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  1. ProperSport

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Birmingham , as did my dad - arrived nice and early and had a decent meal in the Weatherspoons , weather was decent - liked the rider introduction and loved the fact that the meeting was conducted at a brisk pace ( wish all tracks would take note ) no messing around from the riders , ref got on with it and to be finished by 9.15 was spot on , thought Shanes , Garrity , Castagna where excellent - Eastbourne frankly summed up by Kennett not winning a race all evening , nice friendly crowd , ice cream went down well - the only down side was the Highways agency deciding to make 4 lanes on the M6 into 1 at 11pm delaying the trip back by 45 mins but that was a small issue - decent nights entertainment and a ground I will visit again - solid 8/10 Chris
  2. ProperSport

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Had a nice drive down just over 2 Hrs , ensconced in the Arthur Robertson having parked in the car park and awaiting some food , looking forward to a good meeting
  3. ProperSport

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Many Thanks - sure it will be great
  4. ProperSport

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Thank you very much for all the replies , good to see a number of options - should hopefully be at Perry Barr for around 5.30 pm so the 4 hrs seems ok - looking forward to it - Cheers Chris
  5. ProperSport

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    Sounds good - is parking easy ? Many Thanks Chris
  6. ProperSport

    Brummies v Eagles 07/08

    First time to Birmingham tomorrow , attempted to make a meeting in April but it was rained off but this one weather wise looks like the meeting should be on , travelling with my dad from Preston at around 3pm so should arrive in plenty of time - looking forward to it Chris
  7. Missed this apologies , roadworks where ok and the racing at Peterborough was superb
  8. Looking forward to this , ' killing two birds with one stone ' as going on the Peterborough Utd v Sunderland game ( one of the 11 clubs out of the 92 not seen football at ) and then on to the Speedway for my first visit to Peterborough Speedway , then Ive two days to kill as no Speedway in and around the Midlands so planning RAF Museum at Duxford , British Motor Museum at Gaydon and then onto Birmingham on the Wed and Ipswich on the Thursday ( another new track for me ) ... would have been nice for Mildenhall / Kings Lynn to have been racing but they will have to wait Chris
  9. Thanks Mr Bump , setting off 9.30 so going to risk it based on forecasts etc - Cheers Chris
  10. Weather been appalling in Preston today - looks ok in Leicester - hoping to see this on tomorrow
  11. Im gong to this - weather forecast looks ok for the Sunday with light showers on the Sat - anybody closer to Leicester than me :) ( Preston ) if you could provide any updates then great , I plan to get there for 11.30 so hope to be on the car park but if not I'll find somewhere ..... Chris
  12. ProperSport

    Cardiff Accommodation

    I have used the same booking for the last 5 years but unfortunately she has sold up and they have built a new road on what was a stunning little B and B , I have managed though to find two nights in a very nice hotel in Newport for £120 inc Breakfast so happy with that as that enables the trip again to the Pairs and the GP on the Sat ...
  13. Championship clubs are indeed chasing the dream and some of the mouth watering wages being paid to bang average players will IMO see a club of some size either fold or tumble down the leagues in the next couple of seasons it is not sustainable , the likes of Villa ( losing around £6 Million a month and paying the likes of Richards £60k a week and he hasn't played for 18 months ) , Sheff Wed , Norwich , Bolton , QPR and various other in serious financial difficulties and yet my team Preston finished 7th in the Championship on crowds of around 11,000 with a maximum wage bill of £7k per week , a squad assembled in total for under £3 Million ( consider than on Aston Villa who have spent circa £65 Million in 2 seasons ) a squad valued at perhaps £25-£30 Million , sold a player to West Ham for £8.5 Million who cost us £40k and we have ZERO debt , the only other clubs with a squad spend like us / wages in this league where relegated Burton and Barnsley but we have a long term plan to buy cheap / youth / and get players who want to play football not just for the money , not sure there are many clubs in the top two flights who have adopted this policy but we are up against it more and more every season with the parachute monies and clubs chasing the Multi Millions in the Prem
  14. I'm coming from Preston with my dad - hoping its a decent meeting

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