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  1. He also won the under 19 championship and the NLRC the same week in 2016.
  2. Only by Edinburgh and a few of there “supporters”.
  3. bigred

    Stoke 2019

    Anything to report from the press day yesterday ?
  4. All tracks are fast if your sat on the bike...if he could score 2/3 away from home and 5/6 at home then his job is done .however if he does manage those scores he’ll be at no2/3 pretty fast .
  5. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Mason Compton ?? I
  6. bigred

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    It means bickley has more money behind him that joe.!!! Allways has and allways will be the case if you have a deep pockets your face fits
  7. bigred

    Rye House 2018

    It’s the team captain that has to sign that not all riders.its an official scb document.clearly they don’t give a stuff either .so long as they’ve got there money ay.!
  8. bigred

    Stoke 2019

    Just a shame Wolverhampton wouldn’t allow cleggy to come back for this year.Him and Perry would have been the best top 2 in the league .
  9. bigred

    Workington 2019

    10k on making things look pretty and fancy helmet designs which obviously win you races ...maybe grandad bickley should invest in Workington speedway to keep Kyle in a job .
  10. bigred

    Workington 2019

    No point fineing Mick Horton he won’t pay it anyway .he wants to start by paying riders owed money
  11. bigred

    Workington 2019

    And the grass roots of British speedway in also losing Buxton .
  12. bigred

    Rye House 2018

    All the team are still owed for 9 meetings and hearing from someone who knows it doesn’t sound like they will be paid anything.the bspa won’t pay them anything and said if they want paying they have to take BMR to court for it. My opinion Rye house should not be allowed to run speedway at any level(even practise days and make money ) until there debts have been settled.It is a complete joke. good look to all the owed riders for 2019.
  13. bigred

    Stoke 2019

    New carpet in the bar !!
  14. bigred

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    What a shame.All the very best for a return in 2020 Jayne.
  15. bigred

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    You actually said 20 a point for a scratter like halder so max clegg would have been on more......just stating the fact he wasn’t .

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