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  1. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Part of me is pleased that Porsing is coming back. Always thought he was a rider who had so much to give. Unfortunate, his form was too erratic, and his his good scores were as frequent as his bad ones were.. Cant help thinking this has come too late to rescue the season and should have been explored months ago.. I would be much more excited if they announced we were getting a new track man, who has been given a free hand to produce decent track. Where once we use to be ultra keen for the next meeting to come round, now we look for any excuse not to go, cause we are so fed up watching drab processional races...... Will he ever learn......
  2. Sure has been a wonderful weekend of sport, The Tennis finals from Wimbledon, the F1 from Silverstone and the World cup of Cricket gave us all some fantastic entertainment. We certainly came back to earth with a bump tonight watching the speedway on BT Sport. Talk about shouting yourself in the foot. This showing really does turn people away.... Tonight was a disaster !!!!!
  3. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    My thoughts exactly Looking at the current league table, already we can assume BV, Poole and Ipswich have done enough to reach those PO's. The remaining four teams are all chasing that one remaining place, of which Wolves seems the favourite having played less than the others. The Stars have yet to record an away win this season from their 9 efforts so far, so a I m not too optimistic they will get much from their remaining three matches. There has been a lot of personnel chances this season, and even more talk of future changes, all of which will do nothing to achieve one on those PO positions. So I ask the question: what's the point..... Sure has been a disappointing season languishing in the lower regions of the league, especial after we did so well last year. Just goes to show we cant take any notice of what we are told. It appears, the only people who care about this situation , are the 'Stars' dwindling supporters....
  4. I have to question that !! Kings Lynn was once a brilliant race track when there were plenty of passing. If you are of the assumption it sits on a clay base, that must be from the amount of rubbish Clay shale that Buster continues to use. I'm sure if you scraped off all that top rubbish, you'll find some original black cinder ash that Cyril Crane use to rave about...
  5. I think Tatum summed the track up perfectly when he said he cant remember another track using the clay based topping that gives so much grip . This track is unique in the grip it has. That alone is what saddlebow road has become. over the past few years it has got progressively worse. The racing on the other hand has all but gone. We go there now knowing we will only see processional races with most positional changes done by the start of the back straight. its little wonder the spectacle has all but died. Give me the old track any day... I understand the arguments of the starting procedure, but I don't openly agree with them. I preferred it when starting was a lottery and any of the 4 riders could make a getaway. it created more and better racing, But such is the importance of the start now, when riders of the calibre of Robert Lambert cant recover from a bad gate, it is essential the good riders make them starts. No doubt that's the reason the gate area is made more grippier than the rest. Yes it was a good win against the old enemy, some riders performed very well. But it was not a good meeting. If we couldn't beat the depleted side that Poole put out, then would have been pretty poor....
  6. And to think you last week you accused me of ridiculing Robert You know what say about stones and green houses.. I think it's good that you are agreeing with me
  7. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Yeah, I can see where you're coming from, but Lynn use to use them as make-shift replacements on the cheap, not to the point of making the team stronger. The majority of those were Lynn assets anyway so it made sense to use what you had. So the Goalposts didn't really move from that first comment.. .
  8. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Right or wrong, I always thought of Boston as Lynn's reserve team, as so many of the riders were signed up for both teams.. When I made the comment about team changes during the year I wasn't including Boston riders for that reason. Gagan, Hollingworth, Bales, Glover, Burton, Smith, all fell into that category..
  9. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Good Friday, 1975 Lee made his debut for the Stars because two riders fail to arrive, but Lynn didn't get rid of Gary Middleton nor Trevor hedge until the end of that season. both rode a full season for the Stars and were released at the end of 75. Ollie Nygren was only employed as a temperpory rider to cover for the injured Eddie Reeves .
  10. Unlike some on here, I don't rubbish other people's opinions and value what they're opinions are. I can understand what you say in your post and agree with most of it. The whole argument about the sport back then to what it is now, is about the whole package. It was the main reason why the fans filled the terraces. The atmosphere was a big draw, coupled with the usual banter exchanged with the other supporters, plus the connection with the riders, it all made for and enjoyable night out. The quality of the racing was of a lesser importance, because of everything else that was enjoyed through the night. As long as the team was competitive and fought to win, that all that was asked of the riders. Most races were tight and the track preparation prompted good close racing... The Stars were never one of the top teams, but we always gave a good account of ourselves.. I disagree with people who argue that the racing today is far better. The main problem today, is that the terraces are empty, the atmosphere is non-existent and the only positive is the speeding bikes. Unfortunate that doesn't create good racing,, most races are spread out in a follow the leader pattern. if we get 2 or 3 good races in a night, that about it . I actually rate Robert Lambert as a world class rider, but even a man of his immense skills sometimes struggles when behind. So if he struggles, imagine how hard it is for lesser riders. and that is just one of the reason why the crowds don't go anymore... If people persist in comparing races of today, then it has to be done fairly. Of cause we can pick out some exceptional races of today, but they would be no better than the best from years gone by.
  11. Some of the so called punters can be really thick at times. I use to fill my program in with all positional changes and also who made the gates. in the comment I posted, I said there were 11 races where overtaking happened, and only 4 races were won from the gate. I never said there were 4 races with no overtaking, that was purely an assumption that other posters thought I said. As it turned out John louis won 2 of his races from the gate and their was no positional changes in those. Billy Saunders and Michael Lee both gated and won a race but in each case there was overtaking in 3rd to 2nd positions... So please don't make out I'm the thick one...…... Far from it. As a supporter of over 54 yrs, and am someone who has witness most of the good things in this sport. It appears that the only posters welcome on here are those who are offensive or blinded only of what they want to see...
  12. g13webb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I don't like this chopping and changing. We use to have a team that lasted the season, no we didn't win anything , but it was our team we could relate with. I always frown at other clubs who chopped and changed to get the upper hand and thought it was wrong they could do that. But it now appears we are doing the same thing. Its little wonder the fans are staying away, How can you have a connection with a team when it changes every month....
  13. I have lost count of the number of times I have travelled to Ipswich to watch the Stars. Despite the fact we usually lost, each time was enjoyed because the racing was always competitive. Sadly that's not the case anymore. With super fast bikes and grippy tracks it appears now the sport has descended into gate and go exercise . Yesterday I looked through a old programme from 1979 we lost at the Witches 42 -36, but there were overtaking in 11 of the 13 heats. only 4 races were won from the gate...… How times have changed... Personally I would rather lose an exciting meeting with lots of close racing, then watching a guaranteed win on a grippy track with follow the leader all the time...
  14. On que, you are always there to give your two-pennies worth in whatever I post. Factually incorrect? depends which way you look at it. We didn't win anything, we actually lost 2 points against our dearest rivals which makes it even worse. The fact the track was crap again and only 2 Witches riders could ride it says more about the Stars than anything else. I wouldn't mind losing had the racing been good. I sat in the Royal Box following the Poole match on me phone. Their match weren't much better, but it finished much earlier . Lynn still had 4 races to run when the Poole match finished Also, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware we are not allowed to post adverse comments, I wasn't digging at Robert in particular but if the cap fits..... so be it...
  15. One comes to expect that at Lynn. Point of interest last night was, of the 4 meetings on, all were finished 20mins quicker than Lynn. Just another example of our long drawn out meetings.. Probably had we 've won the fans would been more happier, but to be beaten by a 2 man team on our home track is not good, especially when the ole man of British Speedway beat the star men of the English team from the back...……. Twice. Not good !!

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