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  1. Silver Bee

    Coventry 2015

    Hi guys, My Bees season review is now available here. http://underthescoreboard.blogspot.co.uk/ It's quite long but if you take the time to read it I'd appreciate it. All feedback welcome. Cheers.
  2. Silver Bee

    Coventry Vs Buxton/rye

    So as a member of the promotion team you either won't, or can't, say what re admission details are stated in the programme and at the stadium? In the EL programmes from last season (perhaps you could confirm whether or not it has changed) it does not state specific readmission details and instead says they are available on request or at the turnstiles, so unless it has changed the 'information' you have provided is incorrect. Maybe you could also tell me where the clear labelling of these details exactly is so I can read them thoroughly before entering the stadium in future. The query was prior to the meeting, hence the original post I made on this thread. At the end of the meeting I wanted to go home and not continue to get soaked.
  3. Silver Bee

    Coventry Vs Buxton/rye

    Would you like to confirm the wording in the programme, for those of us who don't feel the need to purchase one just to find out our rights? I find it very strange the turnstile staff were unaware of what readmission details were. You'd think as it is so clearly labelled they would just refer us to such literature. It's hardly a natural assumption that 2 meetings class as 1 as far as readmission goes. 2 meetings take place, 2 results are declared (well, occasionally) and you pay extra for that privilege. Readmission in the whole of speedway is an utter con, when I order a pizza if I only get 66% of that pizza the company aren't entitled to consider that an appropriate product and refuse to give any money back for it. At no point have I claimed this years double headers have been called off to make the promotion money, especially given the pathetic crowds. Both meetings were genuine call offs. The suggestion that last years double header call offs were genuine is absurd though, both were called off for curfew, a curfew which I believe is non existent based on information which has come from save Brandon meetings. A token gesture for fans who have now not seen the completion of either double header at Brandon is hardly beyond the realms of possibility but that's your prerogative as promoters. Just don't be surprised when the crowd is even worse, if that's even possible, at future storm events.
  4. Silver Bee

    Coventry Vs Buxton/rye

    Members of the club hierarchy do read and post on this forum so I'll ask again. What are the rules regarding readmission for double headers? That's now 2 incomplete meetings from the last 2 double headers. No rules are stated anywhere concerning your rights and when asked last night turnstile staff did not know. No wonder no one turns up for storm meetings with the way the fans are constantly treated.
  5. Silver Bee

    Coventry Vs Buxton/rye

    Last nights was a belter. Cracking racing.
  6. Appreciate there isn't a huge deal of interest in these meetings but even so! Before attending the meeting, could someone connected with Coventry confirm what readmission details are for double header meetings? Whilst I appreciate any money owing would be minimal, the previous double header did not give us a result in the second meeting and no details have been given regarding readmission for either this or any restaging. There are no details of readmission provided prior to entering the meeting other than on request and it would be nice to know where we stand before entering what would happen if the same thing happened again. Also, our last 3 evening double headers (1 this year and 2 last) in the national league have been called off due to curfew. Could someone please confirm what the Brandon curfew is? Thanks in advance. Full gas storm and best wishes to Dan!
  7. Rule book states they can't have a PL MA of more than 6.00 but nowhere does it states they must be in a PL declared line up at the time as far as I can see.
  8. I thought I might make a one of return to post about my considerable displeasure concerning this meeting. If anyone wonders why speedway is on it's knees, they need look no further than this fixture. I'm a hardcore fan, I think you get that status when going to Buxton to watch a broken national league product and still stay for the midland development league meeting. I'd booked time off work, which at the moment is a massive struggle with the lack of staff we have got but I wanted to go after missing the A fixture so I made plans. As of 3pm this afternoon, there was absolutely no official word from Coventry about any missing riders despite the fact they had known about this clash for ages. It's now left me with 2 options, either travel all the way to Lynn to watch a shambles of a meeting and pay £16 quid for the privilege (cheers Jo, if you're reading, didn't put your prices up on this rant!) or waste half a days holiday. A situation completely avoidable if Coventry had just been honest from the outset and made clear a lot earlier what the actual situation for this meeting was going to be. The cardinal sin in this situation, in my opinion anyway, is the huge lack of information concerning the meeting. Announcing information like this in the afternoon the day before the meeting is not acceptable. Coventry have now put out a frankly pathetic statement essentially blaming everyone but themselves for this situation occurring. At what point exactly did they start to try and have the meeting changed given how long they have known about the clash? Why was it ever agreed to knowing our number 1 wouldn't be available and we would have to use a 3 pointer? Everyone elses fault but our own. Don't worry though, because it's not our own gate figures we will be ruining after all. Apparently we now have Cameron Heeps guesting for us. Why? The meeting is already a shambles, just send the storm boys to ride. They are there on Friday and would probably appreciate the track time. I'd just send Ryan Terry Daley and Martin Knucky as our guests and see how quickly the meeting got changed then. It's clear that Lynn have the ability to run on Thursday to avoid Danish clashes as they do for their own riders, however if Buster thinks he can run on the sort of crowd he will get tomorrow plus having to pay out 65+ in points money then good luck to him. It's pathetic that the meeting can't be changed but it's just the way all league speedway seems to be these days. All willing to get one over on someone and take the points when available but in reality it's the paying public that continually suffer because of it. I really have had enough of this shambles of a sport, and I will never be booking time off to go again. Promoters are crying out for bigger crowds and then continue to alienate the ones they already have and they have finally pushed me over the edge from die hard to floating fan who will go as and when I can be bothered. I've already been told but one half of the Horton brothers that my money wasn't wanted, based on this evidence it's clear that the other one doesn't care too much for it either.
  9. Silver Bee

