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  1. 2018 Regulations

    Did I miss the part about speeding the meeting up, or the bit about starting the meetings on time, What about the pit gate being close to stop riders returning to the pit s at every opportunity. ??? It seems al those issues that were voiced upon have been forgotten already,.....
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    I am in no doubt, if all tracks were similar to Belle Vue, our sport would benefit no end..... The Riders love it, the fans love it, and you wouldn't have to watch any of this 'Gate and Go' rubbish. Just imagine watching proper races everytime. That was a wonderful dream.......... now back to reality......
  3. Having looked at 4 weather websites, its difficult to be precise of Sundays weather. 2 give dry and cloudy, and the other 2 say cold with showers. To call a meeting off 5 days prior because for the weather forecast is asking for problems. Before long we will be calling off next weeks meetings in case it might rain,,... The track may be wet, but surely it doesn't take that long to scrape the top off and lay some new stuff... Like I said, seems to me they took the easy option and used the 'Get out of Jail' card. Real shame really, this was to be the first meeting of the season, and imagine there would have been a good turnout..... Feel sorry for the people who have shelled out money already...
  4. I cant help thinking the weather has been used as a 'get out of Jail Card' here. They also mention the track is not fit to race yet, but it could have been, these past two days we have had decent weather compared with some we've had. i know hindsight is a wonderful thing, but thinking back , probably it ought to have been called off for a more fitting date, when they put the start time back.. After a long off season, the first meeting always creates a lot of interest. Yes! no doubt many would have made plans to travel and stay over, and it is these people I feel for. Surely, if these people can prove they have already paid out and are out of pocket, the Promoters should be made to foot their expenses.....
  5. For or against team suits

    I cannot believe some of the theories I read on here. Not having club race suites is a no brainer and a massive backward step in my opinion. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this idea, the only reason we are having this discussion it because Matt Ford wants to make a point. If he was doing his job properly he would find a sponsor to meet the cost and provide an ideal way of advertising for that company. But what Matt Ford wants , is what Matt Ford gets......... No, Having no Race suites is a massive backward step...... Going back in time when, Michael Lee was the only rider in the Stars team to have a sponsored covered leathers , all the rest were in black. It was thought then to be wrong, now Ford is suggesting we go back to then days.......... Yeah Right...........
  6. Bt Sport Coverage

    Hi, I am aware of Buster going to the Cardiff GP's having seen and spoken to him on many occasions, be it as Chairman of the BSPA or that of a Promoter. My comment was directed to those Promoters who don't bother... Sometimes the racing is suspect, but its a weekend not to be missed by any speedway supporter. The atmosphere in the street has to be seen to be believed.... And you don't get that on the television....
  7. Bt Sport Coverage

