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  1. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Got a text from Max’s dad this morning Steve ,the kid is pretty sore this morning(arm wrist and hand) he took a knock to his head which took a lump out of his helmet.his dad told me he wanted max to pull out of the meeting last night after his second ride he were struggling to hold on ..fair play for him giving it his best.hes riding for cradley tonight to fingers crossed for that .
  2. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    ged is there for uli,totally agree about matty max and Danny,the top 3 need a right good shake or replacing.all season people have been on Danny’s case how he can’t be carried,truthfully it’s sw,tj and lb that are been carried .total rubbish tbh. Hope max is ok obviously hurt himself after that nasty crash in heat 2.well done Danny
  3. Think Tom is based more midlands”ish” since he works at joe Hughes in derby ..
  4. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    7+3 for Danny as well
  5. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    “A” top 3 that can win races !!
  6. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Max’s contract is owned by cradley .a few years ago there were talks about no national league club owning riders,not really sure of the outcome of that.maybe he switched over to wolves/ cvs .
  7. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Do the promotion ever promote the speedway ie have a stand in say the town centre or metro centre with a rider:/bike maybe showing some racing on a tv screen.more people in the stadium would in turn create money for the club .no idea if this is done allready just a thought
  8. bigred

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    Danny has allready got better equipment and bigger sponsorship than most of the field on Monday ..
  9. A broken bone in his hand is hardly a broken wrist ..he just ain’t good enough .
  10. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Tad early yet BUT max and Matty should be the start of next years team !
  11. bigred

    15/7/19 Kent v Cradley

    Pretty sure if the scores were the other way round Kent would have wanted to stop it short !!!!!
  12. bigred

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    They need to be now ..or at least a good guest .
  13. bigred

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Are Lasse and TJ back for Sunday ?
  14. bigred

    Newcastle 2019

    Bummer! Ah well.no matter Danny won’t be going in any case think that is pretty obvious .best of luck to Jacob .
  15. bigred

    Newcastle 2019


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