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  1. prodons

    Wimbledon Race Jacket YouTube Video

    Hi Robbie, Fantastic effort! Almost brings a tear to the eye...
  2. prodons

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    Robbie, are you planning to upload the Wimbledon race jackets designs upto YouTube? I'd certainly enjoy watching that!
  3. prodons

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    The Teeside race jacket looks fantastic! One of the all time greats in my opinion. Regarding the brilliant YouTube video, my only query is that the Crayford colours were Red and Yellow.
  4. Did Alan Grahame ever qualify for a final? Seem to recall him being reserve in 1984 and scoring a few points.
  5. Garry Middleton gets my vote. Boy was he controversial, but he was also a fine rider for Hackney and Oxford at his peak. Also finished 3rd in the Internationale at Wimbledon when the lineup was arguably stronger than the World Final.
  6. prodons

    The Name's NOT the Same...

    Mick Hines, former Ipswich, Wimbledon, Peterborough & Mildenhall rider Mick Hinves, speedway photographer A bit tenuous sorry!
  7. prodons

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Neither on that basis had Zmarzlik...
  8. prodons

    Torun 2018

    Think Tai is now approaching his peak years in the sport. He’s 28 and the same age as when Mauger won his first title in 1968. He’s also achieved 5 rostrum finishes in 6 seasons, only losing a 3rd place run-off to Nikki Pedersen in 2014. Amazing consistency.
  9. prodons

    Ronnie Moore

    Lovely to see some readers tributes to Ronnie Moore in this week’s Speedway Star, particularly one from Ian Perkin, Wimbledon Speedway Chairman in the CL era.
  10. prodons

    Ronnie Moore

    RIP Mirac. The finest rider ever to ride for the Dons.
  11. I know it’s only halfway, but this is arguably our most effective team showing this century!
  12. prodons

    Wimbledon stadium

    Went to my first meeting at Wimbledon a babe in arms. I never lost my feeling of pride at seeing the Dons ride in such a fantastic stadium. We never had the best team in my era but standing on the first bend was something that I’ll never forget. To then have the honour of serving the club in a minor capacity in their CL days still makes me feel as proud as punch.
  13. prodons

    Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    The 2 Dons 5-1’s were in the 1st leg of the KOC final, sadly the last major silverware won by Wimbledon. Mauger was the real deal though. What a leader and inspiration for Newcastle, Belle Vue, Exeter and Hull.
  14. Are we counting defunct PL teams as well? If so, then Trelawny can stake claim to Matej Zagar and Chris Harris (both who rode for the Tigers in the early 00's).
  15. prodons


    Erik Gundersen...??

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