    But then again , if a Promoter was doing his job trying to put their club in the shop window, they should all be there. Even if it was only to try and persuade some new exciting talent on board for the future. Burying one's head and doing nothing is so easy !!!
  8. I am confident Proctor can step up to the mark and be a decent acquisition. Been unlucky with injuries in the past, so getting a good run of meetings could be invaluable. Watching him perform for Sheffield against Leicester showed he has much too offer. I think he is more than capable of putting pressure on those team members around him in the rankings... TJ, Rose , Kerr and Andersen are all of similar positions and each's performances will have a bearing of where the Stars finish..........
  9. Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    From someone who knew Mike fairly well, it would be difficult to pinpoint the exact point when his fortunes turned sour . It was very clear he had no friends in the BSPA who wouldn't do anything to help his corner. When he won the WC , you would have thought he would have been the biggest promotion our sport could have. Had he been any other nationality he would have been hailed a hero and treated as such. But it wasn't like that. If they could create a problem for Mike. they would. It was very politically back then in that the BSPA wanted to rule the sport all over the Europe. When Ole Olsen came up with this Grand Prix idea, BSPA said no and arranged other fixtures in competition to it. Lee was being pulled from pillar to post. Mike became very disillusioned. Sure he wasn't no saint, but he suffered more than more from petty political arguments. Like when they arranged a pointless 4 team meeting on the same weekend as the World Pairs Comp. Because the WP meeting was rained off for 24 hrs, 6 riders failed to turn up for the 4TT. But it was only Michael who was fined. Fined for representing his country. The straw that broke the camel back was that '5yr ban' that the SCB/BSPA imposed for a crime he didn't commit . It was there for all to see, that they were going to get him whatever the costs..... There was no end to the deception these people would pull. An appeal hearing was planned on the Day of the British Final. With no case to answer, from these concocted lies it was advertise Lee would be riding in that final, But we all know what happened. In their determination to rid the him from the sport, they changed the offence and banned him for a year. That was the day speedway lost the plot. You never kill the goose that lays the golden egg, but they most certainly did. They lost probably the best rider some of us had ever seen, plus thousands of fans who turned up each time he rode. They turned their backs forever....
  10. Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    Whilst I do not want to run Lambert down, the reason he is compared with all those top riders was because of his immense talent he showed at a young age. It is only natural he would suffer from these comparisons. It was always going to be difficult to continue that devastating form he showed and anything less than invincible would have been noticed. . Although still an exceptional rider, he is now of a class where the competition is so ripe that being top dog is an unbelievable position, that only a few will reach. Top riders like Doyle and Iversen may have arrived late on the top stage. This, no doubt, was achieved through, Hard Work, Belief, Dedication and Confidence, It pleasing to note that age is not that important when looking at past champions, I'd like to think that Lambert, who has time on his side, will take on board all the positives he will learn along the way, and when that time comes for him to rule the world he will be good and ready...
  11. Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    Michael Lee, in only his third year, 1977, aged just 18, won the British Championship and only lost out in the World Final in atrocious conditions . He topped the averages with 10.59. and that was when the British League was the best in the world, having all the best riders competing over here.. He was a bit special.....
  12. Now you're being Silly.... that's a far too sensible approach. The BSPA would never agree with that...
  13. Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    Like you, I have been around a long time. Mike Lee was a once in a lifetime happening, and it would be wrong to compare others to him. But Robert Lambert was that good , I don't apologise for making that comparison. . You say for a 19yr old, he should be over the moon with his average, that's where we differ.. In our weakened league he should be far better than his current score. I have been associated with fellow workers all my life and believe my interpersonal skill is an invaluable commodity. A person will perform much better if they are happy rather then troubled. and when I look at Robert he appears to have all the troubles possible. Because of his attitude being wrong, he doesn't reap the rewards his talent deserves.... You pick up a book and read that Roberts not happy. You hear rumors of a petty argument with Niels. You see him gestating to the fans , all the behaviour of someone who is troubled. Nobody could doubt his ability on a bike, but just wish he would channel all his efforts into riding, like we know he can...
  14. Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    I remember seeing a 15yr old Lambert riding for Lynn starlets, scoring 21 points against Stoke and thinking this was indeed a privilege to be there and watch him ride. From the gate or from the back he was majestic. He was from another planet. it was a case of men versus boys, He was winning races by the country mile. Obviously people were making comparisons with some of the greats we had previously seen at Lynn, and Lambert was rightly compared with them all. What was so noticeable that night was his persona, he walked about the pits with a massive smile on his face and was so comfortable within and those around him. He appeared to be walking on cloud 9. How things have changed in those 5yrs. He cannot be happy with the small progress he makes each year,. Averaging just over 7.30 must be disappointing for someone with so much talent. I wont except there are 20 riders better than him riding in our league. You see him walking about and he appears to have all the troubles going. That big smile has gone and replaced with trepidation. although, some of his races are out of the top drawer, others are best forgotten. A top world class rider has to perform in every race.. I don't profess to know the answers, but something is definitely not working. I hope he can find the answers that will project him to the heights he should aim for, and to illustrate his capabilities of being a top 10 rider....
  15. Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    Only a fool would doubt Holder's ability, but what we saw last year was a side of him few could have imagined. It really was an eye opener. For that reason my thoughts of him as a rider took a massive downward step. Up to that point we would have forgiven him for his substandard displays, hoping he would come good in the end. But after that sad day in July, It was obvious he was someone who forgot about the fans and only rode for this own being, to me he has lost all the respect that I and many others had for him. Its a shame really, cos' he will never ever get that respect back....