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  1. They were all at the gp last night filling the big holes in that track !
  2. Newcastle’s top3 could also be no1’s, but in the national league !!
  3. bigred

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    It’s down to the clown that does the track or makes it look like he’s doing something.
  4. I would stick with George only if it’s to give him the experience of the uk tracks for next season.
  5. Same as BWD then..
  6. You wouldn’t believe what Bwd wanted .no idea what he ended up agreeing on,but he ain’t worth it .George at least he has the argument that he’s never seen uk tracks, he’s not a million miles off learning the track.good to see cleggy(who rode superbly) out on track after helping George. bomber at no1 was rubbish.wait to see how he scores against us …come on Newcastle make the changes needed to keep the supporters coming back.
  7. You won’t see the team manger telling the team anything as he doesn’t know himself.pretty damn useless,sorry if that offends any useless people out there ..
  8. Think Newcastle would need him,his brother and pederson …
  9. bigred

    Leicester v Newcastle 9/4/22

    That’s the thing,premier and championship leagues are all the same riders with a different bib on.there’s no such thing as “elite” anymore.1 big league (even ifs split into north &south) and ndl league is the way to go surely …
  10. bigred

    Leicester v Newcastle 9/4/22

    Didn’t he top score at Redcar the other week !!so not totally useless .
  11. but they cannot stop any of “their” riders signing for another team!! I know of a few riders that have been blocked by their “parent club” to talk to other clubs, Ask Max Clegg for one.
  12. No clue tbh,just a thought .if they had all the gear it’d be better for them using it twice a week rather than one..(that’s if it can be moved around easy enough)..
  13. Could even ask the Edinburgh folk if they’d fancy using there equipment to stream Newcastle on sundays..income for both if it were possible .?
  14. Another bickley,everyone blowing smoke up his a*** ,he ain’t guna get much better.Leon flint and Tom Brennan are the ones to watch imo…
  15. Sedgy .? No clue if he’s even over here or his average,just another thought.
  16. Don’t think his 2k plus guarantee (per meeting) would fit either!!!
  17. He should be I’m guessing because he rode in the national league for Eastbourne ..
  18. bigred

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Would ash moris or max clegg fit at no 6.both wolves assets and know the track really well.?
  19. It must be one hell of a backer to bring 2 from NZ.flights and accommodation won’t be cheep.And don’t they have to get a living allowance also???
  20. Would Worral and ash Morris fit??
  21. bigred

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sponsorship from McDonald’s should swing it ..
  22. bigred

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Any ideas/wishes for a no1 &5 ?
  23. bigred

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    Is Barker allowed to ride after the no show on Sunday??

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