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  1. g13webb

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I have reasoned this before. I even wondered how long it will be before they rename the league as the CHAPMANSHIP
  2. I'll agree with you there. Wisbech is not the sort of place I like to go any more. Some streets have changed that much you question your desire to walk down it.... Wisbech has been going downhill for years The culture has now changed to something you wouldn't recognised... , but must say the new Tesco store is one of the plus factors.... When they demolished the stadium it hadn't been used for years, it was just a dumping ground for both people and rubbish..
  3. Strange you say that, in the village where I live , I noticed this morning, on the way to the local shop, there were no less then 6 bill boards advertising STOCK CAR racing from the same AFA. yet you never see one for the Speedway. I hate Stock Cars with a vengeance, but I couldn't help but notice the Adverts..
  4. You're missing the point, Obviously the news is out there if you go looking for it, but the idea of Promotion, is to the promote the sport to people who don't know what's going on... Its very difficult to discuss any issues with you as you're one of the converted and see absolutely nothing wrong with Lynn Speedway. I admire your work and enthusiasm but it's just a pity it blinds you from the apparent problems with the sport......
  5. We have never lived in Lynn and there is no mention of Speedway in the Wisbech Papers... We read the Daily Mail (A proper Newspaper) each day. When I have read the EDP it came across as glorified yellow pages where most spaces are devoted to adverts. If it wasn't for the Internet , the Forum and the SS I would struggle to know what was going on.... Locally or Nationally
  6. It would be wrong to judge everyone like yourself. You probably don't like the sports you mentioned but you cant help but notice all the hype in the national press Social media is good but it does not tick every box. If you are not looking in the right places you will not see the media releases. Years ago we could always read about the Stars in the local rags but them days are long gone. Last year we were on the verge of success and there was not a word in the local press. No body knew anything about it, even the old speedway fans... Sports like Football, Rugby, Horse racing are on the back pages of every national newspaper, whereas Speedway is the biggest secret out there. If this sport has any future then it needs a professional Promotion Team to put it where the public can see it....
  7. I appreciate your views and can understand that connection, but it was a two way thing. Riders rode for a club and belonged solely to that club, they didn't ride for a various others at the same time, so the loyalty was never in question. This belonging feeling that existed was paramount to the connection, the fans had with the club. This is why the terraces were always full. Every race meant something because the riders didn't want to let the fans down... It was as though you were a big family. Many nights after the meetings we stayed on to mix with the riders in the bar. Some nights it was so full you couldn't get in the place. But it all added to that emotional attachment. One of the big difference is now the top riders are free agents and ride for many clubs. They is no belonging to any specific club or their fans, the riders act like mercenaries, milking the situation that the rules have allowed . The powers that govern this sport have destroyed that connection the fans valued so much. the only attraction left is the actual racing on the track, and sadly , that at times is not very good... When I relate to the good times of yesteryear , I am referring to the whole package, the costs, the environment, the excitement, the belonging, the enjoyment, that all added to the actual racing that made it occasions you remembered...
  8. Interesting to read your take on the sport and yes, I can relate with a lot of what you say. But the things you put importance in differs from my prospective greatly. Firstly the second halves were always received, not only by the fans but also the riders, yes occasionally a rider might stand down but this was an exception and not the rule.. Remembering Peter Collins and Michael Lee battling out for 4 laps in a tremendous second half final , yet you make out it didn't matter.... The race time are significantly faster, but that doesn't denote the racing is better. When Terry Betts won the first meeting at Lynn the track record was recorded at 72.8 sec. the track record now is 57.4 sec That 15 sec difference is all down to the machinery. Once upon a time the skill of the rider was the governing factor. that how now been equalled by the engine tuner... As you say the riders have become more profession, just a pity the powers in charge were not . Recalling an incident in the early 70's when Neil Street introduce his first 4 valver, Terry Betts remarked they should be banned because the sport could not afford such technology, he said when the riders ask for extra cash it means the crowd will have to pay more, As soon as that happens the number will go down. Reading your post, you identify the racing as the most important factor of the sport, but to me the occasion is far more important. I went to 10 or more World finals at Wembley and each were a wonderful advert to this sport. Always a full house made it a night to remember, but as for the racing , the good heats could be counted on one hand. For the sport to prosper like it once did, it has to appeal to everybody, and for that to happen, the occasion has to appeal to everybody... not just the purest who only recognise the best racing. Probably if speedway was run along similar lines to Moto GP or Formula 1, when the Elite rode their best equipment in World championship rounds, leaving the leagues to run a more affordable option the sport would stand a better chance of surviving.
