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  1. I'm amazed the amount of people who talk the CMA as if is a fair way to evaluate team strength. Them days are long gone. Once, when the heat program was of the original design all of the riders had equal difficulties and their CMA was comparison with each other. Now depending whether your a heat leader (HL), a second string (2S) or a reserve (R) the averages attained are a million miles apart. A (HL) may score say 6pts riding against opposite (HL) whereas a (R) could score 8pts against their opposite no in the same meeting. According to the averages the (R) rider achieved a better score than the (HL) but their performances are in a different league. This is why the points limits are a waste of time. For there to be any sort of equality within team strength all riders need to be graded. Only then will there be true comparisons between the teams...
  2. g13webb

    Just a thought

    The new Belle Vue is unique, it that it was built for the modern day speedway bike, and will usually deliver great racing. Unfortunately the majority of the remaining tracks are not suited to these high revving machines. Years back the bikes had more torque at low speeds, giving the rider better control. Now the bikes are high revving speed machines, as soon as riders cut the revs they lose all the power, and this results in many processional races... Looking back to the Peter Collins and Michael Lee era, there were some titanic battles, equally as good as anything today. Back then the rider was much more important than the machine was. So thinking along them lines, I'm sure these highly tuned machines add far too much costs that the sport cant afford, without adding any significant extra to the sport. When you think along the lines of the sport's retainability, these machines are slowly but surely killing it..... Rather than find ways of meeting these costs, why don't we think of ways of reducing them.....
  3. g13webb

    Just a thought

    The main problems for the promoters in trying to promote this sport are many. 1, Bikes too fast; 2 Bikes too expensive; 3, No equality in the standard of Riders, 4, Unfit tracks; 4, Too many processional races, 5, High admission prices; 6, Poor VFM. stated just as an examples, so I fail to see how the makeup of the teams will make much difference..
  4. I agree with you on all those points, not necessarily in that order. No 1 has to be Quality of Racing, closely followed by Atmosphere. Price and VFM go hand in hand but are of the utmost importance . Unfortunately the gradual decline has been ongoing for too many years and any changes now will not have any immediate response other than offer some hope of retainability.. The Powers in charge, should have been doing this 20 yrs when the attendance figures were respectable. There were enough numbers to work with and develop the changes that were needed. Now the pattern has been set and the crowds all but gone, any new implementations will be much harder to guarantee acceptance of the fans that will keep them interested.. . Its much easier to point out what is wrong with this sport, but so much harder to say what is right with it.... We are still using the old trusted ideas to run our meetings knowing the feasibility study always fails. We need to start again, putting far more emphasise on the fans, what they want and they can afford. The days when the riders demanding a fortune to ride have finished. We need to cut the cloth according to the size, that the sport can afford. For riders, to be riding Bikes costing £7K a time, in front of paltry attendances has to be a recipe for disaster... This sports needs a new broome…...
  5. It was most unfortunate that Swindon were in the finals. Any of the other six teams would have produced a far better competition for the league's finale of the season. Ipswich's semi-final against Poole would have made a fitting climate. But it is not good viewing when one team is head and shoulders above the rest. I'm not knocking Swindon, but they are far too strong for this league and questions need to be asked about the way teams are assembled.. As hard as T & P tried to make the 2nd leg interesting, we all know it will be a foregone conclusion..... I have no problems Swindon being champions, but feel Ipswich don't deserve having their noses rubs in the process....
  6. If they can only muster 4 heat winner at home, I don't holdout much hope for them away... Swindon are way too strong for Ipswich to have any chance of success. Was wondering what was the biggest one sided affair in the playoff history . Swindon will no doubt be close to that record...
  7. At least the rain could see sense, a timely intervention. Be interesting to see if those riders will be better in time for the rerun...
  8. And we wonder why our sport is in such a mess. When we need some direction and responsible to rule over a ridiculous situation where are the BSPA ? There is no sense, rhyme or reason for this meeting to be run tonight, especially when there is one of the prime meeting of the season to watch on the telly. It will take fans away who would usually go and support the home team.. The fact that some away riders have voiced they don't want to ride by pulling out of the meeting shows the importance of how they see it. It is difficult enough to run viable meetings in this dying sport but to enforce a club like POOLE to when there is little to gain, is asking a club to lose money they can ill afford. I don't condone riders for pulling out of any meetings but I'd like to think if there was something at stake these rides would turn up.... Surely in situations like these common sense should comes to the fore..
  9. g13webb

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Given the opportunity I'd always pick Andersen . Without doubt, a terrific man to have in your team, not necessary a heat leader but definitely a Team Leader... with loads of experience to boot.. A no Brainer to me....
  10. I've always been a great believer in fate. Last night was very similar to last year, when regardless of how good or bad you may be , things happen that dictates the final outcome. Fair due's to Ipswich who stuck to the task and achieved a most unbelievable victory, but to be honest, if you cant beat a 3 man team, at home then you would have lost all creditability. Cant help feeling a bit smug, remembering how last years when every fate imaginable went Poole's way and they were crowing about how majestically they rode to win the Premiership.. They say those who laughs last laughs the longest is sure true...….. Well done those Witches .
  11. And you were questioning about the importance of Team Managers??
  12. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Tell that to Middlo, I think a good Team Manager is worth his weight in gold.. To find a good one is more difficult than finding Rocking horse Dung. They are that rare. Ex riders are usually a good choice for managers, having been there and done it , but there's no guarantee. Having been there, they can talk shop with the riders and will understand the their problems better.. it all very well being friendly and blowing sunshine up their arses, but nothing can replace the experience they gained when they were riding... I once posted on this forum, when Rob Lyons packed up, saying Olly Allen would be an ideal choice for Team Manager. but as usual I was cried down. Now it seems other people are thinking the same way as now he has landed the top job . Good luck to him... Be interesting to see how he gets on...
  13. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I don't think the home grippy track does Lynn any favours in the long run. The Stars team appear to revel in the difficult conditions and therefore have a big home advantage But that probably gives a false impression of their averages. When faced with normal tracks the differences between our riders and those they are racing, gives a more reliable indication of our strength, so infact, we are not so strong as we seem to think and the riders averages are actually a hindrance when trying to assembly a team for next year. I agree that we should keep the obvious 3, of RL, MPT and ER and build from there, taking in consideration of how they perform on normal tracks rather than grippy ones....
  14. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Unlike so many I here, I don't put riders CMA as the be all of team building. Yes, I appreciate its the mechanics used for team equality, but application , attitude and passion have a far greater importance to the value of riders impact for the team. Your averages above illustrate precisely that , although we finished way down the league , our riders CMA is second only to Swindon. Its obvious, for whatever reason, we don't perform as a successful team. Changes need to be made..
  15. g13webb

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    I would never rub Topinka achievement down, and yes I also witnessed him doing a good job. But I've always felt Rory was the best. Peoples opinions differ...

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