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  1. Thank the lord for that!
  2. Are we gonna have to put up with this carp until next March! and they wonder why people get sick of (some) Poole fans.
  3. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Just ignore him ,hurts him far more than replying to him. As tellboy says he just wants a reaction and attention.
  4. For chalk to fly up the wheels must have been on the line......just saying
  5. As I recall your head injuries were in no way the same as NKI's. To say that concussion was never an issue is ridiculous, just because we have not been told his full medical history. He crashed, heavily, hit his head and quite possibly was KO'd and even if that was only for a matter of seconds, could have had serious consequences. Sure he said he felt fine, I'm sure he did but that does not mean he was fit to ride a 500cc bike in close proximity to other people. Concussion rules are made and are there for the protection of all riders not just the injured rider. As I said, I'm no big fan of NKI but I have for many years advocated statutory suspensions in the case of concussion (as are the rule in most other sports). Maybe I could have used other phrases about your talking, but it's a subject I feel strongly about and was incensed that concussion was being trivialised. As fora guest being already booked on Tuesday, if he was suffering concussion I believe in the UK it's 7 days which ruled him out of Wednesday. Apart from that it's nice to actually see some forward thinking from Lynn by prebooking a guest, for a change.
  6. Concussion knows no borders. As you say the injury was in Poland so was any suspension. Would you have preferred him to ride, possibly fell and caused himself or heaven forbid another rider to sustain a serious injury? I'm no great fan of NKI but concussion has to be taken seriously. So sorry but you are talking out of the back of your head/ar5e * *delete as appropriate.
  7. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of the domestic season. Quite frankly both this and Monday are complete bore fests and demonstrate all that is wrong with speedway nowadays. The only thing they will be remembered for is controversial decisions by referees.
  8. Weather warm, sunny with fair old breeze. probably be cold tonight
  9. I'm going to ignore all the crap from both sides and simply wish... its a meeting with plenty of good racing no injuries no controversial ref decisions the best team wins I very much doubt all the above will happen but we can hope.
  10. Pretty sure you would do a better job than the clown from last night
  11. Pic on TWitter shows Worrall on infield before heat 14, isnt that an exclusion. Or does that only apply if you don't have a Pirate on your chest.
  12. Has ice pack on his wrist, so I guess he is
  13. Not sure why the start Marshall was there to be honest!
  14. Well that's a first - common sense prevailing! Much better solution that both teams utilising r/r in my opinion. Who the heck is bothered by a minor percentage discrepancy in Morris' average....not me. May the best team win and hopefully that will be Lynn, can't put up with Shovels crowing all thro the winter
  15. not quite correct .....he's guaranteed a winners medal ....oh yeah and a runners up medal as well I don't blame him at all but it's an utter farce.
  16. Far too sensible BSPA would never allow it!
  17. I'm obviously out of touch if im honest I'd rather use r/r and win or lose with our own riders.
  18. Pardon my ignorance but I thought you could only use a guest for your no 1. Did NKI scores hundreds of points whilst I was in Scotland
  19. Star Lady

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    not a problem if you buy one anyway
  20. Good luck to the Stars Tonight. Hope it’s an injury free meeting with plenty of good racing !!! no weather updates from me cos I’m bombing up the A1 to Bonnies Scotland
  21. Star Lady

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    You forgot female, gender neutral and ethnic minority.

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