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  1. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    Last week we have the national magazine devoting all its pages highlighting the problems with British Speedway, We had Promoters, Fans, Riders , Celebrities all opinionizing on the problems with this sport. Amazingly a week later, at their annual meeting, the BSPA contradicts everyone ideas and does nothing. Just about sums everything up.....
  2. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    Of cause the format has made it harder to attain those high averages, but it would be wrong to ridicule those top riders you mentioned, as I'm quietly confident they would have achieved those high figures regardless of what format was used. Yes there were journeyman back then but they were usually reserves, bit like they are today. But back then the teams were far stronger with 3 proper heat leaders. and teams more evenly matched. The biggest difference back then was that each rider was seen as a team member and belonged to that team. Now riders race for various teams and have no allegiance to anybody.... consequently the fans don't have that connection with the rider anymore... I remember, often staying late at night drinking with the riders after the meetings, the place was packed with fans wanting this contact with the riders. WE never won much but the place was usually heaving.... Couldn't wait for the next meeting...
  3. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Its hard to argue with any of that...….
  4. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    Yes it may be their money, but look where that has got them. I am in no doubt the dire situation the sport is in is totally down to the rules and decisions made by the BSPA. Decisions governed by personal agendas. They have this one last chance to make a new start and rise from the ashes, but quite honestly I don't have any confidence in them doing much to change it...
  5. My honest opinion is that the general perception from the supporters who go, offer such a bad census of the sport, Joe Public is never going to be enticed to go.. Back in the time of Michael Lee, there was so much talk at work about how good the racing was and how enjoyable the nights were, every week somebody new went along to see for themselves.. If, and that's a big if, fans were to share their thoughts today they would in fact put people off going... I don't think there is an easy answer to the appeal problem, we can continue in the same vane for another year watching the figure dwindle again , or take a big step and make drastic changes... Bearing in mind the Play-off renders the league program unimportant , implementing the SUPERHEAT idea ( last weeks S/S) would offer a new start and hopefully recapture the excitement the league matches used to provide... Anything is better than the same mundane existence...
  6. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    That pretty much sums everything up. , Forgetting about the last line of the list, but the rest could be set in stone as the direction that this sport intends to go... Nobody expects miracles and Rome wasn't built in a day, but we need to start somewhere and there no time like the present...…… I have often asked the question about tyres, and who is the main benefactor of the contract of supplying every match with 14 tyres . Howe touch on it in his column and spoke of the added costs to promoters, like he said if riders were responsible they would more often than not use them for 2 meetings. Why not have harder compound that last longer. It appears to me the tyre supplier is holding all the aces, making a pretty penny out of a sport that can ill afford such elaborate ideas... Cant believe a sport, so desperate to make ends meet , would agree to such an expensive operation …. The mine boggles......
  7. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    I would have thought the emphasis would have always been on the sport in general and the fans. Running a sport for the sole benefit of the riders was always a recipe for disaster. I feel we only have ourselves to blame, cause anybody with any sense could see the figures don't add up , yet we continued making petty changes believing the product is right and the public will come back. At last, it seems the penny has dropped, now everyone is talking of change,. Lets hope the people in charge have the strength to make anew beginning, and come up with a workable idea, that can take the sport forward for years to come. NB I must say, I was well impressed with that SUPERHEAT SPEEDWAY. What a brilliant idea. We need to do something drastic because the tired and trusted league formula has lost its appeal. Why should we expect the public to come and watch league meetings when they mean nothing. Probably if there were more emphasis put on each meeting the fans would find them more appealing..
  8. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    I would like to congratulate the SS this week for their current issue, sure offers a good read. Have spent much of today reading the various columns, and it so easy to see those different views from assorted positions. It appears that all of them realise the dire situation the sport finds itself in, but they all share different ideas of what is wrong... I personally appreciated the views of DAVID HOWE who tried to explain the costs involved for the rider, He spoke openly about the rising costs that need to be addressed. It is obvious that the sport cant go in this same way.... Would love to be a fly on the wall at the forth coming AGM just to see who speaks out for the sport and what ideas they come up with.
  9. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    Years ago the rider was of secondary importance to the Club, but now the rider holds all the aces. With their demands, their costings and their distant relation with the clubs, they have to take some responsibility for the way this sport has declined. They appear as mercenaries taking the sport for all they can get, giving little back in return. Like you say the majority of riders want to rush off to their next payday. If the rider cant give 110% to the club then don't sign them, Would much rather have a lesser rider who gives his all, then someone who goes missing because of fixture clashes The phase 'second halves' is old fashioned. what the punter wants is a well organised meeting that flows through the evening. We could start with a 15min practice session , to help riders set their bike up, then a 5min break to regrade the track, before the meeting starts in earnest. After 4 heats another 5min break, again to regrade the track, another 4 heats then another break . We see this every week in the polish league and it works like clockwork.... Midway though the meeting there could be a set of races for youngsters starting out , before the climate at the end of the night. Presentation and a scheduled program is more important than anything, It would enable the fans the opportunity to get drinks or pop to the loo without them long delays...
  10. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    The biggest indication of the attraction, that this sport has, is that it is incapable of retaining the interest of the current die-hard supporters let alone attract new ones. But the BSPA, ACU don't appear to grasp this dire situation. Governed by Promoters with personal objectives , the sport has always been the second thought. So antiquated in their ideas and the way they address the fans is appalling. They don't seem to grasp the importance of them fans, and it is little wonder they lose interest. They have this secret society that you are not allowed to know the problems or the plans. Its about time they realise we are on the same side and we all want the sport to prosper. While the fans are continued to be treated like mushrooms nothing will ever change. There's not much time left...
  11. g13webb

