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  1. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    You could say the same about Nicholls Harris etc riding in the championship.....
  2. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Max said after the closure of stoke and cradley not running he didn’t want to do NL and concentrate all his efforts on Newcastle,that’s not to say he won’t ride in the trophy meetings for them now..he’s pretty close to dave Tattum as well.
  3. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Retired longer than Lewis..we might all find out tonight,unless there leaving him for the xmas party ...
  4. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    What I’ve heard your not a million miles off with “the coming out of retirement” .Not kingy though.
  5. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    It’s ok naming these so called big names,if they did want to ride for Newcastle (which is very unlikely because of the polish league)who would pay there massive demands ?
  6. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Change of topic now from who’s on the mike! ...who’s next to be in the team?
  7. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Llindgren hasn’t been mentioned for a while,as it been said anywhere he won’t be riding ?
  8. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    I hope it’s going to be well attended for grantys sake,give him a bit of confidence he’s done the right thing.Best of luck for the future of newcastle speedway.
  9. bigred

    Cradley Heathens

    More so now “the management” have said they’d gladly hand it over to someone ....
  10. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    If they could build a team around having max at 6 and Josh at 7,that should take a bit of pressure of josh and hopefully give him the experience and maybe pick up the odd point here and there .thats all Dan did really ..give him the chance before someone else takes him ..
  11. bigred

    bandits 2020

    The amount of laps kB did around north side he should be Brilliant around small tracks...
  12. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Ain’t Danny at Redcar ?
  13. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Shame that.Where’s ully gone,my guess Redcar..maybe Sarjeant at reserve !
  14. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Matty,Max,Ully,Jacob def first 4 maybe starkey heeps after that no idea ...
  15. bigred

    Newcastle 2020

    Mmmmm maybe that as well

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