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  1. Stoke

    It wernt Max’s average they cocked up it were Ben Morley and Zack waj’s !!
  2. Stoke

    Ellis perks has no team at all , Nathan Greeves , Max Clegg , Matt Williamson Tom Perry
  3. Lakeside 2018

    Maybe payback because cookie sacked vatcher !!!
  4. Rye House 2018

    gives you chance to write something else negative about him then Stevebrum...
  5. Wolves 2018

    Max clegg is a Wolves asset also,and his starting average is 2.00.cant discount him on that average.Ash and max ride superbly well together.
  6. Can all Wolves fans get ready to dig deep tomorrow,there will be another go fiund me account set up tonight as Nathen Greeves is riding again.its a shame someone doesn't set up one for all his victims #learntotideabike
  7. Swindon Vs Wolves 31/8/17

    Why did Wolves stick with Greeves .no control throttle Jockie ..
  8. I'm sure cleggy himself would agree with everything that has been said,however as I said he's flying at the minute..
  9. That was then,this is now he were flying there last week.dropped 1 point in his first heat then 4 straight wins.
  10. Rye should have used cleggy to replace brandford after last weeks performance against the heathens.He ALSO has a point to prove to Wolves..
  11. Wolves 2017

    and max finishing on a win and a paid win.AND man of the match. Hopefully he is getting his equipment finally sorted. Good luck max.
  12. Wolves 2017

    As your name states"no idea"..you ain't got a clue what your talking about.max progressed so much the latter half of last season,nlrc champion oh and under19 British champion.thats progress.as for his form so far,again you ain't got a clue what's going on with equipment etc,max and his mechanic have been working round the clock trying to sort things out.i am sure he will appreciate your possotive comments though.🤡. Best of luck to max .