him and then asking him back after last season was not the brightest idea, it seemed to unsettle him and when he is unsettle Lasse is the type to revolt. So while the we have the Promotion in the present form I don't see a way back for Lasse. Release Josh Bates; I am a Josh fan, but I think that maybe it is time for him to move on, I think that it would benefit both the club and the rider if he did, because I don't think Josh gets the credit he deserves and is a much better rider that others give credit. So I would release him. Todd Kurtz; At Owlerton Todd can be a match winner, away he can be a bit of a liability but when the team is successfully away from home he has usually popped up with win out of the blue. But for me it is how you use Todd, stick at number 2, and at home he will invariably get a win or a paid win, So I would go with retain. James Shanes; All action and never gives up, just what you want from rider. The only nagging doubt I have about James is his other commitments (Longtrack and Grass), but his potential far outweighs those doubts so I would say retain. Jack Smith; Was a little unfortunate to be dropped as he was starting to get it together when he was dropped. But I don't think he is what we are looking for at the moment. Release Broc Nichol; Did a decent job, but still has a look of a rider who is still with a lot to learn, and at the moment we don't need a rider like that son would have to be release. Kasper Andersen; Been a revelation since he came into the side and on an assessed average of 5.20 I think there will be plenty of interest from other clubs on him. He is more than capable of putting a point or two on that starting average. For me we must try and get him signed up. Retain Jan Gravensen; Shadow of the rider who rode for us in 2017, and unless we can get him in at reserve I don't think he would be effective. Release Georgie Wood; Another one who was a shadow of the rider that we had riding for us in 2017, does not appear to have enough backing as well. Release Connor Mountain; Would like to have said retain, but I don't think that his home performances were as good as they could have been, so for me Release Joe Lawler, Lacks the experience at the moment and needs to spend another season at National League level and establish himself in that league. Release So if we were to stay at a 42.5 limit with 7 riders per team we would have; Kyle Howarth 6.95 Todd Kurtz 5.91 Zaine Kennedy 5.20 Kasper Andersen 5.20 James Shanes 4.96 (2.5% British reduction) That would leave us with 14.28 for the two remaining riders.
  8. spin king

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Allen, Auty and Garrity Steve Worrall adds up to 31.44, even with the present points limit of 42.5, would leave you with only 11.06 for 3 remaining riders Stefan Nielsen 6.82. I think you need to buy a new calculator and have a re-think about your top 4 or 5.
  9. Interesting who is his son?
  10. Sign of a champion is that they can turn it on when the chips are down and the pressure is on. Tai proved tonight that when it matters he can turn it up an extra gear, and deal with whatever he has thrown at him. Those who can do what Tai does care the one's that more often than are champions once more on numerous occasions.
  11. Ban reduced from 28 days to 14 days. JPB originally said he wanted to take a break from speedway, only to change his mind the following day and asked to ride National League for Birmingham.
  12. Putting aside what Rob Godfrey has done in the past allegedly this season and concentrating the Phillips situation. Its clear that the rules state that you cannot drop a rider after cut off date. The only way that the rider can be replaced is if the said rider is injured or decides that he want to be dropped. if it is the latter the rider will then receive a 28 day ban. And that my friends is why Phillips continues to turn out for Scunthorpe. Because if he did not then he would be deemed to be withholding his services and would be unable to ride for his other club Coventry in the National League. If anybody is looking for anyone to blame for the Phillips fiasco it lies fairly and squarely at the shoulders of Rob Godfrey.
  13. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Every end of season we have the rumour that the points limit is going to be drastically reduced and every year it proves to be untrue. And I see no reason why they would do now except if they decide to go for one league and have 6 man teams, but even then I think it would be reduced to around the 40 point mark.
  14. spin king

    Sheffield 2019

    Strength in depth (1) Kyle Howarth 7.49 (2) Zaine Kennedy 5.20 (3) Ty Proctor 6.92 (4) Jake Allen 7.00 (5) Thomas Jorgensen 7.25 (6) Kasper Andersen 5.20 (7) Jack Smith 3.00

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