  9. I've always looked back on speedway with such affection. It seems to be an enjoyment that was always there. In my late teens a gang of us would first go to the meeting before hitting the drinks and dance floor, we use to plan our holiday around fixtures away, we even interrupted our honeymoon not to miss a meeting. When our 2 kiddies came along they joined in and went to most meetings, it just seemed the natural thing to do. Time moved on and your circumstances change, your children get married and the grand children arrive. They in turn are doctored into our beliefs in the hope they will continue our love for the sport. Its a wonderful experience seeing the complete family of 3 generations at places Cardiff and other big meetings. but it is unfortunate that the younger element don't appear to have the same enthusiasm as us old ones do. Please to report our son accompanies his ole man regularly, and both can be seen at most of the Stars meetings, Our grandson picks and chooses his meetings, but it gets harder to persuade the others to attend.... It appears the best days of the sport have long gone. The spectacle of seeing 4 men racing bike with no brakes is still the same but the environment has completely changed. Where once the terraces were packed enjoying a full nights entertainment, now there are just a few die-hard fans watching processional races that are over in no time at all.. I look back with envy of those wonderful times and am so pleased I was privileged to have been there...….
  10. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I'm not one of Buster's disciples who cant see no wrong in what he does, but to call him 'bent' is over the top and a insult to his character . Like him or loathe him, we have to remember if it wasn't for Buster we wouldn't have Premier league of Speedway . Remember when dishing out personal insults, Buster, of late, has done more for the sport then anybody..... And I'm no Buster lover.....
  11. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    These are not arguments, merely opinions.. I waited along time for us to be champions of that top league, and unfortunately last year we missed out yet again. I expected far better from the Stars management this year enabling us to be in contention from the start for that elusive crown, but again have been let down. My opinion is that standard of the league is probably the weakest we have ever seen. Our team, as it is, although a spirited bunch, is a top rider missing. If the team is retained throughout the season ahead we will struggle to make those PO's , whereas if Niels ( or similar) is co-opted in as second heatleader we immediately come comparable. For that to happen, the number game will be governed by the rider who is under performing ... Then Riss will make an excellent 3rd heatleader......
  12. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Its about who I prefer, Batch is a person we don't like, but he will still scores quite a few points. No doubt he will outscore all our riders, with the exception of Lambert... Hans to me represent reliable points. yes, he may be past his best but he can still win important races. A consistent gater who score points on any track. Riss, exciting as he may be , he struggles on tight tracks and needs the open spaces to come into his own. cant see him outscoring Hans this year anyway....
  13. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Weak compared to other teams. Each of those mentioned teams have a much stronger back-up, Swindon has Batchelor; Ippo has King; Peterbor has Andersen, Poole has Holder and Belle Vue have either Bewley or Bjerre. Take Lambert away and Lynn are precariously weak. with Lambert we could cover any missing from the rest of the team, but without Lambert, we can forget it...…..
  14. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Come on !! surely you didn't expect that.,
  15. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    When looking for answers there is nowhere better than the internet. I agree with you, when you go looking for results and features they can always be found. From someone who spends half his time on the keyboard (the wife said That) come Thursday I will always find articles that I was not aware of. What I like about the S/S is that it will give you the opportunity to read about every aspect of the sport, not just the article you are looking for...…..

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