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  1. You are so wrong !! The Ref will never overrule the trackman. once the trackman is doing his work, he will continue until he thinks its ready. A Ref sitting in his warm seat would know nothing about the condition of the track unless he comes down from his ivory tower and they don't do that very often. Only when the trackman has finished, will the ref resume his responsibility .
  2. I cant imagine any of the riders were complaining last night, they were all riding it so well. All I was saying, with a little bit of thought going into the procedure, would it not be possible to either wait another 2 races and have a big track grade in the interval, or if the track was that critical , couldn't the interval have been brought forward, rather than having 2 lengthy breaks... They don't have this problem in Poland, they run a tight ship with every option programmed in. A 5min track grade, after every 4 heats. The meetings are run to a strick timetable... Its not that difficult. Also sitting up there in the Royal Box was quite chilly with a sharp cold breeze keeping everyone awake. It was only at the end, when at ground level, did we realise how cold it was up there.
  3. True !! it was from where I was sitting , facing towards them.. Musielak actually moved immediately to his LEFT, squeezing Lambert between himself and Batchelor. All four back was the right decision, but the Ref could've issued a warning to Musielak about his erratic move....
  4. Not being a track man I am no authority on how to prepare a race track. To the naked eye, I thought the track looked perfect, smooth, with evenly spread of shale. allowing for multiply racing lines. But unfortunately the racing was dire . After the first corner the riders were well spaced out, more like follow the leader than actual racing. The most important part was the start. I think the biggest problem with the sport is that the bikes are way too quick, and every rider is riding full throttle. Don't think you can blame Buster for that... What you can blame him for, is the tractor racing we had to endure. I too was aware of the time wasting. 8-40 we have done well and had 8 races when it was decided to have a 15min track grade. I asked then is this the interval, but it was noticed the First Aiders were still on the track. We then had another 2 races when it is announced the interval will be taken after heat 10, when we had another 20 mins of track grading. Sitting/Standing around on a cold night for 35mins is not the way to enthral your supporters.. Won't they ever learn... ???
  5. Well we must have gone to a different meeting last night, cause I see a totally different race than the one you are describing. Sitting up in the royal box looking down onto the track you see anything quite clear . That heat 15 was the all important race, tension was ripe, The tapes go up with Riss on 1 and Batch on 2 make decent starts, But it is Musielak who creates the problem, immediately he gates he moves LEFT squeezing Lambert. Robert has nowhere to go and is squashed into Batchelor. all 3 are tangled way before they get to the corner. It was amazing they didn't all go down. eventually Musielak freed himself and shot across Lambert's bows, taking his front wheel completely. By that time the bikes were controlling the men. Robert veered off into the safety fence at some speed , thankfully he was OK for the rerun. All the talk of blaming Batch was ridiculous, he was a victim of the situation as much as Lambert was. If anybody was to blame it was MUSIELAK who moved into Lambert. I thought the abuse Batchelor was getting, was related to comments he had previously made about the club and the walking out he did last year, but if it was by fans and Posters thinking he was to blame for the accident then they are all wrong..... Batchelor did nothing wrong...... Strange meeting this. Swindon arrived with a scratch team made up of weak reserves and RR, Lynn on the other hand were a heatleader missing. Initially it seemed to be plain sailing for the Stars, but it soon became apparent this was turning into a gate and go extravagancer. When Niels got injured the emphasis changed. Swindon appeared to have more race winners and riders who could get out to the traps. We were hanging on to a 2 point lead. only the exploits of Robert and Riss were keeping us in the match. Then came Heat 15 (above) I can understand the excitement of the fans, and the relief to reach the final, but one has to feel sorry for the Robins, if they had a full team they would have won, no doubt One thing that became obvious last night was, Although we are not a one man team, without Lambert we are short of race winners when it matters.... When Niels pulled out we were in trouble,. Yea, we got there, but only just......
  6. Looking forward to this one, will be disappointed if we fail to make that final. Judging by our home form of late we should have enough strength in depth to see us home. But Swindon are no fools and have several riders who go well here. Had this been an ordinary league fixture I would have said an easy home win, but with a final up for grabs, this will be no pushover, and each team will be up for it. I can see this one going to the wire, and will be more than grateful, for a 50-40 scoreline...
