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  1. Stop being sensible, it's not compatible with speedway
  2. Not been to Lynn for nigh on 4 years but old habits die hard and I couldn't resist when I saw your post
  3. and maybe it means I (a non fan) know more about speedway outside of Dorset than he does
  4. Thought I read that Swindon had already won it! but hey I'm not a speedway fan anymore so I'll bow to your superior speedway knowledge
  5. Never in 50+ years did I ever think I'd say Well Done Twitchers
  6. Star Lady

    British world champions ratings list

    Ah I get it now Jo lives in Autocorrect
  7. Star Lady

    British world champions ratings list

    Who's Jo?
  8. Star Lady

    British world champions ratings list

    Probably read their books tho
  9. Star Lady

    Linus Sundstrom

    Sounds more promising
  10. Bet you wouldn't think that if you were an Eastbourne fan
  11. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn v Swindon 16 9 19

    1500 hours. Just walked back from cinema, can thoroughly recommend Downton Abbey, it's grey and overcast but dry. The weather that is not the film which is great, thank the lord for Maggie Smith!
  12. Star Lady

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Totally agree with all of that, especially the second sentence. As it is various people are being accused of bias, undue influence and worse and the mental health of an individual is being the subject of distasteful discussion by people who don't know the facts of it. Totally unsatisfactory and simply not necessary.
  13. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    The other riders could have appealed as well, they didn't. End of.
  14. Star Lady

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Agree that SCB should give reasons but the other riders involved had the same chance as Cook to appeal, and didn't, so no sympathy from me.

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