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    Cradley 2016

    CRADLEY Heathens are on the lookout for new management to take the club forward. The current consortium, which brought the world famous club back to league racing in 2010, have reluctantly made the decision they cannot continue under the current circumstances. They are keen, however, to emphasise they wish to see the club continue into the 2016 season if at all possible. To that end, a meeting has been arranged with the interim board of the newly-formed Heathens Supporters Trust to discuss the situation. Based at Perry Barr Stadium in Birmingham, the Heathens have finished third in this year's National League. However, it has been a logistically difficult season for the management with Nigel Pearson unavailable on occasions due to his broadcasting duties, Chris Van Straaten needing to give his full attention to Wolverhampton and Gary Patchett unable to attend events at the stadium. The consortium state: "It is a very difficult thing for us to do, but unfortunately at this time we cannot continue for both business and personal reasons. "It is our intention to do everything we can to allow the club to continue under new management next season rather than close the club down. "We sincerely hope the forthcoming cup tie with King's Lynn at Perry Barr on October 14 is not the last ever Heathens meeting. "Our sincere thanks to the fans and sponsors for standing by us in a difficult season at Perry Barr and to the support of the Birmingham track staff through Denise Drury and the excellent medical team. "But special thanks to our team manager Will Pottinger for his sterling work once again." Any interested parties are asked to email info@cradleyheathens.co in confidence.
  2. I know we are all hurting and everything feels negative at the moment but the worst thing we can do is give up. We know we won't be racing this year which is a huge blow but we need to do all we can to try and make sure this isn't the end for good. The Coventry Observer are the first to openly take action. They have started a campaign to save Coventry Speedway. https://coventryobserver.co.uk/?p=45969 Twitter quote: First Save Our Bees story going up tonight at 7.30pm. An interesting read. The campaign to get the Bees back on track has started! #SOB
  3. BELLE VUE ACES 1.Matej Zagar. 7.83 2.Craig Cook. 7.29 3.Scott Nicholls 6.48 4.Max Fricke 6.16 5.Richie Worrall(D/U) . 4.10 6. Steve Worrall 7. Joe Jacobs 8 COVENTRY BEES 1.Krzysztof Kasprzak 7.97 2.Chris Harris. 7.34 3.Danny King (d/u) 6.48 4.Kacper Woryna 5 Jason Garrity (d/u) 5.08 6.James Sarjeant 3.00 7.Josh Bates 3.26 8 9. Adam Roynon KING'S LYNN STARS. 1. Troy Batchelor 6.91 2. Kai Huckenbeck 3. Robert Lambert 6.59 4. Mads Korneliussen 5.95 5. Rory Schlein 6.24 6. Carl Wilkinson 3.20 7. Lewis Rose 3.00 8. Simon Lambert LAKESIDE HAMMERS 1 Andreas Jonsson. 7.84 2.Kim Nilsson. 6.98 3.Lewis Bridger 4.Edward Kennett 5.86 5. Piotr Swiderski 3.87 6. Lewis Kerr 4.10 7. Robert Mear 8. 9.Richard Lawson LEICESTER LIONS 1. Szymon Wozniak 5.51 2. Gregorz Walasek. 5.91 3. Patrick Hougaard 4. Seb Ulamek 5. Nicolai Klindt 6. Josh Auty 7. Paul Starke 8 POOLE PIRATES 1.Chris Holder 7.47 2. Davey Watt. 7.19 3. Krzysztof buczkowski 6.48 4. Hans Andersen 6.45 5. Brady Kurtz. 5.24 6. Kyle Newman 7. Adam Ellis 8. SWINDON ROBINS (39.88 total) 1.Jason Doyle 9.44 2. Nick Morris 6.70 3.Josh Grajczonek (d/u). 6.00 4.Justin Sedgeman. 4.70 5. Rohan Tungate 6. Charles Wright 4.13 7. Stefan Nielsen 3.00 8. WOLVERHAMPTON WOLVES (39.38 total) 1.Joonas Kylmakorpi 6.80 2.Jacob Thorssell. 6.18 3.Mikkel Bech 6.16 4.Freddie Lindgren. 6.11 5.Sam Masters (d/u) 5.60 6. Kyle Howarth. 5.53 7. Max Clegg 3.00 8. I will add averages and change riding numbers if needed once this heatleader list is announced. It could be interesting.
  4. Wont be worth having a return leg. This is so one sided its boring. Crazy when you see heats with what would be 4 Leicester riders Big gap between the top and 2nd division but expect it when built to a different team limit
  5. He said credit to Wolves who were better on the night and that all 6 riders did a great job for them.
  6. mdmc82

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Wont Bates ride for Sheffield as he signed for them first and isnt he a PL asset?
  7. Great effort Wolves. Didnt see that coming esp without Key riders 👏🏼
  8. Rory Schlein 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great captains job Rory saying the track is a typical Swindon & Ronnie Russell track 😉 No excuses needed
  9. Big pressure on Rory now in this race on his own. Was winning well before Riss went down.
  10. Exactly. Been lots of overtaking just not by Morris
  11. Long way still to go but wolves looking great so far
  12. Love watching Harris & Rory ride together. 10 years since they won the league together for Coventry
  13. Great efforts so far from wolves He has a world title to think about. Cant see him over doing it if he doesnt gate
  14. Gutted for Wolves. They were the inform team over the last few meetings. Lost 2 of their best riders
  15. Congratulations Swindon Doyle taking the mick on telly about the new stadium still looking like it's started 🤣 Surely Poole won't be resigning Kennett and J Holder next year. Both very poor
  16. Tungate been disgraceful tonight. Dangerous and really let his team down.
  17. Hans rolled and still was on the receiving end of. 5-1 🤣 Doyle showing him how it's done
  18. Good race from Fricke. Used to love watching him race when he guested for Coventry. One of only a few likeable aussies.
  19. Bradley Wilson Dean has been the rider of the night so far. Keeping Swindon in it
  20. Swindon bottling it. Can see Poole winning this now.
  21. Swindon are looking quite average tonight esp for a home team. Wolves are looking the team to beat at the moment
  22. Tungate is dreadful tonight. Him and Cook are throwing this away

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