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  1. Firstly, let me say I hate it when anyone get injured, and wish Garrity a speedy recovery. but it wouldn't be the first time someone has pretended to fall hoping to con the ref. In his first 2 rides Garrity struggled to impose himself, me thinking Andersen could possibly beat him in that next race. When we see the slow motion replay of the accident on the media, I could see no sense in Garrity turning in to hit Andersen's back wheel, and so believed that it could have been preconceived. Rightly or wrongly, if it had been arranged, it would never be intended to get hurt. I apologise if I seem callous, but being able to replace him with Tungate and Bewley strengthened Belle Vue's corner considerably . I hope I am wrong in my thinking and that it was all an accident. Like I said I hate to see people get hurt, I hope he make a speedy recovery and back racing soon...
  2. Strange that !! Probably I was giving Lemon more credit than he deserved , in thinking that Garrity IRR was preconceived . There was no doubting Bewley and Tungate would benefit BV score, far more then had Garrity took his rides. Looking at the slow motion replay on the media, Garrity looked suspicious when he turned into Andersen's rear wheel when half a length adrift at the start. I was even surprised the ref ordered all four back. When he was replaced with Bewley I immediately praised Lemon for his application of the rules... Thinking 'You Crafty Sod' . But when reading the above post probably it was just in my twisted thinking that Lemon had in fact bent the rules to suit
  3. What makes this result surprising, was it was achieved with Rory having a bad night. A big done for keeping it so close.... Nobody likes to see a one-sided meeting.
  4. Sometimes meetings do work out as one imagines. Result in doubt until the end always makes it more interesting. Obviously pleased we took advantage of this ridiculous fixture planning, nobody has mentioned the crowd numbers yet , so don't know how it was perceived against that of the normal. Guests may have been somewhat weaker, but some of Belle Vue's own riders didn't perform has they could have, so it would be wrong to proportion all the blame on the guests... Never more than 6 points apart the end was always going to be close. From the contacts, the Updates; and tweets, we Stars fans should be very happy. We performed well as a team, we provided 7 race winners away from home, We only had 6 last places, and secure 4 of 5-1 race wins. All relevant facts that indicate our inner team strength. Niels, slowly but surely , is getting back to his old form, MPT is a far better rider than most people recognise, Proctor is proving he was never a gamble, Kerr has to be one best reserves ever , and Robert has at last come of age... No, we may not have won against a full BV side, but for sure we would have gave them something to think about..... That heat 13 last night was massive. to gain a 5-1 in that race after they had clawed back level , all but sealed their fate.,,
  5. How come Rory gets an extra ride from RR for Howarth?? Rory must be top rider in the averages let alone Wolves side... Andersen is a massive loss for Leicester and could be the defining issue. Had both teams been at full strength , I would have fancied the Lions for a comfortable home win, but now it will be much closer than that . Will go for close match with Wolves taking home a point...
  6. Years ago the whole concept of going to speedway meeting was entirely different than it is today. Firstly there were far more in attendance that created a better atmosphere, The evening was usually 22 or more races. that was pushed through with little or no breaks. The riders were not in a hurry to leave and would often mingle with the fans in the bars. This created much more belonging that the fans felt they had. Yes, the internet has made a tremendous difference to everyone's life and has to take some of the blame for falling attendances. But it would be wrong to proportion all of the falling numbers to that alone. The promoters and the governing body have not helped the sport progress with their reluctance to put the sport first. They don't address the problems on a united front. Its as if everyclub has their own agenda. You say we all need to lighten up and laugh more, I agree, life has become far to serious these days. When I'm standing in the freezing cold, waiting for the racing to start, I can assure you I don't find anything to laugh at... Sweeping deficiencies under the carpet doesn't solve any problems, they need to be addressed, so more people will be able to laugh and enjoy their speedway night out.
  7. Poole v Wolves Premiership A. 23/5/18

    Probably, Freddie is not missed at Monmore but away, he is a massive loss . Though Rory's going great everywhere, the rest need to step up a bit . Even if Thorsell and Masters score well, I still believe they will come up short and go home empty handed...
  8. When you look at the Polish meetings on Sunday afternoons you understand the differences between their sharp presentation and that of ours . All their meetings are run like clock work. You get the first four races run to a tight schedule, While one race is being run the next is being got ready. The 2mins means 2 mins the riders don't do much gardening , like they do in the UK. After 4 races there is a mini interval where the track is graded and punters go to the stalls for food or drinks. Heat 5 and the cycle is repeated . Crisp presentation that keeps everybody happy. Why do we fine that so hard to do ????
