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  1. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn v Swindon 16 9 19

    1500 hours. Just walked back from cinema, can thoroughly recommend Downton Abbey, it's grey and overcast but dry. The weather that is not the film which is great, thank the lord for Maggie Smith!
  2. Star Lady

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Totally agree with all of that, especially the second sentence. As it is various people are being accused of bias, undue influence and worse and the mental health of an individual is being the subject of distasteful discussion by people who don't know the facts of it. Totally unsatisfactory and simply not necessary.
  3. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    The other riders could have appealed as well, they didn't. End of.
  4. Star Lady

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Agree that SCB should give reasons but the other riders involved had the same chance as Cook to appeal, and didn't, so no sympathy from me.
  5. I'm 2 miles from the track and as I said earlier surprised at the early call off. Yesterday was dry all day, as was Saturday. This morning there was slight drizzle about 9 and at 1030 I walked to the supermarket and got slightly damp in the light rain, it wasn't heavy enough to warrant an umbrella! By 1230 the rain had stopped and has been dry ever since. Maybe Buster gets weather updates from the same place as Ford gets sick notes
  6. Only had light rain for the last hour or so (2 miles from track). surprised its been called off this early
  7. Star Lady

    Cardiff/Somerset hotel

    If it wasn’t the sea someone had a very full bladder this morning
  8. If anyone is doing the above and hasn't sorted out accommodation I can thoroughly recommend the Richmond Hotel in Weston Super Mare. not the nearest but I've been staying here for the past 4 days and can't fault it.
  9. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    And that is one of the major problems with British speedway. There is no loyalty from riders (with a very few exceptions). The fast dwindling band of fans desperately laud "their" riders only for said riders to disappear into the sunset at the slightest sniff or promise of more lucrative deals. Or they see the UK as a payday when other countries leagues are winding down and next years qualifying is done and dusted. Having said that promoters dispense with riders services at the drop of a hat, so in some ways you can't put 100% of the blame on riders but gone are the days of Betts, Turner, Gagen et al who were club stalwarts without question, whose total loyalty was to THEIR club and not the highest paymaster. Going back into hibernation now
  10. Star Lady

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 22/8/19

    Schlien and Aarnio are Lynn's guests
  11. Seems strange they are willing to risk serious injury or worse but cannot cope with words written by strangers. Tis becoming a weird old world
  12. Doubtful cos Peterborough and Lynn won't make the play offs that only leaves Tipswitch I get your point tho.
  13. So really Harris guesting has stuff all to do with Buster having 3 clubs. Thanks for the info. Was never convinced about fixed race nights with such a small pool of riders.
  14. Out of interest (lukewarm admittedly) who are the alternatives?

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