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  1. Star Lady

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    So I ask again, what do you see them progressing to? Buster owning 3 clubs is far from ideal but it does give a higher level of the sport a chance. Ippo and Boro staying in the Championship would almost certainly have meant no higher level so nowhere for the youngsters to progess as I can't see Poland/Sweden etc becoming a training ground for young Brits. I do not know the solution to speedways ills, I doubt there is one single one but it seems to me that to continue the existence of a higher league is preferable to seeing it fold. Probably the best we can hope for is some speedway fanatic to win Euromillions and buy the whole lot out lock stock and barrel
  2. Star Lady

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Whilst I respect your views, exactly what would they progress to if the Premiership had failed due to lack of teams.
  3. Star Lady

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Now it could and I emphasise the could be that Peterborough went above budget, riders were asked to take a wage reduction, they agreed except for one. That one had to go. He then has a choice, no team place or a team place on lesser wages. pure speculation but it's as valid a theory as many others on this thread.
  4. Star Lady

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    First thoughts are that Harris wage demands must be higher than Cook and Andersen.
  5. Back then there were characters in the sport and they were allowed to show it. I remember Simmo having a right go at someone (forget who) by the pit gate after a race because he took the mick . We all loved to hate Olle Nygren (until he became one of ours of course). The banter when Tipswich turned up and the riders played up to the crowd (Shane Parker was a master at it). Sadly the powers that be have stifled all of that. I'm not advocating full blown fights between riders but spats that get the crowd going and involved all added to the atmosphere. If a rider tried anything like it nowadays they would be landed with a fine of a few hundred quid.
  6. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Now now, you will be accused of being negative if you are not careful
  7. That'll teach me to speed read In my defence I don't watch F1, MotoGP etc
  8. Sorry I disagree. You would have 4 riders on 4 similar bikes going round in circles. I, and probably the majority, don't care if they go a millisecond faster than Joe Bloggs last week. I have no idea how an engine works and I'm not the only one A speedway race lasts 60 seconds so any lack of tuning, gismos etc really doesn't have time to make sufficient difference. I want to see talent win races not who can afford to pay the best tuner.
  9. However Phil, it's their choice to "work" in a short lived industry. In an ideal world I'd agree riders deserve every penny and more but we are far from an ideal world. Standardise engines, at least in the lower leagues, and their costs would be cut (no expensive tuners) and quite frankly less than 1% of fans on the terraces would notice any difference in the on track action. That's what we pay to see after all.
  10. Star Lady

    Moderators: are you there?

    The solution is mind blowingly simple..... you know some threads are not to your taste, so don't read them giving the "contributors" to such threads publicity just massages their egos, ignore them and they might just disappear.
  11. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Oh my word it's going to be a very long January on here
  12. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Happy New Year to all Lynn fans, new and old (and lapsed). My NY resolution is to try not to post negatively, but I will continue to comment on things I think are wrong or could be improved. I may not attend any more but that doesn't mean my 50 odd years of being a Lynn fan have disappeared, I still care. Who knows what the future might hold...you may see me on the terraces again
  13. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    And none of those would cost the promotor a penny, so the question has to be asked why don't they happen?
  14. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    As all media outlets have already been given the info presumably under embargo until tomorrow, I would have thought the least the club could have done was to email them lifting said embargo. At least that way non BSF/twitter users would be informed as soon as folk who use social media. That's not being negative BTW, it's common sense and courtesy.
  15. Star Lady

    National Supporters Club Group

    Judging from the numbers blocked by Speedway GB on Twitter, Unless they change their attitude to negative comments it's a fruitless exercise.

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