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  1. Every rider you’d have to do it before a meeting,the powers that be won’t sanction it because there’s not enough riders to round as is….
  2. Max don’t read this but I do know he wouldn’t give 2 s***s what you think anyway.anyone that knows max knows he and his family put 100% into it.hopefully things are starting to go right for them now on..
  3. The 2,3,4&5 are really pulling up trees arnt they…
  4. Max has had an awful season so far which has affected his performance.He has has 2 engine blow ups,1 which has gone in the bin,He has had an awful lot of bike problems and when your riding once a week or even 2 weeks it’s hard to fix these problems.Then the problem with Newcastle closing hasn’t helped him at all.After the Redcar meeting he took both engines out and had a few alterations made and rebuilt through the night to get them built back up for Leicester Saturday.(which didn’t go well either).since then he has made a lot of changes to both engines and the bikes at vast expense and has been testing them at Leicester 3 times since to try get things back on track.just needed to post this as I’ve been a follower of max since he was a little kid on grasstrack and a long time family friend,to let you all know how hard they are working to get things right again.no one more than max wants to get back to scoring points.maybe give him some support rather than slating him at every chance(Lenny).Thank you for all that has sent him positive messages. best of luck to max & Leicester for the rest of the season.
  5. bigred

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Apart from James and starkey have any other of the boys been fixed up yet?
  6. bigred

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Who was the last person to buy one of robs over priced burgers!.(just bring that back into play again) ..
  7. A few options available from Newcastle now they’ve closed.
  8. bigred

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    He did hot dogs as well .
  9. Just heard the diamonds are finished no more meetings this year .
  10. Promoter, team manager and track curator should be the next signings!!
  11. They did a cracking job Steve,however they will not be doing the track every meeting I’m just saying that the clowns that usually do the track will ruin it again,
  12. No get rid of them both,put max and James at 6&7 then start again.no idea where these riders are going to come from though.I’m guessing matty will be out for a while,god knows what’s happening with starkey,and no number 1.so may as well build a new team .as before I’ve no clue where there going to come from.just my opinion on what granty will have to do to keep the few fans that are left coming on a Sunday.
  13. Personally I would get rid of Complin now,stick max & James at reserve then try congure up a few riders from somewhere on the planet to back up starkey and matty (when he’s fit).most meetings these days are win by the no 6&7.
  14. Granty really is trying to kill Newcastle speedway.a crap team , a crap track, or it will be again soon when the track team get there tractors on it ….wonder what odds granty got that they wouldn’t finish the season.? .got to feel for the supporters that do all the fund raising for the club,all the hard work the volunteers do and for the riders that actually want to ride for the diamonds(max,wrighty,matty).Best of luck to George .

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