  7. The best race I’ve ever seen is an impossible task. Over the years I have seen some truly magical races, even from riders you wouldn’t believe. There have been many times when I’ve wished the rider to miss the gate, knowing full well he would win from the back, and you imagine the excitement before it actually happened. So I started to reason what makes a race so special, Be it an impossible task, or the value of the race, the execution of the overtake, the consequences of winning, the value of the race, does riding for your team make it more important than riding for your own being. One race that includes all those attributes was back in 2012, heat 15 when Lynn held a narrow lead against Poole, and needing 3 pts to be assured of victory. Guesting for the injured Darcy Ward, Davy Watts with Chris Holder shot from the gate. Niels, with Magic in tow, gave chase. Losing 5-1 would have been disastrous. Coming out of the 4th bend, lap1, Niels takes Watts and goes after Holder. L2 B1, Magic joins the party relegating Watt to last place, giving us the 3 pts we need for an impressive win. As they start L3 the gap between Holder and Niels has halved, with Janowski not far behind. Holder is looking round in amazement as the posse closes in. As they start the last lap, Holder chooses a tight line going into bend 1, Niels goes high. Holder sees Niels line and moves out to block, but Niels is aware and he himself cuts back inside. Side by side down the back straight they go into B3. Both are going too fast and are forced to take the high line, but Niels has a narrow advantage and edges ahead. To put the icing on the cake, Magic takes advantage of the out-of-shape Holder, and moves into second for a memorable victory that was against all the odds. No, Poole didn’t have Darcy that night, but Holder was on the verge of being World Champion. Nobody had expected him to beaten that race after he had established a healthy lead. But to be relegated to 3rd was an unbelievable achievement by both Niels and Janowski, giving the Kings Lynn Stars a welcomed victory against the all conquering Pirates. A race that had it all ……….
  8. I always have this feeling that when the chips are down the pirates come out with all guns blazing. If May has a normal track with plenty of dirt on the outside it would be a massive gamble. There's no one better than Bomber riding them wide lines. Most of Poole riders favour the wide spaces that Somerset could use, so we have to expect some white line racing where the gaters will benefit riding them tight lines.. This will play right into the Rebels favour, who have been practicing this for a few weeks . I cant imagine this will be pretty to watch, but I can see a substantial home win.. It would surprise me if Poole managed to get 40 points. I think that's what they need to aim for, to stand any chance in the 2nd leg. If I were Middlo I would suggest they lower the gearing to get out that gate and then worry about them behind, once they are in front. Be interesting to see what Monday brings... But I haven't dismissed the Pirates just yet...…..
  9. You ought to realise by now that Speedway is dictated by the TV schedule. The KO 2nd leg could have be on Wednesday for all we cared, but would that have clashed with Denmark?? Of cause the Lynn fans would want to see the PO 1st leg, so would the travelling Swindon fans, but we will have to make do watching the recording....
  10. I thought changes like these would have been so obvious, so cant believe these were a mistake by Dale. I was hoping he would have enlightened us in his match report, but not a word was said.. He couldn't have been that fussed...…….
  11. Burnt out ?? he's a kid for christ-sake, with all the energy in the world. Had he been in his 40's then probably so. I am in no doubt it was just one of those nights and nothing to worry about. Come next week he'll be back to normal flying round the track, leaving everyone in his wake... No Worries !!!
  12. Nobody is being disrespectful to the other team members, they all have a place to fill and a job to do. My comment about the importance of Robert's score was made illustrating when he has an off night, any team would miss his contribution, and last night we suffered from his low score, more than the ones from Jorgensen and Simon Lambert. We have a strong team and could easily cover when someone has an off night, but when we had 3 rides scoring low, that included Robert , we were always going to struggle.. That not being disrespectful to anybody...….
  13. Dale is normally on the case and don't usually miss opportunities to strengthen his hand. With MPT going so well and some of the others struggling, I too had pencilled in changes that didn't happen. Which leads me to believe MPT had problems with himself or his machinery that restricted him from further rides. But no doubt the truth will come out.... I was some-what disappointed to finish up losing by 6 after leading with 3 to go. but still feel confident of progressing through to the final. Lamberts scores are so important for Lynn, and this showed last night. Cant remember the last time him have 5 rides and not winning a race. Jorgensen and Simon were also off the pace, but then again I suppose everybody has an off night... sometimes.... I had thought this 1st leg was winnable, but hats off to the Robins who fought back brilliantly..... It sure makes the second leg more interesting....
  14. Cant imagine Buster or anyone else have any questions about Batchelors riding ability, Its his attitude that creates the problems...

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