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  1. compost

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You are welcome to your opinion and thanks for the analysis.
  2. compost

    European Union - In Or Out?

    My opinion was that we should never have joined (at least not the eu, the eec wasn't so bad but bad enough). Just control of our own destiny. Though I was concerned that our political leadership have all been too weak (at least those after Churchill) and self serving and would be unable to step up to the challenge - which has turned out to be the case (albeit covid has proven a huge, and incompetently managed, shadow over our dealings with the eu and may's divorce agreement really has given johnson no scope). And whilst you, and the remoaners, won't appreciate my honesty the 2016 referendum was the first time I had an opportunity to show what I thought of the eu (as both major and blair refused the British people the chance to have a say on treaties with the eu that took away our right for independent action, I mean when we joined we had a right of veto but they gave that away). By the way I've lived, on a permanent basis, in France and really liked and got on well with the French people (the politicans above local really do stink though) and I admire the way that they use the eu to improve their lot - something that the British have never been allowed to do by an inept (and self-serving) political and establishment elite. It was mentioned a while back about if we rejoined then we'd have to ditch the pound. It was interesting but while living in France all the main supermarkets, and most local shops, still priced everything in Francs as well as euros. They used the exchange rate at the time of the change over but the French have never lost their love of the now defunct currency and most, again from experience when there, would love to have the Franc back (though not at the expense of nest-feathering ).
  3. compost

    It's Not All About Winning Races!

    Which supports my comment. It wasn't that DJ (and JD) weren't good but that they never appeared to support their team-mates. Just my impression, but you are right about how sad it was that his career was cut short as it was.
  4. compost

    British Speedway Official Website

    Wow, one of the worse orbits I've ever seen. Why did they bother ?
  5. compost

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I voted leave (and will do so again if necessary) but in 2016 it was impossible to predict current events including how much damage Covid has caused. Be bitter by all means but be honest and realistic as well. Now have a right go but remember that in 2016 you had all the major political parties as well as the greater bulk of the establishment, press, media and business on your side. The one thing that would have made a decisive change was that you didn't have the eec/eu on it. Cameroon did his circuit of europe and got nothing from them - they could so easily have said 'have a bone' and then after the referendum changed their minds but they didn't and the majority of the British people said they don't want us so No.
  6. compost

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Rather than another day a second 5 for me would be - Wasserman, Humphreys, Banger Jansson, Ashby & Betts (all with Reading connections).
  7. compost


    Thanks (tried clicking on the thanks icon but it won't work for me).
  8. compost


    Can't tell from that picture but is there any track (Speedway) lighting ?
  9. compost

    It's Not All About Winning Races!

    Supporting Reading in the 70's, never liked DJ or JD as they Never (or so it appeared from the terraces) bothered about their team-mates. Only seemed interested in winning the heat. Reckon we lost a number of points as they wouldn't work with the rest of the team. Another reason I never warmed to Per Jonsson as he to seemed just 'gate and go'.
  10. compost

    Name your favourite five riders.

    George Newton, Basil Harris, Jack Parker, Bernie Leigh, Dave Mullett for me though never saw the 1st 2 ride.
  11. compost

    Sandcastles and Redcoats

    When I lived in Oz temperatures up to 40C were fine, it was when it went over that that it got too much. One thing with Oz temperatures, a temp there of 25C is actually nearer our 20C as they have, in general, less humidity (which is why I could tolerate up to 40C). It's the humidity that's the real killer imho.
  12. compost

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Very sad news indeed. RiP Phil.
  13. My 'subsequently' list was for riders who appeared in a world final after 1959 who had also ridden in the Provincial League. The order PL/WF or WF/PL wasn't considered just that they matched both. The out of date averages file I used to compile the second list didn't list Brett and I missed Cole/Bodie.
  14. compost

    The Olympic Games

  15. compost

    The Olympic Games

    When I attended school (both levels) in the 70's there was no school or cheap council lessons available. If you wanted to learn to swim you had to pay which meant that I, and most of my classmates, never learnt to swim. So a lack of modern facilities is not a new thing, maybe more dependent on where you live(d) ? BTW, I have minimal interest in this years olympics but in the past I've only watched it to see the British compete (and hopefully win). Watching it for the sake of it seems a waste of your life to me ('though others will disagree). The 'jingoism' isn't just here either - when I lived in France as soon as the French competitor/team was eliminated television coverage would be dropped almost totally and they moved on to cover something the French had an interest in.

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