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  1. compost

    Rye House 2020

    Wasn't that the son of the '60s promoter ? Think the '60s chap passed away the night of a Wembley world final in the '70s (sorry for the fading memory on dates)
  2. compost

    Weston Speedway

    Thanks BL65, appreciated.
  3. compost

    Weston Speedway

    Yep, mine. Not updated for years. Just about able to cover 1929 to 1981 and 1989 to 2009, less 1991, from all known results (and have since obtained details covering most of the missing seasons but not processed them). Did quite a bit of research into the Taunton results before being told 'grasstrack not speedway' so abandoned that project. BL65 any idea if Taunton resumed post-war ? Treat 1929 in particular with caution as only about 40% (guesstimate) of actual results are known. Also 1929 & 1933 both used a 4-2-1 point scoring system which tends to inflate the averages of heat winners. Included bonus points in CMA's for all seasons even though not offically included until some time mid 50's (sorry forget exact year, 55' maybe?)
  4. compost

    What are they doing now?

    Thanks for that. Good to find out, after all this time, that it wasn't a wheelchair (but sad that the injury ended his career and the after effects). Was going to Smallmead regularly when he rode for us and, after, Bernie Leigh, Hans was the Racer I admired the most. An exciting style he could/should have gone further.
  5. compost

    What are they doing now?

    Thanks for the info Henry. So the injury wasn't as bad as reported in the UK at the time - it was reported as permanently wheelchair bound (as Joe Owen & Graham Miles). The Riss connection is also very interesting.
  6. compost

    What are they doing now?

    Anyone know what happened to Hans Wasserman (Reading Racer 77-78) after his bad accident ? Always thought he was going to be the top German at Speedway until that accident but have never seen an update on his condition. Thanks
  7. compost

    Unusual individual meetings

    No that isn't the one I'm thinking of (unfortunately all my books etc are in long term store so I really don't know when it was).
  8. In 1933 the heat point scoring was 4-2-1-0 (as it was in 1929). Do you know if the 1933 average figure above is an actual based on 4-2-1-0 or has it been 'corrected' to a 3-2-1-0 system (hope that makes sense) ?
  9. compost

    Unusual individual meetings

    The one I'm struggling to recollect wasn't a GP meeting.
  10. compost

    Closest matches ever

    Thanks norbold. Shame about Second Division pre-war.
  11. compost

    Unusual individual meetings

    I'm sure I've seen somewhere an individual meeting which needed a 5 rider run-off to determine the winner. They all scored 10 points. Just don't recall the event sadly (advancing age).
  12. compost

    Closest matches ever

    In order to compile a complete set of averages you need to have a complete set of results, so do you have any idea if such a set of results exists ? Do these averages exist for the second division (as for sure no complete set of results exists on the researcher website) ? Thanks
  13. I'll always shout for Jack Parker, who I regard as the greatest Speedway rider of all time. He may not have an official World title (2 unofficial ones of course) but he is the only rider I know of who was at the top of his game against 2 (possibly 3) sets of top riders from different era's. He beat the top pre-war riders (Huxley, Lamaroux, Van Praag, Milne brothers, Langton, Varey etc) but also beat the top early post war greats such as Duggan, Price, Williams, Biggs and youngsters Briggs, Young and Moore. As far as I can recall no other rider has managed to be so consistent for so long (not even Mauger) and had he not been so seriously injured in midget car practice he could have gone on for a couple more years at the top (he was on an 8 point plus the season before his accident). Just MHO.
  14. compost

    Unusual individual meetings

    Hopefully not stealing Chunky's thunder but I've wondered for some time if there has ever been a UK 16 rider/20 heat individual meeting where the points scored by the riders went 15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. Anyone come across such a result ? The nearest I can recall coming across was 15,14,13,12,11,10,9 though I don't remember what the meeting was. PS. If it helps multiple riders could have scored 0.
  15. compost

    Closest matches ever

    Wouldn't it be a case that until team strengths were based on rider averages there was no need for the authorities to keep any stats ? Having said that, back in the 40's & 50's reserves had to move into the main body of the team if they scored at least 50% of the points available to them (I seem to recall reading somewhere). Wasn't Bryan Seery's stats ,initially at least, unofficial ? Just a couple of thoughts.

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