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  1. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I have followed the Stars the whole length and breath of this country. I cant think of a track I haven't visited during the countless years I've supported this wonderful sport. Too right, once I was the most ardent of Stars fans and would argue the point to the end, but as time goes bye you see life differently. Going to speedway matches was once the be all of everything, it dictated your moods, it define the whole week. It was the catalyst of your whole being. How sad was I , that I allowed it to govern my life for so long. My love for fast motor sport is as evident as ever, but now realise it has to be put into prospective. Now I see the sport as it really is and understand the lack of importance is a reflection of how the world see it. Gone are the days when it challenged Football in relation to supporting numbers, Fans stay at home now, it is fast disappearing because costs haven't been controlled. Probably the bikes are now faster, the heats are quicker, and the riders are better, but the race meetings are not like they use to be. The atmosphere has gone, the excitement is missing the crowds have all but gone . So if it is possible to go to a variety of venues to get my dose of yesteryear, then believe me I will go whether the Stars are riding there or not.....
  2. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    That's just it Baggy, all we have had for 50 odd years is expectations, based on biased personal opinions, but never had the real thing. The number of times that I have thought we have a real good chance of success I could count on one hand.... Mostly I feel we are only there to make the numbers up...….. Such as I do feel of our chances, I've got a fiver to say the Panthers will go further this season than the Stars... and that to any Stars fan has to be insulting....
  3. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Any chance of the Stars being crowned Champions need to be put on hold again, for another years at least. Strange how other teams can pull out the stops to acquire certain riders when we always seems to take the easy options. Being a speedway supporter rather then one specific team fan, I imagine I will go the showground more this year than I would normally. Looking at their six riders led by our old boss-man Rob Lyons , they sure have a better quality about them than Stars do.... Coupled with an exciting track, hard earnt money would be better spent watching thrilling races, than the usual 'follow the leader' stuff served up at Lynn....
  4. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Looking at the photo there wasn't that many. Probably it would have been better had they opened the bar on a week night for the supporters to come and chat, then occasionally announced certain riders would drop in to meet the punters, that way Lewis Kerr and some of the others could have popped in the promote the team instead of us always paying for the privilege.
  5. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    That should be easy enough
  6. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    When I suggested Lambert and Cookie achieving double figures, I did so because of the lack of quality riders has never been more evident than it is today. With the exception of say half a dozen at best, the rest of the riders are of second division standard. If these top riders are hoping to progress and establish themselves in the SGP rankings they need to standout in this company as a priority.... I was hoping after 2018, Lambert would push on to the world stage, but unfortunate he went backwards. He needs to recapture that form in 2020 other wise he will lose that dream appeal he undoubtedly has..... Cook also has to rekindle his old form to where he was 2 years ago. Both these talented riders are more than capable of reaching them dizzy heights.....
  7. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Even though we had to wait these silly time schedules, we do at last know the full 1-7. Cant say I'm over impressed with the declaration, even though we could have forethought most of the team. Personally terribly disappointed there will be no MPT, Had I been in charge he would had a place at the expense of any in the bottom 4. I feel TJ; TP and LK have all had enough time to fulfil their potential, and the Stars have signed them again because of who they are and not on any improvement they might give. I believe we have two chances of making it to them PO's. 1, Our top 3 perform to the standard expected of them. Considering the substandard quality of this league top riders like Lambert and Cook should be capable of averaging double figures without too many problems. Riss should be aware of all the tracks by now and should be averaging 8 at least. If these top riders can perform and install some added belief, then possibly the others can get on the bandwagon. 2nd chance we may have is if this Hartel has improves as much as been observed. Being of German nationality one would expect he will favour the bigger track. Close friends with both Lambert and Riss, he might surprise a few this second time round. Though never expecting miracles, but I feel we do have a little wisp of hope....
  8. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    From all my years experiences of supporting the Stars, I find it far better to assume we will not figure as forerunners for the forth coming season. If by chance we manage to get into the PO's we will be ecstatic, but more likely than not though, when we fail, we wont be that disheartened as it was expected. it's as if nobody really cares anymore....
  9. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    'NSS' So pleased you found it amusing . The intellectual ones knew what was meant.
  10. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    The NNS has really surprised me. Me, thinking the track was equal to anywhere in the world and the racing was from the top draw, I automatically assumed the place would be packed every meeting. I expected, if the product was right the crowds would come just like in them olden day. Situated in the 3rd biggest city in the land with a copulation to die for, this place was tailor made to reinvent this sport in this modern era. But unfortunate it hasn't happened. My question now is: if somewhere like NNS cant attract the masses, what chance has other places got. I'm sorry for being pessimistic but I must agree with the promoters of this sport, and therefore understand , there's little point in spending good money chasing after bad... The only people that continue supporting the sport now are those fans from years back . Soon there wont be any of us left....
  11. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    If you look hard enough they'll always be an answer. I look at the other teams and they seem to find an option without having to gamble. In our league format, the reserves are second only to the heat headers in the terms of importance. We need to be confident that our riders are of known quality and are capable of scoring points against similar positions in the other teams. In Kvech we have neither of those.
  12. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Surely, if he were to be any good, then he would have been signed up already. The fact the is a free agent says many things … No doubt he will be based at the track giving him lots of opportunity to see and work the track. Might even stay in the same caravan as those previous. We've been down this road so many times before... Why don't we go down the experience route when the rider is of a known standard and a guaranteed points scorer
  13. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Same old, same old.. nothing new here. it appears the management have learnt nothing from the season past... Its as if there not bothered. When so many fans were looking for inspiration and hope for a successful season, we are met with the same ole faces that have failed so many times....
  14. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Cant help thinking that by letting MPT go we have dropped a big one... My original thoughts were Lambert, Riss, Cook and MPT then fit others in the remaining numbers. Preferably new young and exciting talent. By naming 3 existing riders in the first 4, who weren't in my selection certainly alters the team dynamics somewhat... I wait to see what the outcome will be.....
  15. g13webb

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I wish I could be optimistic like others on here, but have been down this road too many times . Years back, when the track was good, the score wasn't as important because the racing made it exciting. Now with this 'Gate and Go' philosophy the only consolation is the winning margin.. I've always believed the track is basically a good size and shape and lends itself to good racing, just a pity on the shale they use and the amount they put on it.... Making it slicker will provide better racing...

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