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  1. Star Lady

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Maybe Philip Rising might have some idea.....whether he will share I know not
  2. Star Lady

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    You would have to ask them.
  3. Star Lady

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Apologies if you thought it was earth shattering news. It ain't! Simply informing fans that the team (well 6 of them) are riding at Leicester tomorrow evening.
  4. Star Lady

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Finally just before 1300 hours the day before the meeting, the club post on Facebook.
  5. Star Lady

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Conversely, what have the fans making suggestions on this thread ever done? JC did a fair bit for Lynn whilst he was a promoter, the publicity, presentation etc have never been better in my 50+ years following the sport. He also brought about the Super Sevens which many fans thought a step forward. He probably did more but it's too hot to argue I' m not saying he's the best person for the job, or even if he wants it, but to suggest he has done nothing is incorrect. I honestly don't think he has ever done anything to adversely affect the sport.
  6. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Really, I know I'm blocked from their twitter feed but I've not seen anything from the club on Facebook. Maybe you could post the link. After all there's at least30 hours to go before the team ride at Leicester
  7. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Bugs Bunny might be available
  8. Star Lady

    Glasgow 2018

    You really couldn't make it up!
  9. Statement from Buster on Lynn website.
  10. Now there I agree with you but the comment was made about Buster not KL management. Love to get an answer to your last sentence although I have seen him retweet a few things from riders etc
  11. You make me laugh check back thro a few Lynn threads and I've been one of Busters biggest critics for the way he has run Lynn for the last few years and I will probably continue to be so. However I am a fair minded person and not so blinded by prejudice that I cannot see two sides to things. I speak as I find always have hopefully always will. as for the sport in general, I think you give Buster far more credit (if that's the right word) for the continuing debacle the sport has become. The BSPA is a collective not a dictatorship and all voting members bear equal responsibility for the sports downfall.
  12. Sod the big picture - riders welfare comes first.
  13. Nowhere did I suggest he was but I know from personal experience that Buster is very caring and the well being of all of his employees /riders is of prime concern to him and his family. Now that might not be what you want to hear or fit in with folks perception of him but it's true.
  14. Try reading back about a dozen posts. Lucifer Sam summed it up perfectly and trust me he knows his stuff.
  15. To be fair to Buster, he may have been slightly busy, First checking and maybe visiting the injured riders and ensuring all was OK for them, then there is the aftermath of the Rye House saga and then the Friday night saga. In an ideal world yes information would be great but as I understand it the next meeting isn't until next week July 23rd (had to check) so it's not exactly urgent is it.
  16. A reasonable size , fully equipped treatment room, which I'm sure Lynn is, has far more space to allow ease of treatment of patients. Ambulances are not exactly spacious or indeed comfortable. I assume both room and 2nd ambulance are merely holding facilities and not used for emergency treatment. I respect your right to a differing opinion tho.
  17. maybe this might clear up some misunderstandings. I cannot find anything about readmission, admittedly I did speed read the regs cos there's a lot of them
  18. Not sure but wasn't it changed a couple of years ago to a sort of sliding scale. Before heat 6 readmission, after that £5 off reducing to £1 or along those lines. Off course I could have dreamt it.
  19. Didn't realise promoters could go over refs head but that would also take time I assume. Last night was one of those nights that get thrown up occasionally, when what can go wrong does. I think most of the complaining is a result of the way fans have been treated over the last few seasons and not solely based on last nights events. The goodwill of fans will only stretch so far. easy for me to see both sides (I'm Libran anyway) as I wasn't there
  20. The home promoter before giving advise to the ref would take into account 1 ETA of ambulance return (which can change without warning) 2 weather( will wait longer if warm rather than wet) 3 profit from food & drink outlet (will diminish as fans leave) 4 availability of dates for re-arrangement 5 curfew if any 6 fan satisfaction (not sure about this one and will never please them all anyway) even after all that the final decision is the referees. Going by a comment from g13webb above re Kerr's exclusion I'm not convinced he would have taken advice anyway
  21. Was that the one where Shane Parker helped out with the tractor driving Also recall one from the Waggy days, think it was a pairs meeting, that didn't start till nearly 10, then the riders pulled all sorts of stunts, tape breaking, 2 min exc etc.
  22. Not sure if the 10.30 curfew is correct. I've been at several meetings that didn't finish till 11.
  23. First and most important best wishes to both riders for a full and speedy recovery. As for the ambulance issue, as others have said 2 ambulances do not necessarily mean 2 paramedics. Having 2 ambulances plus 2 paramedics at every meeting would increase the cost considerably and possibly mean an extra quid on the admission price and I can hear the moaning now.Sadly the ambulance service has to prioritise resources and serious tho Lewis Kerr's injuries were, if not deemed life threatening resources would be sent to patients that were. It's a sad fact as is the awful long waits for ambulances at A & E waiting to hand over patients. Much as I dislike the way the club treat fans nowadays, if as Danny Connor says fans were informed, I fail to see what more the club could have done. They could have called it off when the ambulance left with Kerr, but it is possible that the crew were told it would be a relatively short wait to hand over, the club informed and then other more serious patients arrived at A & E. It's not an exact science.
  24. Star Lady

    Cardiff GP Tickets.

    There are lifts on the back straight, not sure about first bend. I'd ring them, but whatever they do I'd advise informing a steward ASAP ( especially if the disability isn't immediately visible) when you arrive outside the stadium. I've always found them extremely helpful.

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