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  1. Most of the shielded I've spoken too say they wouldn't go anywhere where there are lots of people, I certainly wouldn't.
  2. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    I'm sure there are folk who have had letters who are not getting support but from personal experience I cannot fault what has been offered to my daughter. The only help we have taken up is prescription delivery. I get annoyed at all the negativity from those that are not directly affected, especially when they get things wrong. If you stop and think of the massive numbers of people on the lists and the very short time the authorities have had to arrange stuff, they have done a bloody good job.
  3. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    As I understand it, and I could be wrong, the first letters went out to those that hospitals considered should be shielded. Others were added to the list when GP practices went thro their lists. Think the list has been updated a couple of times. My daughter didn't receive her letter until 2-3 weeks ago although we knew from online forums that she should be on the list and acted accordingly before lockdown was announced. We haven't had a food parcel as we said we don't need one, local businesses doing deliveries and lately supermarkets but the local council do arrange for medication to be collected and delivered to us for which we ar very grateful.
  4. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    53 days into lockdown and only now you ask! Where the heck have you been for the last 7 and a half weeks!
  5. Id suggest that's no recommendation.
  6. Star Lady

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    Apologies for accusing you of bringing it up. The rest of my post stands.
  7. Star Lady

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    And I understand that you have your views BUT the NHS was not mentioned in the statement. You chose to bring it up, because it suits your arguments that are massively well documented on another thread (which you are totally entitled to do) My point was by linking it to the NHS you were covertly implying that because the NHS is not snowed under (your view) it's OK to break the Forestry Commission rules. Sadly symptomatic of many nowadays. The rules only apply if they want them to. My view and I'm sticking to it
  8. Star Lady

    Illegal Riding Zero Tolerance

    Doesn't matter a jot. The reason is, it is Forestry Commission and/or private land and they make the rules. They have decreed for whatever reason they don't want bikes ridden on their land. What part of that don't you understand.
  9. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    Just asking, no agenda but did you have a test?
  10. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    One pleasant side effect of the coronavirus is it appears to have solved King's Lynn's notorious traffic jams. Went to the local butcher and then to an edge of town shopping complex for cat litter today and rush hour when it's normally nose to tail crawling there was not a queue in sight!
  11. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    Many of the private staff are NHS workers, who would be better employed in their normal jobs on overtime than standing in the pits at speedway.
  12. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    And my 93 year old mother in law but easily sorted. Got her to write shopping list, phone it to me, I order it to be delivered to her.....sorted.
  13. Star Lady

    Corona virus

    Agree with you that the media have everyone running scared. I, my husband and especially my daughter are in the high risk groups but intend to carry life on as normal as much as possible but taking sensible precautions. As for large gatherings, I think they will be banned but more to give the emergency services a break than for infection control. Paramedics etc will be stretched to the limit in the near future so standing about at concerts/sports events etc is not a good use of their time in these circumstances. Health workers etc will be in the front line of this and we should be grateful to them all.
  14. Not going to happen in this day and age

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