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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Agreed( bet that shocked you) but it should have been started weeks ago so a costume could be made ready for the start of the season. As it is the first meeting is April 4th and the competition ends 10 days later. As for the name suggestion : Wendy the Wheel...can you imagine the comments
  2. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Has anyone found anything postive posted about this anywhere. Even Trees has been quiet....or is she practising her singing
  3. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I said the idea is good but it needs a tune with some ooomph. I understand rock anthems would involve copyright fees it for heavens sake there are dozens of pieces of classical music that are well known and would adapt to a sports anthem providing they had decent words. off the top of my head Beethovens Fifth with Here they all come The Kings Lynn Stars as the first two lines for example.
  4. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I can imagine 1 or 2 will while the rest of the crowd fall about laughing. Still it will provide entertainment during the long tractor grades To be serious the idea is good but the execution is abysmal in all respects. Not exactly get up and go music more like a dirge Words are carp is that really a Rock Choir, sounds more like Girl Guides.
  5. Kings Lynn 2018..

    good lord just when I thought things might be getting better Lynn go back to the 1940s. What next Ging Gang Gooly? ,
  6. 2018 Regulations

    Simple - member of track staff pulls rope across the opening in lieu of a gate.
  7. For or against team suits

    If we are talking TV let's go a stage further. It is very difficult to tell one home rider from another (and away rider) by helmet colour alone especially on TV. If each rider had a lycra* (or similar) top that fits over kevlars, said top could still have all the team sponsors, and individual ones on. The kevlars underneath could be to the riders own design and worn abroad or in individual meetings. Such tops would be far cheaper to replace when riders are sacked or signed mid season. Riders in blue obviously have tops with blue as the base colour, Riders in red have a red base etc. *The tops must be tailored or stretch and not baggy flappy things. I agree with all the comments about baggy tops/bibs etc not being professional but surely a top that fits and looks smart to go over kevlars is not impossible to achieve.
  8. Team GB Franchise?!

    It will if they decide to hold practice sessions/training/fitness camps like the Poles, regardless of the UK leagues. If the franchisee really wants success it could very well be the scenario.
  9. Team GB Franchise?!

    Sounds good but in practice, as soon as anything remotely impacts on league teams the promoters will kick up a fuss and issue bans to riders who put GB before club. pessimistic I know but can anyone honestly believe otherwise
  10. Ben Fund

    Which begs the question if they had a contract with the EOES for the original time, why did they allow them to change the time, presumably without financial penalty. If that's the way speedway does business no wonder it's dying.
  11. Team GB Franchise?!

  12. Team GB Franchise?!

    How can a national sports team be given to the control of a private entity? Well I suppose it is speedway! On second thoughts no one could do as badly as the BSPA so it's probably an improvement.
  13. Kings Lynn 2018..

    How difficult would it be to have a solid bar which track staff could place behind the riders once they were at tapes. Knock it down and be excluded. Would stop pulling back and rolling but probably cause other probs I've not thought of!
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    If the same happens again this season, I.e. Starts well then reverts to late starts etc. what would be your reaction? i guess what I'm asking is how many chances are you prepared to give.
  15. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I'll judge entertainment value from comments on here by folk whose opinions I value. Yourself, Bagpuss and a couple of others. Bear in mind I'm not solely referring to the racing , not listing things tho, been done before. Yep 2 tier did become a bit boring, I became an advocate of handicaps