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  1. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    It is impossible to be precise, but what happened back in 2017 with the Holder issue sure gave everyone the direction the club was going. That year we had the makings of a decent team that could have got somewhere near the top, but Busters attitude destroyed it all. At any other club the track man would prepare the track to suit the demands of the home team, but at Lynn, Buster does the track and sod what anybody else thinks . That day Buster sealed the fate of many fans. Some never to return since You only have to count the number of titles we have won in 50 odd years to see how well the club has done...
  2. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I've always believed the sport is too expensive. Its too expensive to watch, Its too expensive to promote, and too expensive to ride, and until that issue is addressed the sport will continue to die. In this modern day our stadia are old and run down , and the tracks are not suitable for the super fast machinery that the riders now use. All the individual facets think only of themselves . This pandemic created the ideal opportunity for a sport to have fresh start with new ideas that would bring in new blood, new format, new machinery, but all they have done is to continue along the same criteria that hasn't worked for years.. They haven't learnt a thing......
  3. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    That's assuming he gets permission from the Poles to ride. after all they appear to govern sport these days.....
  4. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Probably I didn't make it clear in my original post, but when I suggested going back to square one , I was thinking along the lines of starting a new form of Speedway, where we went back to the beginning with cheap 2 valve bikes and lower cost. I am sure there are far more riders who do not compete on the world stage, who would welcome a cheaper form of racing. There would be no problem with the major dates you mentioned because the riders who rode on our restricted machinery and rules wouldn't be interested in those meetings anyway... We could create our own entity with little or no interference from other countries. Who know, probably in a few years time some of those top riders might fancy a different experience. We need to do something quick......
  5. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Yes , we do have that opportunity, but I believe for it to stand an chance of succeeding we need to start from square one. The sport has moved on, becoming too expensive, not only for the riders, but also fans and promoters alike. We cannot compete with the likes of Poland and Sweden leagues so why try. Lets re-create the old days, when 2 valve bikes were much cheaper to run, and admission costs were kept to a minimum, riding on nights that appeal to the public. Once upon a time speedway always ran on Saturday nights and the place s were packed... Thus would attract more riders, and more fans. giving better atmosphere, more excitement . At least this way there is an opportunity to re-invent the sport to the modern public rather than wait until us old ones are too old to go anymore.... Either that or just pack it in now......
  6. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I appreciate how much work Buster has done at Saddlebow road, turning what was a rundown venue into a more modern enterprise, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the track. Itself. What use to be regarded as one of the best around when every rider wanted to race on , now is nothing more than a clay base follow the leader track. I accept the stockcar issue and the viability of everything, but it just illustrates the state the sport is in. When thinking about the reality of it all. In a place with a vast population like Manchester , having one of the best race tracks in the world, and seeing the dismal attendance figures they attract, you understand the popularity has all but gone. Only us old die hard fans remain...... What chance has the remaining clubs got....
  7. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    It was always expected the sport would end up like like it has. The punters have always been regarded as mugs, where the promoters and riders think only of themselves. Rather then focus on the bigger picture as to why the fans are drifting away, their answer has always been to increase the cost of admission . Thinking back to those years when speedway was a full house, even then the stadiums was in desperate need of repairs. Some of the toilets were atrocious. Not fit for the purpose. When I see on the television those wonderful stadiums in Poland I marvel at the vast spectators in those wonderful appeasing vantage points, protected from the elements so enabling to be dressed in casual clothes, you then realise how far behind we have been for years. We are expected to go to our dated stadiums, pay top dollar, get mediocre racing, watching meeting that dragon for hours. Its little wonder this sport has all but died....
  8. Such a pity that your lasting memory of one of Britain's greatest riders was that fiasco at Ipswich. You seem to forget the role of Ebdon played, A referee with a personal vendetta, created all those problems. No, Lee didn't like the new starting rules but it should be noticed Mike had no trouble with any other referees . The incident at Ipswich was so extreme that Ebdon took his personal vendetta to penalise Lee at every opportunity. this day he stopped the race at the end of the second lap to exclude Lee, even though the offence had been committed before to the start of the race. Surely had Lee been in the wrong he should have excluded him immediately instead of waiting till Lee hit the front before putting on the red light. This wasn't the first time he had experience problems with Ebdon. They had clashed 3 times earlier in the year. Lee was wrong to withdrew his services, but this short fuse reacted without thinking. What should have been a brilliant meeting was spoilt for all the wrong reasons. I am not blind to see the all the wrongs Lee actually committed, but to remember him for that afternoon is very short sighted. There were far more good and bad times, than that day in question..
  9. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I wouldn't blame Lambert not riding over here. It just illustrates how far our position in the sport has dropped. We can no longer compete with those countries abroad, be it the tracks, the competition, nor the rewards. This is not a moan, merely a reality check.... i will look forward to seeing Robert on the telly, competing with the best and feel quietly confident he'll continue with his amazing progress. When he wins that first World title, I hope he will come back to Lynn just to show his and our appreciations. I sure the place would be packed...
