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  1. Wont be worth having a return leg. This is so one sided its boring. Crazy when you see heats with what would be 4 Leicester riders Big gap between the top and 2nd division but expect it when built to a different team limit
  2. He said credit to Wolves who were better on the night and that all 6 riders did a great job for them.
  3. mdmc82

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Wont Bates ride for Sheffield as he signed for them first and isnt he a PL asset?
  4. Great effort Wolves. Didnt see that coming esp without Key riders 👏🏼
  5. Rory Schlein 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great captains job Rory saying the track is a typical Swindon & Ronnie Russell track 😉 No excuses needed
  6. Big pressure on Rory now in this race on his own. Was winning well before Riss went down.
  7. Exactly. Been lots of overtaking just not by Morris
  8. Long way still to go but wolves looking great so far
  9. Love watching Harris & Rory ride together. 10 years since they won the league together for Coventry
  10. Great efforts so far from wolves He has a world title to think about. Cant see him over doing it if he doesnt gate
  11. Gutted for Wolves. They were the inform team over the last few meetings. Lost 2 of their best riders
  12. Congratulations Swindon Doyle taking the mick on telly about the new stadium still looking like it's started 🤣 Surely Poole won't be resigning Kennett and J Holder next year. Both very poor

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