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  1. Another bickley,everyone blowing smoke up his a*** ,he ain’t guna get much better.Leon flint and Tom Brennan are the ones to watch imo…
  2. Sedgy .? No clue if he’s even over here or his average,just another thought.
  3. Don’t think his 2k plus guarantee (per meeting) would fit either!!!
  4. He should be I’m guessing because he rode in the national league for Eastbourne ..
  5. bigred

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Would ash moris or max clegg fit at no 6.both wolves assets and know the track really well.?
  6. It must be one hell of a backer to bring 2 from NZ.flights and accommodation won’t be cheep.And don’t they have to get a living allowance also???
  7. Would Worral and ash Morris fit??
  8. bigred

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sponsorship from McDonald’s should swing it ..
  9. bigred

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Any ideas/wishes for a no1 &5 ?
  10. bigred

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    Is Barker allowed to ride after the no show on Sunday??
  11. What’s happened to greaves ?
  12. A proper no1 would be a good start.Barker def ain’t that.a team manger that knows what it’s about would be another huge step forward,why Royno wasn’t put in 14 is anyone’s guess.
  13. Can’t they use covers in case the footballers slip on them and break a nail….

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