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  1. Star Lady

    Transfer Window

    Maybe the doc signing the sick note should have to give estimated time that the rider will return to fitness. rider not allowed to ride before that date, might stop rider collusion.
  2. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    No chance. The days of me slinging my leg over a bike are long gone
  3. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Hi tellboy. nice to be missed I agree with what you say and to a great extent Buster is bound by what the rest of British, and indeed world speedway does. I'm a realist and from past conversations with Buster know he doesn't/didn't agree with quite a few things himself but even as BSPA supreme couldn't change them. If I had to pick just one thing that IMHO would improve things (and boy how big is the choice) it would be to reduce the power of the engines so it's rider skill that wins races and not tuner's tinkering. Going back into hibernation again now but who knows a visit from Nicki in 2020 might just tempt me back to Saddlebow Road
  4. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Well said. I would add, if things people moan about don't improve there comes a point when they think why should I care and stop moaning and more importantly stop attending. I reached said point some time ago. I rarely look at anything other than Lynn threads now and quite honestly it's the same old thing season after season. *stands back awaiting incoming missives *
  5. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Actually it's not but a week of announcements about announcements culminates in the announcement of a reserve (or that's what most people think). At the very least I would have expected one of the top 2 possibly 3 riders but as I only watch occasionally from afar my opinion will be dismissed. just seems to me in this social media obsessed world Lynn are about 2 decades out of date. Glasgow seem to have it right
  6. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Well after a week long hype , a sensationally underwhelming announcement.
  7. Star Lady


    Corbyn has just announced free speedway admission for all and shale quarries are being taken into public ownership. Foreign riders regardless of ability will be allowed free choice of clubs, in line with Labours free for all immigration policy.
  8. Stop being sensible, it's not compatible with speedway
  9. Not been to Lynn for nigh on 4 years but old habits die hard and I couldn't resist when I saw your post
  10. and maybe it means I (a non fan) know more about speedway outside of Dorset than he does
  11. Thought I read that Swindon had already won it! but hey I'm not a speedway fan anymore so I'll bow to your superior speedway knowledge
  12. Never in 50+ years did I ever think I'd say Well Done Twitchers
  13. Star Lady

    British world champions ratings list

    Ah I get it now Jo lives in Autocorrect
  14. Star Lady

    British world champions ratings list

    Probably read their books tho

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