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  1. spin king

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Based upon, they have a former winner and the other is a Somerset rider, yes.
  2. spin king

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Group 1 looks the toughest group, I would go for Lakeside and Scunthorpe to come through that group. Group 2 Sheffield with Ipswich to come through that group. Sticking my neck out I will go for a Lakeside win.
  3. spin king

    Glasgow 2018

    Ritchie Worrall to Redcar now that would be interesting.
  4. spin king


    I think that by the end of this season the sport in this country will have reach a crossroads, and depending on which way the BSPA turns depends on whether the sport will flourish or quietly die. For me I think that we now need for the BSPA to relinquish control and hand running and the rules over to either one or two persons. For me two names jump out that have or have had connections with the sport. The first Jonathon Chapman Brash, Cocky, massive ego and not everybody's cup of tea, but has a bit of the entrepreneur about him and for me has the vision to take the sport forward into modern day. Alongside him Neil Machin Steady hand, vastly experienced Speedway Promoter, paid all of his bills, rent and riders on time and never owed any money, would be the perfect foil for Jonathon Chapman. For me that would be the Dream Team, not too sure whether or not the brash Essex Boy and the blunt Yorkshireman would work together but for they are the two that could rescue the sport.
  5. Not sure why there was need for any apology really. Does anybody take Jenga seriously.
  6. spin king

    Glasgow 2018

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for Richie Worrall. The man is very fond of using social media to have a go other riders, fans, tracks and other teams. Nothing wrong with been outspoken, but if you live by the sword you die by the sword.
  7. Did he make the effort to leave the track?
  8. spin king

    Sheffield 2018

    Totally agree, but that away form has abysmal and if we are going to do anything this season we need to pick up some away points. The Promotion have stated that there will be changes not change so I would think that Gravensen and Lasse are looking likely to go.
  9. spin king

    Sheffield 2018

    In local press that the changes are not likely to take place before the Berwick fixture. Interestingly Broc Nicol is now in the Uk. So how about Broc Nicol for Gravensen. And Kai Huckenbeck for Lasse Bjerre. Huckenbeck did state at the start of the season that he was not interested in riding UK this season but people can change their mind.
  10. Lambert was pure class and a cut above the rest of the field. The thing that Lambert has done other than other young Brits is that he has rode on the continent from a very young age. Moving Team GB forward we need to get our young riders not only riding in this country but on the continent as well. Well done Robert Lambert.
  11. Who gives a damn what the Poles or anyone else thinks. We sit at the top of the leader board after the first day, and are there on merit. The Poles from the very first race seemed jittery and nervous hence the double warning about starts. Tai was superb, leading the country to a strong possibility of a Gold medal (a long time since we truly looked like doing that on merit). Robert Lambert back brilliantly and seems toi have a great understanding with Tai, and we should carry on with this pairing no room for sentiment which means leaving Craig Cook on the sidelines Finally let hope that Tai is wearing his Union Jack underpants otherwise the haters will have something to batter the lad with.
  12. spin king

    Redcar 2018

    Berge was good at Sheffield but the chance to sign Lasse Bjerre on a lower average was a greater pull.
  13. spin king

    Sheffield v Redcar 31/5/18

    Peter Mole is The Drillerman. It a nickname that he has due to been a dentist.
  14. Did not see that result coming, Glasgow seemed to have done all the hard work on Friday to win the tie. Looks like its not going to be the year of the Tiger either Scottish or the English.
  15. Dimitri Berge is injured.
  16. Not the best GP I have ever seen, but the Marketa has been in the past very much gate and go. Few incidents to debate, My take Pedersen/ Lindgren no contact referee got the right decision. Janowski/ Sayfutdinov, Janowski ran into the back of Sayfutdinov correct decision. Lindgren/ Woffinden, very very tough move from Lindgren but just about fair but only just. Would have been very interesting to see what the decision would have been if Tai would have dropped the bike, I think Freddie may have seen his exclusion light come on.
  17. spin king

    Workington 2018 .

    Peterborough at home we track a full 1 to 7, or should I say we started with a full 1 to 7, we did not finished the night with a full 1 to 7.
  18. I think the nature of the defeat and the score line I think it is impossible not to focus on your teams shortcomings, and looking at the top 2 scores been so low it has to be a worry. A massive decision coming up for the Comets, as to what they do when Mason Campton is fit and ready to return to race, do they stay loyal to Campton or do they stick with BWD. For me sticking with BWD would turn them from a decent team, into a team that could well put in a serious challenge for honours.
  19. Pretty much spot on with what you say. I think people will find that Jason has not finished a season not injured for sometime. He superb to watch and probably one the most exciting British riders out there, he takes chances and risks that other riders don't dare unfortunately he is then at high risk of getting injured and with leagues been decided via play offs at the end of the season I think that Jason is viewed as a bit of liability. Maybe do what Kyle Howarth did a few seasons ago when move to Wolves and Sheffield and Kyle has made rapid improvements over those two seasons and taken his career to the next level, I believe that if Josh was to do the same he could also achieve what Kyle has achieved. But unfortunately Josh seems to be happy to stay in the comfort zone and lets face it Rob Godfrey would have a heart attack if Josh said he wanted a move.
  20. Exactly what I thought especially when there has been a tactical switch that the Team Manager has made.
  21. spin king

    Poole 2018

    Not too surprised Poole have made a poor start to the season and James Shanes is the obvious target. James is improving rapidly with every meeting at Sheffield, and winning and scoring more points will build his confidence after he has got over the disappointment of been dropped his confidence will grow. He is not the first to be dropped like this and he won't be the last.
  22. Think we are in really fix tonight. Rider Replacement for Kyle Howarth will not reap the points that Kyle would have scored. If we can get past 32 points I think that we will have done well.
  23. Not been tonight due ill health so cannot make a proper assessment on the teams performance, but from what I can gleam from the updates page from my texter mate I don't think it helped Kyle coming into a meeting obviously not fit and having to put out after two injury hit rides. That puts the pressure on the other two heatleaders when they have to take consecutive rides, which takes it out on both man and machine. The rider replacement was not working and unfortunately the rider brought in to cover that role failed miserably, but of the riders that were possibly available Gravensen was the best option available. But highlights one thing for me we miss Josh Bates and we need to get him back into the fold as soon as possible. I think you can really blame James Shanes, the guy has improved with every meeting and is a shining light in the team, he along with Wright and Bjerre were taking on extra rides and kept the team in the meeting along with Todd Kurtz. The Panthers looked s though they took advantage of our shortcomings, but not fully because if I was a Panthers I would have been disappointed that this was not a win rather than a draw, but congratulations in coming away with some from Sheffield not many teams have been able to say over recent seasons. But I will say it again the sooner we get Josh Bates back the better.
  24. spin king

    Sheffield 2018

    Probably the best option out there. One thing I do know is that the Rider Replacement was not working. I wonder where they put Jan in the team, personally I would put him in at number 2 and Todd at 4.
  25. I am sure that I read somewhere that Redcar were told to build up an asset base for the club. That invariably means bringing untried riders on assessed averages, and rare that any untried rider manages to better or achieve the assessed average. So with two newcomers to the league it adds extra pressure to other five to step up their game, and I think that is the problem at Redcar this season.

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