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  1. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    One pleasant side effect of the coronavirus is it appears to have solved King's Lynn's notorious traffic jams. Went to the local butcher and then to an edge of town shopping complex for cat litter today and rush hour when it's normally nose to tail crawling there was not a queue in sight!
  2. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    Many of the private staff are NHS workers, who would be better employed in their normal jobs on overtime than standing in the pits at speedway.
  3. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    And my 93 year old mother in law but easily sorted. Got her to write shopping list, phone it to me, I order it to be delivered to her.....sorted.
  4. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    Agree with you that the media have everyone running scared. I, my husband and especially my daughter are in the high risk groups but intend to carry life on as normal as much as possible but taking sensible precautions. As for large gatherings, I think they will be banned but more to give the emergency services a break than for infection control. Paramedics etc will be stretched to the limit in the near future so standing about at concerts/sports events etc is not a good use of their time in these circumstances. Health workers etc will be in the front line of this and we should be grateful to them all.
  5. Not going to happen in this day and age
  6. It doesn't affect me personally as I no longer go to speedway let alone Peterborough. I will ask him the next time I see him. However I'm not convinced that he is behind this move or maybe even realises the furore it has caused. If he does then he is not the person I think I've known for over 2 decades.
  7. It wasn’t an excuse, it was a question. Quite frankly your aggressive response shows you for what you are. An ignorant bigot. just to be clear I know Buster quite well, I also have personal knowledge of how far he goes to allow access to speedway for the disabled but your bigoted responses to comments and questions on here do him no favours whatsoever.
  8. Exactly how does someone with 2 walking sticks/crutches carry such a chair? Give me a sensible reply please as I realise you like to offer solutions.
  9. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Pretty sure a few of those fixtures will change judging by past seasons Who knows might be the ones in question
  10. Star Lady

    Transfer Window

    Maybe the doc signing the sick note should have to give estimated time that the rider will return to fitness. rider not allowed to ride before that date, might stop rider collusion.
  11. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    No chance. The days of me slinging my leg over a bike are long gone
  12. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Hi tellboy. nice to be missed I agree with what you say and to a great extent Buster is bound by what the rest of British, and indeed world speedway does. I'm a realist and from past conversations with Buster know he doesn't/didn't agree with quite a few things himself but even as BSPA supreme couldn't change them. If I had to pick just one thing that IMHO would improve things (and boy how big is the choice) it would be to reduce the power of the engines so it's rider skill that wins races and not tuner's tinkering. Going back into hibernation again now but who knows a visit from Nicki in 2020 might just tempt me back to Saddlebow Road
  13. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Well said. I would add, if things people moan about don't improve there comes a point when they think why should I care and stop moaning and more importantly stop attending. I reached said point some time ago. I rarely look at anything other than Lynn threads now and quite honestly it's the same old thing season after season. *stands back awaiting incoming missives *
  14. Star Lady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Actually it's not but a week of announcements about announcements culminates in the announcement of a reserve (or that's what most people think). At the very least I would have expected one of the top 2 possibly 3 riders but as I only watch occasionally from afar my opinion will be dismissed. just seems to me in this social media obsessed world Lynn are about 2 decades out of date. Glasgow seem to have it right

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