    Boring formula 1 racing

    As a timed served 'Motor Nut' I can see the merits of all different forms of Motor sports , but try not to makes comparisons. They all have their own individuality. Most of these sports are associated with racing but that's not to say they are the same. You cant expect a F1 cars to do the same as other forms of racing, and likewise the other forms of racing, they all have their own importance. F1, and MotoGP are the pinnacle of their sports and all forms of motor sport can learn a lot from their lead. Yes of cause it sometimes is boring, but that can be labelled against any hobby and pastime. It would be wonderful if all tracks were like NSS , and every rider was like Robert Lambert , but in truth that is just wishful thinking. Like him or loathe him, Lewis Hamilton is an exceptional talent. Yes he may have the best car but he has tremendous talent to compete against the worlds best.. I despise Marquez for the way he rubbished Rossi, depriving him of that 2016 world crown, but that doesn't blind me to his obvious ability. In every sport, there are angles to be appreciated, and that is what has enthralled me throughout my life. I would find it difficult to position them in order of enjoyment, so I'm not even bothering to try. Back in the 50's my first love was scrambling, But I hadn't seen Mike Hailwood or met up with Barry Sheene then A TT nut many years, it was much later when I was introduced to Motor Racing, Speedway was always a local activity, It was only in recent years when the SGP started, did it operate on a worldwide stage. What a pity it is still being run by people with personal agendas. Until that is addressed, it will never change its image of a' Mickey Mouse' sport...
  12. g13webb

    AGM November 2018

    Of those 11 riders we used in 2018, two additional riders were replacements of Kerr ( long term injury) and Rose (Retire from the sport) plus another was used for injury cover for Andersen. So a more realistic number of changes, for changes sake, would be much less. Kings Lynn have never been a side to change riders at will and would usually allow them time to find their feet again. It would be wrong to make comparison against other clubs who regularly change just because riders have a off night.. NB. But in saying that , I don't believe the Stars team would have been so close to honours had it not been for injuries suffered and retired personnel.. We would never have changed those riders had it not been forced on us. It was only the late acquisitions of MPT and Riss that propelled us into a winning team. This is why I found losing hard to take. I cannot see this ever happening again because this went against everything the Stars stand for. We are a team who stick together through thick and thin. We are happy to retain the assembled team for the whole season, we have never had that winning mentality, we accept losing as a matter of course . This is why losing that final created the deepest cut of them all. That once in a lifetime opportunity, had gone forever .
  13. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I find it very difficult to be precise about the track make-up as I know very little of making a track good or bad..... . My only opinion relates to what I see when watching home meetings. My reality of a grippy track is that it gives every rider the same conditions where can all find the ample traction. This develops into a follow the leader scenario because all the riders, regardless of their position, are all finding situation conditions... It the shale was more limited and the riders had to go hunting for better grip, my thinking is that the better riders would be more successful finding little bit extra, needed to get by the rider in front.... I may be talking out my arse, but I have seen some truly wonderful meetings on a slick track .
  14. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think this grippy track syndrome is a fallacy of Buster thinking. His believes that it helps the Stars to win, but does more damage to the sport than anything else. It turns meeting into processions and riders lose their ability to race. Niels has openly said he dislikes grippy tracks so if Buster continues making the AFA that way then it pointless signing riders like Niels... Its about time he realised, fans want watch excitement, not this follow the leader rubbish.,,,
  15. That just about sums this sport up in one post. Any belief I may have had accumulated in the 54 years of following the Stars, dispersed over them 2 legs. Everybody has their own agenda making the sport, laughing stock. Never have I witness such ridiculous decisions, shambolic organisation and abusing of the rules, all to suit one's own case. This is not a specific dig at Poole, no more than it is at Lynn, or the BSPA and the Referees. they are all as bad as each other, degrading , what was once a brilliant sporting pastime... The only people of the sport I still have respect for is the fans. They are the one group that have remained faithful and true throughout. What a pity they are the last people to be considered and the first to be treated with contempt . Like I say when you don't believe in it , There's no point in going anymore.....

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