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  1. As is the case with Poole, you never know who will be riding for them. With all their team changes of late, their remaining riders will be trying hard to justify their place. The inclusion of Harris will make them stronger, but Sandstrom was no slouch round AFA and would have scored decent points as well, so in my reckoning the inclusion of Harris will only make a few points better off. I have always thought Poole are weak at the top end and will therefore rely heavily on Klindt at reserve. He goes well at Lynn but will find it a lot harder than he did at Leicester last week.. I cant see them getting much from this fixture. I see the Stars winning comfortably with Poole being happy to go home with a point at best.....
  2. For the first time in many years, the 7 remaining teams are all of a similar quality and each are capable of beating the other team. I think the Swindon match against Leicester will be closely fought and offers the BT sport crew a decent match with a tight finish. I for one am pleased this is not on the tele, giving me the opportunity to watch another meeting apart from the one I go to. (selfish, I know) I cant remember this being mentioned before, but when there is live TV on a Monday night, what effect does the it have on attendances from the other matches at the same time. There must be some who get the weekly dosage off the box in preference in shelling out to see their home team live. Because of their standing, usually our matches against Poole are well attended and I don't see this any differently. No doubt Buster wouldn't want to jeopardise his biggest gate of the season by having the TV cameras there for a pittance they receive for the privilege. Id like to think there will be other opportunities. when the business end of the season comes around, when these two will be in competition. Probably better to leave the TV cameras till then….
  3. g13webb

    Mid Season League Predictions

    This was posted in jest, and in no way was it intended as fact. Just a backhanded comment of how some of the rule changes are achieved.....
  4. g13webb

    Mid Season League Predictions

    Remember, Not all teams are allow a vote ! There is some stupid rule that says promoters have to be in office 10 yrs before they are allow a vote.....
  5. g13webb

    Premiership League

    Wouldn't you have thought that the promoters would have realised by now, all decisions have to be made for the benefit of the sport and not governed by the importance of ones own club... Rye House should never have happened...…….
  6. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Have to agree with you there, There's no doubting his ability, but always feel he's tries too hard and is an accident waiting to happen. I have seen him scoring big points at Lynn but also seen him score very little. I see him as a rider who needs to take the opportunity he has been given. Probably riding with a good team on a decent track, coupled with a strong spirit might be all he needs to kick start his career as a top rider. Garrity wouldn't have been my choice, but with options thin on the ground, he could be the missing piece of the jig-saw...
  7. With the demise of the support the sport once enjoyed , we need to examine the reasons why the attraction is not there anymore. It was always thought and implemented that all teams were to be as equal as possible, where competition was uppermost in every supporter's mind. Once a team was originally selected they were usually there for the duration of the season when changes were few and far between. It created a bond within the team and also generated a connection with the fans. This use to be very important and encouraged fans to go each week. Most riders had fan clubs where an acknowledgement as he rode round to the start worked wonders for self esteem, both for the rider and the fans.. Going back to the title of the thread, No it is not against the rules of the league, to have many changes but it sure is against the reasons why the sport was so successful. Individuals like Matt Ford has twisted every rule in the book for the benefit of Poole speedway. Its not for me to judge him for the damage that has been done, but the reason it happened, and the same reason why it is still happening, is that BSPA, is made up with people who have always been wrap up in its own importance, rather than the sport in general...
  8. g13webb

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Nice weather, closest team to go away too, with plenty of time on my hands I would have usually have gone to this meeting, (as like like previous years), but when we can sit at home with a beer and watch BV riding at the NSS afraid there's no contest......
  9. g13webb

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    That's no excuse ! Years ago when there was no social media we got far more news from our local paper than what we do now from the internet. For just a small amount of input from the club it would be so easy to post all information the fans want to know and the effort would be rewarded 100 times, but if the truth be known, they cant be bothered.... Probably, more organised then most , My calender has all the fixtures pencilled in, so was fully aware of the Stars schedule. but I had no knowledge of the teams, merely guesswork. As with other teams I was waiting news of a replacement for Kerr , but I should have known better what the outcome would be. So please don't try and justify KLS inadequacies, We are not asking for the world, just t be kept informed.... Is that expecting too much ????
  10. g13webb

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    I haven't posted much of late, as always being accused of negativity, but Jesus Christ, can the communication and enthusiasm from the club get much worse. All this talk in the off season about new body's being brought in to move the club forward, what has happened to everything. There is no interest, no motivation, no nothing, its as if they are not bothered. This must be the biggest turnoff period I can remember for a long time.. If they cant be bothered to inform fans of forth coming meetings then you cant blame them fans who turn their backs. They only have themselves to blame. NB. Many congratulations to Robert winning the other night . A truly wonderful achievement . Pity the KLS don't take a leaf out of your book and be more pro-active for a change...
  11. Again you are missing the point, I was comparing Klindt score against those of the rest of the team. Such was the advantage of having a strong reserve, any team would have profited likewise had they had the same.... In all of my years , jealousy has never been one of my straits. In fact I believe jealousy is such a juvenile behaviour, that its probably more in keeping with those who think it.....
  12. Poole, having a rider of Klindt quality at reserve was always going to be the telling factor. The Leicester track is tailor made for a gater like Klindt He was always going to have extra rides and score loads of points. I was surprised the Lions were in contention as long as they were. Take away Klindt haul and the rest of Poole side were pretty ordinary, so Leicester shouldn't feel too disappointed. The one obvious deduction to come from this meeting was that the Lions reserves are desperately weak and are in need strengthening. Have always thought it would be better to have at least one strong reserves at the expense of points higher up in the team....
  13. Surely , kids (children) are the future of ant sport, although they have to be accompanied by an responsible adult when younger, it is the setting of the seed which is the most important part. Once they have acquired the attraction, there are always a way of getting there. The desire is the most important part.
  14. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    R/R is a facility to be used by a team occasionally as a last resort. not used as a permanent replacement. With 3 meetings to run in July it would be silly to use R/R. It does nobody any favours. It prolongs the meeting when allowing a rider extra time between races, it puts extra pressure on riders doing extra rides, if another rider in the team has a fall , then the team are up the creek without a paddle. At a time when the sport needs every help it can get, what you don't want is fans waiting around doing the extended breaks and the same riders in many races. R/R is a major put-off.
  15. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Cant imagine the fans will turn up in their hundreds if Buster don't come up with decent replacements. Fans go each week to support their team and hope they are successful, but to expect them to turn up when they haven't a hope of success would be a different proposition. Again hit by injuries, it seems the Stars are always up against it. This year we had the nucleolus of a good team, only to be deprived of riders when meetings clashed. If we give up this opportunity now, just because of an injury to Kerr, we may as well ask 'What's the point'.

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