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  1. bigred


    All riders got £10 a point they scored.the riders sponsor money goes to pay for there tyre and fuel and what’s left goes in someone’s back pocket....
  2. Would of thought Clegg and Perry would have been riding for cradley ...
  3. There’s nowt Wrong with the Buxton track,tricky to ride yes, but when you’ve mastered it great little racetrack .
  4. Brum should get will pottinger as team manager for 2019 no lakeside and probably no cradley as well he will have time ...
  5. bigred

    Stoke v Buxton now 7th October

    It’s off !
  6. bigred

    Rye House 2018

    “Get what you pay for” ...ask any of the team who’s getting paid at all.!!!??
  7. rye built a team that had to use Max.they could of had a no7 with a 4 point average but you wouldn’t have fit in the “big boys that will come to the table”?? Or maybe they won’t .!! Maybe you should get your Kevlars out of retirement and show him how to go on .or failing that use your team management skills and cheque book to build a team .gues not on both accounts .
  8. Rye built the team of “big hitters”to be able to carry max clegg.unfortunately the so suposed top boys arnt scoring so max gets the blame for the team losing.give your head a shake.
  9. bigred

    British Under 21

    Wonder how few there will be at Berwick for the final then !
  10. Max was offered the no 7 but turned it down to go to Rye.best of look to him
  11. bigred

    British Under 21

    Vatcher & co are all wearing clown suits!!
  12. bigred

    Birmingham v Stoke - 11/04/18 -1930 - (NT)

    Cleggy is at rye house Wednesday
  13. bigred

    British Under 21

    Final Now being held at Berwick I’ve heard ..
  14. bigred


    It wernt Max’s average they cocked up it were Ben Morley and Zack waj’s !!

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