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  1. I'd dispute that. IMHO The track is fine , the engines are now too unpredictable for any but the most able riders. Hope the fallen riders have full and speedy recoveries.
  2. Ermolenko showing his anti Nicki bias again. Bellego had enough room, Nicki was in front IMHO
  3. Apparently if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can get a 7 day free trial for Eurosport live. Just remember to cancel the trial. thats what I've been told anyway. It it works but the downside it seems is a glut of Ermobollocks
  4. Wouldn't normally reply but you are wrong. Lynn went to Arena Essex with 5 guests and r/r. I know cos I was there can't be naffed to search for when tho, cos everyone knows it's only Poole that suffer such things in Shovelworld!
  5. Star Lady

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    I didn't This thread is far more entertaining than many a meeting I've attended. Shovvy at his best
  6. Star Lady

    Medical Cover

    I understand hanging around waiting is annoying but despite having multiple reasons for no longer attending speedway live, lack of medical cover has never been a reason for my disenchantment with the sport. You can have 2 paramedics at every meeting and then 2 serious injuries occur ( I've seen that happen). Are you then going to demand 3....and then 4. Well let's go the whole hog and have 5 in case someone on the terraces requires treatment. I wonder if anyone has ever worked out the percentage of meetings delayed for more than 15 minutes because a paramedic is required to attend a rider or accompany him to hospital. I'd hazard a guess that's it's in the low single figures. Just my opinion.
  7. Now that made me laugh, very clever......until you realise it's probably true
  8. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Now I could well be wrong but didn't Cook's sponsor not pull out after the Peterborough debacle? If so he would hardly have their name on a new race suit.
  9. Star Lady

    Photographers in British Speedway

    I have only skim read this thread but I'm wondering if this would have all blown up if the lad's name was Taylor Bloggs. From what I've read it seems that some think he has gained an advantage from his connections (no idea if this right or not) and it's escalated from there. For what it's worth from what I've seen the young lad takes decent photos. IMHO it's bullying if the subject of the comments can see them or is told about them.
  10. I think that ship sailed some time ago. If Lynn management had actually listened and tried to improve things (even unsuccessfully) maybe a few more of the ex attenders would still go. However when complaints and suggestions are ignored it gets to the point of why bother. There are a rising number who have reached that stage.
  11. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Any news on who is replacing Lewis Kerr?
  12. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Someone who actually gets it !!! just a shame it's a Poole fan
  13. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You're still missing the point but hey ho all is well and good in the world of speedway so why does it need to tell people that it's there.
  14. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think you miss the point. Clubs should make it easy to find out these things. In all honesty they should make it impossible to miss in these days of social media. No one, fans or newbies should have to search for fixtures.
  15. Star Lady

    Warsaw 2019

    Well wasn't that exciting ....not

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