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  1. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Changing Bomber average because of Rye House closure , merely illustrates the short sightedness of the BSPA. If the powers are saying his average was wrong, than how was it correct that Poole were able to sign him on that same average. Are they now saying that Poole were wrong to sign him on a average that was false?. Was he an illegal rider last year when he beat Doyle in that semi final? NO, of course he wasn't, and his averages should reflect that. Seems to me the BSPA have wasted valuable time creating a situation that was not important, when that time could have been spent on something far more valuable, especially when there is so much wrong with this sport... Why should the riders have their CMA adjusted just because the club folded. They rode the races, they got paid for their efforts, and their results should be noted...….
  2. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If you believe that, you'll believe anything...….
  3. g13webb

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    To me, one of the main reason the sport has lost the wide appeal it once enjoyed, is the stereo type rules implemented to eliminates the unexpected from happening. Does it matter if a lesser rider anticipates the start, it makes for better racing, Years ago we had riders pushing the tapes, we had riders trying to out think the ref, we had the ref doing his best to catch the riders moving back, it all added to the occasion. All we get now is stereo type races where riders are not allowed to move or show any initiatives. Only allowing for the best riders to win..... Once, every race had an angle to it , each could offer a surprise when an unexpected rider could win... Why do we need strict rules on gate positions, why not let the team choice who rides where, Where have all the character gone??? Once upon a time every team had a showman, a rider or manager who the fans cold relate with. Now we have nothing, just robotic riders going round and round, not even bothered if they win or not... They mustn't do this , they mustn't do that, its little wonder the sport is dying...
  4. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Oh , I am so sorry for having an opinion. but so far the management has done nothing to be pleased about. Unlike some, I speak as I find, when I feel things are wrong I speak out, the same when I feel the situation deserves credit, then I am the first to give it. Generalisation is usually a fault to those who want to imagine a situation, and you sure fit that bill. Having experienced most of the highs at Kings Lynn speedway, I am always aware when things aren't that good . Probably you should be more astute before you go judging people.
  5. Back in the early days at Lynn the racing was always enjoyable. We never won much, but we could just about hold our own at home. The average gate was around 5K and the atmosphere was amazing. I agree there were some processional races and some were well spaced out, but most races would have a angle to then that made them important. Our strength was usually our heat leaders, who would have to pull the rabbit out of the bag to attain a win. But it was so important not to lose... After the meeting the environment moved to the bars where riders mixed with fans drinking way into the night... How things have changed..... Back then the sport was priced at a cost the fans could afford, the VFM was never questioned, and it was always night out at a weekend . For our sport to stand any sort of chance of surviving, we have to re-create along those lines. ( minus the late drinking)
  6. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Spot on Sidney. I agree with what you say about fans picking ad choosing their matches, No one will want to watch a processional meeting with a team that has no chance of success. The novelty will soon wear off...... 1, Exactly, that was the reason they made his announcement. 2, This sport and this club need all the positives it can get, Keeping the fans waiting does nobody any favours. It not the first time they have kept important information from the fans.....
  7. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Are you for real ?? There are fans who have been waiting for 54 years for success. Let me assure you there are only two reasons why the team hasn't been announced yet, (1), They haven't or can't acquire the rider(s) they want. If they had any good signings they would be shouting it from every media possible or (2) The team is in place but they don't want it rubbished by the media as being poor. So yes, I am concerned for the lack of names, it does nothing for promoting interest in the club. and highlights how the club feel towards their fans....
  8. For somebody who use to be pit based in the late 60's ,70's & 80's I was on first name with nearly all the riders , You'll be amazed at the corners they cut to save money, many riders hosed the bikes down at the end of the meeting in readiness for the next. Back then Terry Betts use to say a new bike would last him a whole season without any major problems. Oil and adjust the chain, and on the next meeting. He used to have a new tyre and chain once a month and was always competitive. High in the rankings, he was regarded as a top rider in his time. His costs were manageable but even then he also worked in his own garage to supplement his earnings.... No, he didn't ride in other countries and there were no SGP series, but the sport was popular and well supported. There is no reason why that scenario cant be re-created . The BSPA have to forget about other countries, other leagues, and the SGP and concentrate on creating a new beginning. This has to be done on cheaper bikes, sealed against tuning, and admission priced at a cost to attract the fans back. As long as the races were competitive, it wouldn't matter if the heats were slower. Leave the tuned bikes for the SGP. if the top riders wanted to race here, then they could on our terms, on bikes similar to all the others . Plans for survival have to be implemented now making bikes ready for 2020. The clock is ticking and time is running out fast This idea offers so much potential but by doing nothing our sport is destined to die....
  9. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    When on Twitter, the club said they are counting down the days, I thought they were referring to the team announcement rather than the start of the season. Probably someone ought to inform them we need a team before we can start to imagine a new season....
  10. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Now - Now,. you're being too presumptuous. We're not suppose to guess or imagine the squad. We have to be patient and wait until they decide we should know....
  11. Spot on !!! What a pity there was not a voice on the BSPA like 'mikebv' , someone who see the sport as it really is. The sport in this country has been governed by short sighted people for far too long. Only a fool would not grasp the fact that the ends have to met, and when failing to do that there is only one guaranteed outcome. Each year the fans expect wholesale changes but they never come, They appear to sit up in their ivory towers, distancing them from their loyal fan base. believing the 1960s model can still work. Rather than listen to the fans and their comments, they turn a deaf ear...... There's an old saying ' you reap what you sow' and that sure is correct as far as BSPA are concerned....
  12. g13webb

    Thank you to the BSPA

    Not sure 'Blinkered' is the right wording.....
  13. g13webb

    2019 Predictions

    I am in no doubt the winner will be Poole …. …. ... again. Fairly , or other wise, the Ref will make another monumental judgement , the rules will be changed to suite and averages will be forgotten in the quest to guarantee them success. If that's not enough, some of the opposing riders will ( fall ) down . Someone said its written in the rules somewhere...….
  14. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Averages cause more discussions, more arguments, more interpretation ( more rule breaking) than any other part of this sport. The sooner the riders are graded the better..
  15. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    After his performance in last years final, he should never ref another match. A terrible decision that ruined the Play-Offs... Probably not, it just seemed like it. Was hoping for some relevant news but most of it was pages about years gone by... You ought to know by now, rules are changed to suit, whenever the needs be. Rules are only there as a guide and are expected to be broken.... No doubt the double up rules will be altered to suit both clubs.....

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