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  1. Star Lady

    National Supporters Club Group

    Judging from the numbers blocked by Speedway GB on Twitter, Unless they change their attitude to negative comments it's a fruitless exercise.
  2. Star Lady

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    Pretty clear the Championship clubs didn't want that. any other suggestions? Not being deliberately difficult simply realistic.
  3. Star Lady

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    Not saying there won't be accusations of manipulation but what would have been your solution to a five team top league then?
  4. Star Lady

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    That mirrors my thinking. from conversations I've had with Buster in the past (few years back admittedly) he has some ideas that may save the sport in the long run. If he gets a majority I would expect at least some to be implemented. They won't please everyone but then no one ever does. Im not a fan of how he has run Lynn in recent years but they are an apparently financially stable club with a dedicated fan base. If he can make other clubs the same it has to bode well.
  5. Star Lady

    AGM November 2018

    Not read all of this thread so forgive if it's already been mentioned. does Buster having financial clout with almost 50% of PL clubs bring about the possibility that some rider wage demands will have to be curbed? He is known for not paying out silly money, so maybe just maybe this might mean riders have to be more realistic. They certainly will have fewer options. Before anyone shouts at me, yes riders deserve good money but not at the expense of clubs folding.
  6. Star Lady

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    If Buster hadn't stepped in, what would there be.... a 5 team top league and possibly 2 more lost clubs. Its far from ideal but better than the alternative.
  7. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thank you Trees for clarifying.
  8. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I'll assume he didn't as there have been no howls of protest to my post
  9. And I totally agree with you. It doesn't however mean that Lynn did anything wrong by booking Ellis which was in accordance with the rules. Doesnt matter how many times a certain Poole person says otherwise. i just like the truth
  10. The booking of Ellis was within the rules. What part of that can you not understand? the rules that allowed it were crap but that's hardly Lynn's fault.
  11. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Was told NKI was the only rider who did not attend the end of season party apart from Proctor who was riding. true or false?
  12. Thank the lord for that!
  13. Are we gonna have to put up with this carp until next March! and they wonder why people get sick of (some) Poole fans.
  14. Lynn's version of Steve Shovlar
  15. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Just ignore him ,hurts him far more than replying to him. As tellboy says he just wants a reaction and attention.

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