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  1. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Assuming that league stays largely as it is, I would say that from this year's riders, based on their performances and final averages the two that made the best case for being signed for next season are Andersen and Wells, with Mountain also doing ok and looking like he will improve next season. Lions really need another decent heat leader who can give us a bit more in heats 13 and 15, and a number 6 who is going to be able to get some big scores and put something on their starting average. For third heat leader/second string, Nicholls, Wright, King, Pieszczek, and Newman all did ok, and would be worth consideration for next season. Sarjeant would be an ok number 7, but is maybe now as good as he's going to get and Mountain looks a better bet for that position - having both at reserve would leave Lions too weak. I would guess that Bates will likely come back in as a second string, barring further out of season self-inflicted injuries.
  2. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes, of all the riders Leicester have used this season, Hans is the obvious one to retain for next season
  3. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    New asset to be announced at Monday's meeting. As the club state a new rider joining the asset base (didn't realise there was one) rather than a new signing, I am guessing it's someone who has been in the team this year.
  4. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I think speedway comes over quite well on telly, because they fill the gaps between heats with interviews, analysis, replays, etc., while if you're at a meeting you get dodgy PAs, dire music (usually the same tunes every week), tractors circling the track, occasional inaudible/daft interviews, etc. The racing is always going to be the most important thing about speedway, but the whole two hours or so that a meeting takes could be a much better experience with a little effort. I think the other thing about 20-20 is they saw a need to appeal beyond the traditional cricket audience and came up with a product that would have a different appeal, and that meant not just doing things the way they've always been done, which speedway seems to struggle with. It would cost money, but a big screen showing heat line-ups, results, replays, interviews, etc. would keep the interest going between heats - just needs someone clued up enough to work out how to get more people in to meetings to make it pay.
  5. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Just Bjerre. I wouldn't have dropped Pieszczek based on his performances (although his form had dipped recently), but I can understand that they wanted more strength at reserve so had to make another change. As for investing in riders in the hope that they stay for 5 years, good luck with that - there is little loyalty on either side in British speedway these days.
  6. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Half the riders who have gone this season have been due to injuries, and needing to make a change often impacts another rider to make the numbers work. Would you prefer they ran with R/R and three guests? If riders come in to do a job then score at two points below their starting average they can't expect to keep their place.
  7. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    It's those three I'd be looking to change. Bjerre has only averaged 6.4 this season and doesn't look like improving. Surely Lions can use the 15.3 available to replace those three with a stronger trio.
  8. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    Poole will likely get something out of the meeting - Lions don't seem able to win convincingly at home at the moment.
  9. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions v Wolverhampton Wolves, 2 July 18

    Was hard to tell if he was on or just off the track from where I was. If he was on the track, what was the referee doing letting the race continue? Should have stopped it and thrown Greaves out of the meeting.
  10. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    The track was abysmal tonight. No shale on the racing line for at least a quarter of the track, and spectators covered in dust every time the bikes went past due to lack of/inadequate watering. It has certainly been prepared better for racing before.
  11. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Fine to park on Tesco car park - there's a 4 hour limit.
  12. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I don't know why people feel the need to moan about this. Working as a TM 2 or 3 evenings a week should be something he can cope with.
  13. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Surprised to see James back. I would have thought he needed to establish himself more in the second tier before being ready for the Championship, but if he's riding in the Lions colours, best of luck to him.
  14. GoldenGauntlet

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Maybe looking at Joe Jacobs as a potential no. 7?
  15. GoldenGauntlet


    We already have a guest pool - it's called the SGB Championship.

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