  10. It really is interesting reading differing opinions and the conclusions each have, some more obvious then others.. Following Lee from the beginning, it was amazing to see him develop from an utter novice into the world class performer he was. those first years were unbelievable, each week beating established stars and breaking new ground.. The effect of his inclusion at saddlebow road was said to add at least 1000 on the gate each meeting... He must have been a promoters dream when considering the amount of appearances he was able to fix into a heavy schedule. Winning the world title 1980 should have been the start of a new chapter, where he would go from strength to strength. But unfortunately it wasn't the way it turned out. We must remember this was also the time when the presence of his dad, Andy stood down from being ever present thus allowing Michael to be his own man and do as he thought best.... Thinking as World Champion he would be earning big bucks, he became disillusioned with the sport when he was force to ride in nothing meetings in this country when he could have been earning lucrative contracts abroad had he been able to do so. He became unhappy with the way the sport was run especially when he was being expected to ride for little earnings... It was during this unhappy time he mixed with the wrong sort that did him no favours at all. As a fan and a friend , I could see the effect this was having on his behaviour . His mentality may have changed but fortunately his riding was usually unaffected... The issues that been stated about Ipswich and the Poole meeting were laughable, if they weren't sad. They were both bourn out of personable grievances from a certain referee that got out of hand. It was a situation Mike was always going to lose. Sadly it was the fans who lost out the most... I feel very privilege to have witnessed those amazing early years . It was such a pity there faded away so quickly....
  11. Totally agree with you Sydney, That five year ban was a joke aimed solely to stop him riding. When his appeal was heard on the day of the British final , because the case was so fictitious, everyone assume it would be thrown out of court leaving him free to ride in the final that night. Hundred of supporters travelled to Coventry believing he would ride only to be informed over the loudspeaker, that the BSPA then concocted another offence against him with this time a 12 month ban instead of the five year one. It was so obvious to each and everyone one of us that they were out to get him no matter what........ I can personally name 6 people who travelled to that British final that night who, on hearing the announcement, packed up and went straight home, never to go to another speedway meeting again.... Since that day in question the belief of many Stars supporters have never been so keen as they were years gone by. When somebody Like Michael Lee comes along to grace our sport, one would have thought the powers in charge would do everything in their power to use situation to elevate this sport to greater heights, But it appeared these people were so jealous of his ability to enthral vast crowd they did their upmost to destroy him... Its no surprise, when thinking back 40 years, when we ruled the world, and this sport was compared with football , that we are now the poor relation when neither the fans nor the riders want to participate. and how much blame can be proportioned to the people who made all those dreadful decisions....
  12. Sydney, ,I cant comment on the Moran clash, but was in the know in regard the the Kennett challenge. It had been planned that Michael was to ride in the first Moto-cross meeting after his father had acquired the reigns of ELSWORTH Moto-Park. Michael had cancelled lucrative meeting abroad just to be free to ride for his father as a promotion. Believing, Lee was free, the Speedway board instructed him to race against Kennett that same weekend . Michael explained it was not possible as he was booked elsewhere, but they wouldn't recognise moto-cross meeting as a excuse and wouldn't take no for an answer. All arrangements were put in place believing Lee would change his mind and ride both home and away legs. However, After winning the home leg 2-0 on the Saturday night, Michael gave the Helmut to Kennett to take home with him, telling him he would not be there for the return leg, because as he had promised he would be at the Elsworth meeting . So one has to believe that Eastbourne were aware that Lee was not going to race there. They could have let the fans know, had they wanted to be up front..... This whole sorry episode could and should have been avoided. The governing Powers should have been more understanding instead of taking a high handed approach, and no doubt Lee should have made the situation more public, but he was always of the impression that he was victimised. This will be remembered as just another notch that killed some interest we supporters had At the end of the day it was the fans who missed out again ...
  13. There are many instances I can remember Michael being sublime, probably one of the earliest was when he was first started riding for Boston against a top Newcastle outfit. Riding high at the top of the second division, it was only ever going to be a close encounter. It hadn't been a good meeting for Lee scoring only a handful of points, but the whole meeting rested on the final race. Tom and Joe Owen off gates 1 and 3 with Lee off 2. Their intentions were clear from the off., squeeze out lee then team ride for the 4-2 for victory. Their plan worked a treat.. Down the back straight , Lee was well last. Lap 2 he moves into third chasing hard. As they start the last lap Lee dives inside the team riding Tom, the crowd could sense a tight finish. Taking to the boards on the last corner Lee rode round Joe to acclaim a stunning victory. This was truly amazing for someone barely 16 yrs old. Everyone there that night knew they had witnessed an awesome talent....
  14. I was fortunate to be there that night with Michael, when he totally destroyed Kenny Carter.. In both Golden Helmet races he won by the proverbial mile, each time breaking the track record. in the process. Such was his dominance that night, there was suggestion his bike was unlawfully quick. Following speedway for many years, I am always questioned about my opinion of top Riders, when I will always i say that Michael Lee was up there with the VERY BEST of all time....
  15. Probably one of the best assessments I've read lately, but it is far too sensible to be incorporated into our leagues. I don't know of another business that cost more to run than it generates. When Sponsors monies are needed to balance the books, then it time to call it a day. I'm amazed the sport has lasted as long as it has. When you read about the costs paid to riders and the value of the equipment they race, you don't need to be Einstein to understand the promoters need more than the scant crowd to make it pay, Its a recipe for disaster. It hurts me greatly to see the direction this sport has taken. Its as though nobody gives a damn for bread and butter racing and the fans who support it, The sport now is governed by the riders, who are only concerned with is how many meeting they can do and how much can they earn... Loyalty count for very little. The only way sport in this country can survive, is we forget about SGP and the Polish league, and run our own sport on our terms. if that means racing on a Saturday then so be it.... We are not good enough to compete on their basis anymore.... but less this way, we can run the show as we please....

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