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  1. I guess that covers a lot of your posts
  2. Star Lady

    SGP Vojens 2021

    So pleased to see them both up and OK. That crash brought back horrific memories.
  3. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  4. I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to explain exactly WHAT the conspiracy is.
  5. Correct. I plead guilty to mickey taking but unless or until any of the conspiracy theorists can actually explain their theory rather than blitzing this thread with memes and tweets, I make no apology for doing so.
  6. That’s another thing that confusicates me. If the vaccine is going to kill us all how are big Pharma going to make a profit
  7. Are the New World Order the same as the One World Government? Do they represent opposing conspiracy theories? I’m so confusicated, do I blame the first jibby jabby or second jibby jabby
  8. Thanks for the reply Vince. I know nothing about insurance for stuff like this. All in all it seems not too bad from what I’ve read bikes were recovered, tools worth £2K and £3K raised by fans.
  9. Don't forget the exception that proves the rule, works in Dubai
  10. Do riders normally insure their bikes or at the very least their tools? Seems a sensible option to me.
  11. Aren’t you the lucky one!
  12. Ah I get it now 1 jab....... One World Government 2 jabs ....Digital State Control Booster jab........you fall asleep reading all the crap on here
  13. Is that the same or different to the One World Government you were afeared of the other day?
  14. Can they make even more of a pigs ear of it than the multiple governments we have now
  15. What load of crap! crap racing crap camerawork crap commentary so as not to be accused of being over negative, the adverts are interesting

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