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  1. compost


    This might sound a daft question but in order to view these streamed live meetings do you need a uk television licence ? I might be interested (at the £10 or less level at least) but have cancelled my licence. Looking at the 'rules' and guidance I know that I can't legally watch live football matches put out steamed on amazon prime or the live youtube channel. I did look at the faq in relation to the Belle Vue meetings coverage but this wasn't an area covered. Thanks
  2. compost

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Following on from my earlier post regarding at least Chunky's point 1, I have come across 1946 18th May Belle Vue vs Wimbledon League Jack Parker, Eric Langton & Wally Lloyd all 4-12 19th October Bradford vs Northern League Stars Alec Statham, Bill Longley & Ernie Price all 4-12 None in the Northern League or Non-League 1947 3rd May Belle Vue vs New Cross League Jack Parker, dent Oliver & Wally Lloyd 17th May Bradford vs West Ham League Alec Statham, Ron Clarke & Oliver Hart 14th July Bradford AT Newcastle in a Challenge had Alec Statham, Max Grosskreutz & Ernie Price all unbeaten None in the National League (NL) 2 or 3 or Non-League None in NL1 in 1948 but there were at least 2 meetings where there were 2 riders on 4-12 and an unbeaten reserve on 2-6. If anyone is interested I will continue looking for these results otherwise I'll leave it at that.
  3. compost

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    For Wembley vs New Cross in the League on the 23rd May 1946 Tommy Price, George Wilks and Bill Kitchen all scored 4-12 For Bristol vs Fleetwood in the League on the 6th May 1949 Fred Tuck, Billy Hole & Eric Salmon also all scored 4-12. Bristol in 1949 had multiple cases of at least 3 unbeaten riders in a meeting but I didn't think these came within the questions remit as they were not cases of 4-12.
  4. compost

    Compact Team Performances

    Came across an example for you from 1931. 1st August Stamford Bridge vs Manchester. Stamford riders scored either 5,6 or 7 - Frank Arthur & Gus Kuhn 7, Dick Smythe 6 and Charlie Blacklock, Bill Stanley & Arthur Warwick all on 5. League match but only over 9 heats so not sure if it really does count.
  5. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Thanks BL65. Have sent a PM too
  6. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Can anyone let me have a picture or scan from a programme from early in the season for the following clubs/years ? Aldershot 1954 Bristol 1955 Cardiff 1953 Edinburgh 1954 Glasgow 1954 & 1987 (? the year they moved mid-season to Workington) Hackney 1991 Liverpool 1953 Mildenhall 1991 Milton Keynes 1991 New Cross 1953 Plymouth 1954 White City London 1978 Wimbledon 1991 Wolverhampton 1954 & 1981 Many thanks any help much appreciated.
  7. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Wow, thanks BL65 really appreciated. Re the Weymouth fixture list, I wonder what the date of the meeting after the 15th July was ? The fixture list just says 'No'. Thanks everybody.
  8. compost

    1992 queries

    Looking at the original published (in the Star) fixture list for 1992 (initially for Reading) I have come across a couple of queries. There was a home Gold Cup fixture against Arena Essex scheduled for the 30th March which the Speedway Star doesn't give the result for (or reason why not held). Anyone know why the meeting didn't go ahead ? Also, on the 15th May was listed a Gold Cup match at Arena Essex (against Reading) for which I can find no result or reason for the meeting not going ahead. Again, anyone know what happened ? Thanks
  9. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Thanks Norbold much appreciated
  10. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Yes please.
  11. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Yes Steve, I was just trying to keep the list managable. 1962 I think & of course there was New Cross in the PL in 1963. Thanks Norbert. I noticed that the last match as West Ham was the rained off fixture at Workington on the 2nd June.
  12. compost

    Unfulfilled fixtures

    Hi Not really sure how to word this request. I'm trying to find out the fixtures not raced of teams which withdrew during a season. So, is anyone able to take a picture, or do a scan, from a programme for the following teams and seasons ? Hull in 1949 Nelson 1970 Oxford 2007 Sheffield 1951 Southampton 1951 West Ham 1972 Weymouth 1955 Does anyone know if the fixtures had been announced for Wembley in 1957 & 1972 before they withdrew from the League shortly before the League season commenced ? Many thanks
  13. compost

    Defunct speedway tracks - and their resurrection

    To the gone tracks add Hackney, Wimbledon, Stoke, Arena Essex, Reading, Middlesbrough, Linlithgow, Long Eaton, Bradford and Cradley. To the hope list add Buxton & Iwade maybe ?
  14. compost

    Defunct speedway tracks - and their resurrection

    Also open & closed 1985 and open & closed 1987 (when Glasgow moved their operation there only to be closed down).
  15. compost

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Norbold, if your comment was in reply to my one about George Newton then you're being sarcastic. George Newton, who was a pre war world finalist, was still riding when Aldershot were in National League Division 3 (in fact he was active duirng all 3 seasons the Shots rode in NL3 in 1950-1952). He rode in at least 2 challenge matches at Aldershot though neither was for the Shots. Within the bounds set by this threads heading George was indeed a 'local boy who never rode for his local track'. If I've misunderstood then I apologise btw.

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