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  1. Star Lady

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Maybe Philip Rising might have some idea.....whether he will share I know not
  2. Star Lady

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    You would have to ask them.
  3. Star Lady

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Apologies if you thought it was earth shattering news. It ain't! Simply informing fans that the team (well 6 of them) are riding at Leicester tomorrow evening.
  4. Star Lady

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Finally just before 1300 hours the day before the meeting, the club post on Facebook.
  5. Star Lady

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Conversely, what have the fans making suggestions on this thread ever done? JC did a fair bit for Lynn whilst he was a promoter, the publicity, presentation etc have never been better in my 50+ years following the sport. He also brought about the Super Sevens which many fans thought a step forward. He probably did more but it's too hot to argue I' m not saying he's the best person for the job, or even if he wants it, but to suggest he has done nothing is incorrect. I honestly don't think he has ever done anything to adversely affect the sport.
  6. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Really, I know I'm blocked from their twitter feed but I've not seen anything from the club on Facebook. Maybe you could post the link. After all there's at least30 hours to go before the team ride at Leicester
  7. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Bugs Bunny might be available
  8. Star Lady

    Glasgow 2018

    You really couldn't make it up!
  9. Statement from Buster on Lynn website.
  10. Now there I agree with you but the comment was made about Buster not KL management. Love to get an answer to your last sentence although I have seen him retweet a few things from riders etc
  11. You make me laugh check back thro a few Lynn threads and I've been one of Busters biggest critics for the way he has run Lynn for the last few years and I will probably continue to be so. However I am a fair minded person and not so blinded by prejudice that I cannot see two sides to things. I speak as I find always have hopefully always will. as for the sport in general, I think you give Buster far more credit (if that's the right word) for the continuing debacle the sport has become. The BSPA is a collective not a dictatorship and all voting members bear equal responsibility for the sports downfall.
  12. Sod the big picture - riders welfare comes first.
  13. Nowhere did I suggest he was but I know from personal experience that Buster is very caring and the well being of all of his employees /riders is of prime concern to him and his family. Now that might not be what you want to hear or fit in with folks perception of him but it's true.
  14. Try reading back about a dozen posts. Lucifer Sam summed it up perfectly and trust me he knows his stuff.

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