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  1. If reports of broken wrist are true, I'm gutted for Belle Vue. much as I'd love Lynn to get to the final and win the title, not this way.
  2. Interesting to hear Scott Nichols say riders spend about £100K on engines, without anything else. Begs the question as to why staging tracks are not compelled to provide track covers costing less than 10% of that.
  3. Call it off, track is appalling.
  4. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Can I politely point out that this thread is entitled King's Lynn 2018. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Wolves or Belle Vue so if you wish to "debate" their issues Foxtrot Oscar to those threads. Thank you for your co-operation
  5. Same here. I can suffer Ermobollox when there is racing to distract me but no relief from him tonight.
  6. Star Lady

    St Austell

    Eeriest track I have ever been to. Halfway thro the meeting the cloud lowered. Driving out of the car park all we could see in any direction was the colour white as we were literally in the cloud, the ground including the roadway was an off white colour. Was very very spooky. We followed the rear light of the car in front but how the heck the car at the head of the queue managed I dread to think. As I recall the refs box was an old double decker and the medical room/ changing rooms was a shipping container.
  7. So really the debate is why were the other three riders not excluded As a point of interest do the rules state what the responsibilities of the start marshall are and when they begin and end. Also does anyone know. or can find out, if the referee mentioned being "ready to race" at the riders briefing before the GP.
  8. Why should he. That would make him as corrupt as some alledge the ref is.
  9. Pearson says a new control box going into refs box, maybe it should be a new ref going in the control box!
  10. I'm not defending the refs decision in either race but it could be argued that the other three were at tapes and had they moved when they went up would have got a warning. i think the ref is a prat but Woffy should not have given him an excuse to exc him when up against his biggest rival.
  11. Woffy gave the ref an excuse to exclude him. I can see both sides of this one. As everyone thinks none of the riders were ready should the ref have excluded them all? If not why are rules there in the first place. and yes I'm bored by the racing , this debate is far more interesting
  12. Was very very harsh but Woffinden was not up to the tapes, the other three were, even tho they were twitching. Im no Woffy fan but he has reason to feel a bit peeved.
  13. At least the referee is providing some talking points cos the racing sure as hell ain't. need to see a replay of the 30 seconds before Woffy exclusion

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