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    First time I've ventured into the forum since it happened. I've been trying to avoid reading too many things about it as I was still at the stage where I thought almost ignoring it would mean it hadn't happened. Anyone who does know me will know I've got a few riders, or as 21st CH calls them, 'my boys', that I will back absolutely no matter what. Richardson was one of the select few and to think we won't ever see him racing again I still can't really believe. I've faught his corners on this forum and in other places for years against people who used to call him sick note and a gating tart. The amount of videos of him making world class passing moves to try and prove Mr. Brum, amongst others, wrong I've posted is ridiculous but it was so so worth it! Lee, Thank you so much for all of the memories. For all the stunning world cup memories, for the underrated passing moves, for the Cardiff GP you should have won were it not for a rubbish gate draw, for the Bydgoszcz GP everyone had written you off in and last but not least the world under 21 final that you were nowhere near favourite to win but you had the bottle to do the job on the day, I'd just like to say thank you. The meeting that will probably always stick in my mind was the stunning 15 point max in the world cup at Swindon for Team GB when you were nowhere near 100%. From the front and from the back you really were world class that day and that's one performance from you I really will take to my grave. I have had so much fun supporting you for this many years, shouting my heart out for team GB or wrapping myself in my Rico flag at GP's and I just hope you had just as much fun riding speedway as I did watching you. I hope you've had no regrets at anything you've done (even the comedy van breakdown on the way to King's Lynn for the pairs!) and that you died doing something you really enjoyed and not something that was just a job to you. I was really worried when I heard of the awful news that speedway fans wouldn't react in the way they did. When you've had this many arguments defending your talents you worry that that people might not react in the same way as you but it's been genuinely heartwarming to see just how much you did mean to this many people. I just hope you do now know just how much people did care about you. I won't ever forget you, as I'm sure thousands of others won't either and if you're racing in heaven, please make sure you try and get the hang of Monmore before anyone else gets to join you up there. I'd hate to think that anyone up there with you would call you a gating tart just for not being able to pass round Wolves. Thanks for the memories!
  10. Silver Bee

    World Superbikes 2012

    Awful start Just how good was Biaggi, though. Can't stand the guy but he was absolutely on fire. Awful start for the Brits with injuries though. Had high hopes for Laverty for this season but this was not the best start! Fair play to Sykes though, some great work, especially to pass JR in race 2. I still do think JR will be challenging by the end of the season though if the Honda package is up to the job, surely the old guys have got to slow down eventually?!
  11. Save bothering with some of the press releases: Lanham Howe Doolan Iversen Mads Fisher Smart Boxall Mellgren Gathercole *insert "highly rated" foreigner here*
  12. This isn't the same thing as signing for a team a few weeks whatsoever. Saying that people don't like that (which I don't, either) does not back up any sort of argument that they shouldn't be involved in individual meetings which help speedway clubs make money because people want to see them !
  13. It was looking great! We see them all the time, clubs are out to make money and fans will pay to see these riders. Seeing 'big meetings' with the same old riders isn't interesting. Watching the best riders is something that interests me and, based on the fact that crowds swell at line-ups such as this, most other fans too.
  14. I'll probably end up going, wouldn't want you to end up without hearing your yearly moan
  15. He was probably trying to sell him a mortgage so he didn't get snowed in again.

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