  9. From the racing I've seen from and at the NSS , riders performances don't always coincide with their form at that time, so it could be that the 3 guest riders will put up a decent effort and score sufficient points to make it interesting. No disputing Fricke and Cook's class, but they haven't been hitting those big numbers we know they are capable of, so probably, this might just be a special night when those guests contribute to a close competitive meeting when the result is in doubt until the end.... We can but hope...
  10. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    The biggest problems we have with our sport is the BSPA is run by people who think only of themselves and their own clubs, Such a short sighted vision, that has controlled all that is wrong for more years than can by remembered. In no other sport would it be possible for the 'lower level' to control the top teams just because of their numbers. But in speedway its all to obvious, even a blind man can see it. Our sport is riddled with 'on the minute' rule changes , brought in on a whim, without being properly thought though. We all hope next year they will get it right , but inevitably it is the same shambolic existence... And that's the way out sport continues. The sport needs some stability, and to do that we need structure and vision for the future. Unfortunately, I don't see any of them virtues in the BSPA. Their motto appears to be live today and let tomorrow take care of itself. In an ideal world an ' Independent Governing Body' , would solve most of the ingrown problems. but we know that will never happen. So the alternative has to be a structure set in stone. Rules that would need 12months notice for any changes, and then needing a big percentage of votes before implementing.. Example: The league to consist of 3 divisions, Each year 1 team gets promoted and 1 relegated. The top league will race on Thursday & Friday , 2nd division will race on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Saturday ; 3rd Division Sundays (Days that can be recognised in Europe) Riders are to be free agents, to sign 12 mth contract only, and be allowed to sign for 2 UK leagues only. If there were fixture clashes then the top team would always take preference. Rolling CMA to the over 12 matches within the last 18 months. Team strength to be set at 45 pts.. Riders with no current CMA would be assessed by a representative committee .on an agreed structure... These are only an example of a structure laid down, but once these fundamentals were set in stone, the only issues to be sorted at the AGM is day to day running of the sport... Everyone would know all the rules, everyone would know the future, and each club would want to progress to the top league.... Hopefully this could end all the problems we experience at present.
  11. Surely, if Belle Vue cant field a team then Lynn would agree to a postponement . (Seem to remember Poole was given that facility when they were to race against Lakeside some years back). I cant believe meetings like this can ever benefit the sport and any success Lynn may achieve would only be a hollow victory.. anyway. Sure, I would love the Stars to win, but its need to be raced for, not given to them.... Ridiculous situation....
  12. Your clubs early season rider report

    Kings Lynn: Star Performers : Robert lambert, Lewis Kerr, Ty Proctor, Kasper Andersen, Thomas Jorgensen, MPT and NKI Most improved rider : Robert Lambert Needing more time to recapture form : Niels Kristen Iversen Conclusion : Looking positive, so far....
  13. I'm not a lover of these fixtures, but they were always on the horizon when implementing the FRN idea. Yes, we may have eliminated the problems with D/U but when teams have their big hitters missing, inevitably there aren't anybody adequate to fill their places, because other teams will usually be racing the same night. Its not the ideal scenario of promoting the sport nor does it encourage fans to spend their hard earnt money...
  14. The way the Stars are riding at the moment , R/R would always be the preferred option . Auty likes the AFA and usually scores well. The difference between him and MPT is minimal . The biggest factor here was that Leicester were missing all their big hitters which helped Lynn's cause . My biggest argument was not the issue of riders missing but the club keeping everything a secret. Strange, come Wednesday afternoon, we had announcements and Tweets coming by the bucket load. All that was needed to be done was a notice on the website, saying we are without Niels and MPT next week, we are doing all that is possible to cover them. So easy and would have answered all the queries about who was missing and why... If they had thought of the fans in the correct way, that should have been the first thing they did, not the last one...
  15. Well I also went and enjoyed the racing. The night started off giving me a massive 'fix'. Them 16 bikes all starting off after the presentation give off a intoxicating smell. When I breathe that I'm on cloud 9. You gave a pretty good account of the races . If only they put more urgency into the evening instead of dragging it out it would appease far more fans... 15min track grading is enough to cheese most people off, even on a warm night