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  1. I believe one of the Thomson boys.my tip 3 morley perks clegg.note sure on the order ..
  2. Now today’s off Max has been put back in the NLRC at Scunthorpe tonight.Good luck cleggy.
  3. Max clegg now in meeting at no7.
  4. A bit unfair on the last minute riders BUT now Newcastle is off wouldn’t it be better to have Max clegg and Danny Phillips back in.Max is at top of the NL averages after all...
  5. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Matty 100%,ully , max& Danny as reserves.also if thomas can get his injuries sorted out over the winter.
  6. It means it’s going to be an even bigger joke than it allready is !!!
  7. If(when) Sunday gets called off will another re-staged meeting revert back to the original line ups?
  8. It’s on the cradley twitter feed that jack smith is replacing max because he’s riding for Newcastle.
  9. Both Max and Danny are down to ride in the NLRC at scunny next Sunday,who gets the priority ?
  10. bigred

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    He van that were written off was the van that were supplied by cradley after “the rider” threatened to quit.so they had to replace that,not sure who’s insurance it were .the other rider caused a lot of damage to his rental van also..so not surprising the club were a little peed off.
  11. bigred

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    There’s a spare/unused track at Buxton! Just a thought but could it be a possibility for the heathens to use that on Sunday afternoons.Not a lot of difference to using wolves or brum(apart from the distance) ..
  12. The thing with having sign written vans is that even amateur riders do manage to get sponsorship so a mobile advert is a plus for even the smallest of sponsor.Also there’s the thing about bike security,and secure storage for a trailer.
  13. bigred

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Don’t think there’s any doubt the supporters will back the riders ,it’s all about feeding the “promoters” back pockets ...

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