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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    You've taken a lot of stick over your stand on GPs in the past but as it happens I now agree with you regarding the GPs. They have been to the detriment of British Speedway. As for Lynn, ten years ago I'd have agreed with every word, and I still want to see them do well but as I've grown older I've seen the flaws in speedway that I used to turn a blind eye to. They are not, by a long way, all Lynn related. So I'm pleased you are still loving it, certainly looks like Lynn might be in for a good season. How many years have we all said that only to be decimated by injury at a crucial time. I still retain an interest in how Lynn are doing and contrary to what some think I would like nothing more than for the club to prosper but as for the rest I really can't be bothered anymore.
  2. Keith Chapman - Failure or Success?

    I think he came to the role full of enthusiasm but very quickly realised he was banging his head against a brick wall. Yes he's guilty of raising our hopes but IMHO the failure is that of the collective of the old boys club.
  3. Excellent question, when and IF you get an answer maybe you will let the paying customers know cos it seems promoters don't want to!
  4. The only time I saw anyone from the club name Cook was a tweet from Robin Brundle after the eventual line up was announced. No blame was made or even hinted at.
  5. Yet again British speedway shoots itself in the foot and fans are taken for mugs.
  6. But no mention of it officially, seems fans don't need to know. Then the club wonder how rumours start. as it happens I applaud naming a number 8, IMHO it should be compulsory when using r/r
  7. Weather dry, very windy and blooming chilly
  8. You miss the point. Yes we can all work it out, but paying customers deserve to be given information. It obviously wasn't top secret so why weren't paying customers told in the press release. It's the mind set of whoever compiles the press releases to treat the customers like mushrooms. It wasn't a rumour it was dissatisfaction with the situation. There is light at the end of the tunnel tho because it seems Mr Brundle actually has some customer satisfaction awareness. Hopefully it won't be smothered by the take it or leave it attitude of the past few seasons.
  9. I appreciate that but it took a lot of comments on twitter and possibly elsewhere before Robin Brundle actually explained the lack of guest for tonight to the paying customers. That should have been done in the press release if not sooner. It takes no more effort just a bit of thought for those paying customers.
  10. and they are showing what they think of him in increasing numbers
  11. League Sponsorship - How Much?

    So who decides to put it on the agenda then or does it magically appear? Everything costs when it comes to organisations such as councils. It might be pennies but it still costs and it's my pennies paying for it. Those pennies are much better invested in education/NHS/etc that you keep banging on about on facebook
  12. and never likely to be again whilst they treat fans the way they do. You might be content to be taken for a mug but I have more self respect. Oh yes for 50+ years home and away from the very first meeting at Saddlebow Road. I'll leave it at that.
  13. League Sponsorship - How Much?

    That's where you are wrong because before they give anything to anyone, free or otherwise, they have meetings about it, take minutes, write reports , consume biscuits and coffee and that's just for a start. Who do you think pays for that?
  14. Me too dont think they liked me saying fans are treated like mugs and mushrooms. cant have been cos I said the line ups were a pile of rubbish cos that's the truth