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  1. Poole were always regarded as the arch enemy and the attendance would reflect the intense rivalry between the two teams. When you read comments, like the above, it really does highlight the dire situation that now exists at Saddlebow Road. I now liken Buster similar to that of our Prime Minister. They're both deaf and blind, so ignoring all the comments from those around them. We are fortunate Teresa May is coming to the and of her reign and will be eventually replaced. With Buster, we aren't so lucky, he no doubt would rather run the club in the ground than listen to the fans.. ... So we had better get use to watching 'Gate and Go' racing on a grippy track. or lump it....
  2. Secretly ? I think every speedway should thank him. This achievement should be shouted from the highest pedestal . He was the person who knew want needed to be done..
  3. g13webb

    Warsaw 2019

    As like so often, you're missing the point. If the track was prepared better, then the racing would be much more enjoyable, regardless of the quality of the rider. A blind man would recognise that , even if those wearing tinted shades can't …. NB. I thought Robert Lambert did exceptionally well. A future SGP star in the making , without a doubt......
  4. If that's what happened, then yes.... I have never seen the point of glossing over the bad issues. Much prefer for people to say it like it is. Nobody said it was easy, but its part and parcel of the game they choose to be in. I always thought that was the idea of the track walk …...
  5. That's irrelevant , we lost by a huge margin... Kerr and TJ never beat an opponent the whole meeting, and Proctor, Riss and Andersen only managed to do it in one race apiece. So if you want to keep repeating something, how about repeating that....
  6. Woffy said on the screen last week, 'you only need a couple of laps to get the bike sorted', How come the Stars needed 4 races??? No doubt Lambert knew his advice was wrong after his first ride. Why didn.t they change it then? . I think Schroek is just trying to justify their lame performance last night. but In truth the team put up a terrible display, on that is regarded as the best track in the country. 2 riders scored 22 of the 36pts, whereas the other 5 could only muster 14 points between them . That says everything. Instead of always blowing sunshine up their arses, I think its about time the riders were told the truth. Either perform on a regular basis or get someone else who will. The Stars team was never strong enough to be in contention, but we expected better performances then we are getting.......
  7. Probably I'm getting it from reading all your posts. You must have a book full of excuses ready for everyone who has a bad day. The truth being , he is not hitting them big numbers like last year, but you don't become a bad ride over night. Watching him at Belle Vue Saturday in the SON shows he' more than capable, and not having too bad a time. Is he.... Strange that...
  8. Ward and Olsen were probably the best riders coming from the back on any track. Both exceptionally talented.. Pity the crowds didn't appreciate them more when they rode here...
  9. Having watched speedway for more years than I care to remember, I can assure you Wolves is a trick track that give massive advantage to the accomplished rider. Inexperience riders fail to understand the long straight and tight bends. An accomplished rider will make the gate and ride the line. Only when he makes a mistake, will his advantage be challenged. I have watched many races from Wolves and when someone comes from the back its usually because the rider in front has drifted out too far or made a mistake.. When I said that Wolves track favours the gater, it means once you are in front the ball is in your court... I have seen home specialists like Woffy and Freddie struggle when behind, thus illustrating the difficulty when missing the gate.
  10. As per usual you are only reading into comment of what you want to read. The truth being I never mentioned anything about his equipment . the only word I used was 'application'., and you don't need to be a magician to understand that. Monmore has always favoured the gater, and I sure all the riders, including Lambert, knows that as well. To score reasonable points It is imperative to get out that gate. When a club has only one renown heat leader it is expected he will lead the way, so in that instance he let the club and the fans down... Rory on the other hand knew how important it was to gate well and subsequently scored 16 points... You're right it's not rocket science, its application.... 5 points is not good enough....
  11. There can be no excuses, when a SGP rider only scores 5 and don't win a race, one has to question his application. When you're a one man team, then this man has to perform..... Well done Rory for giving 100% every single race...
  12. Kasper and MPT are more than adequate to fill the reserve berths, and I'm sure if either can up their scores then Kerr will be more than efficient to occupy them spaces. But that not the problem. We need a No2 capable of scoring descent points every meeting. especially away from home....
  13. This team is a collection of riders who are known for their battling qualities, not for their renown brilliance. All the riders are capable of having a brilliant meeting, but they wont do it every week. In Lambert they have a top rider, a No1 any team would be proud of, but then we have a massive problem. Riss and Jorgensen are two quality riders, but they are not renown heatleaders and usually struggle when riding against established top riders. Procter and Kerr will never be good enough to become heatleaders, leaving us short of a second top rider. Until that position is filled we will continue along this same vane . Helped by the grippy track, we should win the majority of home matches. Whether we can win enough away points to reach the top 4 is another matter....
  14. To me the score was no surprise. It was always going to be close. Swindon have an extremely top heavy side and will always benefit from that strength. (They provided 10 out of the 15 heat winners). However, their weakness has always been their reserves, and subsequently they provided 11 out if the 15 last places. Personally, I would have preferred a team like the Robins where they have the opportunity of have many riders capable of being winners . I said all along, its all very well having a strong middle order, but without them heater leaders, like tonight, we are forever relying on Robert to win them important races.. That's not always going to happen..... There only thing good about tonight was the score...……..
  15. Sure got that wrong, and when that happens I'm the first to admit it... The Stars team performed far better than one imagined... on the night... So well done But we still lost the trophy, and that's the be all of it. Just because they put in a good performance last night, shouldn't hide the fact we lost another chance to be victorious. As ever..

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