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  1. I believe he used to be a sports presenter, so his area of expertise is a load of balls.
  2. Just been on BBC Radio Norfolk 2pm news that the East of England is lagging behind the rest of the country vaccinating the over 80s. They did give figures but I didn't have pen and paper to hand DC2 Won't come as any surprise to Badge and myself, or anyone who lives in the East of England.
  3. I'm assuming (dangerous on here I know) that because of the near vicinity of a large hub in Oxford the majority of over 80s have been jabbed. My 93 year old mum in law hasn't had a jab or appointment yet so I guess in rural Norfolk and Suffolk the lack of large vaccination hubs mean the over 80s are still ongoing.
  4. Which could suggest that the majority of experts worldwide think it’s the best plan. Ever thought of that? Or is your mind completely made up?
  5. Except there is a proportion who won’t stay at home, just as there is a proportion who won’t wear masks etc. Short of putting them in quarantine camps, heaven forbid, how do you achieve it?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-55609185 as I said may have been more to it.
  7. Maybe, just maybe there is more to the stories about the 2 coffee drinking women and the one on the bench than meets the eye. A possible scenario is they were approached by plod, told they were breaching regulations and they responded with abusive remarks and it escalated from there. Not saying plod was right but they are mixing with all sorts of folk and would not be human if they didn’t get uptight. None of us know the full story. Confusion reigns unless or until “local” is clarified so everyone can understand
  8. And what do they do apart from that? I agree a recruitment programme in the summer for ancillary staff would have been helpful but I’m not sure a 1 to 8 ratio of highly skilled to ancillary staff would solve the ICU staffing problem. Maybe Crumpet is better placed to comment on this one.
  9. And you are not answering relevant questions, If you watched the programme it wouldn’t be a riddle.
  10. Do they normally have ICU patients in theatres? There are many things far from perfect in the NHS, I’m the first to admit that, but as I said I will listen to people I know, trust and worked with for years rather than anonymous forum posters,
  11. Well let’s put it this way. I prefer to listen to the views of my ex colleagues and trusted friends who still work in the NHS to anonymous posters on forums.
  12. I’m guessing here but have you actually watched the report?
  13. As Vince answered your first question better than I could I’ll have a go at this one. The media are voraciously trying to fill their columns with anything remotely connected to Covid so the government/NHS are sending out all sorts of info to them. In normal times most of it wouldn’t see the light of day because it is either irrelevant or terminally boring. It’s what feeds the hundreds of posts on forums like this and in many cases is slightly misreported and therefore misinformed. Which is why I listen to statements made by Boris/Starmer/Whitty etc myself and not the interpretations but in hereby others. As I said before I try to see both sides and not just follow my original thoughts and some of the links and sources posted have influenced my thoughts
  14. Not really, I was merely making a point as you well know if you have been reading my posts. I’m intelligent enough to realise that having access to machines is not the same as having them in situ with enough staff to operate them. I like to think I can see both sides of any story. Sadly many people wear blinkers and can see no further than their own opinion, whether it be right or wrong.
  15. And if they did you and many others would shout “queue jumpers”

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