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  1. mdmc82

    World Games Pairs 29/7/17

    Rosco would have been better to take Bates than Lambert. At least he was in the mix in the SGP. Lambert had looked miles from ready in both this and the World Cup. People said about Lambert should of had Bombers British GP places in the past but he's no where never even Harris level yet.
  2. mdmc82

    World Games Pairs 29/7/17

    ‪Worrall is more than holding his own against the big names. Lambert looks out of his depth. Good learning curve though 🇬🇧
  3. mdmc82

    Rye House 2017

    Poole wasn't Kaspazak's first choice during the winter but the team he wanted to sign for offered him a very poor deal so he signed for Poole. He didn't seem happy at Poole or their ploughing field and his scores here reflected that while he was scoring well elsewhere. I would be surprised if he rode the pirates again. KK & Harris has always openly said how much they enjoy riding together and I think the mix of this team will work well. He won't stay at reserve long. This could be the closest to a bees team us Coventry fans ever see again 😥 I hope they do well
  4. mdmc82

    Poole 2017

    The KOC has been counted in the home and away averages Any news on any new signings?
  5. mdmc82

    Poole 2017

    Could prove a huge mistake from Poole letting KK go on a 5 average. He should score big at reserve anc end up with a big average again. He never seemed happy at Poole this year so it will be interesting to see how he gets on at Rye House.
  6. mdmc82

    Rye House 2017

    Great signing in Kaspazak at reserve. It really is like a Coventry side now with another ex bee. Good luck 👍🏻
  7. Thanks. Wow didn't realise it was that near. So most of these teams could now be the ones that finish the league
  8. Wow very surprised by that result. Well done Somerset on a away win at Poole. When is the deadline for making final changes to a team? The changes Poole are making really don't seem to be making much difference although Brady is a miss. God help them away from home as you can be certain Kennett will score less than he does at Poole
  9. I think this should be a comfortable home win esp on that track. Predict 52-38
  10. Brilliant to have a meeting where no stoppages until heat 15.
  11. Well done Belle Vue. Gutted for Perks. Glad he's not hurt though. This is by far the best track we have seen on telly so far.
  12. ‪Amazing ride from Bewley to beat Lindgren & Rory 👏 Good team riding from Tungate Dan Bewley has been impressive in all the tv meetings I've seen him in
  13. Advantage Wolves as Thorsell is poor away so RR using Rory, Freddie & masters having his rides strengthen them. Cook a miss for Belle Vue at home The track looks really good 👍🏻
  14. mdmc82

    Cardiff 2017

    Brilliant 2nd place for Josh Bates there. On the pace
  15. mdmc82

    Poole 2017

    Haha is it Laguta, Pedersen, Magic .... No it's Edward Kennett 😂😂😂😂 Jeez he may score okay at home but is shocking away. Why do you think Rye House sacked him.
  16. So unlucky Leicester tonight. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Great fight tonight to take it to a last heat after losing riders early on. Hope all the injured riders are okay
  17. Not enough dirt. It's too slick
  18. ‪How unlucky can Leicester be. Everything against them tonight 👎🏻‬ Haha Rosco says people shouldn't write his team off. He's been against a 4 man team most the meeting. He should be doing well against a team with only 3 riders in races
  19. Get in Riss. Good to see him come out and win that heat after what happened earlier. Batchelor and Morris capable of a 5-1 though 🙈
  20. Poor Leicester, they don't deserve to lose this but ran out of riders. Advantage Swindon.
  21. Or not put a rider in to start with
  22. They should have left no riders in that heat to stop Robins using the TR anc saved riders for later heats. Anybody could see Morris holding back.
  23. Terrible crash 😕 Hope he's ok esp on debut meeting. Leicester could be down to 4 riders which would hand this to the robins
  24. Leicester putting up a good fight so far. Shame they will have only 3 riders in a coming race. The track looks better than usual Swindon's new Pole looks good
  25. Leicester look weak esp now they are sadly down to 5 men Swindon should pick up a easy 4 points.

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