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  1. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Another one less to pick from....replace Danny with joe Lawlor before he gets signed up as well .
  2. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    On current form Lawlor is a lot better bet than Danny.looking at there nl scores,he is way out scoring Dan .something serious needs doing as harsh as it.
  3. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    How about replacing Danny with Joe Lawlor ! Scoring well for stoke in nl.then I would look at maybe replacing Lasse and Jacob and trying to work it so max is at reserve .most meetings these days are won and lost at reserve.thomas will come good,stevie is a proper no1 and Matty is doing a superb job so far .
  4. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    No I wernt there..was you ?? Didn’t realise you had to actually go to make a comment.!!it had live commentary on bbc radio wm.if tj and lb scored like the heat leaders there supposed to be then maybe dan wouldn’t get the grief hes getting ..
  5. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Thomas and Lasse aren’t helping the cause much either.
  6. bigred

    NL Fours 7th July

    I wouldn’t presume anything when the powers that be are involved ..
  7. bigred

    NL Fours 7th July

    Newcastle have just released fixture changes.the 7th of July is now a championship meeting again Scunthorpe.so max will be missing from cradley presume so will Danny for belle Vue ..
  8. bigred

    NL Fours 7th July

    Guessing cradley will be without max clegg with him at Newcastle on Sunday’s ..
  9. bigred

    Cradley v Belle Vue - 3 June

    It was also on bbc radio wm live broadcast .great to listen to .
  10. Max had a lot of clutch trouble last night,all his points were from the back.Danny was also in the meeting and ride well scoring 8 points including a fall.sounded like it were a good meeting.It had live commentary on bbc radio wm.worth tuning in for the next cradley meeting.i think they also cover the wolves and brum meetings.
  11. Could they have not waited until this week which would have kept max at reserve.
  12. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Best of luck to Simon,Jacob and max who will find it hard in the main body,especially away from home.just need Lasse to sort himself out now.
  13. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Bukhave scored 11 points, clegg beat him in heat 1 .
  14. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Ah ok .thanks for that.When do the official averages come in ?
  15. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Max 5.6 Simon 3.48 from the program .

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