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  1. Getting beyond a joke now. Totally fed up with texts telling me and the rest of the household to get boosted. The whole household this morning received letters telling us to get our second jab! We are all triple jabbed and recorded as such on the NHS app.and our GPs records. If this is a sample of the efficiency of the NHS it’s no wonder it’s struggling. Far too many bureaucrats justifying their own existence. Im not knocking front line NHS workers but how Norfolk and Waveney CCG can justify this expensive exercise would make interesting reading.
  2. Strange that everyone believes Cummings, the same Cummings who the majority disbelieved when he drove to Bernard Castle.
  3. I doubt many nurses, doctors or supermarket staff had end of shift drinks. The civil service staff around government seem to think they are special and can do as they please. I believe it’s a culture that has grown up over many decades and different governments. The fact remains tho that the PM is the boss and either is not good at enforcing rules or equally bad at selecting senior advisors that should do it on his behalf. I’ve broadly supported Boris thro the pandemic, I certainly didn’t envy him his task but it’s time he stepped aside. Problem being I can’t see anyone much better.
  4. Motive may not matter to you but if as I suspect all this was leaked by someone who has ambitions/desires to go higher up in the sphere of government/ civil services, I’d rather know before they do so.
  5. The truth isn’t relevant to whoever leaked all emails etc. If it was why sit on the information for months? I am not making excuses, just curious as to the whistleblowers motives.
  6. Just wondering....have you ever got anything wrong and did you admit to it? If so a link to the evidence would be good
  7. Just curious. In spite of rapidly increasing case numbers the R rate on the local summary page has remained at 1 - 1.2 for months. Anyone got an explanation?
  8. Anything over 100 years old is considered an antique AFAIK. Doubt anything can be considered both modern and antique. I just felt like adding my twopennarth
  9. I Got my cynical head on....... Wee Jimmy wants an independence referendum wee Jimmy puts curbs on Scots freedom. Boris does nothing, the English can celebrate Hogmanay. Its as good as most of the conspiracy theories on here
  10. Star Lady

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Just had the second booster text of the day they are targeting the wrong people
  11. Star Lady

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Constant NHS texts telling me to get my booster jab when it clearly states on the NHS app that I’ve had my booster.
  12. Just wondering if Iris and DC will be “debating” all day tomorrow Will probably make much more sense when I’ve downed a few more festive drinks Merry Christmas
  13. I take it you have never administered heparin
  14. I don’t care who posted what, where they got it from, whether it’s got links, is proved by science or 2 or 3 years old. I read what I think is relevant and ignore what is blatant propaganda (of all kinds). I then decide for myself whether anything is worth taking note of. I am assuming all on here are adults with functioning brain cells and can do the same. So please can we over the Christmas period have less of the who said what and childish infighting, it’s like school playground. Merry Christmas one and all
  15. Ah but how many on this thread think the UK government only tell lies I hate percentages anyway unless you know the starting figures they are meaningless. I do however thank you for posting these figures.

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